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1 | C o m p a r a L l v e 1 a b l e A p p r o a c h e s l n C h o l c e o f L a w _ C h a M e n d o z a

Traditional approacb
emphaslze prlnclples of slmpllclLy convenlence and unlformlLy

Name Author Content Case where app||ed Cr|t|que
IesLed rlghLs Lheory !oseph 8eale (1sL
an acL done ln a forelgn
[urlsdlcLlon glves rlse Lo Lhe
exlsLence of a rlghL lf Lhe laws of
LhaL sLaLe provldes so and Lhls
rlghL ls vesLed on Lhe plalnLlff
and he could enforce lL ln any
forum he chooses Lo brlng sulL
necessary Lo compleLe Lhe CCA
Gray v Gray applled law where Lhe
ln[ury was done (ln Lhls case applled
Malne law whlch barred spouses from
flllng sulLs vs Lhe oLher)

A|abama Great Southern kk Co vs
Carro|| applled Lhe law where Lhe
ln[ury was susLalned (ln Lhls case Lhe
law of Mlsslsslppl whlch prohlblLs an
LL from clalmlng damages from L8
when damage caused by negllgence
of oLher coLL)
1 fallure Lo resolve confllcLs cases wlLh
reference Lo conslderaLlons of pollcy and
2 CounLerlnLulLlve arblLrary

Dr Iov|to Sa|onga
a Selfdeluslon of reasonlng when
say LhaL lL ls nC1 Lhe forelgn law
buL Lhe rlghLs under lL whlch are
enforced by Lhe courLs
b noL all rlghLs acqulred under
forelgn law are proLecLed
elsewhere Lhelr proLecLlon noL
always deslrable
c roLecLlon of rlghLs and lnLeresLs
noL Lhe only facLors Lo be
d noL only proLecL vesLed rlghLs buL
also forelgn legal relaLlonshlps
whlch may resulL Lo exLlncLlon of
duLles and charges or lnvalldlLy of
e ulfflculL Lo apply when Lhe maLerlal
aspecL of a LransacLlons equally
Louch Lwo or more sLaLes
Local Law 1heory Ja|ter Jhee|er
1 Lhe power of a sLaLe Lo
regulaLe w/n lLs LerrlLory has
no llmlLaLlons LxCL1 such
as may be lmposed by lLs
lL Lends Lo Lhe narrowmlnded who may
be lncllned Lo depreclaLe Lhe pracLlcal
and equlLable conslderaLlon LhaL should
conLrol Lhe ad[udlcaLlon of confllcL cases
ln favor of an exaggeraLed local pollcy on

| C o m p a r a L l v e 1 a b l e A p p r o a c h e s l n C h o l c e o f L a w _ C h a M e n d o z a
2 ln confllcL of laws problems
Lhe courL does noL enforce a
forelgn rlghL buL o riqht
creoted by its own /ow by
treotinq o cose os o pure/y
domestic cose LhaL does noL
lnvolve a forelgn elemenL
Lhe gound LhaL Lhey and Lhe soverelgn
whlch Lhey represenL can do as Lhey
rlnclples of
uavld Caver cholce of law should be
deLermlned by conslderaLlons of
[usLlce and soclal expedlency
and should noL be Lhe resulL of
Lhe mechanlcal appllcaLlon of a
rule or prlnclple of selecLlon
sLeps LhaL musL be done by Lhe
1 ScruLlnlze Lhe evenL or
2 Compare carefully Lhe
profferred rule of law +
resulL wlch lLs appllcaLlon
mlghL work (vs rules of
3 Appralse resulLs from
sLandpolnL of [usLlce and
soclal pollcy
prlnclple of preference
concelved Lo provlde a falr
accommodaLlon of confllcLlng
sLaLe pollcles and afford falr
LreaLmenL Lo Lhe parLles caughL
up ln confllcLlng sLaLe pollcles
LerrlLorlallsL look Lo Lhe place
where Lhe slgnlflcanL evenLs
occurred or where Lhe legal
relaLlonshlp ls cenLered

| C o m p a r a L l v e 1 a b l e A p p r o a c h e s l n C h o l c e o f L a w _ C h a M e n d o z a
odern approacbes
relaLe Lo reachlng approprlaLe resulLs ln parLlcular cases
lace of Lhe MosL
Wlllls 8eese (2nd
plurallLy of facLors
(a) Lhe needs of Lhe lnLersLaLe
and lnLernaLlonal sysLems
(b)relevanL pollcles of Lhe
concerned sLaLes
relevanL pollcles of oLher
lnLeresLed sLaLes and Lhe
relaLlve lnLeresL of Lhose ln Lhe
deLermlnaLlon of Lhe
parLlcular lssue
(d)Lhe proLecLlon of [usLlfled
expecLaLlons of Lhe parLles
(e) Lhe baslc pollcles
underlylng Lhe parLlcular fleld
of law
(f) cerLalnLy predlcLablllLy and
unlformlLy of resulL
(g) ease ln Lhe deLermlnaLlon
and Lhe appllcaLlon of Lhe law
Lo be applled

Conslder actua| contacts!
uepends on Lhe relaLlve
lmporLance and relevance Lo
Lhe lssue aL hand

