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Parshas Vayeishev

(swwh zwwk):o`Sd mFlWz`e Lig` mFlWz` d`x `pKl Fl xn`Ie

[year 2]


cwwga, cahu ,arp

Yaakov said to Yosef go see the well-being of your brothers and the welfare of the sheep The word d`x means to see. The question is: why would Yaakov send Yosef to see the well being of his brothers? Also what is the meaning to see the welfare of the sheep? The Chasam Sofer answers that we can explain the meaning of d`x to bring upon yourself the well-being of your brothers. That is that Yosef should make peace with his brothers The Mishna states iht /oukav tkt ktrahk vfrc ehzjn hkf (cwwhn dwwp ihmeug) There is no utensil that can hold in it blessings from Hashem to a Yid, only Shalom - peace.Therefore, in order there should be a bracha in the sheep there must be Shalom. Hence, the reason Yaakov said to Yosef to make peace - Shalom with his brothers
(jwwf zwwk):mi rnWIl s l` qFiz` ExMnIe

Klal Yisrael must atone for them throughout the generations.

(dwwf wn) :EdgMWIe s qFiz` mi WOdxU x f`le w k

And they sold Yosef to Arab businessmen. The ways of Hashem are beyond our grasps, Hashems dealings with us are only for our benefits. When one thinks that it is dark and what happened is a catastrophe, in the end it always turns out to be for the good and most times it seems to be better than we had imagined. Chazal teach us that before it gets light in the morning there is an extreme darkness. The Chofetz Chaim says a beautiful insight to this. We see that the brothers sold Yosef at the prime age of 17; he was the replica of his holy father both in wisdom and spirituality, yet was sold to lowly people. This could have put his holiness in extreme damage. Yet Yosef was the same after the sale. The main thing which came out of the sale was that Yosef rose to great heights in spirit, while becoming the prime supplier of food for the whole world as well as for his family.
z`f Exn`Ie 'ebe :mCA z YMdz` E AhIe 'ebe s z Mz` EgwIe p l qFi pz (twwk zwwk) Edz k` d x d g 'ebeEp` n l r I v

They took Yosefs coat and dipped it in blood, and said we found this and Yaakov said an evil beast devoured him. There is a known notion in chazal, that a lie which has no truth in it cannot stand and will not be believed. Hagaon Rab Elchanan Wasserman kwwmz asks a pivotal question: Klal Yisrael has been accused all the years with Blood Libels, yet there is no truth in these libels! Then the question stays: How did this libel stand for all these years without any basis of truth? The Gaon answers: The fact that the brothers dipped a shirt into blood and told Yaakov that a wild animal killed Yosef, this was considered a sin to the brothers and

The Minister of the cupbearers did not remember Yosef and he forgot him. Yosef was punished and stayed in jail for two more years (40:23). Rashi comments (from the Midrash) :Because Yosef put his faith in a cupbearer instead of Hashem, he had to languish two more years in prison before being called to Pharaoh. This harsh treatment of Yosef seems quite puzzling. Whenever a community has found itself in trouble or danger, it was always understood that they would avail themselves of any means possible to alleviate their difficulties with the authorities. The sages teach that in fact it is forbidden to sit back and rely on Hashems miraculous salvation. Why, then, was Yosef held to task for seeking the help of the cupbearer to bring up this case to Pharoh? We can answer this difficulty with another question that the Ramban poses the following question: Why did Yosef, during all his years in Egypt, not send a letter to his father to inform him that he was alive and well especially after he became a senior government official, did he allow his father to mourn his disappearance for so many years, agonizing over not knowing the fate of his most beloved son? The Ramban answers that because Yosef considered his meteoric rise to power in Egypt to clearly be the result of the supernatural guidance of Hashem, he was sure that the dreams he had dreamt while still a youngster would yet materialize and his father and brothers would one day come down to Egypt and meet him face to face. Yosef thus curbed his natural yearning to communicate with his father because of his great trust in Hashem that his prophetic dreams would yet come true. Yet, when he met his cupbearer, however, and he realized that he might provide him with a chance to extricate himself from prison, he decided to seek this avenue of escape. This avenue was raised toward him: When it comes to alleviating the suffering of your old father, you excuse yourself on the grounds that you have complete faith in Hashem that he will eventually come to see you in Egypt. Yet when it comes to your own personal welfare, you suddenly decide that there is nothing wrong with exerting a bit of human effort, and not relying completely on Hashem to handle matters! It was because of this inconsistency that Yosef was punished so severely. (Rav Yosef Chaim Zonnenfeld)
Mazel Tov to a close friend Rabbi Ephraim Scherman t"yhka on the birth of his grandson, by his son R Yochanan. And to the great grandfather Rav Nosson Scherman t"yhka To a good friend Sruli Issacs on the marriage of his daughter

