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Quantum Jumping Workbook

Jump Towards A Better You In Just 45 Days With These Powerful Exercises

By: Burt Goldman

Table of Contents:

Welcome: Page 1 Preparations: Page 2 Intructions: Page 3 The Daily Meditation: Page 4 Affirmations: Page 4 Workbook: Page 6

I would like to take this opportunity to personally welcome you to the Quantum Jumping program. Over the years there has been an over-abundance of personal development programs, books, magazines, websites and gurus all promising to show you how to live a better life. All of these self-help systems, however, have missed something critical. They have focused purely on changing an individuals attitude or beliefs which are, in many cases, at odds with what their experiences are telling them. Quantum Jumping is different. It teaches you how to experience life differently. Your experiences will bring you amazing results that will then, and only then, change your beliefs and lead to more positive experiences. I dont just want to change your attitude towards life, I want you to experience firsthand what you are truly capable of. The concept of multiple universes has been widely accepted by the scientific community, namely the quantum physicists of the world, and has been studied for decades. However, no one (until now) has been able to explain how to take advantage of this knowledge and apply it in a way that brings with it life-altering consequences. For decades I have known how to tap into these hidden powers to harness unbelievable skills, master new talents and attract endless wealth and prosperity. In December 2008, I finally decided to share this knowledge with the rest of the world when I launched my first Quantum Jumping program. Since then I have heard remarkable success stories from people just like you who have achieved more than I could even imagine possible with Quan-1-

tum Jumping. When you follow my procedures and exercises to the point where you are truly comfortable Quantum Jumping to parallel universes, then you can really say that you have found that elusive it that so many seek. The following question will arise often: am I actually in an alternate universe, talking to my doppelganger twin? Or is it just a fanciful daydream? Is it all psychological, metaphysical, a mental placebo or is it real? My answer: It doesnt matter. All the matters is this. Does it work? To take the best advantage of the Quantum Jumping course, so that every jump will add to your development and help you in all aspects of your life, keep an open mind and commit to giving it a chance. I promise you will find your life indeed getting, better and better. So welcome to my world! Use this workbook along with the Quantum Jumping 1 & II course. Remember to do a meditation every day. You will be better for it. I promise you.

Before sitting down to listen to the course, I would recommend that you prepare yourself by a simple meditation. This is to relax you and neutralize your mind and your thought

processes. To prepare simply close your eyes visualize yourself in a light meditative state of mind. Then you may start your daily exercise and continue along with the course. Keep it simple, this is not meant to be complicated. You will find that the benefits you will receive from the program will far outweigh the time you spend working with the material.

On each CD of the course you will find lecture modules and meditation modules. I recommend that you listen to all of the lectures and bypass the meditations for the moment. Then at a second listening, utilize the power of the meditations. I realize that you may want to do a meditation right away and if you do, thats all right, but do that same meditation again after listening to all the lecture material. There are methods, techniques, and ideas on just about any subject that is liable to come up in your life. Treated with respect, the Quantum Jumping program can have a very strong and positive effect on the way you view things, your relationships, your aspirations, your health, and your longevity. This workbook is meant to compliment both the Quantum Jumping 1 & II courses. Start day 1 of the workbook along with CD 1 - Module 1 of my first Quantum Jumping course and continue along through the completion of Quantum Jumping II. Try to listen to at least 1 lecture track and 1 medi-3-

tation track daily. This will ensure you can continue with the workbook without skipping a single day. It is not necessary to listen to the meditations over and over again, but some people do and are better for it. For those who want to meditate by themselves without the help of an outside voice guiding them I strongly advise you to do our daily meditation below. I personally do it every morning, and most evenings.

The Daily Meditation

Take yourself to your meditation state by the means most comfortable for you. I would suggest doing the 3-to-1 count and then the 10-to-1 count as you learned during with my QJ I meditations. Then concentrate on the word Om. Mentally say it softly with each out breath. Breathe slowly and repeat the mantra as you breathe out. Breathe easy as your slow breath will relax and energize you when you come out of the meditation. When you feel totally at ease, just stay in that place for as long as you are comfortable, I would recommend ten minutes or so, but even one minute will be beneficial. Then, to come out of the meditation, squeeze your eyelids together and they will pop open.

