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'r'i.-.:i.a:':i',' HaoOel city bus series perfectly combines Europeon elegonce with Orientcl is speciolly @ d e s i g n e d w i t h s i m p l e ,b r i g h t o n d e l e g o n t s t r e o m l i n e T h e f r o n t w i n d s h i e l di s s m o o t h o n d v i g o r o u s , h i c h c s s u r e s n o p e n . w o visuolfield. The widened side windows ond electricol defrostingreor-view mirrorenhonce the scfety ond moke it convenient to for possengers enjoy o city'sscene. ThisEuropeon style bus even mokes the city more colorful. rha h';rc n.lnnr mn*rrrs chossisconfigurotion , vorious dynomic choices , ABS, outo-odjusting orm cnd Electromognetic ralnrAar nnr'l r rnilnnr n o i " ' - ' / p o w e r s t e e r i n gs y s t e mm o k e t h e o p e r o t i o n e o s y c n d f l e x i b l e , n d m e c n t i m e e o s e t h e d r i v e r ' sn t e n s i i y . A l l p l o s t i cs e o t s o d o p t h u m o n i s md e s i g n o c c o r d i n g t o i h e h u m o n i z o t i o nc o n c e p t . N o n - i n d e p e n d e n ti o p - m o u n t e d ( i m p o r t woter worming oir worm system, counter-direction roin wiper ,electricol clock, electricol rood compressor)oir-condition, b o o r d i n i h e f r o n t ,b u s - s t o p o u d s p e o k e r l,C m o c h i n e , c o i n b o x , c o l o r d i s p l o yo n d o t h e r d e v i c e s . l
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parameter chassis of a Maintechnical parameter I Main performance Max. speed Max. gradeability Min. turningdiameter(passage round) speed:30km/h) distance(initial Max. stopping parameter chassis(mm) of a Dimension Overalllength Wheel base Frontoverhang Rearoverhang Front wheel irack Reaf wheeltrack Width of body Min. distanceoff the land Approachangle Departure angle <) Mass parameter chassis(kg) of Completebus mass Completefront axle mass Complete rear axle mass e ei'ietlntfoOrrction ot assmbly system I Engine Model Type Rated power(kw/rpm) Max.torque(Nmlrpm) Exhauststandard Seat type Generator I Transmission Model Type i) Froni axle Type carryingcapacity Max. permissible a Driving axle Model Speed ratio load Max. permissible t Wheel felloe and tyre Wheelfelloe Tyre Max. load Tyre number I Suspension Model (} Steering system Type Model (horizontaltype) wheel Numberof turns of steering <| Axis of rotation Model I Braking system Service brake Front axle Rearaxle Parkingbrake Workingpressurein brakingsystem Brakingpipeline I Truck irame Model a Rebrder a Oil box, water oil separator . ABS, ASR 90kmih >200k <25m 19m 11200 5800 2120 3280 2101 1836 2390 160 >6" \ Rating 18000 Rating6500 R a t i n q1 1 5 0 0

YC6G270-30 ln-linesix cylinder4-stroke turbochargedinter-cooling 199t2200 980/1 200 turoil l R e a rm o u n t e d n g i n e e 28Vl150A s6-90 Driven-by-wire mechanical transmission Dongfengdoor-type front axle(disk type) 7000K9 Dongfeng door-type drivingaxle(disk type) 6.15 13000K9 2 2 . 5 < 8 . 2 5 ( JN i n g) i 275170R22.5(Michelin) 3sO0Kg 7 Air suspension with six airproof chamber air Germany2F8098 Recirculating ball{ype powersteering About 5 circles, heightand angleof steeringwheelare adjustable gimbal Opentype, singlecross-axle pneumatic Dual-circuit brakingin accordance with EC and ECE standard.The overallbus adoptsdisk braking Two diaphragm type cylinders Two spring type power-storagecylinder Power-storage springtype,act on middle-rear axle 1 Army green passivating treatment, seamlesspipe weldedconstruction frame Rectangular crosssection, SOLCHEM with heatingfacility 350L oil box , wateroil separator WABCO
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