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Charles Dickens has written Great Expectations as a Bildungsroman genre, which reflects the inner growth of a protagonist from his childhood to middle age. The protagonist, Philip Pirrip (nicknamed as Pip) , grows with the hopes of getting rich and getting the girl he fell in love,Estella. The study in hand intends to illimunate Pirrips disappointments as he grows up on the line of Bildungsroman genre.

Charles Dickens Byk Umutlar bakahramann ocukluundan orta yalarna kadar i dnyasn yanstan Bildungsroman trnde yazmtr.Bakahraman Philip Pirripin ( takma ad Pip) zengin olma ve ak olduu kz , Estellay , alma hayalleriyle bymtr.Bu alma Pirripin bydke yaad hayal krkln Bildungsroman snrlarnda gstermeyi amalar. Key words : Great Expectations , hope , disappointment , bildungsroman .

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INTRODUCTION Aim of this study is to examine a human beings life from the eyes of Philip Pirrip , protagonist of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens , following the lines of a bildungsroman.Pirrip learns class distinction , being a common person , worth of money , love as he grows up.According to these subject of matters his growing hopes and his disappointments will be studied. Hopes of Pirrip , from the veery early of his childhood , are alike as many peoples hopes.He is dreaming of becoming a gentleman , getting rid of the class distinction he exposed , marrying with the girl he fell in love.However , things are not going to happen as he wished.He will face the truths of life.He will learn that his supporter is not the one he was guessing , his gentleman position in the future was supplied by a man who got help from Pirrip before.His experiences about life will help him to become mature. The real reason behind human disappointment stems from misunderstandings.In order to understand Pirrips spoiled life , we need to know his childhood expectations , however , his disappointments.Thats why a bildungsroman line will be followed .Besides , we will take an inner look at Pirrips world.Important quotations will be used to enrich the text and understand better the inner world of chracter. On the surface the aim of Charles Dickens is to give the message of love among people , fidelity has a crucial place in human character rather than class distinciton and being a gentleman and richness.On his travel on way of life Pirrip is going to learn every hope is a new way to learn life and every disappointment is a teacher for him.Although , Great

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Expectations will turn into great disappointments events that will occur will help to make a better and stronger people.

About the Author

Charles Dickens was born in Portsmouth, England, on February 7, 1812, to John and Elizabeth Dickens. He was the second of eight children. His mother had been in service to Lord Crew, and his father worked as a clerk for the Naval Pay office. John Dickens was imprisoned for debt when Charles was young. Charles Dickens went to work at a blacking warehouse, managed by a relative of his mother, when he was twelve, and his brush with hard times and poverty affected him deeply. He later recounted these experiences in the semiautobiographical novel David Copperfield. Similarly, the concern for social justice and reform which surfaced later in his writings grew out of the harsh conditions he experienced in the warehouse. As a young boy, Charles Dickens was exposed to many artistic and literary works that allowed his imagination to grow and develop considerably. He was greatly influenced by the stories his nursemaid used to tell him and by his many visits to the theater. Additionally, Dickens loved to read. Among his favorite works were Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes, Tom Jones by Henry Fielding, and Arabian Nights, all of which were picaresque novels composed of a series of loosely linked adventures. This format no doubt played a part in Dickens' idea to serialize his future works. Dickens was able to leave the blacking factory after his father's release from prison, and he continued his education at the Wellington House Academy. Although he had little formal schooling, Dickens was able to teach himself shorthand and launch a career as a

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journalist. At the age of sixteen, Dickens got himself a job as a court reporter, and shortly thereafter he joined the staff of A Mirror of Parliament, a newspaper that reported on the decisions of Parliament. During this time Charles continued to read voraciously at the British Library, and he experimented with acting and stage-managing amateur theatricals. His experience acting would affect his work throughout his life--he was known to act out characters he was writing in the mirror and then describe himself as the character in prose in his novels.

His travels abroad in the 1840s, first to America and then through Europe, marked the beginning of a new stage in Dickens' life. His writings became longer and more serious. In David Copperfield (1849-50), readers find the same flawed world that Dickens discovered as a young boy. Dickens published some of his best-known novels including A Tale of Two Cities and Great Expectations in his own weekly periodicals. Dickens' health began to deteriorate in the 1860s. In 1858, in response to his increasing fame, he had begun public readings of his works. These exacted a great physical toll on him. An immensely profitable but physically shattering series of readings in America in 1867-68 sped his decline, and he collapsed during a "farewell" series in England.1

Great Expectations is a bildungsroman by Charles Dickens .Bildungsroman, a German word that refers to a class of novel in German literature that follows the life of a main character. This theme was popularized by German writers Wolfram von Eschenbach and Hans Grimmelshausen, who wrote literary works based on a folktale about a foolish person who goes out into the world to find adventure and suffers mistakes and disappointments before