I am going to recommend one affirmation that you repeat every day that encompasses all the good things you want for yourself. It is the one created by Emil Cou, the father of the personal

development field, and still looked upon as the definitive affirmation. It truly covers all the best of your life. Ive adopted it for my students, as did Jose Silva and many other leaders in the field. The affirmation is: Every day, in every way, Im getting better and better. I will, on occasion, use this mantra instead of using Om when meditating, repeating it with each slow out breath. After a week or so of daily use, especially while meditating you should notice a positive difference in your life. I truly hope you find this program beneficial. I look forward to hearing your experiences. Sincerely,
Burt Goldman


DAY 1 Date : __________________________

Quote of the Day: Your thoughts manifest as your creations. Todays Exercise: Think of and write down 5 things that you would like to achieve from the Quantum Jumping course. Take A Moment: How do you think your present life is different from the life you really want? What things are missing in your life right now? Remember this: all things came from a thought, even you. So start thinking. What do you really want? Karma Speaks: Think of two of your childhood friends who are an inseparable part of your life and have inspired you in more than one way. Call them and express your gratitude. Todays Declaration: I desire the benefits and advantages that positive thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors provide.

DAY 2 Date : __________________________

Quote of the Day: We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. - Aristotle Todays Exercise: Write down three of your self-limiting beliefs, why these beliefs are holding you back in life and why you MUST change them. Take A Moment: When Aristotle famously said that excellence is a habit it reminded me of the great piano master virtuoso Arthur Rubenstein. A friend once asked him why he practiced so much when he was already a world renowned pianist. Rubenstein looked at his friend and said, If I miss a day of practice, my coach will know, if I miss two days, I will know, and if I miss three days, my audience will know. Repetition, routine, regularity, call it what you will, is persistence at work and persistence will overcome every time. Karma Speaks: Today, greet everyone you see with a smile. Todays Declaration: I am always in control of what I think, say, believe, and do, and at all times.

DAY 3 Date : __________________________

Quote of the Day: Your inner world creates your outer world Todays Exercise: Choose three different things that you always wanted to do/ wanted to become. What would your life be like today if these wishes came true? Take A Moment: The daydreaming mechanism may well be your best resource. Its a tool that can help you get the things you want. When coupled with meditation, daydreaming allows you to visit a world where you are anything you want to be. Know that before an action can take place it firsts has to happen in your mind. Karma Speaks: Today do at least one thing that you have been postponing for a while and make sure you finish it in entirety. Todays Declaration: I have the power to transform negative thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors to more resourceful ones.

DAY 4 Date : __________________________

Quote of the Day: Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm. - Publilius Syrus Todays Exercise: Try to remember 3 insignificant events which played a significant role in making your life what it is today and then imagine where you would be today if those things didnt occur. Take A Moment: How many times do you actually sit and ponder over the things that you have instead of the things that you dont have? Karma Speaks: Set up a date where you take your loved ones out for dinner and make them feel special. Todays Declaration: I desire the benefits and advantages that positive images, thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors bring me.

DAY 5 Date : __________________________

Quote of the Day: It is not rejection itself that people fear; it is the possible consequences of rejection. Preparing to accept those consequences and viewing rejection as a learning experience that will bring you closer to success, will not only help you to conquer the fear of rejection, but help you to appreciate rejection itself. -Bo Bennett Todays Exercise: Identify your success statements by defining what success means for you in different areas of your life (your career, relationships, health, wealth). For example, a success statement for your relationship could be I am in a loving, compassionate and fulfilling relationship Take A Moment: Prepare a chart where each column represents a different area in your life. Under each column write down your success statement for each area. Read it every week and take notee when you feel you have accomplished them. Karma Speaks: Treat your inner self. Take time out to meditate and get connected. Todays Declaration: All my past experiences strengthen who I am today.

DAY 6 Date : __________________________

Quote of the Day: In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you - Deepak Chopra Todays Exercise: Write down whether the stress you experience in your life is mostly fear-based or anger-based. Write down what core emotions trigger stress for you most often and identify ways you can stop those emotions from taking over. Take A Moment: Meditate for a minimum of five minutes sometime this afternoon. Use the mantra Om. Repeat it mentally with each outgoing breath and concentrate solely on that until you reach the pleasant state of alpha. Karma Speaks: Be grateful towards your body and express the same by setting up a daily exercise regime for it. Todays Declaration: I live everyday of my life by my own design.

