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Dental Evidence Locator EBD Resources

Summaries of Systematic Reviews

Journal/Resource Name EBD at Primary Link for Accessing Content and Search Tools Information Available

Summaries of dental systematic review evidence-based clinical recommendations; additional Web resources

Journal of Evidence-Based Dental Practice

Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effectiveness (DARE) National Library for HealthOral Health Specialist Library Evidence-Based Dentistry journal (UK) Evidentista (Pan American Centers for Evidence-Based Dentistry) Centre for Evidence-Based Dentistry

Summaries of dental systematic review plus commentary and analysis; critica evaluations of published articles on various topics. Structured abstracts of systematic reviews; includes commentary on ove review quality. Structured abstracts of systematic reviews. Systematic review summaries/analyse

Clinical questions and answers (group by topic area) Evidence summaries from the Oral He Specialist library (grouped by topic and/or specialty area).

Clinical Recommendations/Guidelines
Journal/Resource Name National Guideline Clearinghouse ADA Evidence-Based Clinical Recommendations

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Information Avail

Clinical practice gu non-U.S.)

PubMed Clinical Queries (National Library of Medicine) National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) CDC Division of Oral Health s set=true

Comprehensive eva reviews and other p clinical issues (e.g. dental sealants). Clinical practice gu category).

Clinical guidelines recall.

Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network

Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) of England TRIP Database SUMSearch

Guidelines develop Task Force on Com Services. Clinical guidelines (available as full gu reference guide for Clinical guidelines faculty) on commo Clinical guidelines

Centre for Evidence-Based Dentistry FDI World Dental Federation

Searches free onlin (Medline), Databas Effectiveness (DAR Clearinghouse--to r reviews and/or clin Guidelines/consens (grouped by topic a Clinical guidelines

International Centre for Evidence-Based Oral Health

statements from na associations. Clinical guidance f National Health Se

Systematic Reviews Resource Name

EBD at

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Information Available

Cochrane Oral Health Group (affiliated with the Cochrane Collaboration) PubMed systematic review search page ml#reviews y/static/clinical.shtml#reviews nts/ ismhomepage.html

Abstracts of published systematic reviews on dental topics (grouped by clinical topic areas, listed in A-Z form full-text available for systematic revie published by JADA. Systematic reviews from the Cochran Oral Health Group

Systematic review abstracts, plus link full-text copies (where available). Searchable resource for systematic review abstracts and other studies..

EviDents Search Engine for EBD

TRIP Database

Systematic reviews related to oral hea (also searches 10+ specialist journals)


International Centre for Evidence-Based Oral Health Centre for Evidence-Based Dentistry iceph/newpublications.html

Searches free online resources--PubM (Medline), Database of Reviews of Effectiveness (DARE), NIH Guidelin Clearinghouse--to retrieve systematic reviews and/or clinical guidelines. Links to several full-text systematic reviews on clinical issues, plus other publications. Links to dental systematic reviews (grouped by topic and/or specialty are