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Executive Resume

Frank R. Blaul McLean, VA 22102 Phone: (301) 520-8891 Email:

$300+mm Full P&L Americas Vice President/GM IT Solutions Sales, Services and Operations Commercial and Government Industries
Leadership Summary
Dynamic results-driven senior executive with over 20 years experience in sales, corporate business development, leadership development, marketing and operations. Recognized executive who can identify, relate and team with other cross organizational executives to set, implement and execute on the re-engineering market direction and organizational change. Experience includes direct client relationship development with direct end-users, strategic OEM's and IT Outsourcing Services establishments. (Small Business) Strategy, planning and execution development includes the addressing the $800B worldwide IT Technology and Services markets. Experience includes direct client relationship development with Intel, Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Military Armed Forces, and Civilian government agencies, including Cross industry segments, Global 50, Fortune 500 and SMB establishments, utilizing both direct and indirect channels while profitability competing to win back share. Superior interpersonal, organizational, and operational skills capable of resolving multiple and complex issues while motivating team(s) to peak performance, managing to appropriate levels of span of control, revenue to expense ratios, below par individual performers with P&L responsibilities up to $300M. Experience in sales, marketing and operations with mature VC backed firms to large fortune 500 environments. Additional areas of expertise include:

Vision-Strategy Development and Execution Strategic Planning - Market Analysis Superior Organizational - Interpersonal Skills Persuasive and Influential

High Performance Team Building-Passion to Win Change Management-Performance Management - Six Sigma Client Acquisition - Channels Management Sales Forecasting Budgeting - M&A

Summary Accomplishments
Since 1997, on executive leadership teams, securing over $1B in Total Contract Value, creating over $469+mm of new value, designed and executed on $381+mm of rapid strategic gross profit, while delivering $88mm in before tax profits. This career path aligns with enterprises committed to leveraging proven strategic, IT, high performance business development, sales, marketing and operations leadership excellence into rapid growth, regaining competitive leadership position with in industry marked with significant improved financial performance. Co-chaired and co-authored Industry Advisory Councils (IAC) Smart Practices in Capital Planning Guide ( that has earned respect as a definitive best practices guide in federal government IT capital planning

Notable Accomplishments
Decreased revenue run off, improved gross margin attainment by 11%, reducing SG&A by $2.2M, improved operating income by $6m within a 13 month period. Emtec, Inc Secured over $12.0M in Sales within a five (5) month period with an Industry leading VC backed Information Technology firm which resulted in a GM attainment of 109%, and a 28.3% Contribution Margin against a FY target of 25%. ClearCube Technology, March 07 In 8 months, designed and initiated execution of a plan that positioned the company to increase their profit on government business from $4.8mm in 2005 to $8mm in 2007 while driving government sales from $60mm in 2005 upwards to $100mm in 2007. Dataline, Inc 2005 Grew a business unit from $70 million to $125 million over a fifteen-month period while increasing the business units GPM by 25 basis points, while delivering a $9 million contribution margin. GTSI Corp, 12/04 In 36 months, leveraging $7mm of investment capital, took verticals (Digital Media/Life Sciences and Global Government Industries) from $99mm in total sales to $215mm, doubling market share, growing GM from $52+mm to $105+mm. IBM Corp, 12/00-3/03 Secured $100 million 2000 Data Systems Capture Project resulting in $115M million in booked revenue with a Gross Profit index of 18%. EDS Corporation 11/99-12/00 Turned around a difficult customer relationship into a multi-million dollar profitable client, United States Postal Service. Generated $23M in sales over a two and a half year period. ViON Corp/Hitachi Data Systems, (HDS) 11/99 Bootstrapped a companys operating performance from a $100,000 deficit to a $400,000 EBITDA while increasing sales from $3.5 million to $10 million. Zeroid and Company, Inc 12/92-97 Achieved rookie of the year and Distinguished Sales Performance Awards, Ruben H. Donnelly Corp 1987 - 1992


Professional Experience
Equifax Government Services (S&P 500)

(Equifax Inc. is a global leader in information solutions that enables and secures global commerce for consumers and businesses)