DAY 7 Date : __________________________

Quote of the Day: Wealth is not a matter of intelligence its a matter of inspiration - Jim Rohn Todays Exercise: List three reasons why you believe you can be and deserve to be wealthy. Take A Moment: Recall the tale of the Acres of Diamonds, the story about a man who searched the world high and low for riches not realizing his homestead rested on the richest vein of diamonds in South Africa. Fortune may be closer than you think. Learn to focus on what you already have. Karma Speaks: Today help someone who is financially poor. Give a dollar to a homeless man. Buy a friend lunch. Donate a basket of food to the local food bank. Todays Declaration: My capacity to earn, hold and grow money expands day-by-day.

DAY 8 Date : __________________________

Quote of the Day: If you greatly desire something, have the guts to stake everything on obtaining it - Brendan Francis Todays Exercise: Visualize what you desire the most at this very moment and why. Write down five concrete actions that you would be willing to take in order to make it yours. Take A Moment: What does your deepest desire reveal about yourself? Karma Speaks: Today, do something good/help someone, without them knowing about it. Todays Declaration: When my desires are strong enough, I will appear to possess superhuman powers to achieve it.

DAY 9 Date : __________________________

Quote of the Day: Remember, we all stumble, every one of us. Thats why its a comfort to go hand in hand. -Emily Kimbrough Todays Exercise: How healthy is your relationship with your loved ones? How often do you express your gratitude towards them or let them know how important they are in your life? Imagine how your life would be without them. Now write down three things that you want to do for them as a token of your appreciation. Take A Moment: Spend some time with nature today. Take a walk through the woods eat lunch in the park. Anything that makes you feel peaceful and connected with mother earth. Karma Speaks: Give your loved ones a warm hug today and say thank you with a smile. Todays Declaration: I was born to learn to love myself more, and to share that love with people around me.

DAY 10 Date : __________________________

Quote of the Day: Wealth like happiness, is never attained when sought after directly. It comes as a by-product of providing a useful service- Henry Ford Todays Exercise: Use the Bagha exercise (QJ I: CD 2: Module 2) to manifest what you wrote on Day 7. Visualize it and concentrate hard to obtain it though the guided meditation. See how your doppelganger can help you achieve the same. Take A Moment: What new changes have you seen in yourself in the past few days? Write 2 specific ones and share it with someone. Karma Speaks: Donate something today to someone who needs it without expecting anything in return. Food, clothing, advice or even time. Todays Declaration: I gratefully accept all the wealth and happiness that the universe pours into me everyday

DAY 11 Date : __________________________

Quote of the Day: We cant solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them - Albert Einstein Todays Exercise: Think about a problem which has been frustrating you for a long time. Now listen to the Solution Alpha Exercise (QJ I: CD3: Module: 2) and jump to a universe of a doppelganger who has already solved this problem successfully. What is the first step you need to do to overcome this problem? Take A Moment: Think about how incredible it would feel to get rid of this problem. What emotions would you feel and how would your life be different without that problem? Reflect and write. Karma Speaks: Often it is in moments of helping others that you yourself are helped the most. Todays Declaration: I am so happy and grateful now that every problem is an opportunity for me to be a creator and that I am highly creative. I consider every problem that confronts me as a new door to be opened.

DAY 12 Date : __________________________

Quote of the Day: When you live a life with no boundaries, theres less joy. - Tom Hanks Todays Exercise: Set clear boundaries. Tell yourself to not stress the small stuff. Learn when to say Yes and No. Know where to draw the line and not take on too much in your life. You dont ALWAYS need to do things above and beyond the call of duty. The Super Mom/Dad/Employee/Friend syndrome can drain your emotional and physical reserves fast. No one can do everything for everyone, all the time. Set your limits, and honor them and most importantly, take care of YOU. Take A Moment: Keep a journal and write in it at the end of every day. Make sure to write down what you did for yourself that day. What emotions did you feel when you took some time for yourself? Reflect and write. Karma Speaks: Go for a nice, relaxing walk with your pet. Remember, they love you unconditionally. Todays Declaration: I will go beyond what I believe is impossible, to discover what IS possible.

DAY 13 Date : __________________________

Quote of the Day: Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become your character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.- Anonymous Todays Exercise: Watch the way you speak to people today. Even if stressed, try to speak to those around you in a calm, cool and collected way. You would be surprised how far a few kind words can get you. Take A Moment: Think of something kind a colleague, friend or family member said to you today in response to your changed demeanor. Feels good doesnt it? Karma Speaks: Express your gratitude to your colleagues and your sub-ordinates. Appreciate them for their good work whenever possible. Todays Declaration: My good habits contribute to health, wealth and wisdom.

