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Name Roll No. Class : : : SANTOSH ANAND __________ XIITH A

This is project entitled B.M.I. (Body Mass Index) has been submitted by SANTOSH ANAND in partial fulfillment of the course XII for the academic year 2011-2012. Internal : External :

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I am at the set and thankful to our school for giving me the opportunity to prepare the project report of BMI( Body Mass Index) using Net beans Java IDE as a front end and MySQL as back end. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my parents, lab instructors Mrs. Sharmistha Dhole & Miss Lakshmi who have constantly guided in the completion of the project work. It would not have been possible to complete the project in a short time without their personal interest towards students and urged. They have been very good inspirations. Thanking one and only Youre sincerely

Santosh Anand



First screen.

When data is entered and

is clicked.

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Problem Statement System Requirement & Specification Technology Used Java (b Net Beans IDE Database Management System My SQL Designing And Coding Creation Of Database

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(a Creation of GUI Connectivity Coding Implementation Conclusion Bibliography

Technology used:1.

Java :- Java is a popular third generation programming language of choice for internet application. (i) Write once ran anywhere

a) Characteristics of Java :(ii) Light weight code (iii) Security highly secured code (iv) Built-in-graphics (v) Object oriented programming language (vi) Supports Multi-Media platform independent open product. Java NetBeans IDE :- NetBeans IDE is a free source cross platform, integrated development environment, with built in support


for Java-Programming language infact netbeans run anywhere if there is Java Virtual Machine. Feactures of application development :-


i) Drag & Drop GUI application ii) Excellent editing iii) Web-services iv) Wizards, code generation for management tools etc. Basics of GUI :- GUI stands for Graphical user Interface. It refers to windows, buttons dialogue boxes, menus and everything visual in a modern application. A GUI application involves much much more than a screen mode of GUI


components. It also involves properties of components, actions and events. The GUI Java is created with atleast three kinds of objects :i) Graphical Components :- It is an object that defines a screen element such as text forms, button, label, checkbox, radiobutton panel, combo box of frame. ii) Event :- It is an object that gets generated when an user click a mouse press a key etc. iii) Event Listener :- It attached to each component and contains methods or functions that will be executed in response to an event.

Database Management System :- A DBMS refers to a software that is responsible for restoring,

manipalating, maintaining and utilising databases. A database may be defined as collection of interrelated data stored together to serve multiple applications. A databases alongwith DBMS is reffered to as Database Management System. Characteristics of DBMS :- all advantages of dbms MySQL :i. Defination ii. Features iii. Classification of SQL statement iv. DDL v. DML




System Requirement :- To develop the project, the system I used should be of the following configuration :Main Memory :Microprocessory :Hard-disk capacity :Cash Memory :Printer :CD-drive :-

i)Hardware :-

ii) Software :- Operating system RDMs-5.1 Front end tool :- Java NetBeans IDE-6.1