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High-performance tools catalogue for the tool and mould making industry Product description

Bellach / 09.11.2009 HJK/AC Product description with photo Article No. 7600 / 7604 / 76408
Protection of the cutting edge through high-temperature resistant coating X-AL

Hard and tough hard metal reduces abrasive wear and improves fracture toughness.

Large chip space for fast, easy chip removal.

Important characteristics


Description Additional information X-Al is a twocomponent, AlCrMax. temperature Temprature max. based coating that C offers outstanding 1200 protection against heat1000 induced wear. 800
600 400 200 0




Fraisa SA

A very hard cutting material is used, one that demonstrates adequate hardness for HFC machining. Substrate (cutting material)


2000 1500 1000 500


The negative hollow grinding transfers the metal removal process to the complete face. In the case of small axial depths of cut it is therefore possible to achieve very high advance rates without putting too much stress on the cutting edges.
Chip width 6 x ap
Spanbreite = Chip width

Significant increase in advance rate by extending the chip width while retaining the chip thickness.

Advance speed

Before coating, the tools are treated on the cutting edge in order to minimise breakouts.

Einsatzfenster = Application window


Fraisa SA

Areas of application All HSC roughing applications with materials in the hardness range 31-60HRC, especially suited to 2D machining.

Which competitors were used as the benchmark in the development? The relevant competition was Fette. Hitachi, Mitsubishi, OSG and SECO were also studied in the evaluation. Price positioning in the German market

XFeed , Article No. X7600

Which customers are to be approached? Customers in the model and mould-making sector Which products are to be replaced? No Fraisa products.


Market price net in Euro

Fraisa SA

Which competitors are to be tackled? All suppliers of tools for the high advance speed machining of steels, especially Hitachi, OSG and Mitsubishi as well as the European competitors PWZ and Fette. In what areas should care be exercised? Fraisa mould-making tools are at least as good if not better than those of the competition. Re-sharpening, ToolService / ReTool

Is it possible to maintain the nominal sizes and tolerances of the tools after re -sharpening? If not, what deviations must the customer expect?
The geometry of XFeed tools can be re-sharpened. Thanks to the straight flutes, the results achieved are excellent. The radius tolerances are not critical, however, the user must be prepared to accept a reduction (min. >0.2mm) in nominal diameter. The smallest diameter which can be resharpened is 8 and possibly also 6mm.

How often can tools be re-sharpened?

The re-sharpening frequency depends on the diameter and wear. Once or twice should be possible however. Test results Test results will be published through the ToolSchool in the Fraisa Forum. Please also report your findings in the Fraisa Forum! Where should questions about our products be addressed? Fraisa SA Hansjrg Khn Gurzelenstrasse 7 4512 Bellach E-mail: Tel.: 0041 / (0)32 617 42 18

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