Senior Vice President Government Services Chief Client Officer

2009 Present

Hired by the division president to monetize Equifaxs growth strategy for US Public Sector to successfully develop and expand its existing contract base within the Sector. Global Operations include North America and EMEA Managed all Revenue Generating and Client Facing activities (Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Partner Relations, Operations, Product Management, Strategic Planning, Contract Management) to develop a lasting presence in the sector Prepared, presented, validated Equifaxs potential addressable market within the Public Sector, followed by launching a series of Information Solutions that would align in support of a three (3) year strategic plan. Aligned direct, shared, and indirect resources across companies 4 BUs by utilizing an integrated account approach that was made up of 25+ resources that resulted in 13 annual bookings and 16% YOY growth Identified and negotiated key partnerships and alliances both large and small that would accelerate time to revenue utilizing a sell to sell through sales model 2010 Equifax Press Coverage

November 1, 2010 September 14, 2010 August 10, 2010 August 2, 2010 July 8, 2010 June 24, 2010

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FEATURES Flagging Fraud Executive Spotlight: Frank Blaul of Equifax Equifax Going Gov Equifax targets federal market with new strategy Access control Feds search for scalable solution Blaul: waste, fraud, abuse cuts can save real money

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Emtec Inc (OTC) Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing


Recruited as EVP of Sales and Marketing to Emtec (global IT Infrastructure solutions serving Commercial, SLED and US Federal verticals) which was experiencing declining sales ($250 million to $217 million and a $2+million loss in 2007)the business lacked a strategic vision and hadnt effectively integrated $190 million worth of recent acquisitions
In 13 months led initiatives that Took the business from $2+ million in losses to $4+ million in profit, a $6+ million turnaround Strengthened gross margins 200 basis points (from 10% to 12%) Repositioned the firm as a solutions/services business while restoring employee and vendor confidence Integrated $240 million of acquisitions (three previous acquisitions that hadnt been integrated and two 2008 acquisitions) Developed and implemented a sales compensation plan and formal sales management process with KPI that aligned with corporate growth and profitability Forged strategic Executive level relationships with Sun, HP and Dell.

ClearCube Technology, Inc Vice President Global Government Industries

5/1/2006 3/2007

SituationRecruited as VP to ClearCube, a technology vendor experiencing under performance in their major vertical market, global government salesproduct quality was deterioratingsales were tracking at 40% under plan, generating $4.8mm in GM (33%) and a contribution margin of $3.2mm (22%)morale of the 20 FTE team was low and the performance culture was poorsales channel partners were exiting


Restructured Company GSA/Channel programs. Eliminated seven (7)Authorized GSA schedule holder to one (1) Master Schedule holder. Developed/Implemented formal channel orginated opportunity registration process that was designed re-invest $2m back into the indirect channel. Realligned verticals coverage to focus on the Department of Homeland Security, DOD, Civlian Health Care, Armed Forces, C3/4, Intellgence-Survallance Reconnaissance (ISR) and Law Enforcement. Estimated IT spend for FY07 $70B and IT Security Spend of $6B Restructured units sales forecasting and sales planning process that created tighther allingment between field sales and executive management teams. Key Agency/Command wins: NSA, CENTCOM, USJFCOM, DHS, Dept of Energy, US Airforce, Dept of Justice, Bethesda Navy Medical Center (Tri Service Infrastructure Management Program office) and DISA

Dataline, Inc Senior Business Advisor (Consultant) US Federal Sales and Services

3/2005 11/30/2005

SituationRecruited to Dataline an IT/Services company that wanted to spur rapid growth in their $60mm government business but had no strategy or action plan for executing the vision
In 8 months, designed and initiated execution of a plan that positioned the company to increase their profit on government business from $4.8mm in 2005 to $8mm in 2007 while driving government sales from $60mm in 2005 with a four month trailing run rate of $100M in 2007.