DAY 14 Date : __________________________

Quote of the Day: Of course there is no formula for success except perhaps an unconditional acceptance of life and what it brings - Arthur Rubinstein Todays Exercise: Use Fearless Alpha exercise (QJ I: CD:5 Module: 2) to empower yourself to achieve what you wrote down on Day 3 despite your fears. Visualize it and concentrate hard to obtain it though the guided meditation. Take A Moment: What fear did you conquer after meeting your doppelganger? What will be your next steps to achieving this goal and how will you ensure to keep yourself on track? Reflect and write. Karma Speaks: Cook a meal for your friend and call them over. Spend some quality time with them catching up. Todays Declaration: If I greatly desire something, I have the guts to stake everything on obtaining it.- Brendan Francis

DAY 15 Date : __________________________

Quote of the Day: When a thing is funny, search it carefully for a hidden truth - George Bernard Shaw Todays Exercise: Treat yourself to healthy fun. Laughter releases, and reduces stress and unnecessary tension. Dont take things too seriously. Learn how to find the good and positive in everything, especially if it wasnt what you were expecting or desiring. Laughter even seems to promote health. Take A Moment: On a cruise ship a small boy falls overboard. His father cries out to the passengers watching in horror, a million dollars to anyone who saves my son! No one moves. Suddenly a little old man flies over the rail, swims rapidly to the boy and keeps him afloat until they are rescued. The father goes to reward the little old man but the man refuses saying that he has no need for the money but he would like to know one thing. The father replies yes, of course, anything! The little old man looks up at the father and asks, who pushed me? Karma Speaks: Think about how your life would be if you dont have the people you have in your life right now and lucky you are to have them. Write a small note expressing your gratitude and email it to them. Todays Declaration: Laughter is an instant vacation. Milton Berle

DAY 16 Date : __________________________

Quote of the Day: Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down - Oprah Winfrey Todays Exercise: Refer back to Day 9 and ask yourself what you can do to improve your relationship (or find a relationship). Now listen to the Advice Alpha Exercise (QJ: 1 CD: 3 Module: 4) and meditate. Jump to a universe where your doppelganger is in the perfect relationship and learn from him/her. Take A Moment: What are you going to change first to improve your (or find a) relationship? What are your next action steps? Reflect and write. Karma Speaks: List at least 10 qualities of your significant other that you are grateful for in your life right now. If you are single, write down 10 things you would want in a partner. Todays Declaration: My relationship has blossomed into love and passion.

DAY 17 Date : __________________________

Quote of the Day: The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen Frank Lloyd Wright Todays Exercise: Write down three skills/talents/abilities you want to master. Take A Moment: How would you feel if you could learn these new skills? What would you use them for? Reflect and write. Karma Speaks: Treat yourself today. Go out. Eat your favorite ice-cream or watch a movie. Do anything that makes you happy. If you are happy, then you will make people around you happy. Todays Declaration: I believe that I can make great things happen.

DAY 18 Date : __________________________

Quote of the Day: One person with a belief is equal to a force of 99 who have only interests - John Stuart Mill Todays Exercise: Beliefs dictate your experiences and vice versa. Determine what beliefs are keeping you from moving forward. Once you know what they are, replace it with a better one, and repeat it continuously until you own it. For example, if your limiting belief is there are no good jobs out there change it to the perfect job is coming my way. If your beliefs do not result in the life you want, then change them. List your new beliefs in the following areas of your life: Love Life: Health: Wealth: Relationships: Career:

Take A Moment: What you believe to be, is and when you understand that, and have a modicum of control over your beliefs, you will find that which you seek. - Seth Karma Speaks: Call your parents and express gratitude to them, unconditionally. Tell them how thankful you are for all they have done for you. Todays Declaration: I will live, love, and work according to my beliefs.

