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04: Homeopathy for Olympic Competitors

This is a particularly successful area in which to prescribe First Aid Homeopathy. The human body responds very well to the trauma remedies and helps to prevent long term effects of injuries sustained throughout life. The Homeopathic system of medicine works by stimulating the immune response to heal it self. The central philosophy of Homeopathy is that a substance that can produce symptoms in a healthy person can cure those symptoms is a sick person. Eg. a person suffering from hay fever might be given a remedy prepared from an onion (allium cepa) ,because a healthy person chopping an onion usually experiences watering eyes and irritation. However the substances are given in minute doses to avoid unwanted side effects, making them safe to use even in situations where conventional drugs would be dangerous or inadvisable.(during pregnancy or when treating infants).

Two important laws that you need to follow Homeopathy successfully.

1. 2. THE LAW OF SIMILARS Means matching the symptom picture of an illness or injury to the symptom picture of the Homeopathic remedy. THE LAW OF THE MINIMUM DOSE This means using as little of the remedy as possible to stimulate the body's own healing mechanism.

Give one dose and wait to see what relief it brings. If things begin to improve, do not repeat the dose unless the case stops improving before a full recovery is reached, or the same symptoms return (ie the case relapses) If the symptoms change significantly select a new remedy to fit the new picture. If in any doubt WAIT. Giving the body more of a remedy than it needs will not improve or speed up the remedy.


1.BRUISING/STRESS/TRAUMA. This responds well to Arnica and if topical products are used they are greatly enhanced by the use of Arnica in potency (strength) as a Homeopathic remedy. Arnica has been known all over the world for centuries in mountainous districts where severe falls are common in countries as far apart as Switzerland, the Tyrol, and the Andes mountains in South America. It is known as The fall herb which is collected, dried ,and stored carefully for use in emergencies. It serves us well in all injuries to the soft parts, the muscles, in bruises, haematomas, in sprains, and strains of the muscles due to over exertion. Tired aching limbs feel refreshed after a few doses of Arnica taken internally. As a Homeopathic remedy Arnica has the power to rebalance all four levels of the human organism physical mental emotional and spiritual-we can be traumatised on all these levels. Thus Arnica is suitable for any and every injury, whether it be a physical bruise, an emotional shock, a mental trauma, or a spiritual attack causing us to lose faith in life itself. Once

Arnica has been given we can then consider which other remedies we could include to further heal our patients. ARNICA MONTANA P/L IS COMMITTED TO REAWAKENING THIS KNOWLEDGE AND BRINGING IT BACK INTO COMMON USE The Arnica Montana range of 6 products created and manufactured by hand in Western Australia with 75% minimum Australian ingredients are carefully designed to treat trauma, shock, and bruising, and are suitable for any age group from babies to the elderly. In combination with Arnica as an internal Homeopathic remedy the healing effects are profound.

Arnica Bath Soak as it sounds in the bath is so soothing and healing and provides instant relief for aching sore muscles. If used in conjunction with Arnica soap also impregnated with Arnica herb as well as Rosemary Lavender and Marjoram, a vigorous massage enhances the relief given while soaking. Old fashioned soap and water massage always helps tired, dislocated, aching joints and muscles, but with the above ingredients is much more effective. Arnica cream applied to sore areas after the bath and massage will really enhance the healing effect. Arnica rub or massage oil may be used personally or by a masseuse and will provide great relief, whilst Arnica balm kept in sports bags (or handbags for wobbly toddlers!) is an instant treatment whilst on the go, and has been greatly appreciated by leading sports people with busy lives. Prompt use prevents complications caused by untreated injuries. Arnica Poultice for serious injuries deep in the tissue and particularly where the bruise is going purple and yellow can be applied hot and bandaged on to the injury for overnight treatment once the other steps described above have been taken.

Arnica Montana P/L has also created a further range of products based on Calendula and Sage combined with other healing herbs.

CALENDULA is another old woundwort , is extremely soothing and heals rapidly when applied to all kinds of cuts, cracks, chapped hands and legs. It can be used to heal superficial skin abrasions, burns, bites, stings, and minor cuts and grazes. It stimulates the growth of new epithelial cells in the skin. Calendula is not an antiseptic in the true meaning of the word, BUT GERMS DO NOT GROW IN ITS PRESENCE. It is available as a cream and an ointment. SAGE cream and balm is indicated for deeper wounds and in particular for wounds that appear to be infected or about to be infected. Sage is the original Salve of Greek and Roman times, and is still grown and used in the Mediterranean countries as an all round healing treatment. It has strongly antiseptic qualities.

SAGE The Healer is the trademarked logo of Arnica Montana P/L in Australia and of Arnica Montana Ltd., in the UK . Arnica Montana has also designed and produced an interactive CD and companion Homeopathic kit with explanatory booklet for Accidents and Emergencies. These cover all Accidents and Emergencies as featured in the St John's Ambulance and Red Cross handbooks with easily understood instructions for Homeopathic treatment combined with the First Aid techniques needed in all situations. They can be used by anyone who can read! 2.SPRAINED AND STRAINED MUSCLES.

Again the first remedy is Arnica with the treatments described above which will greatly alleviate the pain and discomfort felt. Combined with RUTA the healing effect for sprains and strains is greatly enhanced.

