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John Henry Doe, Principal c/o P.O. Box 81188 Bayside, California [95524] Non-Domestic 30 October 2008 Henry M. Paulson, Jr., Secretary of the Treasury Department of the Treasury c/o 1500 Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington, D.C. 20220 U.S.P.S. Registered Mail Article No. RR111222333US, with return receipt Certificate of Live Birth No. 999999999, Accepted for Value and Exempt from Levy

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Service by: In the matter of:

I, John Henry Doe, hereby duly notice Henry M. Paulson, Jr., Secretary of the Treasury, Department of the Treasury, with (1) my acceptance for value of "Certificate of Live Birth: numbered: 999999999, and (2) the issuance of the Private, Non-Negotiable Bond for Set-off, numbered: RRxxxxxxxxxUS. Notice to the Agent is notice to the Principal. Notice to the Principal is notice to the Agent. All Rights Reserved. Enclosed are the following instruments: 1. original Private, Non-Negotiable Bond for Set-off, numbered: RR111222333US, in the amount of: "Unlimited"; and, 2. certified copy of "Certificate of Live Birth", numbered: 9999999, duly endorsed as follows: "ACCEPTED FOR VALUE" "EXEMPT FROM LEVY" "(autograph) (seal)" "Exemption ID# 123456789" "DEPOSIT TO THE U.S. TREASURY AND CHARGE" THE SAME TO JOHN H DOE 123-45-6789. Please deposit said Bond, numbered: RR111222333US, to the credit of the Department of the Treasury, further credit to the account of JOHN H DOE 123-45-6789, as mandated by the Bond Order. You have been duly noticed. By: ______________________________ John Henry Doe, Principal