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The Occupy Wall Street Movement

The Occupy Wall Street marchers have experienced police brutality. The OWS are divided into 2 factions. One faction legitimately wants economic justice. The other faction is being manipulated by globalists in order for the establishment to make them escape the real issues (which are about the FED, the City of London, debt free money, etc.). Some in this other faction even want to make a new Constitution. I want

to make the following. In many instances, the mainstream media mocks those with alternative political views. Yet, I wont do that. I have disagreements with certain political philosophies, but you are an individual. You have the right to accept whatever legitimate political philosophy that you desire without shame, unjust ridicule, marginalization, or stereotyping. So, if you want to be a liberal, conservative, libertarian, independent, or whatever, that is fine. Its your right. Now, some even in the alternative media have legitimately
exposed left gatekeepers like Michael Moore and George Soros as an excuse to support Austrian economics (while having paranoia about Communism). The truth is that Austrian Economics like Communism has been funded by the same banking, reactionary cartel. This cartel ferments policies that are used to divide & conquer the human race. Its like the Cold War scare 21st century style. Even Austrian Economics was funded by the Rockefellers, which the pro-Mises clique doesn't talk about. Even a younger David Rockefeller was educated by the London School of Economics by Professor A. Hayek (a supporter of Austrian economics). In 1934, Mises left for Geneva, Switzerland, where he was a professor

at the Graduate Institute of International Studies until 1940. In 1940, he emigrated to New York City with funding from the Rockefeller Foundation. I will mention that its a shame that a person

is called an isolationist if a person rejects this neo-imperialist, unjust, and evil war on terror.
We don't need controlled opposition. Also, some of these alternative media types yell about socialism when no economic philosophy (not even capitalism) is 100 percent. Historically, what works is a system where there is the harmony of public services and private services working in a nation. This system subsequently relates to the creation of a mixed economy that can benefit humanity. Debt filled money doesn't work since the central banks charge interests on the money being created via loans. A central banking system that relies heavily on interests doesn't work. I don't agree with all components of

socialism. On the other hand, I will never accept militarism, war mongering, corporate evils, and unbridled neo-liberalism. Also, corporate greed and globalization contributed to the economic crisis. Some yell about the government, but corporate interests have dominated the government to enact bad policies (this reality proves that the government in it of itself is not totally bad. Its just the corporate interests has corrupted the government. This corrupt government is not of the people by the people. The government shouldn't be of the corporations and by the corporations). I don't agree with the billionaire George Soros funding some protesters either. Also, the big banks and Wall Street firms have used bailouts to strip wealth from the poor and the middle class. Not to mention that some in Wall Street executed insider trading. Now, in a totally free market, the poor will suffer even worse since a real free market would exclude any regulation. You need some regulation in the economy to make it viable and ensure protections for labor. That refutes the notion of a totally laissez faire system on the Earth. So, the real protesters (not corporate funded protesters) in New York and all over the nation should be praised for their efforts not marginalized by the neo-liberal crowd. Not to mention that tax cuts alone hasn't worked to radically improve the economy. You need revenues and a radical restructuring of the current, corrupt economic system in order for the people to create a real reformation in the world. The establishment and FOX are angry at some members of the Occupy movement. The reason is that they believe in the myth of true rugged individualism (or if you want a job, get it or you're lazy, etc. That is a total lie). There is fear that the proposals from the Occupy Wall Street members might be successful. The propagandists want to privatize the public sector to leave the people alone in a parasitic and dying system. Rich men alone shouldn't rule all of us and call themselves the markets. The plutocracy must end. Real solutions ought to be made manifest in the world. There should be public institutions to use capital to help human needs and developments. It was the influence of Wall Street that caused the 1999 repeal of the Glass Steagall act or a pillar of the New Deal (this ended must needed regulation that prevented the merger of commercial banking and the essence of Wall Street). We can't defend the

pirates at Wall Street since these pirates and others were responsible for the recession in the first place. Consistently, 2/3s of all Americans in polls want a jobs bill to help Americans to get to work. Even Dr. King wanted an economic Bill of Rights as a part of his Poor Peoples Campaign.
So, the elite stole money from the working class. This refutes the anti-selflessness notions of Ayn Rand. The OWS wants financial regulation, financial transparency, the expression of the truth that a corporation is not a person, an end to bribery of Senators, Congressmen, and judges, etc. Police brutality has been enacted against the protesters as well. Kurt Nimmo talks about OWS calling for global governance. That's a lie since some people may advocate that. Yet, every single OWS protesters don't support that dogma (since the OWS is made up of people from across the political spectrum and across backgrounds). I

don't agree with global governance or global democracy since I believe in national sovereignty. Nimmo is correct that any movement shouldn't be controlled nor funded by Foundation money. Yet, his Austrian Economics philosophy has been supported by the Rockefellers for decades. It's hypocritical for Nimmo to talk about global government when Austrian
economic supporters want to ruin the constitutional concept of taxation plus economic checks and balances. One prominent Austrian Economics supporter advocated a global governmental like system if necessary. Regular OWS folks are genuine.

To be fair, I do believe that Ron Pauls foreign views (including the War on Drugs) are very commendable in a great degree. I just dont agree with Paul on other issues (like the cutting of a third of the federal budget harming the poor, the elimination of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and the banning of all foreign aid). Ron Paul wants to keep the Bush tax cuts (that favor the super rich) and get rid of the capital gains tax. I dont agree with him on economic policies as well, which are blatantly deflationary (via cutting the taxes of the international bankers plus speculating. He wants to deregulate the market further). For example, Paul wants to bankrupt Social Security among the younger workers by supporting legislation to allow them to opt out of paying into Social Security. So, the youth when they get in their 60s might see their Social