1 lace where ln[ury occurred
2 lace where Lhe negllgenL
conducL occurred
3 uomlclle resldence or
naLlonallLy of Lhe parLles
4 lace where Lhe relaLlonshlp
beLween Lhe parLles ls enLered

Auten v Auten cenLer of gravlLy
place of Lhe mosL slgnlflcanL
conLacLs Crouplng of conLacLs
Lhe place where Lhere were more
facLual conLacLs was Lngland as Lhe
only conLacL wlLh uS ls Lhe execuLlon
of Lhe conLracL and lL only happened
ln uS because Lhe husband was ln uS

naag vs 8arnes ln Lhls case Lhe place
where Lhere were more facLual
conLacLs was lllnols (Lhe home of Lhe
*used Lo supporL vlrLually any resulL
hamper sound developmenL of
common law
*how Lo deLermlne (sLandard) whlch
of Lhe conLacLs were slgnlflcanL and
how Lo evaluaLe relaLlve lmporLance
of a group of conLacLs

| C o m p a r a L l v e 1 a b l e A p p r o a c h e s l n C h o l c e o f L a w _ C h a M e n d o z a
3 Law chosen by Lhe parLles and
ln Lhe absence Lhereof
6 lace of conLracLlng
7 lace of negoLlaLlon of Lhe
8 lace of performance
9 uomlclle resldence or
naLlonallLy or place of
lncorporaLlon and place of
buslness of parLles
lnLeresL Analysls roinered currie look aL Lhe pollcy behlnd Lhe laws
of Lhe lnvolved sLaLes and Lhe
lnLeresL each sLaLe had ln applylng
lLs own law
facLual conLacLs alone dld noL
deLermlne Lhe ouLcome of a case
unLLSS Lhey reflecLed a sLaLe
pollcy whlch would be advanced
by appllcaLlon of Lhe subsLanLlve
sLaLe law
deLermlne whlch sLaLe had Lhe
real lnLeresL ln havlng lLs law
8abcock v Iackson appllcaLlon of n?
Law advanced Lhe pollcy reflecLed ln
LhaL law whlle Lhe fallure Lo apply
CnLarlo law dld noL lmpalr Lhe pollcy
behlnd Lhe law

*confllcLs cases were ordlnarlly
concerned only wlLh prlvaLe and noL
governmenLal lnLeresLs
*unworkable lL wlll requlre Lhe courL
Lo declde each case ln an ad hoc basls
*noL all sLaLe leglslaLures publlshed
commlLLee reporLs LhaL explalned Lhe
background and purpose of Lhe laws
courLs speculaLe
*noL all laws reflecLed pollcy or had a
purpose oLher Lhan Lo declde cases
Wllllam 8axLer subordlnaLlon of Lhe sLaLe
ob[ecLlve whlch would be leasL
courLs welgh confllcLlng lnLeresLs
and apply Lhe law of Lhe sLaLe
whose lnLeresL would be more
lmpalred lf lLs law were noL

luncLlonal Analysls uonald 1rauLman
and ArLhur Ion
afLer deLermlnlng Lhe concerned
[urlsdlcLlon or lnLeresLed sLaLe
looked lnLo
Lhe general pollcles of Lhe
Mlllken v raLL raLL was made a
guaranLor of hls wlfe by Mlllken
ConLracL was enLered ln a place
where Lhe spouses are allowed Lo

| C o m p a r a L l v e 1 a b l e A p p r o a c h e s l n C h o l c e o f L a w _ C h a M e n d o z a
sLaLe beyond Lhose
reflecLed ln lLs subsLanLlve
pollcles and values relaLlng
Lo effecLlve and harmonlous
lnLercourse beLween sLaLes
eg *reclproclLy
*advancemenL of mulLlsLaLe
*proLecLlng [usLlflable
*evenhandedness ln deallng
wlLh slmllar cases
Lhen conslder Lhe relaLlve
sLrengLh of a sLaLe pollcy (pollcy
be guaranLors for Lhe oLher Slnce
law of conLracLlng was applled
raLL was made llable

1rauLman and Ion Mehren
commenLs aL Lhe Llme Lhe declslon
was made resLrlcLlve pollcy on Lhe
rlghL of women was on Lhe wane ln
MassachuseLLs so aL LhaL Llme Lhe
conLracL was made noL based on a
sLrongly held pollcy
funcLlonal analysls conslder WCn
Lhe law of a sLaLe reflecLs an
emerglng or regresslng pollcy
8oberL Leflar (1) predlcLablllLy of resulLs
(2) malnLenance of lnLersLaLe and
lnLernaLlonal order
(3) slmpllflcaLlon of [udlclal Lask
(4) appllcaLlon of Lhe beLLer rule
of law
(3) advancemenL of Lhe forums
governmenLal lnLeresLs

courLs would prefer rules of law
wheLher Lhey are forum law or
anoLher sLaLes law as long as Lhey
make good socloeconmlc sense
for Lhe Llme Lhe courL speaks and
are sound ln vlew of presenL day
absence of prlnclpled and ob[ecLlve
sLandards by whlch superlorlLy of law
over anoLher may be deLermlned