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Directions: You will hear questions in English. The questions will not be repeated. After you hear each question, read four possible answers in your test sheet and choose the best answer. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the question and fill in the space that corresponds to the letter of the answer you have chosen. Now begin work on the questions! Questions 1 5 1.So, what does your father do for a living? (A)He lives in Yogyakarta (B)His name is Muhammad (C)He is a teacher (D)He loves UIN SUKA very much Kunci Jawabannya = A 2.How many.are in your family? (A)There are five people in my family (B)My father has two brothers (C)My sister is not married (D)We are a harmonious family Kunci Jawabannya = C 3.How.. is your..? (A)Since 1978 (B)She turned 10 in May (C)They are seventeen (D)She is a university student Kunci Jawabannya = B

4.Where ..? (A)They are both lawyers (B)They live in Yogyakarta (C)They are from Kalimantan (D)They love Arabic very much Kunci Jawabannya = D 5.How many ..? (A)I am single (B)I live with my brothers (C)I have two sisters (D)I study in Tarbiyah Department Kunci Jawabannya = D PART B Directions: You will hear a narration in English. The narration will not be repeated. After you hear the narration, read the questions and four possible answers in your book and choose the best answer. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the question and fill in the space that corresponds to the letter of the answer you have chosen. Now begin work on the questions! Questions 6 10 6. Being on time is (A)import (B)importing (C)important (D)imported Kunci Jawabannya = A 7. You should .. 5 to 10 minutes early for meetings and appointments. (A)attend (B)alive

(C) arise (D) arrive Kunci Jawabannya = D 8. Arrive 5 to 10 minutes early for job .. (A)interviews (B)interlined (C)reviews (D)internets Kunci Jawabannya = b 9. What you respect when you arc on time? (A)books of others (B)others (C)houses of others (D)the time of others Kunci Jawabannya = B 10. What will probably happen if you are late for an interview? (A)it may be cancelled (B)everybody will be happy (C)you will be satisfied (D)it may be rewarded Kunci Jawabannya = E B.STRUCTURE Time: 25 minutes (including the reading of the directions). Now set your clock for 25 minutes. Direction : Choose one best answer among the five options. 11. Assalamualaikum Faza, hows everything? A.Everything is mine B.Waalaikumussalam, I am Digit C.Waalaikumussalam, I am here D.Waalaikumussalam, let us go E.Waalaikumussalam, not bad. How are you? Kunci Jawabannya = E

12. Tsaqif! Please tell me about UIN Sunan Kalijaga! A.My Brother studies at UIN Sunan Kalijaga B.I love UIN Sunan Kalijaga very much C.The Rector of UIN (Prof. Dr. H. Amin Abdullah, M.A.) comes from East Java D.Let us go to UIN now E.UTN Sunan Kalijaga has seven faculties; it is located in Jl. Marsda Adisucipto. Kunci Jawabannya = E 13. Tata : Masum, who are the two girls over there? Isa : Oh, names are Septiani and Zahro A.her B.your C.hers D.their E.theirs Kunci Jawabannya = D 14. Minan : Hi, Emma, This is Nadia. . from South Kalimantan A.She were B.She has C.She are D.She is E.She. Kunci Jawabannya = D 15. Dawud : Where .you study, Mita? Mita : I study at Department of Psychology of Faculty of Social and Humanity A.did B.are C.does D.have

Kunci Jawabannya = E 16. Fithrah : Wulan, who is the man standing there? Wulan : Oh,name is Munif A.their B.his C.he D.her E.your Kunci Jawabannya = B 17. Andi : Ubaidah, what do? Ubaidah : I am a lecturer A.are B.did D.your E.he Kunci Jawabannya = C 18. Fahrul : Nabil, what did you do last weekend ? Nabil : Oh, I do anything special. A.were not B.dont C.wasnt not E.didnt Kunci Jawabannya = E 19. Khodijah : Diana, did you go somewhere yesterday ? Diana : Yes, I went shopping and I . some clothes. B.buying C.buys buying. E.bought

Kunci Jawabannya = E 20. Arifin : Mani : I went to Surabaya by bus. A.How did you go to Surabaya ? B.Why did you go to Surabaya ? C.How do you go to Surabaya ? D.What did you do in Surabaya ? E.When, did you go? Kunci Jawabannya = A 21. Ria Ari, where .. you born ? Ari I was born in Palembang. A.are B.was D.were Kunci Jawabannya = D 22. Ayu : Nita, how.your last holiday ? Angga : It was terrific. I and my family had a picnic. B.were C.was D.did Kunci Jawabannya = C 23. Allah.Prophet Muhammad to spread Islam. A.sending send C.Send D.was vent E.sell Kunci Jawabannya = E