Security to become privatized. Paul Ryan makes no bones about what he wants to our series. Ron Paul has a campaign ad about performing free medical procedures for black Americans, which is fine. Yet, he doesnt talk about his genocidal plan of cutting or abolishing Medicare, Medicaid, S-CHIP, tons of federal government jobs, unemployment assistance, educational opportunities from the federal level like Pell Grants, minimum wages, food assistance, etc. Everything or all services will be control by the states alone in Ron Pauls America. The government isnt God, but public and private services are necessary in a complex, 21st century world. We dont live in the 19th century anymore. The federal government can be used to help citizens. Ron Paul voted to authorize the war in Afghanistan too. Even Pauls errors, Romney, Gingrich, Bachman, and Santorum views on foreign policy are even worse than Ron Pauls views on foreign policy. We dont need a war on terror. Not only was the Iraq War immoral, but the war in Afghanistan was immoral as well. During numerous circumstances, war complicates problems. Many of the U.S.s aggressive actions contributed to the creation of al-Qaeda today. Even the 9/11 Commission report admitted that the 9/11 attacks was a consequence of U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. A real man from America would apologize to the world about the errors of America, not make silly justifications for the criminal acts from the military industrial complex. Even the Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad never made the comments of desiring to use nuclear weapons to wipe Israel off the map. This fabrication has been a part of Western media propaganda. There is absolutely no evidence that Iran is close in forming a nuclear weapon. There is no evidence of Iran being an immediate, direct threat to America or Israel period. Newt Gingrich says that Iran is a direct threat to America if it forms a nuclear weapon. This is silly since Pakistan, India, Israel, North Korea, and other nations in the Old World have nuclear weapons and they are no direct threat to America at all. If Iran was so war mongering on the level of Hitler (as the neoconservatives believe), they could of easily invaded Middle Eastern nations in the 21st century. They have not period. The reality is that real Muslims dont want to dominate the world in an oppressive, theocratic state at all. Some Democrats are just as hawkish as the Republicans are. People like me dont support Hezbollah (as the follower of Mormonism Mitt Romney talks about), but people like me dont support Western imperialists killing people in Guatemala, Africa, Europe, Asia, and throughout the world via the CIAs own hands alone. The GOP and the DNC are filled with incorrigible, bloodthirsty warmongers. People like me (including those from across the political spectrum) disagreed with the war on terror and other such events since Day 1. Newt Gingrich is the man that went into the elitist Bohemian Grove group, he made anti-free speech statements, and wrote a book advocating an anti-Constitutional Utopian society. Gingrich was the U.S. Speaker of the House in the 1990s. Some people dont know something about him. In the 1960s, Gingrich was much more liberal than today. He was known as a Rockefeller Republican even. He expressed these ideals while he was a graduate student from Tulane University in Louisiana. Ironically, Newt Gingrich condemned the Occupy Movement in 2012 (as in need of getting a job or needing soap). He criticizes the OWS as if hes expressing some opposition to the counterculture. When he was in Tulane, Gingrich criticized how corrupt the New Orleans conservative elite were. Back decades ago, he wrote about wanting the city of New Orleans to be more progressive culturally and economically. Newt Gingrich wrote in this fashion decades ago in order for folks to oppose the racism of the old elite. David Kramer exposed this truth and he is

Gingrichs longtime friend. Newts own children were sent into Head Start at a local pre-school and he supported efforts to give opportunities to the poor and minorities back then. Gingrich worked with the SDS or the Student for a Democratic Society. The SDS was a student radical group in America. The SDS opposed the Vietnam War and lead protests across America including in the city of Washington, D.C. Gingrich worked to promote nude pictures in a campus magazine in Tulane. Other demonstrations led by Newts activist group targeted the New Orleans offices of Merrill Lynch, (a department store and a local bank, all of which had executives sitting on the Tulane Board of Administrators). Therefore, Newt Gingrich led a protest against a bank like some OWS members are doing today. A SDS activist named Eric Gordon worked with Gingrich too. Now, Gingrich is opposing the Occupy Movement when he supported radicals himself back in the late 1960s. The group co-founded by Gingrich, known as MORTS (Mobilization of Responsible Tulane Students), went on to publish (under his leadership) to make reforms to benefit students in Tulane. Some question Newt Gingrichs sincerity in changing his political views. Some feel that he changed his views to adjust to new political times as decades came on from the 1960s. Newt Gingrich has been very controversial. His campaign is in the Iowa primary. Today, Newt Gingrich is not a liberal of course. He is mostly a center-right man except on economic issues & foreign policies matters (when Newt is a war hawk. He is as hawkish as Cheney, the PNAC crew, and yes AIPAC). No one knows who will get the Republican nomination, but Gingrich will have an influence in the election of 2012 whether he wins or loses. Ironically, the establishment media wants Mitt Romney to win the nomination, but they have a hatred of Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul (because of the newsletter and foreign policy issues. The newsletter [filled with sick, bigoted words in them] is a legitimate question to discuss though). The 2000 pro-neo con document co-authored by the neo-cons (named Richard Perle, Douglas Perle, David Wurnser, Dick Cheney, Jeb Bush, etc.) wanted regime change in Iraq against Saddam Hussein. The PNAC crew called for war in Iraq. The PNAC people stated that they desire the process of transformation of the U.S. military into a force to preserve American military preeminence around the globe The PNAC crew also admitted that this war on terror wont be a reality absent some catastrophic and catalyzing eventlike a new Pearl Harbor That PNAC director Robert Kagan acknowledged that the 9/11 attacks were the Pearl Harbor he and his ilk were looking for. Also, Kagan, writing in the Washington Post, mentioned that 9/11 must be used to to launch a new era of American internationalism The proof is in the pudding about these neo-con criminals desiring a war on terror before 9/11 came about. Its very hypocritical for these people to claim to be cutting edge, while do nothing to address the 2nd citizenship status of Palestinians, religious minorities, and other human beings in the Middle East (or other people in the rest of the world). All nations in the Middle East should exist with justice, equality, mercy and righteousness.

The truth can never be stopped period.

Move On is trying to take over the Occupy Wall Street Protests. Like always, I don't believe that Left gatekeepers like should control any real movement for change. They have just as much corporate funding as the Republicans have experienced. The MoveOn leaders and executives are in television lying about how they speak for the OWS movement. The mainstream media is trying to call them as spokespeople for the OWS. Move On wants the OWS movement to merge with the Democratic Party when that party is just as exploitative and has a nefarious of a history as the Republicans have. MoveOn won't greatly expose how Wall Street money put Democrats and Republicans into office like Goldman Sachs. OWS is made up of liberals, libertarians, and people from across the political spectrum. Move On has tried to infiltrate the Occupy Trenton protest as well. The protesters are mostly rejecting

