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Karakamsa Chapter

P a r a s a r a

By Rafal Gendarz

1. Benefics in Karakamsa & Amsa Lagna influenced by benefics king 2. Kendra & Kona from Karakamsa influenced by benefics wealth and learning 3. Atmakaraka in Chandra / Mangal / Shukra Rasi traverser of others wives Graha in Karakamsa Surya Purna Chandra (esp Indication Royal assignments Sensual pleasures, scholar

when infl. by Shukra) Mangal Buddha Guru Shukra Sani Rahu Ketu Surya + Rahu Purna Chandra + Gulika Ketu + Malefic + Shukra + Surya & Buddha + Sukra & Buddha + Sani + Shukra / Surya *Chandra aspected by Shukra Chandra aspeceted by Buddha

Weapon, work by fire, alchemist Arts, sculpture, trading, intelligent Good acts, spiritual knowledge, vedic learning Sensual, lock after state affairs Proffesion of family Thief, bowman, machinery maker, doctor Elephants, thief Fear from snakes, doctor Wealth stolen by thief Contract diseases of ears, ears pierced Intiatiated in religious order Devoid of valour Son of female slave Penance / servant Servant of king Alchemist Doctor

Grahas in 2nd from Karakamsa Indication Shukra / Mangal Traverser of other wives + Ketu Restrict + Guru Cause this + Rahu Destroy wealth Ketu (alone) (also in 3nd from K.) Deffective speach or not able to speak (if malefic) Grahas in 3rd from Karakamsa Indication Malefic Brave & Valorous Benefic Timid Graha in 4th from Karakamsa Indication Sukra & Chandra Palatial buildings Sani & Rahu House made of stones Mangal & Ketu Bricks Guru Wood Surya Straws & Grass Chandra Sex under open area Chandra (+ Shukra) White leprosy + Mangal (Chandra + Mangal) (also in Disorders of blood & bile 5th) + Ketu Black leprosy Rahu + Mangal (esp when asp by Patient of consumption Chandra) Only Mangal (also in 5th) Ulcers Ketu Dynestry / afflictions due to impure water Rahu + Gulika Doctor dealing with poisons Grahas in 5th from Karakamsa Indication Rahu + Mangal (esp when asp by Suffering from consumption Chandra) Asp of Mars Ulcers Ketu Dynestry / impure water disease Rahu + Gulika Fear from mean people and poison Buddha Ascetic / Holding staff Sun Bearer of sword Mangal Bearer of spear Sani Bearer of bow

Rahu Machinist Ketu Watch-maker Shukra Poet / eloquent speaker Guru & Chandra Author Shukra Lesser author Buddha Still lesser author Guru Veda Vedanta / Orator / Grammarian Mangal Logician Buddha Mimamsaka Sani Dull-witted Surya Musician Chandra Sankya Philosophy Rahu / Ketu Astrologer Sani Archer Ketu Watchmaker Buddha Ascetic Rahu Machinist Surya Carry a sword Ketu Bearer of spear or arrow Chandra & Jupiter (also in Karakamsa) Great author Shukra Lesser author Buddha Lesser writer Shukra Poet Guru Expert grammarian/Veda jnan Sani Fool on assembly Buddha Mimamsaka Mangal Nyayika Chandra Literature in general / Sankhya Surya Vedanta / Music Ketu Mathematician / Jyotish

Grahas in 6th from K. Malefic Benefic *Effects are similar to that Grahas in 7th from Karakamsa Chandra & Guru Shukra Buddha Surya Saturn Rahu Grahas in 8th from Karakamsa Benefic & 8th lord Malefic Grahas in 9th from Karakamsa Benefic influence

Indication Agriculturist Indolent of 3th from Karakamsa. Indication of spouse Beatiful Sensual Versed in fine arts Confine to domestic activities Older, pious or sick Widow Indication Long life Short life Indication Truthful, devotee of teachers / elders, attached to religion

Malefic influence Sani & Rahu Surya & Jupiter Venus & Mars (also in Shad-vargas) Mars & Moon Aspect of Jupiter only Grahas in 10th from Karakamsa Benefic Malefic Buddha & Shukra Surya & Chandra (inf by Guru) Grahas in 11th from Karakamsa Influence by benefic Influenced by malefics Grahas in 12th from Karakamsa Benefic or none Malefic Exalted / Own benefic Ketu + Benefic influence Aries/Saggitarius Ketu + Benefic Ketu + malefic inluence Grahas in 12th from Karakamsa Surya + Ketu Chandra + Ketu Shukra + Ketu Mangal + Ketu Buddha + Sani Guru Rahu Ketu Shani or/and Shukra in malefic sign

Religious in childhood but falsehood in old-age Betrayer of elders / teachers, averse to ancient classics Not obey elders and teachers Woman related to native will die Prisoner due to his asociation with another woman Given to sensual pleasures & addicted to woman Indication Riches, sagaciouos, strong & intelligent Suffer losses in trade and deprived of paternal bliss Many gains & Great deeds Kingdom

Indication Hapiness from brother / Gains in undertakings Questionable means of gains / Famous & Valorous Indication Expenses on good deeds Expenses on vicious deeds Heaven Heaven & Moksha Moksha No heaven & No moksha Worshiper of Shiva Gouri / Shaktika Lakshmi Skanda Visnu Shiva Durga / Mean deity Skanda / Ganesha Mean deity

Same effects (Shani & Shukra) in 6th from AmK.

Two malefic in Kona to Karakamsa knowledge of mantra & tantra If they are aspected by malefic Grahas it will be used for evil purposes / opposite for good purposes. Kemadruma Yoga 2nd and 8th from Karakamsa or AL malefics inauspicious (poverty)

Om Tat Sat