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HyperCrash 11.

0-401 Release Notes

HW-11.0-401 is a patch compatible with HyperCrash 11.0. HyperCrash is a robust pre-processing environment, specifically designed to automate the creation of high-fidelity models for crash analysis and safety evaluation. It supports both the RADIOSS and LS-DYNA interfaces and their coverage keeps expanding. The main purpose of this build is to release the new part replacement, solid spot welding for RADIOSS and offer a new accurate mass calculation for LSDYNA. Many new cards and enhancements are provided, as listed. Its content is similar to the one of HW10.0-SA1-406 but it is now compatible with the just released HW 11.0.

Supported Versions

RADIOSS version 10.0 LS-DYNA version 971, Revision 5

New Features Part Replacement This feature is new for LS-DYNA and enhanced for RADIOSS. The user now has a more accurate replacement covering more cards and a detailed report of what was replaced or not. Solid spotweld connection is now available for RADIOSS. Solid spotwelding can also be modeled using a cluster of 4, 6, 8, 12 and 16 combined solids, in addition to a single HEXA for RADIOSS [starting with 10.0-SA-205] and LS-DYNA. Quality\Contour check uses colors to differentiate between the parts based on different attributes like Young module, density, yield stress and more. Great effort has been taken to protect the software. When you restart HyperCrash after a bug detection or failure, the saved session can be restored at start-up. Offer parameterization power for element size, failure criteria and contact used for both 1D and 3D welds.

Solid Spotweld

Quality\Contour Check

Software Failure Detection


Accurate Mass Calculation Mass Balancing

In LS-DYNA a new mass calculation is available to match the values of the solver. Now masses can be distributed to match user defined values of Target Mass and Center of Gravity. HyperCrash has the ability to create mass of general types or special ones used to represent a missing system in the model or masses created during the balancing process. With an external XML file, the user can assign target mass to multiple parts simultaneously. LS-DYNA now supports the Stress-Strain *INITIAL conditions for all element types. Initial support of GLUE (mastic) connection defined using continuous HEXA is now available. Model accuracy is enhanced by real time checks of the mandatory fields essential to run an analysis.

Target Mass

Support of StressStrain *INITIAL GLUE Connection

Model Checking

Enhancements Result Mapper Penetration Check Spotweld Enables the Results Mapper in LS-DYNA profile. Proper coverage of an LS-DYNA penetration check. Spotweld can be optionally created using a single material and property, instead of individual ones for each logical connection. Improvement in the GUI of the export selection is now offered. For LS-DYNA, HyperCrash exports at the end of the deck a block of information used to preserve target mass and COG to import / export. When performing a Replace Part for RADIOSS, /SECT are taken into account.


Replace Part


For RADIOSS and LS-DYNA a feature is now available to control RELATIVE/ABSOLUTE PATH for Include.

For LS-DYNA, HyperCrash now allows a long directory path for INCLUDE files. Proper support for *INCLUDE_STAMPED_PART and *INCLUDE_NASTRAN. For LS-DYNA, improvement of the BOX panel is now offered. For RADIOSS, enhancement in specific renumbering for part(s). Part and subset are no longer grouped together in the renumbering panel. For all LS-DYNA panels and selected RADIOSS panels: - Dynamic review is now available in a list using the up and down arrows on the keyboard. - Multiple items can be selected holding the left mouse and scrolling the mouse. - A new review capability is available using the rightclick option.

Panel Improvement

Merge Module

Add option to merge an Include or include transform of an imported file. Validation by right-clicking the mouse reduces mouse travel by offering the completion of the process, such as selection of items within the graphics area. This is in addition to clicking the OK button or pressing the Y key on the keyboard. A faster and more accurate delete operation is now offered. /MAT/LAW72

RADIOSS Selector

Delete Operation

Supported RADIOSS Keywords

Bug Fixes -

Initial state keywords /INITEMP (RADIOSS 10.0 Starter) /INIVEL/AXIS HyperCrash no longer crashes while replacing a part with RBODY created with BOX. HyperCrash now correctly invokes the help from the

local installation instead of automatically opening its web version. INCLUDE isolate in browser now working in both LSDYNA and RADIOSS, Improvement in LS-DYNA find connectivity and other special conditions are covered.