offers since they want to be their own movement separate of any political affiliation. They want to be in the 99 percent of people's interests. We should be careful of agent provocateurs as well. Also, reactionary liars talk about there is a difference between free market capitalism and corporatism. th The reality we had free market capitalism without any regulations before. During that time (in the 19 century inside of America), we had child labor, bad waters, and other evils. So, regulations are needed to protect people and society. Not all regulations are good, but some regulations are necessary to promote in America plus the world. The OWS protest has been collectively demonized by jealous people. Kurt Nimmo and Alex Jones (who claim to be cutting edge patriots, yet Jones supports the Right Paradigm organization of the John Birch Society. The JBS is a reactionary group with ties to the Knights of Malta, the Jesuits, and even the Rockefellers in the beginning according to various sources) can yell about taxes. On the other hand,

we had a higher tax rate on the super rich decades ago (and this incurred more economic prosperity for the poor and middle class). The OWS movement isn't Communism
and it isn't collectively anti-Semitic at all regardless of what people say. Again, the OWS is made up of people from across the political spectrum. It's very hypocritical for critics to expose a globalist like George Soros, but refuse to expose how the Rockefellers funded the Austrian economic movement for decades. Also, the Austrian movement is pro-banking elite. The same ones demonizing anyone promoting labor rights, economic justice, etc. are the same ones decades ago who opposed the civil rights movement. Now, Scandinavia and Germany have more regulations than America. Yet, they have less unemployment and greater benefits than America. Denmark and Sweden have more personal freedom than America also. Many of these nations have a higher standard of living or HDI (or the human development index) than the USA. So, the lesson is that pro-corporate policies don't mean a thing to help the poor. If you want to help the poor, you need a strong social safety net. Also, there should be other necessary, unique policies in order to give those suffering a better life (and real health care, a real job, and real education). We should help the suffering and outcasts too. Free market fundamentalism or Reaganomics (trickled down economics) doesn't work. Even ex-proponents of tricked down economics have denounced that policy. These reactionaries even oppose a simple jobs bill that can provide employment for many Americans. Tax cuts alone and gutting regulations don't solve our economic problems since you need revenue growing system in order to create true economic stimulus. What the enemy promotes is an old game plan (not just globalism), but fascism. These hypocrites believe in big government for the military, but little to no government to help workers and the poor. These hypocrites cry about welfare, but they agree with the concept of corporate welfare. Scott Walker, John Kasich, and others have been protested by people who just seek workers' rights simply. Walker's regressive agenda has been opposed as well. It's not about big vs. small government. It's a corporate dominated government and evil corporations vs. the people. It's about promoting efficient government beyond the rhetoric of big or small government. The government ought to be made of and for the people. It is just that the evil people (or the elite) have used corporate interests to infiltrate the government. It isn't just bad corporations that are the problem, but the CFR, the FED, the

Bilderbergers, Trilaterialists, etc. (that desire globalization at the expense of small businesses and the people). Also, a social safety net isn't a handout as the Economic Collapse blog
says. They are earned benefits gotten via hard work. People worked to get these benefits. People don't get opportunities by tax cuts alone. People can get opportunities by ending the war on terror and having economic populist plans in place. Also, we have austerity in the globe (or the gargantuan cutting of government services). Still, austerity worldwide has not worked to assist humanity.

We are still waging the war on poverty after 44 years from 1968.
Our time is similar to the era of the Great Depression. The economy went downhill in 1929 and there is debate on the causes of it. We do know that the economy was weakening and by 1929, it went down in an accelerated fashion. The policies of the 1920s (which were pro-Austrian like low taxes, little regulation, and a lack of anti-trust enforcement) did nothing to stop the August recession and the October stock market crash. President Hoover prevented the Federal Reserve from expanding the money supply. This was done during a time of bank panics and billions in lost deposits were contracting it. Some believe that the FEDs inaction was one reason why the recession transformed into a prolonged depression.

Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon announces that the Fed will stand by as the market works itself out: "Liquidate labor, liquidate stocks, liquidate real estate values will be adjusted, and enterprising people will pick up the wreck from less-competent people." The economy sank
throughout Hoovers entire term, but under Roosevelts New Deal, the economy rose five out of seven years. Some people try to blame Big Government for the Depression. Yet, this is a fallacious argument for numerous reasons. Not to mention that it was the Big Government using massive spending in domestic and military services during WWII that ended the Great Depression completely. The Smoot-Hawley Tariff only had a minor impact since trade only formed 6 percent of the economy. Reducing trade gave the US more money to spend domestically. Hoovers other attempts at government intervention came mostly during his last year in office when the Depression was already at its depth. Sweden, Germany, Great Britain, and other nations were the first nations that came out of the Depression. They came out of it by using heavy deficit government spending. That policy eliminated the depression from the worlds economies in the next six decades. Even the much maligned War on

Poverty caused a 50 percent decline in poverty inside of America. The poverty level in 1960 was 22.2 % and the poverty rate in 1969 was 12.1 %. When you do research, the decline of the welfare benefits helped to grow poverty in the 1980s. Now, we have 49 million people in extreme poverty. Dr. Martin Luther King was in talks with labor rights activist Cesar Chavez in order to coordinate efforts to support the Poor Peoples Campaign. This effort united numerous ethnic groups to protest in Washington, D.C. in order for people for battle against poverty. A just government should promote justice and the common good. At the heart of the matter is human respect. All human beings desire respect and the oppressor humiliates the citizenry. It is therefore wise for us to advocate decent wages, decent working conditions, the right to organize, and above all human respect. Human respect when you treat a person as you would want to be treated. You are not hateful toward another human being because of who they are.
Really important issues relate to the prison system, poverty, health, the environment, and other vital topics. It seems that the Tea Party is now less popular than the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Popularity doesn't denote truth, but that's an interesting development. The OWS is now global. Most people

in that OWS movement want economic justice and a fight against plutocracy. It
developed not just because of the archaic policies from the Republicans. One factor in how the OWS was created was when even President tried to compromise with the GOP over economic policy. That wasn't good enough for the reactionaries. If the President was willing to give up $4 trillion dollars from the social safety net and the GOP says no (and we want to kill nearly all of the New Deal), there's a serious problem here. Many African Americans want to occupy black neighborhoods in order to make solutions. I have no issue with this at all. Glen Ford is right to mention that it's very hypocritical to allow young white kids to go into certain locations and flaunt public assembly laws [and get away with it most of the time] (although, if a collective of Black youth did similar acts, they could be unfairly accosted, humiliated, and falsely jailed by the police if they protest strongly in their own neighborhoods. This could happen in many other places as well. Unfair arrests are happening now against people of all backgrounds, so I want to make that clear). More neighborhoods from the middle class to the poor are having their own

