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Saigon Pearl Development Project

QA/QC Minutes of Meeting No. 087

Ref: AVN/SP-QAQC/MoM/Ph1/087-08
Date: Thursday, 23 Oct 2008
Time: 01:30 pm (M&E)
Venue: Saigon Pearl AVN Site Meeting Room
92 Nguyen Huu Canh, HCMC

Name Abb Company Abb Email / Hand phone
Nguyen Tran Vu TV VNLSSG SP
Truong Hoai Phi THP Jayagas JPS
Dinh The Long DTL REE – P&D REE-P&D
Nguyen Viet Long NVL TES - TVE TES
Bùi Công Luận BCL VTC Network VTC 0906 707 675
Lam Truong Giang LTG M.E.I M.E.I
Luu Van Tiep LVT Duc Phuong Fire DPF
Nguyen Hoai Duc NHD REE – E REE-E
Phan Nghiep PN Schindler VN SVN
Nguyen Huu Thiep NHT APAVE AVN

Le Thai Nguyen LTN Jayagas JPS
Tran Minh Hoa TMH VTC Network VTC
Nguyen Binh Phuong NBP Weather Safe Window WSW
Nguyễn Văn Ngọc NVN Bumen BM
Ho Viet Thanh HVT Serrano SRN
Nguyen Huu NH BBC BBC

Nguyen Van Tam TN VNLSSG SP
Nguyen Bao Loc LN VNLSSG SP
Khaw Aik Heng KH APAVE AVN
Jose Curaming JC APAVE AVN

Minutes Taken By:

Nguyen Huu Thiep NHT APAVE AVN


87.1.0 Previous minutes of meeting

The previous minutes of the meeting number 86 was accepted as Note
correct and true record.
87.2.0 General
87.2.1 Discussions were focused on the implementation of proper work Note
quality and inspection, submittals and forms for inspections.
87.2.2 Negligence to duty: Note
AVN highlighted the imposition of the following punishment for
contractor’s staff found for negligence of duty.
First offence: suspension of 3 days from work.
Second and final offence: termination at SP project.
87.3.0 M & E Related Issues
87.3.1 T&C forms: M.E.I As shown
SVN: to have meeting with M.E.I for clarification and finalisation of 5
T&C forms, at 8:30 Fri 10 Oct 08. Still have 1 form under review.
Done, M.E.I already issued.
M.E.I provided photocopy set to SP for LPG, P&D; Electric and ACMV
to continue scanning and provide later, Fire completed. M.E.I shall
complete for balanced trades.

087 p1 23 Oct 2008.doc Page 1of 4 Apave Vietnam and S.E.A.

Saigon Pearl Development Project P.1


87.3.2 Closing of NCR:

There is no new NCR in this week. M&E
Nos of contractor/
Contractor Status Note M.E.I
JPS 0 One NCR closed in this
REE-E 8 REE-E to close.
TES 0 Regarding to sleeve of
pipe. Closed.
BM 0
SVN 0 Note
SP emphasized about the time for settlement of SON, NCR and defect
won’t take too long in order to prevent making such defect/non-
conformance may happen again.

87.3.3 Defect rectification summary: uploaded to Aconex, hard copy also Note
provided. M.E.I completed summary for this week.
TES: Tower 1-1 remains since WSW not completed their installation of
louver, shall ask for inspection this week, Tower 2- 21 remain, some
are not defects but to be installed later (avoid stealing); REE-E:
Tower 1-1 remains but REE-E informed that they already done, REE-E
to submit inspection record, Tower 2- 105 remain. DPF: there are 10
new defects at basement.
87.3.4 Electrical wire/cable connection (every size). REE-E As shown
Type 25/25 and Type 16/16, REE-E informed that submitted inspection
record for material delivered to site. CO and CQ shall submitted later.
REE-E to prepare a separate checking list for this matter. Not done yet,
REE-E to submit by 20 Oct. Delayed to Wed 29 Oct.
87.3.5 Contractors to continue their preparation of inspection document for Note As shown
finishing work.
As per schedule, inspection document should be submitted up to 29F,
actual as belows:
TES: 3F to 17F submitted to CDC; JPS: 2F, M.E.I’s reviewing, next week to
submit 10F to 20F; REE-P&D: by 03 Oct shall submit 3F to 18F,delayed:
6F-10F submitted and M.E.I already commented, next Wed 15 Oct shall
submit for 11F-15F, delayed to 17 Oct, by Thu 30 Oct shall submit 2F to
5F; REE-E: 7F submitted, this week submitted 4 levels AVN to check and
finish signing off, delayed, 17 Oct REE-E shall submit 3 levels but SP does
not agree since behind shcedule too far, SP required REE-E to submit 10
levels, REE-E has not satisfied, by Wed 29 Oct shall submit for 5 levels;
DPF: 1F-9F and 11F-22F submitted to M.E.I, 10F to be prepared later.
87.3.6 SP asked contractors to prepare both List of “For construction” drawing M&E As shown
(latest revision) and List of estimated as-built drawing for M.E.I review contractors
and approve for as-built drawing to be submitted.
Contractors also to include their proposal on schedule of submission as-
built drawing for M.E.I’s reviewing/checking part by part.
REE-P&D: to resubmit the List of “For construction” drawing, after
checking shall inform the date of resubmission, not yet done. TES:
submitted. REE-E: to submit by afternoon 16 Oct, delayed to Mon 27 Oct;
DPF: not yet, informed that to submit by 24 oct. VTC: to work with M.E.I
and submit by next week.
87.3.7 Reviewing of ITP weekly monitoring: Note
Submitted. SP reminded that contractor must attach to ITP a copy of
material delivered to site inspection.
87.3.8 Supply power to Electrical Room: REE-E 04/10/08
Power already supplied. SP requested REE-E to complete all inspection
records by Sat 04 Oct. M.E.I issued list of complement for REE-E to follow,

