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Effective Personal Selling Requires Managerial Skills

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Meaning Of Personal Selling Evolution Importance Elements Classification Process Forms Managerial Skills Required Contributions Bibliography

What is Personal Selling?

Presentation of goods and services before the potential customers and persuading them to buy the products or services. Interpersonal influence process involving a sellers promotional presentation conducted on a person-to-person basis with the buyer.

Evolution Of Personal Selling

Peddlers selling door to door . . . served as intermediaries Selling function became more structured

1800s Industrial Revolution

1900s Post-Industrial War and Revolution Depression

Modern Era


Business organizations employed salespeople

Selling function became more professional

As we begin the 21st century, selling continues to develop, becoming more professional and more relational

Importance of Personal Selling

From sellers point of view

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creates demand for products both new as well as existing ones. creates new customers and, thus helps in expanding the market for the product. leads to product improvement. While selling personally the seller gets acquainted with the choice and demands of customers and makes suggestions accordingly to the manufacturer. provides an opportunity to know about new products informs and educates the consumers about new products.

From customers point of view

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Essential Elements of Personal Selling

Face-to-Face interaction Persuasion Flexibility Promotion of sales Supply of Information Mutual Benefit

Classification of Personal Selling Approaches

Stimulus Response Selling Mental States Selling (AIDA Approach) Need Satisfaction Selling Problem Solving Selling Consultative selling Relationship Selling

Stimulus Response Selling

Also called as Canned Approach, a memorized sales presentation, or a prepared sales presentation. Assumes that if a sales person makes the right stimuli he can get a favorable response from the prospect. This method is used by Telemarketing people , door-to-door salespersons and for training new sales people.

Stimulus Response Selling

Salesperson Provides Stimuli Buyer Responses Sought Continue Process until Purchase Decision

Mental States Selling (AIDA Approach)

Attention Interest Desire Action

Advantage the salesperson has to plan the sales presentation and understand the customers mental stages Disadvantage the customers needs are not understood so the method is less effective.

Need Satisfaction Selling

Uncover and confirm Buyer needs

Present offerings to satisfy buyer needs

Continue selling until purchase decision

Advantage:- The salesperson describes how the feature can help or give advantage to the prospect.

Problem Solving Selling

Define Problem

Generate Alternative Solutions

Evaluate Alternative Solutions

Continue Selling until Purchase Decision

Consultative Selling
Business Consultant

The process of helping customers reach their strategic goals by using the products, service, and expertise of the selling organization.

Strategic Orchestrater

Long-term Ally

Relationship Selling

Building and creating customer loyalty Also Known as Transaction Oriented Selling

Process Of Personal Selling

Prospecting & Qualifying Pre Approach Approach Presenting & Demonstrations Overcoming Objections Closing Follow Up

Prospecting & Qualifying

Hot Prospects Warm Prospects Cool Prospects


Information Gathering Planning the Sales Call

Approach Meet the buyer for the first time Appearance Attitude Opening Line

Presentation & Demonstration

Use latest technology Modify Presentation Dont Overload Prospects Language

Overcoming Objections

Psychological Objections Logical Objections

Closing the Sale Buying Signals Examines the product Ask another persons opinion Ask question about the product Prospect becomes friendly

Follow Up

Check customer order Visit at the time of delivery

Forms of Personal Selling

Delivery Sales Person Order Taker Missionary Selling/Sales Support People Technical Sales Support/Sales Engineer Demand Creator/Order Getter Solution Vendor

Skills Required For Effective Personal Selling

Physical Quality Mental Quality Integrity of character Knowledge of the product and the company Good behavior Ability to persuade

Contributions of Personal Selling: Salespeople and Society

Salespeople help stimulate the economy Salespeople help with the diffusion of innovation

Contributions of Personal Selling: Salespeople and the Employing Firm

Salespeople generate revenue Salespeople provide market research and customer feedback Salespeople become future leaders in the organization

Contributions of Personal Selling: Salespeople and the Customer

Salespeople provide solutions to problems Salespeople provide expertise and serve as information resources Salespeople serve as advocates for the customer when dealing with the selling organization


Books: 1) Sales and distribution management By : Krishna Havaldar Vasant Cavale 2) Sales Management By : Jogran Reference Sites:

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