occupation movements. It's also transparently clear in the 21st century that laissez faire capitalism is officially dead. It doesn't work and it was never meant to work for the common people anyway (but for the oligarchy).That is why racial, social, gender (which includes
sexuality), and class oppression across backgrounds has been an unfortunate, key reality in the globe. The forces of greed (these forces worship capital) are perpetrating this injustice. People like Rick Perry and Herman Cain (he said that it's the poor people's fault for their poverty, racism isn't a serious issue anymore, and he was accused of being sexually harassed by women. Ironically, Cain played the race card during his adultery controversy) have reaped what they have sown. More tax cuts for the super rich, deregulation, and the outsourcing of jobs from this country don't work. That is why we need to promote human needs above Wall Street profits. Even the late President Ronald Reagan raised

taxes 11 times (and he was willing to compromise on economic issues). Even Reagan wouldnt be acceptable politically in the modern day GOP and the Tea Party. The Democratic Party establishment still is trying to co opt or infiltrate the OWS movement. On
the other hand, many independent people are still in the OWS group. So, the Republicans and the corporate Democrats have inspired the creation of the OWS indeed.

A Recap of Whats Happening

In the final analysis, times will change. Although, I still follow my core convictions or beliefs. I believe in human life. I believe in the rights of workers in the world. I believe in protecting the environment. I love religious freedom and individual liberty. Individual liberty means more that the government protecting our basic rights (which I have no problem with). It means that we should not try to abolish birthright citizenship and to not allow privatization to dominate the United States of America (or any place in the world). When you see babies in the Middle East experiencing depleted uranium and when you see the aftermath of bombs harming them, then that is unjust. It is unjust to witness neo-conservatives agree with the brutal concept of a global, militaristic empire. America cant be the policeman of the whole world as leaders then and now accurately mentioned. I may not agree with some of the things in the Net, but I dont believe that the government should censor anything in the Internet at all. We have witnessed the failure of the Drug War. The Global Commission on Drug Policies issued a 24-page report at a press conference in New York City that exposed the Drug War as a failure in mid-2011. The War on Drugs made America to be the country that incarcerates more people than any nation on Earth. The USAs prison population went from about 300,000 in the early 1970s to about 2.3 million people today. The War on Drugs discriminates against the poor and Black Americans & Latino Americans. The War on Drugs should end. Then, alternatives (like drug treatment programs) should be executed in America in order for us to handle drug addiction in a fair, compassionate fashion. America is home to some of the realest, strongest people in the world. Therefore, Americans will overcome. It isnt going to be easy, but in the

end, we will overcome. It is wrong to see innocent Israelis suffer violence and it is wrong see innocent Palestinians (especially those living in Gaza) to suffer through violence as well. You know where I am from in the USA, it is very taboo here to write about this issue (especially to say publicly the real truth about the Middle Eastern question. Its a shame that in 2012, in the USA, its taboo for a man or a woman to say in national TV that Jewish people & Arabic people inside of the Middle East should experience neither oppression, terrorism or apartheid). On the other hand, the truth must be told. Silence is betrayal. Its very easy to witness the imperfections that the Federal Reserve has made in their economic policies. Some in the 1% speak about free market rhetoric as an excuse to try to evict us from our homes, deprive us of our bread, steal our clean air and water, etc. Additionally, many political, social, & even religious groups are doing their parts to advance the interests of the 99% (in support of the worlds poor). It is obvious that al-Qaeda related terrorists [ironically, al-Qaeda is a fruit of the CIAs Operation Cyclone] worked with the NATO war criminals to permit a puppet state in Libya. Henceforth, I will always oppose Western imperialism period. I believe in universal health care for all human beings. What I dont agree with are poisons being injected into our bodies, I dont agree with loving MSG, and I dont believe in BPA being omitted by the news. Monsanto has been one of the biggest corporations that permit the dangerous genetically modified foods to exist in the planet. Scholars have proven the risk factors of not only GMOs, but aspartame, benzene, mercury, and a wide spectrum of risky chemicals. Even mainstream scientists have exposed sodium fluoride (a neurotoxin) as being dangerous in the world. The Natural News website and other tons of other individuals have exposed the anti-natural foods movement as supported by the internationalists. So, we should do our part to adhere to embracing natural medicine, organic foods, and authentic healthy living completely. I still respect the Second Amendment. A totally defenseless public can increase the risk of our rights to be totally gone. Human beings have the right to defend their friends, family, lovers, and any person in need of assistance whether via nonviolence (or self-defense). Raising the consciousness about people in dealing with the world is one way that revolutionary change can occur (along with action by dedicated people. Action means all of us are going to have to fight for freedom courageously like Frederick Douglas, like the fighters of freedom in the 1950s & 1960s, etc.). We have the right to oppose injustice and execute non-cooperation with evil. That is precisely why that I am totally for any human being (without exceptions) to have personal civil liberties.
Our Economic Situation: There is recent economic news. In January of 2012, the USA added 243,000 jobs according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This reality describes a pattern of increased GDP grow over the past of many months. This is good news, but we have a long way to go in order to see a long lasting recovery. We should thank anyone getting a job and receiving legitimate employment. Now, we can use means in getting folks who have given up finding work to allow them to get new jobs. The unemployment rate dropped to 8.3 percent from 8.5 %. This is positive news in the job market. Yet, for many Americans we have a long road ahead in order to see a fully fledged recovery. Some economists predict that it may take 7 years and 10 million additional jobs for our economic situation to exist in pre-recession levels of unemployment. 5.5 million Americans are out of work presently. There are also from 3 to 5 million additional people who are no longer counted as unemployed since they gave up looking for jobs. "This report is encouraging, but it still underscores how far a distance we have to go and how many people are still long-term unemployed and disconnected from the workforce," said Harvard economist Lawrence Katz. The house

market is sluggish, consumer spending is weak and real household income plus wealth is stagnant. Job growth came about in professional and business services, manufacturing, lower paying sector jobs, and construction (including mining). The gain in jobs is good news and there have been many months of more gains. Our trade policies ought to be changed to inspire benefits for companies that increase jobs in this country of America. Having a job is fine. Also, people have bills to pay and decent wages ought to be promoted too. So, the recession was caused as a result of the policies from the Bush administration not the current administration of President Barack Obama. The American auto industry is back, we dont have an economic meltdown, the DOW has doubled, and some jobs seen growth. Yet, we have a long way to go in living in that Promised Land that we all seek. There is still record unemployment among minorities in large metropolitan cities inside America. I dont agree with the President on foreign policy and civil liberty matters (like his drone attacks, the bombings of Libya, his support of the Patriot Act, him signing the NDAA, his agreement with warrantless wiretapping, etc.), which in my opinion are near similar to the Bush administration's policies. The Republican policies of deregulation, privatization, and obstructionism dont work to improve our economy period. We should continue to give those struggling unemployment benefits and a payroll tax cut. Deficit cuts and budget cuts don't take precedent over human lives (and legitimate benefits during a recession. Massive cuts during a recession can cause an evil, deflationary economic problem). So, the government should do its part and we as individuals ought to do our part too. We can protest, work in our own local communities, and use methods to help our own fellow people. We should hope for more job growth and radical improvement in our economy. I hope for a very prosperous nation.


