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Vietnam oil and gas reserves

Presented by: Bui Duc Quang Drilling and production petroleum batch 53

Main contents
1. A fews Definitions 2. Viet nam oil and gas reserves. 3. Basement rock extremly special reservoir. 4. Conclusion.

1. Definitions
A. Petroleum Petroleum is a mixture of a very large number of different hydrocacbon, the most commonly found molecules are alkanes (linear or branched), cycloalkanes, aromatic hydrocarbons, or more complicated chemicals like asphaltenes.

B. Oil equipvalent
1 A merican barrel = 0.15899 cubic meter. 1000 tons of natural gas = 1 ton oil equivelent. 1 ton crude oil = 1 ton oil equivalent.

C. Oil recovery factor equations formulas calculator

Estimate of recoverable oil (ERO) Estimate of in place oil (EIPO)

E. Reserves

2. Vietnam oil and gas reserves

Basins of Vietnam

A. Song Hong basin

Reserves and recoverable resources in the basin are estimated about 1,100 MMscmoe . Proven gas reserve is about 250Bscm (excluded CO2)

Tien Hai C gas field in Hanoi trough is in producing, and D14, DongQuan D fields, long term tests have been carring out in order to evaluate commercial capability of these fields.

B. Cuu Long basin

Reserves and recoverable resources in Cuu Long Basin are estimated about 820 MMscm tons oil equivalent. . Discovered reserves from basement, Oligocene and Miocene sandstones reservoirs are approximately 500MMscm oil equivalent. Undiscovered resources is approximately 320 MMscm oil equivalent.

C. Phu khanh basin

A undrilled basin, petroleum systems may be similar to nearby Song Hong Basin (north) and CuuLong/Nam Con Son basins (south) The recoverable resources of this basin is approximately 400 MMscm of oil equivalent, about 8% of total Vietnam resources.

D. Nam Con Son basin

Oil & gas reserves and recoverable resources in Nam Con Son Basin are estimated about 970 MMscm oil equivalent. Discovered reserve is about 250MMscm oil equivalent, mainly gas. Undiscovered resources are approximately 720 MMscm oilequivalent

E. Tu Chinh Vung May basin

Total recoverable resources of the basin is about 950 MMscm oil equivalent. Due to the lack of data, this basin need to be explored to clarify its petroleum potentials...

G. Ma Lay - Tho Chu Basin

Malay Tho Chu Basin map

Oil & gas reserve and recoverable resources in the Malay Tho chu basin (the Vietnam part) are estimated about 370 MMscm oil equivalent, mainly in Miocene sandstones (89%). Discovered reserve is about 210 MMscm oil equivalent. Undiscovered resources is about 160 MMscm oil equivalent.

Summary of total resources in Vietnam Tertiary basins(up to 12/2005)

Total Vietnam resources are evaluated approximately 4,600MMscm oil equivalent ( 3,91billion tons) (gas 55-60%) Reserves 1,210 MMscm oil equivalent (650 BCM gas, 560 MCM oil) . More than 70 discoveries. In the period 2001-2004: 15 discoveries; incremental reserves 226 MCM (~192 Million tons)oe. 2005: 4 new discoveries.

Vietnam oil reserves good for 30 years

(Reuters) - Vietnam's current level of recoverable reserves of crude oil and gas are enough for another three decades of production. "Counting the reserves we have discovered so far, production can last another 30 years," Thang said in the interview, adding Petrovietnam was expanding exploration to boost reserves. HANOI | Sun Jan 24, 2010 9:39pm EST

3. Basement extremly special reservoir

Bach Ho (White Tiger) field is a giant oil field with recoverable reserves is 01.0-1.4 mmm bbls ( 136 190 million tons ). about 90% of oil was producted from the basement reservoir, the remaining comes from Oligocene and Miocene clastics.

The first oil from basement rock was producted by Vietsopetro at White Tiger field.. No company though that the oil exists in basement rock.

Main features of basement reservoir in White Tiger field

No existing lower zone ( water ) Fractured- basement reservoir.

Two-dimensional model of the play concept for the

Cuu Long basin

Why has vietsopetro drilled to basement rock?

Lost circulation. There is very thick cap rock upper the basement rock.

You should never use water injection method to preserve reservoir pressure said experts of World Bank

4. Conclusion Tertiary basins of Vietnam have similar geological and petroleum features; four of them have encountered and produced oil and gas. Improvement of oil recovery for producing fields Effective development of marginal fields Exploration in deepwater and frontier areas

Vietnam insitute of drilling technology. Petrotimes.

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