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Saigon Pearl Development Project P.1


REE-E to complete by Sat 18 Oct. REE-E submitted to M.E.I, this afternoon
23 Oct shall submit to SP.
87.3.9 Outstanding SONs (26 nos., 01 remain) SP requested that in case of which M.E.I
SON can not solve within 7~10 days then NCR shall be opened
subsequently (relation to retention of interim payment).
SP asked M.E.I to supply a copy of this report. Not yet.
87.3.10 JPS: resubmitted technical data in English of vaporiser tank; SP requested JPS 25/10/08
that the deadline for this work is next meeting. Not done yet. JPS
confirmed that to submit by end of this week.
87.3.11 AVN reminded about preparation of Site Diary and List of changes/V.O Note
compared with approved design. M.E.I shall provide the form of the List
for all contractors to follow.
87.3.12 JPS: SP asked for:
1. X-ray testing: need to be done asap since depending on
scaffolding dismantlement.
2. Bonding: still has not done on site, JPS to consider/calculation of
the MDPE from LPG compound to phase 1, 2a and 2b.
3. Regarding testing for locations that SP required, JPS commits
that they shall comply.
87.4.1 Post-concrete inspection: BBC Continuous
a/ Vertical element:
b/ Slab:
 Defect identification: T2-32F, T1-32F.
 Survey Checking and Defect Amending: T2- checked up to 32F,
checked up to 32F; T1- checked up to 32F, checked up to 32F.
Mr. Loc SP informed that at the moment there are two kinds of NCR still
can pending: first is cracking – BBC to prepare a sample of this for
approval, and second is R.C wall that waiting for Mr. Bình’s (NGC 6)
answer. About the lift core: if lift contractor already took-over then NCR
related to this can close. So BBC to complete all oustanding post concrete
inspection within a week.
BBC to note that all inspection document of structural works must be
completed and handed-over to NGC for their issuing the Certification for
Quality Conrmance by 15 Jun 08, and all Post concrete inspection
document as well as NCR closing document then must be complete and
hand-over to NGC by the end of Jun 08. Delayed.
87.5 1 Concrete, rebar and bricks previously records to compile and photocopy BBC Every Mon
then submit to AVN/SP. at 3:00pm
Records/Receipts of new deliveries to submit daily.
Summary list/register to be prepared and submit to AVN/SP.
BBC to collect official Concrete Test Report.
87.5 2 AVN reminded BBC on closure of NCRs update weekly accurately. BBC/AVN
AVN to review all outstanding NCRs that “waiting for approval” and
solve. On going.
87.6.0 Request For Inspection Forms and Related Requirements
87.6.1 Form of as-built drawing: AVN approved. BBC
87.7.0 Finishing Inspection Forms BBC
87.7.1 BBC to submit for approval Finishing Inspection Forms
 Toilet & Bathroom Accessories: BBC to resubmit.
87.7.2 BBC to compile and summarize all forms already approved for use. To BBC Every Mon
send summary thru Aconex every Monday. at 3:00pm


87.8.1 It is reminded that WSW to update Schedule/Summary/Register and WSW Every Mon at
submit to AVN weekly both on Aconex and hardcopy (copy one for AVN 3:00pm
and one for SP).

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Saigon Pearl Development Project P.1


Inspection document of their works done from 6F to 12F-both towers:

framing and grouting already submitted to NGC. Now WSW to prepare for
next part.
There are some NCRs that require WSW to close, AVN has not received any
Method Statement for closing this.
87.8.2 It is reminded that Serrano to attend QA/QC weekly meeting and to SRN Every Mon at
update Schedule/Summary/Register and submit to AVN weekly both on 3:00pm
Aconex and hardcopy (copy one for AVN and one for SP).
SRN submitted report of their works done weekly. AVN requires Serrano to
add summary of their status of inspection document in this report. Not
done yet.
87.9.0 Others
87.10.0 Next Meeting
87.10.1 13:30 (M&E) then 15:00 (Builder), Thursday, 30 Oct 2008, at SP Site All 30/10/08
Meeting Room, Nguyen Huu Canh Street, HCMC.

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