DAY 19 Date : __________________________

Quote of the Day: Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy - Norman Vincent Peale Todays Exercise: Faith is needed to achieve any goal. But what is faith without action? Action is necessary before any goal can manifest. It is important for you to create goals that are clear, coherent, and congruent to what you desire to manifest so you can take the right steps towards those goals. Answer the following questions to help you make your goals clear and concise. What do I want to manifest? (Use very specific details, numbers, etc.) When do I want to manifest what I desire? (Give specific date) Where will I be when I manifest what I desire? (Exact locations) Who will be there with me and give me feedback? (Name) Why is this important to me? (Specific emotions) Take A Moment: Faith is an unquestioning belief that does not require proof or evidence. It is far greater than a simple

belief. Faith is desire, belief, and expectancy coming together congruently. Karma Speaks: Share this exercise with someone who you think would get most benefit from it. Todays Declaration: I will move freely towards tomorrow without the doubts of today, with strong and active faith.

- 43 -

DAY 20 Date : __________________________

Quote of the Day: The greatest pollution problem we face today is negativity. Eliminate the negative attitude and believe you can do anything. Replace if I can, I hope, maybe with I can, I will, I must. -Mary Kay Ash Todays Exercise: Write down 10 positive things that happened to you today. Remember to always celebrate your successes, big or small! Take A Moment: Today see only the positive in things. Act as though you have a pair of rose-colored glasses that see only the good, the colorful, the pleasant, and the bright. Karma Speaks: Think of two of your childhood friends who are an inseparable part of your life and have inspired you in more than one ways. Call them and express your gratitude. Todays Declaration: Negativity may be around me and I dont have to own it.

DAY 21 Date : __________________________

Quote of the Day: The Grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for -Allan K. Chalmers Todays Exercise: As soon as your alarm sounds this morning, jump out of bed and scream Yes! Another day! Whatever you do - DONT push the snooze button! Take A Moment: If you do this every morning, its impossible to wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Karma Speaks: Today, greet everyone you see with a smile. Todays Declaration: I AM excited about the new day and look forward to it with anticipation and interest.

DAY 22 Date : __________________________

Quote of the Day: You can never get enough of what you dont need to make you happy- Eric Hoffer Todays Exercise: What defines your happiness? Write down three things. Take A Moment: Remember only you control your happiness. If you rely on others to be happy you will never be satisfied. Make sure your definition of happiness comes from within. Karma Speaks: Today start at least one daily ritual that you can commit to every single day. Consistency is more important than intensity but it should be something that will make a difference in your life. I.e. Start every day with a positive affirmation. Todays Declaration: Happiness depends upon ourselves. There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way- Buddha

DAY 23 Date : __________________________

Quote of the Day: If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion - Dalai Lama Todays Exercise: Show compassion today to someone you feel lacks it. There is a good chance they need compassion more than anyone. Take A Moment: To have compassion there must be a sense of empathy at work. Compassionate people are empathetic people. The definition of goodness is an abundance of empathy, the definition of evil is a lack of empathy. Karma Speaks: Set up date where you take your loved ones out for dinner and make them feel special. Todays Declaration: Being happy is my birthright. I choose and deserve to be happy!!

DAY 24 Date : __________________________

Quote of the Day: The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible Todays Exercise: Be aware of your thoughts and the way you speak today. Notice the effect that negative thoughts and words have on you and those around you. You have learned your patterns of thinking and speaking throughout your life time and although they took years and years to develop, it wont take a life time to dissolve them. You can create new, and more resourceful, positive patterns or habits of thinking and speaking. Take A Moment: Here is the Tale of the Ultimate Positive Thinker. A man, wanting his child to be more realistic and not see only the bright side of everything, decides to teach his son a lesson. While the son is at school the father fills his room with horse manure. Three tons fill the room from wall to wall and floor to ceiling. The son comes home, opens the door to his room and yells with delight. Yahoo, and starts digging. The father asks what are you doing? The son yells out, Im looking for the pony. Karma Speaks: Treat your inner self. Take time out to meditate and get connected. Todays Declaration: Once I replace negative thoughts with positive ones, Ill start having positive results.

DAY 25 Date : __________________________

Quote of the Day: There are always two choices. Two paths to take. One is easy and its only reward is that its easy Todays Exercise: Think of a decision you made in the past that caused a turning point in your life. It might have been something small or it might have been something major, but there was a time in the past when you were confronted by a choice that had drastic consequences on the direction of your life. Now imagine a different you. The you who took a different path. How is their life different from yours? What are some reasons you are grateful for making the decision you did? Take A Moment: When making a decision consider the consequences of that decision. Ask yourself what the best case scenario could be, and then consider the worst case scenario. Reality lies somewhere in between the two. Karma Speaks: Be grateful towards your body and express the same by setting up a daily exercise regime for it. Todays Declaration: I can change anything I want about my self or life any time I choose.