dont root for the American Empire. I dont root for war & materialism. I root for the destruction of the American Empire and the resurrection of a real American society and a real American nation. I will keep it real instead of keeping it fake. The good news is that sooner or later, the Empire (or the damnable Beast system) will fall. I live in this country every single day, so I have the right to make real commentaries about the USA. I wish for the Third World to be liberated from neo-colonialism. I root for real people in America and real people throughout the world (point, blank, period). A lot of people hate other people, because these haters dislike any human being that doesnt look (or act) like a stereotypical norm in their conscious mind. In other words, anyone that is different from a haters interpretation of what a normal human being is, they hate. It is bigotry, its immoral, and its unjustified plain and simple. The haters also in large measure possess insecurity issues. I wish for more folks in the USA & in the globe to wake up. As for
me, I am still here. I still believe in individual freedom and I still believe in human life. I still reject oppression and I do love religious freedom. I oppose nefarious actions that are done by various secret societies as well (these secret orders use the Kabbalah, and other occult philosophies as a means to promote their influence). 2012 is here indeed. Its not money over everything. Its truth & love

over everything. People are trying to fight each over shoes and material items, but real people are content with what they are. People are trying to harm people of color via anti-population control measures & the war on terror, but liberty is more authentic than

imperialism. There is nothing wrong with prayer either. To have prayer can cause confort and spiritual enlightenment. The NATO war crimes in Central Asia, the Middle East, and Africa are abhorrent completely. NATO has blood on its hand. Im from Hampton Roads, so I know all about NATOs history (from its token conflict with the Warsaw Pact to the present), functions, and its other compositions. Fake people try to disrespect human beings who are poor. Its a disgrace how people in the mainstream media recently so overtly supports a foreign policy that includes the killing of people and the bombings of nations that pose no immediate threat to American soil. The truth is different than acquiescing to war mongering. The truth is that liberty for all people can be achieved by dialogue, negotiation, and rational trade without threats of war. The truth is that strength continues forth with mercy and not irrational saber rattling. The truth is that self defense in a country doesnt deal with advancing potential self destruction via unjust wars. Thats the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth (and the preaching wont stop, because the truth cant stop). They or the CFRdominated mainstream media shouldnt be lecturing anyone on a rational foreign policy when the current Western foreign policy deals with economic exploitation, death, and the defense of corporate interests (not the true defense of the people. The priorities of elitists are taken precedent above and beyond the needs of the common people). Real people would respect the poor and try to help those suffering from poverty. People like Glen Beck, Bill OReilly, Michael Savage, and Rush Limbaugh can never intimidate credible truthseekers displaying the truth to the globe. The Department of Homeland Security is wrong for promoting fusion centers, the TSAs obscene violations of human liberty, and them supporting the anti-4th Amendment random searches constantly in New York City. The DHS utilize policies that promote a police state system in America. A police state is akin to tyranny. Self hating people are cutting their faces up (or bleaching their skin, which is a disgrace. Its an example of a slavery mentality to put it lightly) to try to look more like a white European person. I am not a fascist, so people have the right to sellout or make a clown out of themselves. Yet, I do have right to expose people selling out and to expose self hatred too. While real people love the way God made them with their great skin color, with their great facial features, and their great souls. No matter how much surgeries these self haters (among both genders. These folks are a disgrace. Yet, I see their true intentions via X-Ray vision. These fake folks [who hate themselves] auras is very much suspect) perform, they can never look like Brad Brit, Angelina Jolie, a Barbie, the Backstreet Boys, Cinderella, the woman from I Dream of Genie, or Marilyn Monroe.

Ultimately, self dignity is priceless. It isnt worth a million dollars, a quarter, a dime, a nickel, or a penny. To have self dignity is a great thing. You can only be you. Really, anybody shouldnt be ashamed of what they are. We should be ourselves. This is sad since we live in 2012 and still we have people ashamed of being black or ashamed of being a person of color. We are descendants of Kings, Queens, architects, scientists, real warriors, real soldiers, and strong folks. I will never be ashamed of being black. I respect my dark skin color, I respect how my hair naturally is arranged, I respect how my nose is shaped, I respect my lips, I respect my body, and I respect my soul. We are fighting for our dignity and our humanity. We are always told to be forced to

be loyal to the system when the system isnt loyal to us or our interests at all. Forget that system. I am not loyal to the worldly, hypocritical system. I am loyal to the Creator period. Its the truth that all peoples (regardless of where they live) can make a difference and be an inspiring figure of excellence. Therefore, we should be
strong, never betray our people, and never act docile toward anyone at any circumstance. We should be real and keep it real. This is a hyper connected world, so we should be technology savvy and adjust to the advancements made in electronics, computers, international communication, and other forms of technological developments. So, it is self evident that our brothers and sisters ought to continue to not only promote social liberty, but mental, cultural liberation. Having liberation in my heart is a part of my jacket. I love living in this new, exciting decade, this New Year, this new century, and in this new millennium. I just love humanity. I love the human race. By Timothy

