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Material Handling equipment Measures to reduce handling cost 1. The following are the various ways by which handling cost can be minimized since the material handling increases the cost of materials and not the value of the product, the ideal goal should be towards minimum handling costs. 2. Sequence the operation in the warehouse and the process in logical manner to ensure smooth handling. 3. Use gravity whenever possible as it results in conservation of power, fuel and energy. 4. Standardize handling equipment to the extent possible as it means interchangeable usage and better equipment handling and less spares holding and better availability and utilization of spares. 5. Enforce a regular preventive maintenance programme for material handling equipment so that down time of the equipment is minimum. 6. Non productive operation in handling such as slinging, loading etc., to be kept at minimum through appropriate handling system. 7. Magnetic crane for scrap movement, (Bazar scrap ie., katchara to be bailed by a bailing process) electric power platform trolleys, and electric power/battery operated stacks for movement of material from the receipt/inspection area to stocking and distribution areas.

8. Location of warehouse is close to major consuming center. 9. Existing system of material handling requires some refinement to be compatible with the day-to-day advancement of technology for effective utilization of handling equipment. Scope Scope Includes:1. Wasteful movement, transfer and repeated handling must be avoided by conducting method study. 2. Ensuring proper co-ordination through proper selection of equipment and training of workers. 3. CAMC (Composite annual maintenance contract) for preventive maintenance. 4. Utilization of vertical space (cubical space utilization like EMD high racks) 5. Use mechanical aids like containers, pallets wherever possible. 6. Flexibility is the key to any material handling system as one has to consider future expansion of activities. 7. Equipments specially designed for motion should be kept in motion because continuous material movement is most economical as ratio of lead weight to payload must be kept to minimum. 8. The emphasis should be on cutting the operating as well as maintenance cost and at the same time to reduce down time of men and machine by inviting suggestions for improvement. 9. Cost effectiveness should be measured by expenses incurred per unit and weight of material handled and improvement can then be affected in the overall material handling. The entire functioning of stores depots located at Hubli South Western Railway has been taken for study in order to achieve good quality management system. 1. Research included gathering both

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primary and secondary data. 2. Primary data which are taken a fresh and thus happen to be original in character. 3. Secondary data has been taken from various magazines, newspapers etc. Conclusion and Recommendation s The project report has the following advantages. 1. Reduce frequent leakages, breakages damage and deterioration by 5% or more. 2. To ensure minimum space utilization in order to have more capacity warehouse for stocking materials i.e., vertical space utilization resulting in reduction of number of godowns hence reduction in overhead expenses and labor and handling cost. 3. To reduce handling of materials i.e., to do more work with the same machine/equipment. 4. To save time and manpower 5. To have easy receipt issue and inspection to shift materials within specified time for smooth flow of materials reduction in expenditure and thus saving money. 6. Creating atmosphere of mutual trust which will ensure the stores department to co-ordinate with other department for movement of materials. Hence, multiple handling will be avoided.

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