24. Febri : I am a guide. I take people on tours around Indonesia. Valent : That sounds . A.interested B.interests C.interest D.of interest E.interesting Kunci Jawabannya = E 25. Yes, it is a great and challenging job. I. A.hate it B.curse it C.leave it D.hide it it Kunci Jawabannya = E 26.I am. and I have a part-time job, too. A.students B.a student C.a students D.the students E.a study Kunci Jawabannya = B 27. Shoff : How do you spend your day, Najib? Najib : Well, on weekdays I get up around ten.the paper for an hour A.Then I read B.But I read C.Although I read D.Otherwise I read E.Otherwise I read Kunci Jawabannya = A

28. Nabawi : Tesda : I start work at three. A.Where do you work? B.What time do you finish your work? C.How do you go to work? D.Why do you go to work? E.What time do you go to work? Kunci Jawabannya = E 29. Beni : Do women usually work after Anisah : No, a lot of women stay home and take care of their families. But some work. A.get they married? B.married they get? C.get they married? D.married get they? E.they get married? Kunci Jawabannya = A 30. gets married before the age of 20. A.Mary women B.A lot of men C.Most of Indonesians D.No one E.Some Europeans Kunci Jawabannya = D 31. Susi and Sara the concert next week. A.will see B.saw C.have seen D.see E.will sees Kunci Jawabannya = A

32. The Quran is the literal word of God, which He .. His Prophet Muhammad through the Angel Gabriel. A.reveals to B.reveals to C.revealed to D.revealing to E.will reveal to Kunci Jawabannya = C 33. I am going to the meeting and .. does Dave goes Dave is Dave D.Dave is so E.too is David Kunci Jawabannya = C 34. .. that there is no God but Allah SWT, they surrender to Him Alone. A.Muslims was believing B.Muslims believing C.Muslims believe D.Muslims belief E.Muslims are believe Kunci Jawabannya = C 35. My mother is the woman whom I love very much in my life,. A.I have a dream B.We love English C.He is great D.They are happy E.She is my superhero Kunci Jawabannya = E

36. The not so big, but tidy, beautiful, and clean. A.that I from B.from which I am C.whose I am from D.from where I am E.where I am from Kunci Jawabannya = E 37. Pusat Bahasa UIN (UINs Center for Language) has three thousand students each semester. A.It is a wonderful day B.I am a student of UIN C.UIN applies Quality Assurance D.Its a big number E.E. Its nice to be a student Kunci Jawabannya = D 38. The religion.that there is no god but Allah SWT is Islam. A.teaches B.teaching teaching D.who teaches E.whom teaches Kunci Jawabannya = A 39. Muslims, the people who follow the religion of Islam, pray in a Holy place ..the Masjid. A. calls B. is calling C. calling D. call E. called Kunci Jawabannya = E

40. UIN Sunan Kalijaga for the past flew years. There tire new buildings now. Sonic general disciplines are also available in the university. A.Changes B.Has changed C.Is changing D.Was changed E.Changed Kunci Jawabannya = B READING COMPREHENSION Time: 25 minutes (including the reading of the directions). Now set your clock for 25 minutes. Direction: In this section you will read several passages. Each one is followed by several questions about it, you are to choose the one best answer, (A), (B), (C), (D) or (E), to each question. Then on your answer sheet, find the number of the question and fill in the space that corresponds to the letter of the answer you have chosen. Questions 41-50. The word Islam comes from the Arabic word that means surrender. Therefore the religion Islam means submission to Allah. The way to submit to Allah is through worshipping Him, obeying Him, following the rules in the Quran, and trying to follow the life of the prophet Muhammad. People who follow this religion are called Muslims. They believe in only one God, That God is called Allah, which is the Arabic phrase for the (only) God. Muslims read a holy book called the Quran. Muslims also look at the Sunnah and Hadith as important guides to understand. Muhammad was the last messenger of God who spread Islam in ancient Arabia in the 7th century. Like two other religions today, Judaism and Christianity Islam is thought to be an Abrahamic religion, because the three religions are believed to

have been started by Abraham. In all three religions, Abraham is one of Gods earliest messengers. Islam is now the second largest religion in the world with about one and a half billion followers. 41. The word Islam which means surrender derives from A. Sanskrit word B. Persian word C. French word D. Greek word E. Arabic word Kunci Jawabannya = E 42. What is the authors main point in the first paragraph? A.The meaning of Holy Quran B.The meaning of Islam C.The religion embraced by Arabians. D.The Arabic Word E.Prophet Muhammad Kunci Jawabannya = B 43. Which of the following is NOT mentioned as the way to submit to Allah? A.By following the life of the prophet Muhammad. B.By obeying Him C.By worshipping Him D.By following the rules in the Quran E.By doing harm to others. Kunci Jawabannya = E 44. The word rules in line 3 is closest in meaning to A.Commands B.Confessions C.C. revelations D.D. understandings E.Memories Kunci Jawabannya = A

