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Mustardseed Church Youth Group The Mustardseed Church youth group is based on Christianity.

The members of this youth group view their world as a world made by God, ruled by God, and conquered and saved by God through His Son, Jesus Christ. However, this current world, being under the influence of Satan who is also known as the devil, is full of sin and evil. Believers of Jesus Christ, such as the Mustardseed Church youth group, grow constantly in God through a continuing love relationship with Him and are revealed to His Ways through reading and studying the Scriptures, or the Bible, while struggling to kill their sinful natures and its evil ways; one of the most difficult struggles is to deny the worlds temptations and to live apart from the fun norms of society, such as partying, making lots of money for selfish purposes, etc.- living a life of selfish pleasure. However, this sinful world will not last forever- Jesus Christ will return to this world in order to take with Him His children, or the true believers by heart, and to judge and condemn the wicked and evil. The procedural aspects of the youth group meetings consist of discussion, teachings, and prayer. The leader of the youth group goes over every individuals overview, such as feelings, thoughts, questions, etc., of his or her past week and how his or her relationship with God has been. Then, the members go over a workbook, Experiencing God, that serves as a guide to help develop a love relationship with and experience God; this workbook is done daily throughout the week by each member, as there is a separate assignment for each day, every week, for nine weeks. After reviewing the workbook, the youth group discusses any remaining topics of importance. To close and finish the youth group meeting, a random member prays out loud as the rest of the members pray along with him or her- this is a type of group prayer. The members of the youth group try to behave, speak, and think in holy and righteous

ways, as opposed to the ways of their sinful nature; they make efforts to be loving, truthful in all cases, prudent, discretionary, gentle, supporting, wise, understanding, peaceful, faithful to God and to others, meek, patient, and self-controlling or self-disciplined- all done only through Gods initiative and Will, even the effort aspect. They make their best efforts to always speak the truth, as Jesus Christ has instructed all of His followers to always speak the truth. They think in terms of the present, living their life completely for God through a love relationship with Him, and the future, towards their promised place in the eternal Kingdom of God, Zion, and to be united as one with God forever. The actions and attitudes of the youth group members act as a body. When one member needs something, another provides; this is a general example of the principle of serving one another. The members act as a united body, in which each member helps another whenever the opportunity arises, such as getting water during lunch or sweeping in the stead of another member; larger tasks, such as clearing all of the garbage from the entire church grounds, are done quickly and efficiently by the whole body instead of a few individuals-this can be defined as teamwork. While the tasks may be simple, the meaning behind the actions and completions of the tasks is powerful, and these simple tasks build strong foundations of the principles of Christianity for each member- expressing love and obedience towards God, and in turn, love towards others. Also, arguably, these simple tasks can be proven to be some of the hardest tasks to complete; many people will feel apathetic or that the tasks are menial, and they will refuse to complete the tasks or to do them thoroughly. Serving God, serving others, and refusing and denying self are key concepts to the youth group. The actions and attitudes that pervade the youth group derives from one united purpose- to serve God through a continuing love relationship with Him while placing all of their faith, hope, and love in Jesus Christ, His Son.

The conflicts that pull the community apart consist of overt and hidden conflicts. The overt conflicts include financial issues, physical and mental fatigue, laziness or apathy, aggressive competition amongst members, arguments and disagreements, personal issues, personal lives, etc. Hidden conflicts consist of jealousy, secrets, gossip, personal temptations and desires over God, sins, grudges, etc. The youth group constantly prays about these conflicts to God in hopes that He will never abandon them and that He acts only in perfect love to His children. The motives of the youth group are to live this life with love and faith towards God in hope of His promise of Jesus Second Coming, in which He takes all of His children to be with Him in His Eternal Kingdom, Zion, forever. Also, they look forward to the eternal treasures that God has promised His children for everything that they truly do for Him in this present world. They strive to dedicate and sacrifice their lives to Him completely, to the Almighty God, so that He may rule their lives and guide them to live the kind of life that He created each and every one of them to live, so that they may be completely fulfilled in Him with His peace and joy- they will then have true life and bear fruits of God, which yield to a life full of His righteousness, ways, and holiness. The primary motives and goals of the youth group are to love God first and the most, then love others as oneself.

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