DAY 26 Date : _________________________

Quote of the Day: One should never criticize his own work except in a fresh and hopeful mood. Self-criticism of a tired mind is suicide. Charles Horton Cooley Todays Exercise: Write down 10 reasons why you are amazing at what you do. Whether youre a Mom, Dad, employee, entrepreneur, writer, artist, give yourself some praise. You deserve it. Take A Moment: Critique yourself only when you are viewing things from a positive standpoint. If youre washing dishes dont critique the cleanliness of a single dish but rather the sparkling clean kitchen resulting from doing the dishes. Karma Speaks: Today, try to give at least 3 people positive feedback. Todays Declaration: The more positive I think and speak, the better my living experience.

DAY 27 Date : __________________________

Quote of the Day: No body can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending - Maria Robinson Todays Exercise: Take a moment to reflect on your lives insignificant events that have had negative and detrimental effects on your life. Write them down. Now listen to the Insignificant Event Meditation (QJ: 2 CD: 3 Module: 11) and learn how to create new insignificant events to replace the negative that will change the course of your life starting today. Take A Moment: A man goes out to his car and discovers someone dented his fender and drove off. He gets a repair estimate and discovers it will be five hundred dollars to fix it. He determines to earn three times that in a new way. Now his focus is not on the dent, but on the manner in which he will earn the money. His creativity is stimulated and the ultimate result of the dent are new, creative pursuit (and $1500). Karma Speaks: What you focus on expands. Focus on the solution, not the problem. Todays Declaration: If Im unhappy with my world and want to change it, the place to start is with myself.

DAY 28 Date : __________________________

Quote of the Day: What a wonderful life Ive had! I only wish Id realized it sooner - Sidonie Todays Exercise: To everyone who asks how you are doing today, response with I am absolutely fantastic! This will interrupt your pattern of saying good thanks and is bound to make the person smile. When they ask why is that? tell them all the things that make your life wonderful today. Remember, your attitude affects that of others Take A Moment: Every now and again I jump to my twenty-two year old doppelganger and give him advice. I tell him of some of the pitfalls that he will experience but mostly, I tell him how to control his emotions and attitude. As I do that, I notice subtle changes in my memory that highlight all the positive things that have happened in my life. I recommend that everyone do this every now and again. Karma Speaks: What advice would you give your twentytwo year old self? Todays Declaration: All that we are is the result of what we have thought - Buddha

DAY 29 Date : __________________________

Quote of the Day: There is hope in dreams, imagination, and in the courage of those who wish to make those dreams a reality Todays Exercise: Take a moment to daydream today. Think about what your life would be like in 1 year if you achieved your biggest goal. Focus on your goal. What your body would be doing if you achieve this goal? Do it. Smile, jump up and down, throw your arms in the air! Do it! Now say what you would say if you achieved this goal. Say it out loud right now. Make sure to write down your daydream and make sure to note what you said and did during this day dream. Take A Moment: Daydreams, when controlled and when taken as a possible three part concept can be a valuable asset. Recreational, Emotional, and Objective designed. Recognize the difference and daydream your way to success and peace. Karma Speaks: There are three way to change your reality. Focus, Physiology and Language. As soon as you change these, you change your life. Todays Declaration: You become what you think-Earl Nightingale

DAY 30 Date : __________________________

Quote of the Day: Dreams do come true, if we only wish hard enough. You can have anything in life if you will sacrifice everything else for it - James Matthew Barrie Todays Exercise: If you could have infinite wisdom, what would you use it for? Write it down. Learn how to make massive change with wisdom. Listen to QJ: 2 CD: 4 Module: 14. Take A Moment: No one wants to sacrifice everything for a dream. Start today with one simple step in the right direction. All success comes from incremental improvements. Karma Speaks: Today, be 1% better than you were yesterday. Do this everyday to become better and better. Todays Declaration: What ever my mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

DAY 31 Date : __________________________

Quote of the Day: The positive thinkers sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible - Anonymous Todays Exercise: How will use Quantum Jumping? Think of the different ways you can use the Quantum Jump technique to improve your life. Write them down and make a commitment to yourself to follow through. Take A Moment: Close your eyes and take 10 deep breaths then smile. Didnt that feel good? Karma Speaks: Remember: Repetition is the mother of mastery. Todays Declaration: Every day in every way, Im getting better, better and better.

