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education crisis and solutions

1. Why?

Perhaps never in the education crisis in Vietnam was said to be urgent as today. Some liken the current state of education in Vietnam as a body sick with the "tumor malformations" [1] which if not removed, the body will now have no choice but to escape the scythe of Death .

They say much about this disease but the majority of the many discussion list only the phenomenon and its consequences. To solve the problem thoroughly a headache, the most important thing is to get out the root causes leading to these phenomena.

So the cause of the current tragedy of Vietnam's education located? Is the root of the problem lies in the following two points:

The first is to make the tradition of the Vietnamese. This began long ago, probably from the smaller vessels of water penetration into Vietnam. The whole situation of rice learning, rote learning and examination heavy reinforcement learning just to pass the university etc. today is the result of the examination system "tent mat" formerly of Vietnam - a system that over the decades, the "oil tank", but much has changed in form, but the fact remains consistent. Vietnamese people to learn that much "to the" not out of curiosity, because of the need for self pleasure by understanding it brings.

Monday it was disrespectful attitude (if not as cheap) individual human society in Vietnam, especially the attitude has not really trust the intellectuals, who had been classified as a class "petty bourgeois" and or "agitated", and subject to the contempt of some other class [2].

The turning point in education policy in North Vietnam occurred around the year 70 when he was Minister Ta Quang Buu make University and professional schools. Once a course in French intellectuals, he was the first proposed entry to the university form of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. Previously, only college students were selected according to the composition and history, there are no exams. With the new policy, requirements on resume gradually easing requirements on the high score achieved in the examinations are focused. Students with high scores in university entrance exam were sent to study in state socialist countries at that time.

Mr. Ta Quang Buu (1910 - 1986) But from that point on Vietnamese society entered a new phase after the war with the biggest crisis began distrust. After April 30, 1975 people gradually lose confidence in the identity of the speaker. Many workers began to lose confidence in what they had the previous message. Besides living with the physical demands of increasing human to make people see that what people believe the former is "hypocrisy", that once human birth is everyone likes to honor wealth wealthy. This shaky foundation "because people all for one", "do enjoy the power of labor," etc.

Social changes in the quality. Instead of concealing birth or bourgeois or petty bourgeois as before, class "new capitalism" began showing public wealth to show off, start taking money out as a measure of all value. That attitude foreign to the true intellectuals, and reflect the cultural level of the low morality of the society. Society does not have clear laws, only be run based on the policies and resolutions. Reputation as a state for the people, by the people, but in fact people were always considered to serve the state rather than vice versa. All written comments must be good people question "strictly abide by the policy ...", etc. Therefore the law enforcement agencies, security inshore right, intimidate, abuse people, including intellectuals, become an evil ... The stability of society is maintained not by self-consciousness community of free people, but by people's fear of the apparatus and police officials.

In the attack "wind machine still urges" This education system has changed very little, except some "re-reverse" form, as the natural response letters in any reforms. Instead of having a program to teach children to do the whole person, the school is focused to teach students the tools to become the state apparatus, that is to do with, as the old. So the society began to spend money to "buy purchasing the title" leading to buy victims degrees, academic titles and degrees of inflation, accident "by real scholars" that many people were talking about, etc. In the state "as much as vice PhDs pigs" [3] - as in the oft-quoted folk - the kind of "intellectual bubble" did the intellectuals in the country in general was a serious loss of prestige. This phenomenon coupled with the meager salaries of teachers in the state "the state pretends to pay, workers pretended to work", increased corruption, social ethics dropped (also due to the education crisis ), spawned the class "more" first national victim to learn more today. Educational crisis lead to moral decadence. Moral decadence adverse effect which the education system is in crisis. Seemingly vicious circle will never end.

2. Exit

Recently emerging movement "finding talent", "use of resources", chanting, is discussed in the press, besides the debate how to get out of the education crisis. If this is a sign of a truly enlightened about the value and role of intellectuals, not a "blooming III" may be considered as reasonable a good thing?