Appendix A: The Iowa Caucus of January 2012 and Beyond

The Iowa Caucus is officially over. Mitt Romney won the Iowa Caucus with a close second of Rick Santorum. Ron Paul was voted third in the Caucus too. Romney had a narrow victim in early January 2012. His victory was only 8 votes more than Rick Santorum. The Iowa Caucus is the beginning of the selection process to decide the Republican nominee for the Presidency of America. Mitt Romney gained heavy support from the rich, suburban voters, and moderates. Rick Santorum gained votes from religious conservatives or Evangelicals. The Papal Knight of Malta Rick Santorums major problem is that hes a war monger. He said recently that he wants to bomb Irans nuclear facilities if necessary. This will continue the globalist 10th Crusade (or the modern day war on terror). We dont need ORDO AB CHAO. We need justice & peace for all without war or chaos. Rick Santorum said that he respects human life. I respect human life too. I reject the wanton killing of unborn babies for any reason whatsoever in especially brutal methods. Yet, I also respect programs (even from the federal government) that can clothe, give education to, and give health care to human beings out of the womb too. I am anti-war, antiPatriot Act, and I believe in sufficiently protecting the environment. Rick Santorum cant pander to bigoted elements in America by saying that black people should earn the money without giving somebody elses money. Thats nonsense since mostly white people are on welfare and likeminded programs not black people. Urban League President Marc Morial pointed out that 84 percent of food stamp recipients in Iowa are white. Nationally, 70 percent of recipients are white, he said. Many people who receive public aid contributed to those programs as workers, Morial said. By falsely suggesting that people of color are a disproportionate drain on resources provided mainly by whites, Santorum deliberately fans the flames of racial divisiveness, Morial said.

Ron Paul heavily gained votes from the youth, libertarians, and some anti-war human beings. Many people of the Tea Party crowd support Romney, Santorum, and Paul. Ron Paul gained a lot of support and he wants to continue his campaign. Electability is a huge issue for Republicans. Most Republicans voted for the Mormon Mitt Romney, because they felt that he had the most chance to politically defeat President Barack Obama. Many view Romney as the man that can appeal to moderates and independents in order for Mitt Romney to be President in 2012. Newt Gingrich won in fourth place as a result of the Iowa Caucus. Gingrich promised to criticize Romney, because he believes that the Romney campaign manufactured false accusations against him. Gingrich said that Romney used his super PAC to unjustly criticize his

record. A record of more than 122,000 straw ballots were cast in the Iowa Caucus. Rick Perry wants to go home to reassess his campaign.

John Huntsman is focusing his energy in New Hampshire and he said that he doesnt care about Iowans, which I find to be very disrespectful (since a lot of real Patriots and real people live in Iowa). Mitt Romney recently received an endorsement from ex-Republican Presidential candidate John McCain. Meghan Cain is his daughter. She feels that anyone that doesnt agree with her views (like her pro-war, pro-austerity, and pro-establishment ideologies) should receive scorn. She was especially angry on Alex Wagner's MSNBC program. All of the Republican candidates went on to harshly criticize the current President Barack Obama. What do I think of these events? Its obvious. These candidates have strengths and weaknesses. They are unified in believing in the archaic viewpoint that suppressing the social safety net is progressive when it is not. They accept the 1% doctrine of laissez faire, trickled down economics (and tax cuts unconditionally for the super wealthy). Ron Paul is right on the Patriot Act, some foreign policy matters, the War on Drugs, and other issues. I dont believe in an interventionist foreign policy that involves unjust wars. I do believe in trade, negotiations, legitimate aid, and ways of global assistance. So, I am not an isolationist. I believe in the protection of individual liberties. The other candidates are blatantly for war mongering, except for Ron Paul. Yet, even he believes in promoting lassiez faire economics. In September 2008, Paul voted NO on tax credits for renewable electricity. That bill isnt even controversial. He published hate filled newsletters. This is an important issue for us to discuss (to hold private property rights as superior to federal protections of human rights is wrong period). States rights have been exploited to promote more liberties in some states than others. That is why

the federal Constitution was formed to make all protections for citizens uniform among all 50 states. In every state, all peoples should have equality point blank period. All of the candidates want to privatize Social Security or partially privatize it, which will deny it for much of the future retirees. The political establishment among both parties is influenced by the CFR, the Vatican/Jesuit network, the elite Nobility bloodlines, the Pilgrim Society, the Bilderbergers, and the rest of the global elite. Thats reality. In our generation, we should have assets not just cash. The assets that produce the cash are more important since cash is subject to buy outs plus inflation (causing the value of cash to decline possibly). Article I, Section 8 gives Congress the power to get tax, fund infrastructure, fund the arts & sciences, and other acts via the federal government. Thats clear. That article doesnt deal with Social Security, but there is something called the general welfare and new laws can be created (thats constitutional). Social Security is a trust fund (not some oppressive tax) that works.

The New Hampshire primary is coming in less than 4 days. All of the candidates are fighting for votes. Romney is being attacked from all sides, because Mitt Romney is currently the front runner in the Republican Presidential race. Mitt Romney is very popular among the establishment. He is supported by John McCain, George H. W. Bush, high level Freemason Bob Dole, and South Carolina governor Nikki Haley. Newt Gingrich is very personally angry at Romney, because he in his mind wants to clear his name on his controversies. Gingrich calls Romney a moderate, which he is. Newt isn't perfect, but Romney is a moderate. Gingrich tries to invoke Romney's relatives, which is highly desperate and offensive in my opinion. A man should talk about a man's policies, not his relatives. Regardless of the spin, Mitt Romney is a notorious moderate. Thats his right and thats his personality. Thats reality. The debate coming up might be full of fireworks. People who love politics find this campaign to be interesting indeed. All of the candidates are focusing on New Hampshire and South Carolina. South Carolina is a Southern state and its a conservative state. New Hampshire is a heavily libertarian state. The race is very fluid in that either of these candidates have a chance to receive the Republican nomination. Rick Santorum is running his race. He was booed by people in New Hampshire because of his views on marriage. New Hampshire is libertarian indeed. As for this marriage issue, regardless of what you think, a human being is a human being. All human beings should be afforded equality and become free from unjust discrimination period. I do respect the conservative ideologies of moral absolutes and having a love for the nuclear family. Yet, a theocracy and the suppression of individual rights aren't representative of a progressive society. Not to mention (in real life) I know people who are a product of nuclear families and non-nuclear families that live great, functional lives. A progressive society allows agreement and disagreements on issues without authoritarianism or oppression. I don't believe in oppressing (in an evil fashion) a man or a woman, because of their background or who they associate with. I believe in the sanctity of human life. That means that I know about the unborn babys humanity and I realize that Head Start and other public plus private programs can enrich the lives of human beings as well. I believe that private organizations can help to solve our problems. Although, I also believe that the federal government can make a difference in society. Our thinking should be international not just national, because fundamentally we are related to every human worldwide. I'm not a foreign interventionist promoting preemptive warfare, but dialogue and trade are great ways for us Americans to be connected to other nations in the world. The Republican Presidential race of 2012 is probably the most unique race in recent memory. There are massive ups and downs, because of the close times of caucus voting dates (among other reasons).