Story of the Week

*****The Skulener Rebbe t"yhka settles an old dispute and both have children
(By Yehuda Z. Klitnick)


Where there is dispute there cant be Bracha

These were the words the Heilige Rebbe from Skulen t"yhka told a Yid named Chaim who was married for 10 years and had no children. Chaim who was not a Chosid at all, heard that the Skulener Rebbe accepts all requests and that people from all Kehilos go to him for brachos. Chaim decided he had nothing to lose, drove to Borough Park and waited his turn patiently, to go into the Rebbe. Chaim wrote a Kvitel and handed it to the Rebbe who looked into the Kvitel and just said in Yiddish ihhe tyahb zht ,eukjn t ts zht xg chut" "vfrc Where there is a dispute there cant be Bracha. The Rebbe sternly told him once the dispute will be over youll have children. Chaim thanked the Rebbe and left. However, Chaim started thinking who is he in a fight with now? He had no enemies! But his Emunah in the Rebbe was strong and if the Rebbe said so, there must be some dispute that he forgot about. Wow! It came to his head. Sure! When he was in high-school he was a big MACHER: An ambitious person; a schemer with many plans. But there was another Bochur, Itzik, who also wanted to also be a macher. When there wasnt room for 2 machers the usual belittling and fighting occurred and these two Bochurim made life miserable for each other. This went on through high-school. They were arch - enemies. On the last day of school Itzik walked over to Chaim and said you made my life miserable I will never forgive you. Chaim also said the same things to Itzik. Each parted his ways and they didnt see each other all these years. Chaim was now excited and called the Rebbe to ask him if he meant this fight that he had with Itzik?. The Rebbe answered: I am not a Prophet, but if you werent forgiven yet by your friend, do everything possible to get forgiveness, and Hashem will help you with children. That was enough to get Chaim to get to work to track down Itzik. However where will he find Itzik? After days and hours of sleuthing, he finally found out that Itzik lives now in LA. At first he thought to call Itzik, but figured soon that on the phone it will never work, and Itzik will hang up on him and he will lose the opportunity for any chance to succeed. Chaim knew he would have to do it face to face. He bought a ticket and flew to LA. In LA he asked around if this Itzik is from NY when he was sure this is the person he was looking for, he set out to Itziks house. Chaim composed himself, went to the door, saw that the name on the door was the right one, and knocked on the door. Itzik probably noticed him and with a loud voice yelled out whos there? When Chaim answered who he was, the door buzzed him in. Chaim walked in and he heard Itzik screaming at the top of his lungs get out of here, you made my life miserable. I promised I will never forgive you. Chaim burst into tears and looked down and said Itzik I made a special trip from NY please listen to me. Itzik softened up and said OK, speak: but I will not forgive you. Chaim kept his head down and was crying and he told Itzik that he was married already for 10 years without children, and the Skulener Rebbe t"yhka told him, "where there is a dispute there is no Bracha. He said I should you ask for forgiveness and I will have children. Chaim had his face down, and didnt look at the face of Itzik. Suddenly there was quiet in the room, when all of the sudden Itzik broke down into tears and says to Chaim you know Im also married for 10 years and have no children!. Lets forgive each other and there will be no dispute and we both will have a Bracha. Chaim was overwhelmed. They embraced and forgave each other. The Rebbe worked a miracle. Hashem blessed both of them that year with a son.

We take this pleasure to wish Klal Yisrael a Freilichen and a lechtigen Chanuka

Yahrtzeit of the Week this Shabbos Kodesh

**** Reb Yosef Pressburger Rosh Beis Din of Mattersdorf kwweumz f''xz elqk `''k
*****Harav Hatzadik Rav Yochanan Perlow The Stoliner Rebbe kwweumz f''hyz elqk `''k
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