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Climate Change and Cagayan De Oro 1. Christmas Its Christmas in a few days. The day we celebrate the death of Christ on the cross, dying for us, his sisters and brothers, dying before us willingly, dying within us, beautifully. Yes, we celebrate his life of service and love as much as we celebrate his death of surrender and understanding. As he died, he spoke. These seven sayings of Christ on the cross are called words of: 1. Forgiveness 2. Salvation 3. Relationship 4. Abandonment 5. Distress 6.Triumph 7. Reunion. We have celebrated Christmas for 2011 years and over time the celebration has morphed into mass consumerism. And as much as we know it, we at times, stay within the realms of what is expected of us as we celebrate Christmas. Christmas: A celebration of Christor a celebration of BEING Christ? As we tune into the deepest parts of ourselves we see that within us, is that which drove Christ to love everyone as his own sisters and brothers. All lepers, all prostitutes, all sinners and saints loved by Christ, equally. And so Christ reminds us that as we celebrate the death of parts of ourselves, we surrender to the innate knowing within us that we are moving closer to our essence. Christ may have died on that cross, yet his many deaths that he submitted to, were throughout the course of his life. 2. Climate Change Our climate is changing. It simply is. And with the change we are experiencing the very things that Christ himself spoke of on the cross. The death, the calamity, the chaos are all ways for us to look closely at ourselves and see what are being and doing, everyday in our lives. Climate change Sentient beings Thinking Being Aware People Animals Plants Evolving As Our Climate Changes

I moved to the Philippines in 2008. A year later Typhoon Ondoy struck, taking 800 and more lives. It changed my life. No longer was I reading an article about a natural disaster, I was there, INSIDE it. Unharmed because the school I worked for, made sure that the walls of my home withstood the treacherous typhoon winds. I was unharmed and completely transformed. How could I live my life and be an observer when I wanted to offer my love, service and support my beloved planet more? I've learned many lessons since, in many ways. In June this year I left Manila and moved to Palawan. To live with friends as we co- create an eco-village. Maia Earth Village. Committing my entire life to manifesting dreams of transformation. Co-designing Maia Conscious Communities Curriculum. Writing books. Poetry. Creating art. At times being a yaya (nanny) to 18 month old Sinag! Gardening. Singing. Dancing. Inner Dancing. No income in the form of paper with pictures and numbers, yet income in the form of endless and countless blessings. I live simply and work constantly. This is my life. I choose it and none other. Why? Because I woke up one day after Typhoon Ondoy, after building a community garden with the learners in my class and wrote pages and pages of what I had to do in my life. My purpose. My lifes mission. And now. Im here manifesting that. The children told me. And I listened. They said that in the face of these natural disasters, we have a simple choice. To simply remember WHO WE REALLY ARE. And when we do so we return to the absolute knowledge of our ONENESS. 3. Cagayan De Oro Typhoon Sendong struck Northern Mindanao on December 17th. So far the death toll has exceeded 1000. Why? Illegal logging and mining in this area is depleting the forests->soil erosion->flooding->death. My friends and I planned a trip to Cagayan De Oro months ago. For some reason I was the last person to book my flight. I booked it on the morning of the 17th. The typhoon struck that evening. We leave in a few days to this area that is choking in

pain and reeking of death and destruction. I sit here writing this thinking of all the eyes that I will look into in a few days when I arrive in Cagayan De Oro. Eyes of people who have lived in fertile lands and watched it being siphoned. Eyes of people who have lived in freedom and watched the land being used as collateral. Eyes of people who live simply and spend their lives producing most of the worlds fruit supply. I ask you, my friends and family in South Africa, the UK, the US, the Middle East, India and everywhere to be with me as I walk this land and look into these eyes. For no matter, what and where and whoI will still see your eyes looking back. For you are here, as much as you are there in your homes, across the seas. As long as I think of you and love you, you are here and I ask you to be here, even more. It is almost Christmas. And this Christmas lets simply BE CHRISTmas. Giving endlessly, joyously and unconditionally. If you feel that you would like to send some of your love and resources here to me to be given in some ways to the people here, who are in need, please write directly to me at and I will send you my bank details. Yes. There is the Red Cross and lots of other organizations. And yes, theres me. The me you know and trust. If you would like your full intentions to be sent to those in need here, send them through me, as I offer myself as a vicarious vessel to use the resources to respond to the dire need in terms of disaster relief, in a very ecological and spiritual manner. We will be travelling in the region for ten days offering education and training, healing, nutrition programs and sharing various other aspects of Maia Conscious Communities Curriculum as illustrated in the Maia Mandala. Our intention is to respond to the urgent need for relief as well as to sow seeds of long term sustainability.

Christmas. Climate Change. Cagayan De Oro. Convergence. Join me here. Anything you wish to send from wherever you are, will be received with love and gratitude. Juanita

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