But the discussion above is not exit the training philosophy to serve - that philosophy has done to society - or at least the media propaganda misunderstanding the Olympic competitions in math, physics with talented international student Vietnam, assumption of musicians pianist Dang Thai Son won the Chopin ago quarter century (1980) with the advantages of training Vietnamese country music, etc.

The laws of a civilized society must respect democracy and human rights. State and all political organizations are created by people and are supposed to serve people, not vice versa. The state budget, including education, is because people pay taxes are included. The "talent to serve the state" needs to be changed to "public and private companies (or shares) to know how to treat talents", ie to treat them kindly for all surface so that they are free to develop all their talents, thereby benefiting the country, state and companies. "For kindness" here should be understood fully, including salary, responsibilities, authority, etc. commensurate with intellectual talent. The property is not at fault if they left their homelands for the country abroad They've been treated better. "Attracts the birds." Humans, too. They have the right to free movement, free choice of residence, freedom to change nationality.

A Vietnamese excellence in education must take the motto to provide each student sufficient conditions to develop the whole person. How is a whole person? Not this ancient people did not speak to this issue. Unfortunately the standards that we often hear preached as "just pink just professional", "talent and virtue," "new man socialist", and recently, the "center" fashion, actually very vague, only the will, sometimes misleading, and can hardly lead to concrete measures for effective reform.

Who wrote this article for that one day the whole person is the person "happy hunting ground" in any civilized society, such as, for after the domain master's degree or doctoral university in Vietnam If the United States who will not need to learn to master or PhD degree in the United States anymore.

Psychologists and American education professor Howard Gardner [4] has specified standards of virtue, wisdom, beauty, sex, ... of a whole person is a person with full seven areas of intellectual function (called the seven types of intelligences) translates as follows:

1 - Language is the ability to use language to describe events in a compelling way, rhetoric and image. Need for careers such as journalism, administration, lawyers, teachers, writers, poets, writers, etc.

2 - Logical-mathematical: the ability to use numbers to calculate and describe, using the mathematical concept to connect and apply mathematics to life, to analyze data and develop a review point, sensitivity to symmetry, the beauty of mathematics, solve problems in design and modeling, etc. Need for careers as scientists, engineers, designers, dealers, etc.

3 - Music is the ability to understand and develop musical skills, musical quiver, used music to cooperate to satisfy the needs of others, interprets the forms and musical ideas, expression creativity through music and music performances. Need for careers related to music.

4 - Space is the ability to perceive the world and presented correctly in image space, the ability to arrange color, line, shape to meet the needs of others, ability to interpret ideas with images, the ability to transfer ideas with space or image into creative expression. Need for careers as artists, painters, photographers, interior design, fashion design, architecture, building, art critics, cinema etc.

5 - Fitness (as in athletes or dancers) as the body and the ability to use tools to create effective action, to build or repair, help others, aesthetic enjoyment of the body and use those values to create new forms of expression. Need for the engineering profession as coaches, athletes, sculpture, dance, etc.

6 - Communications experience is the ability to organize people, communicate clearly what needs solving, the ability to empathize and help others to resolve

issues and problems, the ability to motivate people to take calls in implementing a common purpose. Need for the organizers, politicians, leaders, social activists, doctors, nurses, teachers, social studies, psychology, counseling, artists, and activists religious activities, etc.

7 - Interior feel is the ability to understand ourselves, the weak spot of their strengths, their talents, their interests, and use these factors to set goals to strive to understand the its useful for others to where and how, the ability to create concepts and theories based on scrutiny themselves, the ability to use intuition and their enthusiasm to create and express opinions own. Need for career as a sketch plan, small business, psychology, artists, religious activists, writers, etc.

The intellect has said should be incorporated into the education system to make the students comprehensively. Specifically, the study subjects, in addition to math, physics, chemistry, biology, literature, history, location, should have the hours of foreign languages, sports, arts, music. "There should be" in full must be understood to mean a "serious" means teachers must have sufficient expertise, teaching aids, the regular program, not just to add a call.

