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Igate questions

1. What is LC Letter of Credit 2. How to cancel PGI Tcode 3. What org structure did you prepare 4. What postings will be done after invoice, PGI 5. Difference between formula based and condition based 6. How to cancel a billing document 7. What are alt calc type adn alt cond base value 8. how pricing procedure is determined 9. What was your role in project 10. What are credit memos and debit memos 11. Is acctg document generated after PGI. 12.What is the difference between Stock transfer and intercompany sales

13. Where is the setting for immediate utilization? 14. In Pricing Procedure Pr00 condition appears 3 times in the item conditions tab. Explain why? (condition type has graduated scales D in cond type controls) 15. Explain intercompany sales. how does system find out an intercompany sales. 16. Explain the depo process in CIN. 17. Explain about yourself. 18. How is rebate activated. 19. What are the SD relevant material master views for CIN? (Foreign trade data) 20. What is the significance of series group? 21. In billing how account is determined.? 22. In consignment in wihch process excise duty is levied? (consignment fillup) 23. What are the different sub-tabs in Customer master sales view.? 24. What is the difference between Rush order and standard order? (Immediate delivery tick in rush order) 25. Explain where material determination is used in your project.? 26. how do you know whether a customer is relevant for rebates or not. 27. How shipping point is determined.

27. What is the use of shipping conditions. 28. Can we see rebates in order level? (No) 29. Explain the condition technique used in pricing. 30. How do you determine pricing procedure. 31. What is requirement 2 in pricing procedure. 32. Explain Alt calculation type and Alt cond base value. 33. What is the difference between ERB and ERU. 34. What is the significance of accruals. 35. How do you know whether a customer has reached his sales volume in rebates.? 36. What is the difference between Forward scheduling and Backward scheduling.? HR questions. Whom do you report to. Any situation where you had conflict with your teammate What were your responsibilities in the recent project 37. PGI updations 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Stock is going to be updated in inventory [MMBE] Document is going to be generated [MB03] Financial document is going to be generated [FB03] Cost of goods sold is going to be updated Billing due list is going to be updated [VF04] It updates in requirement list [MD04]

38. Billing updaions. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. System updates document flow System generates accounting document RV for billing document. (Customer account DR to sales revenue account CR) Billing due list is going to be updated.. Customer credit limits are going to be updated. Customer open item balance is going to be increase [FBL5N] Special purpose ledger account profitability analysis, cost centre.

39. Common distribution channel and common divisions As a prerequisite sale area has to be specified when customer master is going to be created, so that customer master is applicable for particular sales area only, but the customer master is allowed to make business transaction in all other sales areas it has to be extended by the user manually, but that may be a time consumtion process so that sap has delivered feature called as common distribution channel and common division , by which reference sales area is going to be found and master data is going to be found with reference to that reference sales area then system automatically extend that master data to all other sales areas. 40. Assign sales area to sales document type[ Reference sales area]or [combine sales area] As a rule itself document is to be processed under one sales area that document should have been assign to that particular sales area, then only system allows the user to processed the document under that sales area. But when there are no.of sales orders and no.of sales areas ate existed it may be a time consumtion process to assign all sales document to all sales areas. So as to avoid this kind of situation sap has delivered featured called reference sales area which can form combine sales area.

41. What are the prerequisite to configure rebates in sap system? 1. 2. 3. Check rebate process should be activated at definition of sales organization Check rebate should be activated at definition of sales organization Check relevant for rebates at definition of billing document type [F2]


42. How system determine shipping point for line item in the sales order? System determines shipping point for a line time in the sales order for taking 3 factors in to consideration 1. 2. 3. Shipping conditions from customer master ship to party.(shipping SA data sec) Loading group from material master Delivering plant

43. How system determine item category? 1. 2. 3. 4. Sales document type Item category group of material Usage Higher level item category

44. How system determine plant for line item in the sales area? System follows search criteria to determining plant for a line item in the sales order 1. 2. 3. System checks first customer material info record if plant has been maintain then system takes from customer material info record or else it will go to(vd51) Customer master ship to party or else it will go to Material master or else plant should be maintain manually during sales order processing.

45. How system determines tax?

1. 2. 3.

Tax classification number of customer master. Tax classification number of material master. Country zone.

46. .What

is difference between discounts and rebates? Discounts given to the customer for purchasing of discountable material or if the customers have any discount agreement with the business, or it may be a simple business promotion activity done by the business. , but Rebate is special kind of trade allowance which is given on 2 basis factor-(1) sales volume (2) financial time period. 47. What are the conditions types to grant the rebates? 1. BO01-Group rebate 2. BO02-Materail rebate 3. BO01-Customer rebate 4. BO04-Hirarchy rebate 48. How system determines storage location in one sales document? A-As per standard system storage location determination rule is MALA-shipping point + plant +storage condition RETA-plant + situation +storage condition MARE-mala than reta (back up procedure) And also user exit

Imp-MARE is the sap standard, but we can say mala as verbally as the answer of the question 49. What is back order? A-if a sales order is going to save with order quantity ZERO; it is called as back order, which can confirm by rescheduling process.

50. Can we change the pricing in billing yes, we can but before the accounting document generation. Imp-: only output can change after accounting document generation 51. Can we delete the billing doc and how? No, we can only cancel the billing document(vf11). 52. Can we delete a delivery document? Yes we can delete,( but invoice should not generate along with this.) 53. What I have to assign in pricing procedure for credit mgmt and what is output type credit management? Subtotal A( KOMP-CMPRE) Output type KRML 54. What is the full form of ECC? Enterprise Central Component 55.