The Legacy of Ronald Reagan Many people unequivocally support Ronald Reagan. I knew about Ronald Reagan for years. In this new generation, it's time to show facts about the man. The reason is that Tea Party types are still here attempting to praise him to the heavens. Now, we should show the truth about the former President Ronald Reagan without a smear job. The truth is that Ronald Reagan represented the conservative movement even when he didn't totally act conservative in all of his political policies. One person from YouTube wrote to me about Reagan being nearly some superhero, but I know the truth. The truth is that Reagan once was a Democrat and then he transformed himself into being a Goldwater Republican by the 1960's. During that time period, he issued a speech that described his opposition to the philosophy of Communism. Now, Reagan was allied by the establishment (on the Right hand of the Left/Right paradigm). For example, he was a member of the Bohemian Grove (where an idolatrous, occult Cremation of Care ritual occurs), he was a honorary 33rd Degree Freemason, and he supported the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War was a blatantly unjust war, because Vietnam was no threat to America (plus a negotiated settlement could quickly end the war). Reagan in the late 1960's even demonized sincere anti-war protesters. He tried to become President on numerous occasions. He failed until 1980's, because Jimmy Carter was exceedingly unpopular. The policies of Reaganomics didn't work to massively cut down poverty. In his first term, the poverty rate increased rather than decreased. It's a historical fact that cuts taxes for the rich, slashing welfare for the poor and other policies don't equate into massive economic improvements. The economic boon of 1945 to 1975 occurred because of legitimate spending, a progressive tax system, and the growth of economic (including political and social) reforms in American society. So, Ronald Reagan was wrong to attack labor when he fired the striking air traffic controllers and dissolved their union in 1981. He was wrong to have 138 Reagan administration officials to be convicted or indicted or subject to investigations (over misconduct or criminal violations). He was wrong to call the Voting Rights Act of 1965 as humiliating to the South in 1980. He was wrong to praise the Afghan Mujahidin in 1985. He was wrong to fund the brutal

Contra rebels in Nicaragua when they indiscriminately attacked civilians. Ronald Reagan slashed money from domestic programs and radically increased military spending. This caused the wage gap to increase, wage levels to drop among the people, and the rich to increase into record profits during his two terms. I lived through that Reagan era of time, so I know what I am talking about. There are other lies that reactionaries use. One of their biggest lies is that the recession in 1982 was solely Jimmy Carter's fault. Now, the recession came about in the second year of Reagan's term following tax cuts and deregulation. Reagan was in office by January of 1981. He passed a budget that had supply side tax cuts. The budget was enacted in 1982. Reagan imposed a moratorium on all new federal regulation enforcement that moment he took office. The Reagan administration slashed current federal regulations and it cut the Federal Register nearly in half by 1986. 1982 had a -2.2 percent growth. By 1982, there were huge cuts in the capital gains tax. From 1978 to 1982, the top rate on capital gains was cut from 39 to 20 percent. The top rate on unearned income fell from 70 to 50 percent (mirroring a similar rate cut in earned income). Jimmy Carter began deregulation. Carter regulated airlines, trucking, railroads, oil, and interest rates. This continued under Reagan. The recession began was when FED Chairman Paul Volcker cut the money supply in order to decrease the inflation in the USA. He did this in late 1979. He tightened the money supply again in 1981. This action resulted in the severe 1982 recession. When inflation came down again, Volcker flooded the economy with money and fueled the subsequent recovery. Tax and regulation policies didn't cause the recession, because Carter actually began reigning in the federal government. Reagan accelerated this trend for a year before the recession came about. Also, infrastructure growth by public growth has existed in America for centuries. It was Benjamin Franklin that launched the modern post office. George Washington funded national infrastructure projects. The New Deal was the fruit of mass struggles and it strengthened the labor movement. It provided a way where the elderly received health care, it gave jobs to the jobless, and it increased our standard of living for decades. Now, we have a war on terror. Not all human beings live in the same time, with the same opportunities, with the same economic situations, etc. Therefore, interventions are used in order to help those that need assistance legitimately. It isn't about forming dependencies permanently, but justice permanently. There is no need for torture and there is no need for unfettered capitalism either. These reactionaries always want to use God, Jesus, or the Bible as an excuse to advance their lies. The reality is that the concept of Jubilee (which forces people to pay off debts) isn't a representation of free market capitalism at all. The year of Jubilee allowed the land of Israel to be divided equally in perpetual allotments to its citizenry. Each family was to receive the equal share of the land. This occurred every fifty years in order for everything to be restored to its original owner. Every man in Israel would return their former possessions to their previous owners. These actions aren't like Bank of America capitalism or even like Wall Street. These acts are a radical departure from Austrian economics. Jesus Christ is rather explicit on riches and the rich. He said that it's very hard for the rich man to enter into the Kingdom of God. James said that the gold and silver will be gone. In fact, Jesus and the apostles were adamant defenders of the poor, the oppressed, and the outcasts of the world. The super-rich were heavily criticized in both Testaments including other religious texts. Obviously, it is unjust for corporations to promote poisons like GMOs and other deadly chemicals in the world. It is unjust to advocate discriminatory and suppression of human rights against a person because of their background. It is unjust to claim to love peace, but advocate cowardly drone attacks and covert war operations (under the sick, nefarious guise of promoting so-called "democratic values"). Also, many folks have said that Ronald Reagan ended the Cold War. Is this true? According to William Blum, the Soviet totalitarian policies

caused the Soviet Union to be doomed. Reagan's policies were an addition to the trend of the Soviet Union ending their empire. Soviet GDP AND military expenditures were both falling BEFORE Reagan took office. Reagan's "surging military budgets" changed nothing in Soviet economic behavior. Also, nonviolent actions in Eastern Europe contributed to the fall of the Soviet Union as well. Many people in those movements were democratic socialists that risked their lives in order for society to end Communism in the Soviet Union. So, the fall of the USSR is complex. The Cold War ended by a collaboration of people, not just the actions of one President (who condemned the evil policies in Eastern Europe, but he supported dictatorships in Latin America, Turkey back then, and other nations. He also supported Islamic extremists in Afghanistan). Ronald Reagan was a great actor as President though. He learned that from Hollywood.

