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REVISED AND ENLARGED EDITION, FRANK B. CONVERSE’S ANALYTICAL BANJO METHOD, CONTAINING IN ADDITION TO THE RUDIMENTS OF MUSIC, ETC., 410 DIAGRAMS OF THE FINGER- BOARD, IbosTrATING, 1 A GREAT VARIETY OF FORK EVERY KEY AND CHORD UPON THE BANJO, “egether with Copious Exorciss, and Expici? ianyeos of an the Movements in Both the GUITAR AND BANJO STYLES OF EXECUTION, AND A CHOICE COLLECTION OF NEW AND ORIGINAL PIECES. HAMILTON S. GORDON, 139 fifth Ave., New York. DIVISION NO. 1. ‘Test Book of General Instruction. ‘The Plan of this work, ‘ ‘The Fingerboard, (Diagram) 4 Concerning the Banfo, 5| ‘lementary Principles of Masi . Notes and thelr Comparative Value, ‘ Varieties of Time, 1 Beating, or Counting Tims, 8 ‘The Formation of the Seale, ® ‘The Mode Seal, ° Minor Seales, ® ‘Tho Seale Analyzed, ® Chromatic Seale (1 20 Intervals, au ‘Chords, u ‘Sharps, Fats, Naturals, ote, 1” ess, the Siuature, a Major, ana Afiuor Rey Signatures, a ‘Transposition, w iow to old the Hany, a Position of the Left Ian rs ‘The Right Hand, Banjo 8t)l6, " "Tho Right Hand, Guitar Sty, " Rennomy of efforts in exwcaio " ‘Finger Gymnastics, 6 Postion Praction. Lett Hani, w How to Practice, ‘The Tunlag of the Banjo, ‘Test of Tuning, Process of Tuning Tlustrated, Sigas for the Fingering, 6 ‘The Thumb, [Ralee governing Right Hand fingering, Gultar Style, elation of the Stelngs as Intervals, Left Hand Movements, Right Hand Movements, ‘The Tremolo In Banjo, and GaltarStylen, ‘Tremolo, Fleet Exerlees, CONTENTS teomolo Eseries, Poaltions, The Barre, x Positions Detined, Miscellaneous Information relating tothe Bang, Embellishments, Grace Notes, ete. Tue Shake, ‘Triplets, and other irregular groups, syncopated Notes, Harmonics, (Chromatic Seale in Hermenics, Exercise in Harmonles. Left Hand, Bxerclse la Harmontes, Right Left Hands ‘Exercise Tlarmonies. Right Hand, with ‘Drum Chords, xereses in Accompansing the Valen, Exerelas in Reading, Flrst Exercises, Gultar Style, ‘Time Bxerclses, Barré Exercise tn Arpegsio, Kxerclse in Dominant Sevenths, Exercises on Each String, Be Beeeyy Sesareeses Exercises in Sides, Sure and Pulls, Arpegslo Practice, Advanced Arpoggto Practice in the Various Keys, ss Practice in Transferring the Thumb, How to Practice Chords, a Harp Chords, s ther Eset, e| ‘Accompaniment Playing, 2 Routades, & Standard Seale of the Banjo, (Diagram) 37 (Chord Formulas Applicebleto all the Keys, 24 "The Formula Analyzed, m 43 Diagrams of the Fingerboard, 241038 ‘tinstrating—Chord Formulas, Chord ar rangements, Accompaniment Practice on the Middle’ Fingebsard, Cadenocs, and Modlations to the Diferent Ke Diatonle Modulations,~Major and Minor, Dorainant Seventh Modulations, ‘Tee Dominant Soventh Tustrated through the entire circle of Keys DIVISION NO. 2. Progressive Pieoss. Guitar Style. ied Walt, Blackbird Danes. bie Hel of Seca, Coaching Medes, Ctreaasan Dance, Climbing up do Goten Stats, ceulskeen Lau, ‘Compbetlsare Coming, Tee) Conspleators Chor, Diamond’ Dell Sehattache, (The) Daley Walks. (The) Exercise in Tent, East Side Ji, Ei Qulkstep, (Tho) Engéale Waltz, Bepana, (La) Euence of OH Vieplony, Pawn Maru, Foster's Jig. (Outer Style) Fisher's Hornpipe, Piers arch, Flirt Polk, (The) orice Walt, [Gambeo Ret Grzele Wall Grove Waltz, (The) Gpome Walt. Exerlse tn Octave, Tungasien Pots, igh Tie Ja, Tong Kong Dune, (Calnese) Tard Ties Jig, Happy Darks Dance, Irish ig, No Ist Jig, No. % Ivy Rodowa, (The) Japanee Foang Msp, Last Ross of Sumner, ‘Leaning onthe Garden Gat, Linden Pk, Lancashire Tas Walls earls Pol, Sheeeeseesatesisurasageeiee asasuseesseetes