45. The phrase this religion in line 4 refers to.. A.Holy Quran B.Islam C.Allah SWT The only God. D.D. All are wrong E.Submission to Allah SWT. Kunci Jawabannya = B 46. What can be inferred about Allah SWT described in the second paragraph? A.He is the Most Compassionate and the Most Merciful B.He is All-Seeing and All-Hearing C.There is no God but Allah SWT. D.Allah S WT is the Creator of universe. E.All sent Muhammad to all humankinds. Kunci Jawabannya = C 47. According to the passage, besides Holy Quran sent by Allah to Prophet Muhammad, Sunnah and Hadith are A.The guides for the Ancient Arabians B.The sources of Islam C.The heritage of Prophet Muhammad D.The sayings of earliest apostles E.The miracles from prophet Muhammad Kunci Jawabannya = B 48. Where in the passage does the author mention the faith of Muslims? A.Lines 1-2 B.Lines 4 -5 C.Lines 5-6 D.Lines 9-10 E.Line 3 Kunci Jawabannya = B

49. According to the passage, the followers of Islam now are. A.less than I billion people billion people C.more than one billion people D.a half billion people E.small numbers of people Kunci Jawabannya = C 50. Which of the following would be most probably discussed in the following passage? A.The followers of Islam B.The Abrahamic Religion C.The Sunnah and Hadits D.The ancient Arabia E.The recognized religions Kunci Jawabannya = A Questions 51-55 One day Nasruddin Hoja borrowed a pot from his neighbor Ali. The next day he brought it back with another little pot inside. Thats not mine, said Ali. Yes, it is, said Nasruddin Hoja. While your pot was staying with me, it had a baby. Some time later Nasruddin Hoja asked Ali to lend him a pot again. Ali agreed, hoping that he would once again receive two pots in return. However, days passed and Nasruddin Hoja had still not returned the pot. Finally Ali lost patience and went to demand his property. I am sorry, said Nasruddin Hoja. I cant give you back your pot, since it has died. Died! screamed Ali, how can a pot die? Well, said Nasruddin Hoja, you believed me when I told you that your pot had had a baby. 51. Who was the owner of the pot? A.Nasruddin Hoja body owns it. C.the baby

D.Alis neighbor E.Ali Kunci Jawabannya = E 52. How many times did Nasruddin Hoja borrow the pot? A.once B.four times C.three times D.never E.twice Kunci Jawabannya = E 53. How many pots did he give back the first time? A.none C.two D.three E.four Kunci Jawabannya = C 54. Why was the neighbor happy to lend his pot a second time? A.He wanted to sell it. B.He was a good neighbor. C.He had lots of spare pots. D.He needed money E.He was greedy. Kunci Jawabannya = E 55. How many pots did Nasruddin Hoja return the second time? A.None B.three C.two D.four Kunci Jawabannya = A

56. What probably happened to the pot? A.It died. B.The neighbor took it back. C.Nasruddin Hoja kept it. D.The neighbor broke it. E.Nas,-uddin sold it Kunci Jawabannya = C Questions 57-60. Motivation is a desire to achieve a goal, combined with the energy to work towards that goal. Students who are motivated have a desire to undertake their study and complete the requirements of their course. A motive is an impulse that causes a person to act. Motivation is an internal process that makes a person move toward a goal. Motivation, like intelligence, cant be directly observed. Instead, motivation can only be inferred by noting a persons behavior. Being a motivated student doesnt mean you are always excited or fully committed to your study, but it does mean you will complete the tasks set for you even when assignments or practicals are difficult, or seem uninteresting. 57. Motivation is understood as energy B.a goal C.a persons behavior D.personal intention E.a desire to achieve a goal Kunci Jawabannya = E 58. The first paragraph discusses which of Me following? A.The meaning of motivation B.The factors of motivation. C.a persons behavior

D.Students motivation E.The requirements of the course. Kunci Jawabannya = A 59. The best title of the passage is A.Achieving a goal B.Motivation C.An impulse D.Intelligence E.The Desire Kunci Jawabannya = B 60. The word it (It does not mean you will complete the tasks) in line 8 refers to A.the students B.the tasks C.difficult assignments D.uninteresting tasks E.being a motivated student Kunci Jawabannya = E