DAY 32 Date : __________________________

Quote of the Day: For myself I am optimist - it does not seem to be much use being anything else - Winston Churchill Todays Exercise: Refer to the list you made yesterday. Choose one of the ways you would use Quantum Jumping in your life and answer the following questions: - What would I use Quanumt Jumping to achiehve? - Why do I want this? - What have I done to achieve it thus far? - How badly do I want it? - What would my life be like if I achieved it? - What I am going to do right now to get it? Take A Moment: The optimist has a different attitude than the pessimist. Two shoe salesmen are sent to a small town in Kenya. One sends back a telegram, wire me five hundred dollars for a ticket back as its impossible to sell shoes here, everyone goes around barefoot. The other sends back a telegram, send more sales people this is the best market Ive ever seen, everyone needs shoes. Karma Speaks: Turn obstacles into opportunities. Todays Declaration: My life is blossoming in total perfection.

DAY 33 Date : __________________________

Quote of the Day: A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes - Mahatma Gandhi Todays Exercise: Write down 10 positive thoughts about your life. Take A Moment: Thoughts affect your feelings, which affect your actions, and ultimately, your results. Karma Speaks: Become bigger than your problems. Todays Declaration: Everything I need is already with me.

DAY 34 Date : __________________________

Quote of the Day: These are my last words to you. Be not afraid of life. Believe that life is worth living and your belief will create the fact - William James Todays Exercise: Finish this sentence: I am.... Whats the first thing that pops into mind? If its a negative belief of how you see yourself, you need to change it. Replace it with I am infinite. Repeat this to yourself as much as possible throughout the day. Take A Moment: Life is what you make it. The manner in which you create your own reality is through your beliefs. Examine how you feel about your surroundings and the people you are involved with. If you like what you see and feel, enjoy it. If not, change it. Karma Speaks: A belief is a thought youve accepted to be true and have evidence to prove it. Todays Declaration: I accept all my feelings as part of myself.

DAY 35 Date : __________________________

Quote of the Day: I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today - William Allen White Todays Exercise: Write down 10 reasons why you love TODAY. Take A Moment: Yesterday is a memory, tomorrow a fantasy, your point of power is now. You control your memories. Karma Speaks: Compare leads to dispair. Todays Declaration: The more positive I think and speak, the better my living experience.

DAY 36 Date : __________________________

Quote of the Day: Thought, like all potent weapons, is exceedingly dangerous if mishandled. Clear thinking is therefore desirable not only in order to develop the full potentialities of the mind, but also to avoid disaster -Giles St. Aubyn Todays Exercise: There are 2 types of thoughts. Empowering and disempowering. Write down 5 empowering thoughts about yourself. Take A Moment: You can clarify your thoughts by enhancing them. Make them sharper, more colorful, larger. Bring in the auditory sense, imagine that you are speaking what you are thinking, then mentally say it louder, or if the situation warrants, softer. Karma Speaks: Congruence is important in all areas of your life. Align your thoughts with your behaviors. Todays Declaration: From this day forward I choose to think and speak in a positive manner.

DAY 37 Date : __________________________

Quote of the Day: What You Focus on, Expands Todays Exercise: Do the target jump meditation (QJ: 2 CD: 6 Module: 19) and write down your top 5 goals in life. Take A Moment: Imagine achieving the goals you are focusing on and place yourself in that moment as though you are an observer. Then as a participant. When participating widen the scene. Make it infinite. Make the entire world a stage with you one of the actors. Then be the director. Karma Speaks: Goals are merely problems awaiting to be solved. Todays Declaration: Positive thoughts, images, and suggestions bring me benefits I desire.

DAY 38 Date : __________________________

Quote of the Day: Choices are your half chances, choose wisely. The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live- Flora Whittemore Todays Exercise: Think of past events you want to eliminate in your life. Complete the Self-Reflection Jump (QJ:2 CD: 7). Take A Moment: Do not close a door until you have opened another. Karma Speaks: Know your values and revisit them regularly. Todays Declaration: What I have programmed for is in progress. Its just a matter of time

DAY 39 Date : __________________________

Quote of the Day: Personality has the power to open many doors, but character must keep them open - Anonymous Todays Exercise: Think of the person you love most in life. Write down 10 reasons why you love this person. Take A Moment: The beauty you see in others is a reflection of the beauty within yourself. Karma Speaks: Hug someone today! Todays Declaration: There is much to learn today and every day.