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gaining sense and understanding. The first novel based on this theme was written by J.W. von Goethe in the late 1700s. In a bildungsroman, the action usually ends positively, after one of the characters learns valuable lessons the hard way..It was first published in serial form in the publication All the Year Round[1] from 1 December 1860 to August 1861. It has been adapted for stage and screen over 250 times. Great Expectations is about love, family, hope , disappointment and rejection as Pip and Miss Havisham have both been rejected in certain ways. Pip is the main character, a boy around 13 years old, easy to fright, and goes through his life suffering lots of sadness. His dreams are almost same as everyday people such as love , money.Social conditions and family help Pirrip to feed these hopes and grow out quickly especially in the terms of economical freedom hope. Pip as an Idealist

From the very childhood Pirrip is a character who is running after his aims and dreams.He is in search of a better Pirrip than before.What goes around comes around is his motto.Thus , he does whatever necessary to improve his condition according to social expectations. He puts the pedal to the medal right after his first visit to Satis house . "She wants this boy to go and play there. And of course he's going. And he had better play there," said my sister, shaking her head at me as an encouragement to be extremely light and sportive, "or I'll work him." I had heard of Miss Havisham up town - everybody for miles round, had heard of Miss Havisham up town - as an immensely rich and grim lady who lived in a large and dismal house barricaded against robbers, and who led a life of seclusion.( Great Expectations , Chapter 7, p.89)

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His one of the first dreams is to gain power under the authority of Miss Havisham .He is polite to her and answering every question asked to him. He felt himself morally weak : in a solitary and unprotected way, I in great part refer the fact that I was morally timid and very sensitive.( p.89)He looked for ways to strenght his morality.He rescued Miss Havisham from burning which indicates ,though she was cruel to him , his morality is very much different than before. His illeteracy was a set before him on the way of becoming a gentleman , he got help from Biddy and learnt how to write.Much of my unassisted self, and more by the help of Biddy than of Mr. Wopsles great-aunt, I struggled through the alphabet as if it had been a bramble-bush; getting considerably worried and scratched by every letter.( p. 76 ) Now, boy! What was she a-doing of, when you went in today? asked Mr. Pumblechook.She was sitting, I answered, in a black velvet coach. Mr. Pumblechook and Mrs. Joe stared at one another - as they well might - and both repeated, In a black velvet coach? Yes, said I. And Miss Estella - thats her niece, I think - handed her in cake and wine at the coach-window, on a gold plate. And we all had cake and wine on gold plates. And I got up behind the coach to eat mine, because she told me to. (p.117) Pips first visit to Satis House is narrated by his own . His persona reflects an unreal experience.He depicts a scene he has dreamed of or to a scene he was expecting .The storm in Pips mind pushes him to dream , his subconcious comes out in his those words.His idealist side becomes more clear. Idealistic view of Pip to the life made him a person who is running after his desires.Since nobody is perfect he will in one way or another be cought up the traps of life , that is to say , disappointments will occur.

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Industrial Revolution and Expectations

The time the novel was written (1860) is around same time Industrial Revolutions effect was pervading England.Invention of machines gave rise to factories.As a result ,there was a flow from rural areas to cities in order to gain money by working in factories. The expectations of moving people were amost the same ; a better life . However , crowded cities created many problems for people and for cities .Many people died because of filth and diseases created by crowded people. Also , employers wanted to use this crowd and exploited them for litte payments.It was not only workers who exploited but also child labour was common . Dickens drew our attention towards this problems via his work. whether I shall work at the forge with Joe, or whether I shall try for any different occupation down in this country, or whether we shall go away to a distant place where an opportunity awaits me (Great Expectations , Dickens , Chapter 57 , p.843 ).Pirrip has to work either with Joe at blacksmith or to move to cities to work at anothers place , his expectation was to be raised by Miss Havisham but he was disappointed when he learns that she was not going to support her.Industrial Revolution pushed people of era into such a mood that the only way for them was to move to cities to have a better life , the losers were the ones who were disappointed.
Further, that it is the desire of the present possessor of that property, that he be

immediately removed from his present sphere of life and from this place, and be brought up as a gentleman - in a word, as a young fellow of great expectations. (Great Expectations , Dickens , Chapter 18 , p.245).His move from rural area will collide his expectations. Herbert and I went on from bad to worse, in the way of increasing our debts, looking into our affairs, leaving Margins, and the like exemplary transactions; and Time went on, whether or no, as he has a way of doing; and I came of age - in fulfilment of Herberts prediction, that I

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should do so before I knew where I was. (Great Expectations , Dickens , Chapter 36 , p.508).The luxury he found very sweet in city made him spent all his money for rubbish , he became a gentleman now who is penniless.That is the catastrophe which occured in many peoples life as a result of move to cities.Pirrip humiliated by Estella since he is a working class With this boy? Why, he is a common labouring-boy! (Great Expectations , Dickens , Chapter 8 , p.104).These words pushes Pirrip to be a succesfull place in life.

