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00 Legal Environment of Business

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Part B: Answer each of the following questions in 2 to 4 sentences

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1. Tiny town passes a law making it a crime to criticize the mayor. Tom objects that the law violates his right to freedom of speech under the U.S. Constitution. Tom sues Tiny town. Will the court rule that. Tom can't criticize the mayor? Why or why not?

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2. Elbert is transporting a dangerous explosive from the lab where he works to his home so he can continue his work after hours. Elbert is struck by a bus when the bus runs a red light. The bus company files suit against Elbert because of the accident. If Elbert has any liability, what tort might Elbert be liable for, and on what basis? 3. Edward waited in the bushes outside of John's house. When John arrived home, Edward jumped out of the bushes waving a stick at John. John screamed for help, but Edward struck John in the leg with the stick anyway. What torts has Edward committed against John? How are the elements of those torts met in this instance? 4. Vicky is acting as Kevin's agent in negotiating an important business deal with Carl. Carl knows that Vicky is acting on Kevin's behalf and as his agent. Vicky agreed only to the terms Kevin gave her the authority to agree to, and Carl agreed to the terms. Later, Carl became upset that the contract wasn't being properly upheld. Whom may Carl hold responsible for any breach in the contract? Why? s e 5. Larry makes lewd comments about Nicole, his employee, that reasonably annoy and disturb Nicole. Nicole complains to Larry and threatens to sue for sexual harassment. Larry tells h r she doesn't have a case because Larry hasn't ask d her for sexual favors or touched her inappropriately. Doe Nicol hav case? Why or why not? c u r i h i m a g i v i n g

ty interest in her car. Ted properly perfected the security interest. Two weeks later, Lana borrowed money from Jonathan, giving Jonathan a security interest in the same car. Jonathan properly perfected the security interest. Lana defaults. Explain which creditor will receive the car. Why?

7. Terry wants the least expensive life insurance policy that he can purchase. What type of insurance (straight life, term, or endowment) would you recommend? Why? What are the disadvantages to the type of insurance that would be least expensive?


8. Larry steals Edward's gold cufflinks and sells them to Thomas for $100. Larry visits Thomas and recognizes the cufflinks. Larry claims them, telling Thomas they were stolen. Thomas also claims them, saying he had no knowledge of the theft and is an innocent purchaser. Who owns the cufflinks? Why?