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Are we born ethical?

Any human being starts discussion on birth will admit that we have no control on our birth / place of birth and do whom one is born etc. The admission of superstitious beliefs / admission of existence of god / scientific explanation of mass reproduction process are being debated by human race till date. This provides the scope on analysis of human ethical behavior by birth. We are given birth on a world, where we are designed to coexist with fellow human beings and a vast species of other living beings. Coexistence and harmonious living are the natural laws binding our lives. Coexistence calls for admission of fellow human beings to live, rejoice and share life with us. Harmonious living calls for synchronized thoughts, adjustments and understanding among the human race. When this is the order of our birth, we are bound to obey these laws of coexistence and harmonious living in this planet. Ethics by birth means to admittance of the laws of coexistence, and harmonious living in the planet. Ethics by birth is the creators wish on his creatures. We have one mother, her care, and love given unconditionally supporting us. There is no trace of any unethical behavior up to this stage. See the children at their early stages. They dont have any attitude of possession of things. They look in to every new thing in their eyes largely open and give space for that new thing / experience in their lives. Refer biblical quote for instance I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.". This one statement bears the testimony of ones ethical behavior in birth and child hood. The word un ethical refers to the behavior of ones tendency to succeed over another / ones wish to possess something by using some un wanted means and techniques. All will agree that when a child is born it is pure as god and has no worldly intention to do things by overcoming fellow human being or by doing some harm to them. By birth we are nearer to god and possess godly characteristics. When we begin our worldly life we compare, we compete and we try to conquer over others. Only at this point as a mature adult one become aware of the unethical ways and means to achieve things by improper ways and means harming fellow human being. By birth by gods creation, by mothers love and by natures space provided we are ethical and are expected to be so for the rest of our lives. Only when we develop our ability to think we become conscious of the unethical behavior. Only when the interest to posses others things, wish to win over other to establish superiority and to give sense of defeat to him, and ones interest to grow disproportionate than allowed by nature, unethical practices begins.