Is the remedy of choice and deals with torn and wrenched tendons, split ligaments of joints, fibrous tissue, flexor tendons, joints ,ankles ,wrists, cartilages, periosteum and skin. It is the chief remedy for injured or bruised bones and the pains are bruised sore aching with restlessness. A great remedy for bruises and kicks on the shins of footballers hockey players polo polo crosse players. A partially detached tendon can be a serious drawback to an active sportsperson and can mean several weeks off. With the Arnica range of products + Arnica and Ruta given internally as Homeopathic remedies and firm support bandages the limb can be used with minimum discomfort while healing rapidly takes place 3. RUPTURED LIGAMENTS AND TENDONS AROUND JOINTS Sprained wrists and ankles are very common debilitating injuries and among the most common in sport. As stated earlier the use of the Arnica bath soak and Arnica soap and water massage for about hour will have the effect of rapidly reducing the swelling and decreasing the pain. Recovery is then usual in about 3-4 days. Combine Arnica and Rhus Tox with Arnica in alternating doses to achieve the best effect and great relief of symptoms. RHUS TOXICODENDRON Affects the nerves and spinal cord. Parts feel bruised sore and stiff. Dislocative sensation. The important differential symptom here is that the pain and stiffness wears off as the person continues movement once out of bed though initial motion is very difficult. Also better generally for heat hot baths-changing position and warm dry weather. All symptoms much worse in cold damp weather rheumatic complaints following prior injury so often used in arthritic patients. BRYONIA I mention Bryonia here as it has the opposite symptomatology to Rhus Tox as a remedy. The Bryonia patient is much worse for movement and wishes to lie still preferably on the affected part in order to obtain relief form the pain and discomfort. Joints red swollen and hot due to inflammation of the serous membranes within the joint. Sciatica better for lying quietly and lying on the painful side. 4.SEVERE BRUISING , BLACK EYE,HAEMATOMAS AT THE WOUND SITE. SPECIFIC FOR PUNCTURE WOUNDS. LEDUM PALUSTRE This remedy affects fibrous tissue of joints especially small joints, ankles, tendons, heels. Easy spraining of ankles. Affected parts become purple puffy and then emaciate. Patient is always chilly affected parts are cold, yet THE PATIENT IS AVERSE TO EXTERNAL WARMTH and will ask to immerse the injury in a bucket of cold water. General lack of vital heat painful cold oedematous joints. Shifting tearing pains. weakness and numbness of affected parts. PREVENTS TETANUS DEVELOPING IF GIVEN IMMEDIATELY AFTER PUNCTURED WOUNDS HYPERICUM SHOULD BE GIVEN IF TETANUS DEVELOPS.

Cramps over hip joint, lumbago, pain in shoulder on raising the arm. 5.INJURIES WHERE NERVES ARE CLOSE TO THE BONE Fractures. Sports injuries often sustained by horse riders, skiers, long and high jumpers, cyclists, where there is a fall or hit causing jarring of the spine. HYPERICUM Violent shooting pains show that the nerves are severely involved. Injury to the brain and spinal cord with spasms after every injury. Puncture wounds. VERY PAINFUL SORE PARTS, occiput, coccyx, Pain extends towards the trunk or down sides with crawling and numbness. SHOOTING UP FROM INJURED PART. PREVENTS TETANUS. Relieves pain after operations. Joints feel bruised. May lie on back with head jerking. CONSEQUENCES OF SPINAL CONCUSSION. COCCYX PAIN FROM FALLS ON TO COCCYX FROM RECENT OR LONG AGO pain radiating up the spine and down the limbs. Painfully sensitive spine. Aching in sciatic nerve after prolonged sitting. Violent pain and inability to walk or stoop after fall on coccyx. 6.FRACTURES Often fail to knit well and the remedy of choice is knitbone also very useful in injury to the eyeball in sports such as polo, polocrosse, boxing, hockey. It can prevent cataract or blindness in the injured eye if given at the time of the injury. Bruising of the face in contact sports or falls where the periosteum is as near to the surface as the shinboneotherwise known as SYMPHYTUM Injury to cartilages, periosteum, WITH EXCESSIVE PAIN. Painful old injuries. Fractures. Pricking stitching pains remaining after a wound has healed. NONUNION OF FRACTURES. Arthralgia of the knee-footballer's knee. 7.FOR THE NEAR AND REMOTE EFFECTS OF BLOWS/ FALLS/ ACCIDENTS/ JARRED SPINE.

BELLIS PERENNIS This remedy is often overlooked but is an essential part of the sportsman's armoury. Often there are long term sequelae of injuries however they have been sustained. It is known as a woundwort and has long been used by herbalists for centuries. As a Homeopathic remedy it is invaluable. After deep trauma sustained in serious injuries especially of the abdominal and pelvic areas, healing often does not take place as it should and the long term effects are not associated with the original trauma. Bellis affects the blood vessels and deals with venous stasis. It helps in clearing up haematomas. There may be intense soreness which is better for cold bathing. Muscles become sore and bruised. Pains are hard, aching ,squeezing ,or throbbing. It removes the discharges of swelling of old injuries. Patients feel tired and fagged and want to lie down a lot. Boils appearing all over the body after injury. TUMOURS WHICH APPEAR AFTER INJURY.