DAY 40 Date : __________________________

Quote of the Day: The greatest wealth is health. ~ Virgil Todays Exercise: Remember a healthy body is a healthy mind. Listen to The Cou Quantum Healing Meditation (QJ: 2 CD: 8 Module: 23). Take A Moment: Do something active today. Go for a walk on your lunch break, ride your bike to work rather than drive, go for an evening stroll. Karma Speaks: Protect all your mental and physical faculties. You only have one mind and one body. Treat them well. Todays Declaration: I have the power to control my health.

DAY 41 Date : __________________________

Quote of the Day: Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it -William Arthur Ward Todays Exercise: Be very conscious of all the wonderful gifts life has granted you. Live today with immense gratitude and express it whenever possible. Take A Moment: Gratitude works both ways, give a small gift to someone in your life for no reason at all. Karma Speaks: People who express gratitude daily are 25% happier in life than those who do not. Start keeping a daily gratitude journal. Todays Declaration: I will focus on the good, and express gratitude for the positive experiences in my life.

DAY 42 Date : __________________________

Quote of the Day: There are no mistakes, no coincidences. All events are blessings given to us to learn from. - Elizabeth Kubler-Ross Todays Exercise: Its time for you to be the doppelganger. Complete the Reverse Jump (QJ: 2 CD: 9 Module: 29) and this time, you be the one to give the advice. Take A Moment: Generally speaking a coincidence is a positive event and an accident a negative one. When something accidentally happens, turn it into a positive event, act as though you created it. Make it a coincidence. Karma Speaks: It is often when giving advice that we learn the most. Todays Declaration: I will pause and think before I act.

DAY 43 Date : __________________________

Quote of the Day: If you think about disaster, you will get it. Brood about death and you hasten your demise. Think positively and masterfully, with confidence and faith. Then life becomes more secure, more fraught with action, richer in achievement and experience. - Edward Rickenbacker Todays Exercise: Write down ten things that you like about your job and three ways through which you can make more money from it. Now I want you to visualize. Use the Midas Jump (QJ: 2 CD: 10 Module: 31) to meet your doppelganger and get the golden touch. Take A Moment: When you think about really bad things happening, stop for a moment and imagine the things are just a movie in your mind. Stop the movie and cut the bad scene out. Then create a new, more positive scene and run the movie again. Remember you are the director of your mind and thoughts. Karma Speaks: Give someone with a poverty mindset 1 million dollars and in 1 year they will be poor. Take 1 million dollars from someone with a millionaire mindset and in 1 year they will have gained it all back. Todays Declaration: Everything I touch returns riches to me.

DAY 44 Date : __________________________

Quote of the Day: Look within!... The secret is inside you -Hui-neng Todays Exercise: You have almost reached the end of your journey. Now is the time to reflect on how you have transformed since the time you started. Close your eyes and visualize a timeline.Your past being towards the left, your future to the right. Focusing towards the left, see what has happened in your life in the past 43 days. How has your life improved? How have others responded to your change in attitude? What new habits did you pick up along the way? Now, focusing towards the right, see all the positive things coming your way as a result of the changes you have made in your life. What goals do you achieve? What do you become? How much money are you earning? Who is within you during this success? Draw a timeline and write each scenario along it. Take A Moment: Every evening, just before you drift off into sleep, go over the days events and focus on anything you wish you could have done differently. Everyday, you will find fewer and fewer you would change. When you go a week without regretting one word or deed you are well on your

way to enlightenment. Karma Speaks: Live with passion. Todays Declaration: Today will be better than yesterday and tomorrow will be better than today.

- 93 -

DAY 45 Date : __________________________

Quote of the Day: The aggressive person thinks with a loud volume, shy people think in whispers. Control the volume of your thoughts and you have better control over your emotions. - Burt Goldman Todays Exercise: Write a letter to yourself giving congratulations for all your successes and expectations of great things to come. Be as specific as possible. Write scenarios, feelings, emotions and actions you have taken and intend to take. Take A Moment: An emotion is any thought that has like or dislike attached to it. The more like the more emotional, the more dislike the more emotional. To control your emotions control your likes and dislikes. Karma Speaks: Treat your inner self. Take time out to meditate and get connected. Try the Quantum Daisy Pond meditation (QJ: 2 Bonus CD: 2). Todays Declaration: I will keep my energy positive, and radiate positive thoughts to everyone.