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How to Prepare Compulsory Papers
General English:Candidates will be required to write an essay in English. Other questions will be designed to test their understanding of English and workmanlike use of words. Passages will usually be set for summary or precis. The standard of papers in General English is such as may be expected of a Science or Engineering graduate of an Indian University. General Knowledge General Knowledge including knowledge of current events and of such matters of every day observation and experience in their scientific aspects as may be expected of an educated person who has not made a special study of any scientific subject. The paper will also include questions on Indian Polity including the political system and the Constitution of India, History of India and Geography of a nature which the candidate should be able to answer without special study. The standard of papers in General Knowledge will be such as may be expected of a Science or Engineering graduate of an Indian University. Suggested Readings The following topics must be covered for General Studies: Current Affiars National and International Indian Polity Indian Economy Geography of India Science and Technology History of India and Freedom Movement Study of thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and Rabindranath Tagore Statistics and General Mathematics Ability It is essential to read one national newspaper, magazines like Frontline, Mainstream, EPW and any monthly competitive magazine to get mastery over General Studies. At the time of studying the round up of national and international affairs, efforts should not be merely taking up the information but also to understand the issues involved. Go into the background of events. For History: NCERT books of class XI and XII, Wonder that was India by AL Basham, History of India Vol- 1 and 2, Freedom Struggle by Bipan Chandra For Geography: Class XII books of Geography (NCERT), a good Atlas. Indian Polity: Introduction to the Indian Constitution by DD Basu and Our Parliament by Subhash Kashyap Indian Economy: NCERT and other books on Evolution of the Indian Economy and Indian Economy by Dutta Sunderam

General Science: NCERT books on science, a science magazine or newspaper supplements on science. Current Events: A national newspaper, A Competitive Magazine. General Mental Ability: Do the Quantitative Aptitude published in magazines, past years test papers. A practice in writing is required to attempt the paper timely and perfectly. You should not be only informative but analysis the topic. You must carefully read the questions in order to make out what the examiner is asking. Having done that, it is important to organise your thoughts before writing and the sequence of the answer should be from the most important/potent aspect to less important aspects