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Cardiovascular Exercise

Long Term Goal run in a 5k race by August 1, 2012 Short Term Goal walk/run for 30 minutes at a time with a minimum speed of 5.4mph, three days this week (at the end of this week I will look at my progress and decide how to adjust onto my next short term goal, keeping my long-term goal in mind)

Strength Training
Long Term Goal to reduce my body fat percentage by 2% Short Term Goal take 2 Muscle Work classes this week and do the attached full-body endurance resistance routine on my own once this week (at the end of this week I will adjust my strength routine based on how challenging I felt it to be as well as the time commitment versus my schedule)

Long Term Goal - increase flexibility in my hamstrings and lower back to decrease back pain Short Term Goal - stretching my legs and back for five minutes a day for a week by performing the attached flexibility exercises, holding each for 30 seconds (at this end of the week I will decide if I should add more stretches to my repertoire or increase the time held or move up to another set)


SUNDAY Stretchin g MONDAY 6pm Muscle TUESDA Y Walk/Run for 30 WEDNESD AY Misc Cardio for 30 THURSD AY Walk/Run for 30 FRIDAY 9:30am Muscle SATURD AY Walk/Run for 30

Work Stretchin g

minutes Stretchin g

minutes Strength Training routine Stretching

minutes Stretching

Work Stretchin g

minutes Stretching

Perform 20 reps then 10 pulses of each exercise (except push-ups & dips) with no rest in between each exercise. If time, can repeat the entire sequence or portions. **WARM-UP o Squats o Squats Side-to-Side o Lunge o Plie o Lunge o Push-Ups **LIGHT STRETCH

**WORKOUT SECTION 1 o Bicep Curls (8lbs) o Squats (Green Tube) o Bicep Curls (Green Tube) o Right Leg Lunge (Green Tube) o Upright Row (Green Tube) o Left Leg Lunge (Green Tube) **WORKOUT SECTION 2 o Dips o Overhead Tricep (8lbs) o Push-Ups o Overhead Tricep (Yellow Tube) o Dips **WORKOUT SECTION 3 o Squats (Green Tube)

o Side Steps (Green Tube) o Lying Outer Thigh (Green Tube) o Right Leg Donkey Kick (Yellow Tube) o Plank *but tube at shoulders o Left Leg Donkey Kick (Yellow Tube) **WORKOUT SECTION 4 o Seated Row (Red Tube) o 1-arm Row right & then left (8lb) o Shoulder Press (8lbs)-if arm is ok o Alternate Front Raise/Side Raise (Yellow Tube) o Shoulder Press (Yellow Tube) o Wall Sit (hold 30 seconds)

**CORE o Regular Crunch o Knees drop to right Crunch o Double Crunch o Knees drop to left Crunch o Legs extended Reverse Crunch o Oblique Crunch w/ Alternating Knee Lift o Bicycles o Plank