GTSI (NASDAQ) 12/2004 3/2005 Promoted to Director/General Manager, Department of Defense and GSA Sales Operations
Situation. GTSI was experiencing marginal profits in many of its Client and Technology brand operating units which operated in a shared matrix model. GTSIs vision was to invest in Dept of Defense Client team (one of the 7) that was planned to generate $260MM (+) mm in sales, operate with 40 plus FTEs, increase it GPM percentage by 30%. The Units GPM margins were eroding, lacked the technical and consultancy professional selling skills, employee moral was low and its base with option year contract base was dwindling. The plan was to provide a financial blend between IT commodities based products and services by leveraging a few key strategic OEM relationships by focusing on moving up market into the enterprise computing space. The result would increase the number of larger more profitable enterprise computing solutions transactions, reducing the number of nonprofitable transactions by 50% in year one (1) and 100% in year two (2). The company had a solid strategy and vision but lacked the leadership to execute the plan.
Upon completing a 45 day bottoms up assessment it was determined the business units current state would require a minimum two year commitment for the unit to re-gain its position. It was determined that the unit had up to 50 percent risk in the units planned Sales, Gross Profit and Manpower resource targets for calendar year 2005. Unit had risk in several major contracts, employees moral was at all time low that would result in up to 50% turnover as the company was attempting to move up market from edge product sales to enterprise computing solutions Presented a problem-resolution plan that would decrease the units 18K total transactions by 50%, the Gross profit per transaction would increase by 25%, in year one (1) and 40% in year two (2) and would reduce the units SG&A by 20% over the proposed peroid.

GTSI (NASDAQ) Director

6/2003 12/2004

SituationRecruited as Director to GTSI a billion dollar IT Solutions Services business accumulating losses in its 9 major unitsGTSIs vision was to take their enterprise storage solutions business (one of the 9) that was generating $70mm in sales and marginal 3+% profits and develop it into an Enterprise Computing Solutions business there was neither a strategy nor action plan to execute the vision
In 15 months took the business from $70mm and 3+% profits to $125mm and 9% profit ($9+mm), becoming the dominant profit contributor among the 9 business units Recruited individual talent and developed a high performance enterprise solutions computing team of 20 that was instrumental in driving top line growth, bringing the gross-margin-to-expense ratio to 7, meeting industry benchmarks that were less than half of GTSIs other businesses Developed strategic partnerships with ADIC ,EMC , Network Appliance, and VERITAS

IBM Corporation (NYSE) Director of Enterprise Server and Storage Solutions Sales, IBM Americas

12/00 4/2003

SituationRecruited as Director to IBM whose strategic vision was to become competitive in and grow Enterprise Storage Solutions verticals that had less than $100mm in total sales and less than 1% market share


In 36 months, leveraging $7mm of investment capital, took verticals (Digital Media/Life Sciences and Global Government Industries) from $99mm in total sales to $215mm, doubling market share, growing GM from $52+mm to $105+mm Developed and executed business plans that took Digital Media/Life Sciences vertical sales from $49mm to $115mm in less than 24 months, doubling gross margin from $29+mm to $57.5mm In 12 months, grew government vertical from $49mm to $100mm generating $48mm of gross margin while doubling our indirect channel business

EDS Corporation Director, Strategic Outsourcing Services U.S. Federal Civilian Agencies
SituationRecruited to EDS to accelerate rapid expansion of federal civilian business

11/1999- 11/2000

As EDS Director, Strategic Outsourcing Services, in 12 months (1999-2000), won and booked delivery of $115mm in revenue (14% of total government business) at a GP of $21.8mm (19%), representing 26% of the GP generated from total government business Positioned EDS with a $775mm pipeline worth a prospective $80mm in booked revenue by 2002 at a GP of $15mm (18%)

Prior experience: Senior Client Development Executive: ViON Corporation 1997-1999 President/GM: Zeroid & Company, INC 1992 - 1997 Sr. Account Executive: Ruben H. Donnelley Corp (Dun & Bradstreet Subsidiary) 1987 - 1992

Frostburg State University, MD, Major in Business Management, Minor Computer Science

Professional Development
Leadership Management Training, Ruben H. Donnelley (Certificate) Profits from Financial Management, Wharton Executive Education Huthwaite (SPIN) and Miller Heiman Sales Performance Methodology Process Executive Level Selling, Global Sales Institute, EDS Corporation (Certificate) High Performance Leadership through People, IBM Corporation (Certificate) Effective Executive Speaking, American Management Association (Certificate) Operating Systems Conversance: S/390, UNIX, MS SQL Server

Armed Forces Electronics Association (AFCEA), Bethesda Chapter Industry Advisory Council (IAC) Tech America

References Available upon Request