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============================ Jardinains! (version 1.01) ============================ ********************* IMPORTANT ********************* * Jardinains! REQUIRES DirextX Version 7 * * or later to run.

DirectX Can be downloaded from: * * * ***************************************************** Jardinains! is a fun new twist on an old classic. Break bricks, dodge flower po ts, bounce nains, and rack up as many points as you can! This is the first full release of the Jardinains! game. It's quite stable, quit e fun, and quite addictive. There's bound to be an occasional bug here and ther e; should you stumble across one, please let me know what happened in as much de tail as possible. Send bug reports to ============== AUTHOR'S TIPS: ============== * To enter cheat codes, pause the game (P) and press the backtick (`) key, and e nter one of the following codes (followed by RETURN): -- "gomomgo": extra 30 lives -- "upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart": instant Brickplow Boomers (p owerful balls, indeed) -- "they're everywhere": Many, many nains -- "20 goto ##": skip to level ## (where ## is a number, eh?) * Play with the level editor (press 'E' at the main menu!) Send your own custom levels to (levels are located in the jardinains/data/ levels/current directory) * Confused? Stuck? Don't forget to read the instruction manual! If you have a ny questions, comments, suggestions, or requests, please send them to feedback@j =========== CHANGE LOG: =========== Version 1.01: ------------* Fixed small bug with auto-save files Version 1.0: -------------------* Fanfare! First full release! * Heavy testing, comfortably version 1 quality * Laser glitch fixed * Updated artwork * Slight modifications to burning * Incremental auto-saves in case of game crashing * Fixed typo in change log (heh) * Other minor bugfixes Release Candidate 1: --------------------

* * * *

Various little bug fixes Added auto-save functionality Heavily tested Deemed Fit For Release Candidate status

Alpha 4: -------* Major bug fix--the notorious game freeze bug has been vanquished! * Added new music * Added new levels (to 50) * Added "remember player" functionality * Fixed and modified lasers * Updated graphics * Improved memory management * Reduced overall sprite count * Introduced "fireboxes" in menus * Added "change" functionality to editor * Buncha Buncha Other Stuff Performed With The Aid Of My Good Friend, Generic Fe rmented Vegetable Product(tm) Alpha 3: -------* Successfully created self-installing package. * Added "Current Player" display on main menu. * Lotsa Other Stuff. Mostly piddly little bug fixes. Alpha 2: -------* * * * * * * * * * * First PUBLIC release. Fixed several bugs that caused "Illegal Memory Address" errors to occur. Fixed the "Neverending-bouncing ball" problem. Added "Current Player" display and copyright notice to main menu. Made minor modifications to artwork. Nains 150% as likely as before to throw flowerpots. Added Screenshot capablility. Added sound prefs memory. Fixed a minor bug in high score update. Fixed a minor bug with cheat codes. Fixed a bug with the sound that caused the music to stop playing after lots of explosions at once. * Modified brickbomb, laser powerups. * Made minor modifications to certain levels; added levels 41 and 42. * Various and sundry changes I can't think of right now Alpha 1: -------* First Alpha Release. ========== THANK YOU! ========== This software is provided AS IS, without any warranty. You are solely responsib le for anything that may occur as a result of installing or using this software. This software is NOT for use in mission-critical applications, either, though

I would -love- to hear excatly how you would use this for a mission-critical app lication. Copyright 2001-2002, Thomas Darby (