Plot Summary of the Novel

Charles Dickens portrays us Pirrip as an orphan child.He lives with his sister and her husband in a far place from Kent.One evening while looking at his parents tombs in cemetry , a prisoner who run off from prison asks him for some food and a file to cut off chains on his leg.When the prisoner cought with the file he does not sell Pirrip out and takes the blame of stealing file on himself.Pirrip is taken to Havishams estate to play with Estella with whom he will fall in love.Here one of his dreams becomes apparent , it is to become a gentleman and be worthy of her .This leads him one another hope , it is that Miss Havisham plans to make him a gentleman and marry him to Estella.Pirrips first disappointment will hit on him soon.Miss Havisham makes him a common worker and his one of hope has already collopsed.

Pirrip stars to work with Joe , brother- in-law , as a blaksmith in the village.Biddy helps to Pirrip on education as much as she can do.Orlick , works at the same blacksmith , sees them .One night Pirrips sister is attacked and she becomes a mute person , he becomes suspicious of Orlick since they had an argument before the event.

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A person called as Jaggers comes to village to tell Pirrip that he has been left a fortune by a secret benefactor and he has to move immediatelty to London.He thinks that his dream has become true and the benefactor must be Miss Havisham . In London Pirrip turns into a gentleman , being a good friend with Herbert Pocket , missing his family but especially Estella.He becomes a twenty-one years old boy and as he begins to draw his money , he started to become a person who is spending a lot and running in debts.In london the convict , Magwitch , reappeers and explains that he is the real benefactor. Now that Magwitch is chased by police and Compeyson , his old crime partner, Pirrip decides to help him run away from London.By the time , Pirrip learns that Miss Havisham and Compeyson was married once and Estella is her doughter . Miss Havisham has been pursuing revenge on man via Estella who teases and plays with boys like a toy.Estella marries an upper-class man called Bentley Drummle.Pirrip pays a visit to Satis House and Miss Havisham asks for forgiveness.Miss Havisham is cought a fire while besides a fireplace and burns and becomes an invalid. Now it is time to help Magwitch for his run away.Before that day Pirrip is called for a secret meeting and it turns out Orlick who tries to kill him and rescued by his friends.They try to take Magwitch out of the country by boat in stealth.However , They are cought by police with the help of Compeyson who is drowned as a result of a fight with Magwitch in the river.Magwitch is sentenced to death and Pirrip loses his fortune.Pirrip can not stand all this events and becomes ill.Joe comes to London to take care of him and with the news that Orlick is jailed as a result of robbery , Miss havisham has passed away leaving most of her fortune to Estellas husband and Biddy has made him learn how to read and write.When recovered Pirrip goes to hometown to make a marriage proposal to Biddy but he finds out that Biddy and Joe have already married.

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In order to ease his troubledmind Pirrip decides to go to abroad with Herbert for trade.Coming back many years later Pirrip comes across with Estella in Satis House learning that her husband , treated her very bad , is dead now.Pirrip realizes that Estella is not as cruel as before , on the contrary she is kind now , hand to hand they leave the Satis House knowing that they are not going to be a couple again. "The feeling of hopefulness sometimes comes from someone helping us. Think back to a time when you had lost hope. Many times we regained our optimism because someone gave us a helping hand." Catherine Pulsifer, from Poem for Hope.This is actually what really happened to the protagonist Pirrip in Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.He is in hope of becoming a gentleman and getting married with the he has fallen in love , Estella.His becoming a gentleman idea has occured in his mind the time when he is invited to Satis House by Miss Havisham . Dickens originally wrote a different ending to Great Expectations, which he later discarded. In the original ending, Estella remarried after the death of her husband Drummle. As in the revised ending, Pip sees her after years have gone and he notices that she seems to have learned from her suffering and become kinder. In this ending there is no suggestion that the two will spend additional time together. Pip is satisfied to know that Estella has a heart and she seems to understand how Pip has suffered over her.

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First chapter begins with the introduction of protagonist of Great Expectations Pip , the novel is told in his eyes , that is he is both narrator and protagonist of the novel.Since Great Expectations is a Bildungsroman it is very natural that we will learn witness the events from his perspective.He will shape the novel and will present both his thoughts , feelings , plans to readers.Dickens introduction us with Pip follows another introduction both with us and Pip.A shabby man in chains scares Pip and this man has some demands from him ; food and a file to cut the chains.This demand will later turn to our protagonist as a fortune in the future.Actually he deserved this fortun , though Pip is scared he didnt run away , he could run back to his house or to the police officers to report this convict.Pip treated the convict very kind by giving his demands to him.This kindness may occur from their loneliness , one is a orphan child and the other is a run-away convict.His childhish innocent both makes him a honorable and disloyal people.He did not have to steal but he did , he did not have to help but he did and he kept his promise.These thoughts in his mind leads him to come into a conclusion.It is that his shortcomings , his economical weakness makes him to act this way.So , it can be said that one of his dreams will be economical freedom .Once he gets enough money to live in luxury he would neither deal with morality issue nor with convicts .