A Recap of the Left/Right Paradigm in 2012 2012 is the age of patience and waking up. Isnt it ironic that both parties are the way they are? There are Republican and Democratic operatives trying to tell us that we need to join their system. We have news for them. That news or the good news is that we dont have to ally with their corporate 2 party system. That system has damaged our economic system and permitted record poverty in America. 1 in 3 people in America now are in poverty at least. Huge economic inequality that exists in the USA is a disgrace and a scandal indeed. Mega corporations have so much power that they can monetarily fund campaigns in record levels. Now, we know the Republicans are wildly wrong on numerous issues. Thats documented. The Democrats as brother Malcolm X said are the foxes, while the Republicans are the wolves. This means that we know that the Republicans are an enemy that overtly tells you that I dont care about you straight up. Look at the controversial comments made by the Republicans candidates during 2012 alone. The Ryan plan alone would crush desperately needed domestic services that the poor & middle class need to survive literally. That tells you everything that you need to know about how the

GOP feels about us (especially about people that look like me). The Democrats smile in your face, while behind your back promotes the war on terror, unjust anti-civil liberty laws, globalization, and other undercover suppression of human rights (under the guise of humanitarianism). The Republicans have a more in your face hatred of labor, hatred of civil liberties, and a hatred of a peace platform in dealing with foreign policy. At least, Richard Nixon (even though hes wrong for Watergate and other things) allowed the passage of the EPA, OSHA, and the Clean Air Act. Now, no President can do that today (Republican or Democrat) without being falsely called a socialist or a communist. People today support a President using drone attacks in the sovereign nation of Pakistan, and a President who uses covert efforts in order for him to have surveillance in Iran (violating their national sovereignty). Additionally, some individuals supports the President who uses unconstitutional power to assassinate an American citizen without a trial, who agrees with the Patriot Act, who removed the health care public option from the health care law, who allows the TSA to use molestation of American citizens (even kids in violation of the Fourth Amendment), and who agrees with closet austerity (without massive prosecutions and real accountability sent toward Wall Street). The truth will always going to be shown in 3-D. The Obama supporters are right on one thing though. You cant blame the President for everything wrong in the USA (since obstructionism via the Republicans in Congress is real. Some folks just hate the President because he is a black American period. I dont hate anybody and that thinking is evil). The brother President Barack Obama doesnt need hatred. The brother needs love and correction. We all need love and correction at times. We treat all men with respect as the apostle Peter wrote, so the President should be given respect and dignity. Yet, the President is still accountable for his own policies that he executes as he isnt divine. Ultimately, we cant put our trust in princes, Kings, or political leaders. We put our whole trust in Almighty God alone.

The Pentagon uses satellite devices to monitor society and the Pentagon is allied with the Department of Homeland Security. The DHS funds militarized police nationwide in violation of constitutional principles. The DHS uses technology to monitor even American citizens covertly. This Big Brother system records our technological communication via DAPRA and other entities. DARPA is run by the Pentagon and the cycle continues. The evil of Big Brother cant be any clearer.
Today, the reactionaries in the Republican Party (and other factions) want radical deregulation of industries and all aspects of society. Many Republican candidates for President (we know who they are) talk about America shouldnt be another Europe. America should have its own culturally unique standards and social mores. We Americans shouldnt be ashamed of the legitimate parts of our heritage & culture. Yet, some European nations are right to have a potent welfare system, low cost for education for all, a high quality health system for all, reduced crime, less pollution, and a more peaceful, rational foreign policy. Nations like Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, etc. embrace these concepts. Subsequently, these countries exist with a higher quality of education and health care than America. When Republicans like the Mormon Mitt Romney and the Iowan Governor desire that President Barack Obama should not transform America into Europe; they are rejecting the social democratic policies found in Europe. Ironically, much of the legal foundations of America originated from the social democratic reforms that existed from Europe. Even in the Universities, professors promote the Chicago School of Economics. Some of these same professors receive corporate funds from these corporate Foundations. Its ironic that the left gatekeepers are trying to invoke Dr. Martin Luther King when Dr. King opposed much of the Presidents policies in 1968 (when it was not popular or political expedient to do so). Dr. King was even criticized by some in his own people for

his anti-war stance. Still, the truth is that Dr. King was right to oppose the Vietnam War & advocate justice for the poor. The Vietnam War crushed the spirit of Geneva Accords from the 1950s. The elites always try to invoke our heroes in trying to co-opt the legacies of our heroes. The mega churches today (with its leaders being headed by CFR members, corporate heads, and even members of Secret Societies) in 2012 are readily allies of the Democratic and Republican Parties. The mega churches are one of the tools of religious opium to lull folks to sleep. That is why the religious establishment refuses to expose occult history, expose materialism, expose the wicked prosperity gospel, and expose the corruption found in D.C. (the only exceptions are independent, real believers in the Most High God). You dont worship a President or a corporate fox party that uses trillions of dollars from Wall Street to fund theaters of war (and use that money to oppress our brothers and sisters in Africa via Africom. These modern theatres of war are in found in the countries of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Mali, etc.). You worship God as God. The Republicans and the Democrats in the large extent are nearly identical on corporate issues. They are funded by the same people. We have the right to speak up and speak out against oppression. Liberty and justice are meant for all people and not for a few in the oligarchy. As for voting, I will vote. People died for that right. Even if some voting is rigged, thats more the reason to vote. If something is wrong in a voting precinct, you have the right to call for an investigation, protest, and make just policies a reality. A myriad of cliques want to limit your right to vote, so we should fight for our voting rights even in 2012. So, you have the right to vote your conscience. I cant tell you who the vote for. That is your cherished, personal decision. So, vote.

Goodbye and Peace

There is nothing wrong with being a dreamer and a believer.

Afterwards, we should be the achievers too. Dream, believe, achieve, and proceed with insight are great methods to execute in our lives. So, not only I am going to judge with a smile on my face. I love judging. If judging Transatlantic slavery and the Holocaust as immoral is correct, Im going to critique (and judge) too about the modern day ills in the globe. Im going to testify about the truth. Im going to preach whats real. Im going to keep on (plus do some more keeping on) testifying about some more apparent reality too. Regardless of our views or our ways of life, were as valuable as anyone else. If I m in a wave, Im on a positive wave. Thats my job and I feel great doing it 100%. All credit goes to the Most High. All praises are given to the Most High.