I. Comprehensive training program should include:

Subject to the music teachers have been trained in music to teach children about the vocals, music theory, music history, exposure to classical music of humanity as the works of Bach, Beethoven , Mozart, Chopin, etc., held for students with musical performances. Each school should be equipped with basic instruments, piano (an upright a grand piano), electronic organ (some units), guitar (some units), the drums, some horns (trumpets, trombonnes, cornes, saxophones, clarinettes etc.) to establish a school orchestra, etc.

Fine arts classes need teachers trained to teach art to children the basic

knowledge about art, about dithering, in painting, drawing with watercolor, colored powder, oil paint, acrylic, molded object, make carvings (wood carving, metal engraving, etc.), art history, exposure to the typical masterpiece of humanity as the statues and architecture of Greece, Rome, the great famous painting school of painting and the world etc. Each school needs a room equipped with easel painting, statuary, and some other graphics tools necessary for students to learn drawing, etc.

In sports: There should be sports clubs in schools for students (from high school can be more) elective such as football, basketball, volleyball, karate, judo, etc. Each school should have a sports room, a swimming pool, and a small stadium.

Sex education, including issues such as safe sex, etc.

Education methods need to change the direction of encouraging students to think independently, speak their own opinion on every issue, avoid chewing only a single answer, it's any of anyone or any agency to out. In doing so, avoid very cap all forms of shooting, attribution, which should provide objective proof to show students what is the truth, and to the children themselves come to the conclusion. The key is to give students the methods of logical thinking, rather than just stuffing them with knowledge sclerosis and old, sometimes confusing, misleading, that way of course rice rote learning can not be found [5].

Computerization of the entire school system: The case of intermediate or more equipped computer lab and internet connection.

II. Entire books have been "made" to ensure good in both content and form, color and more illustrations. Students holding a textbook feel pretty curious, interested in learning more. For a good textbook should privatize the entire publishing books,

creating conditions for competition policy, inviting the best authors to write books, artists, photographers, designers good presentation design books. Textbooks should be prepared annually to complement the latest knowledge of mankind, and eliminate what is obsolete. The school reserves the right to choose textbooks for their students. Ministry of Education only those requirements that the writing program textbooks need to ensure, then set up a review board to recognize what the textbooks to be able to meet the requirements for teaching [ 6].

III. In public schools, the State should ensure that teachers have the income to feed their families so they can concentrate teaching in schools that are not "earn parttime" [7]. The teachers, after receiving higher salaries, are not allowed to teach any more in any additional training centers. Violators will be dismissed. So, who taught at the training center will not add the same time as teachers of the school or university professors. Regularly testing batches of qualified teachers, teaching staff, to maintain a team of teachers really high level.

IV. Annul the entire exam in college. The university admissions based on the results of the students during the last three years of high school on the basis of multiple criteria above intellect, and through interviews as needed. The semester exam in the university will be the screening phase students until graduation. Thus the number of graduates will be less than the number of people in college, because there will be a number, the less education (by less intelligent, less visible, lazy learning, etc.), not through the semester exams, excluded middle, avoid much on how much out of higher education today.

3. Conclusion

Above is a personal opinion of this writing the cause of the educational crisis in our country at present and proposed solutions to get rid of that crisis. This is not a simple task and should be carried out simultaneously with other reforms in

other sectors of our society. Delaying the project, conservative, thinking individuals, etc. only contribute to exacerbating the situation. The civilization of a country is not measured by money, the income of some rich people, especially by making it illegal to eat, which is due to corruption. The civilization of a country actually shown in the spiritual values and knowledge that people of that country created. In this career education, culture, art and science plays a decisive role.

If such a civilization as a national forest, the intellectuals are the highest tree in the forest. It recognizes a large forest from a distance because it saw the first tree.