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1. PROPHET ADAM AS Prophet Adam was the first man created by God from a lump of soil. Formed in such a way with the best of shape, then the spirit of life breathed into it. Previously God had created Satan also made of a very hot fire as well as God has created angels from light. Then Allah commanded them to bow down to the Prophet Adam, then they prostrated except devil that are reluctant to kneel because of his pride. Against devil who denies that Allah says in Surat Al-Hijr verse 32-35. 2. PROPHET IDRIS AS Prophet Idris having grandfather named Noah, he is the person who initially clever writing, reading, sewing, astronomy and riding horses. He was very brave fight against the ungodly. So strong and he was nicknamed "Asadul Usad" which means: "Lion of the Lion of All." Prophet Idris as. many study-shahifah Shahifah revealed to Adam and Syits. To the Prophet Idris as his own God sends down 30 shahifah containing clues. Then after his death God raised the Prophet Idris as the sixth heaven. Prophet Idris as commissioned by God to reprove the grandson of Cain, the rebellious child. Cain is the eldest son of Adam, born with his twin girls are named Iqlima. Then, also born with his twin brother Abel woman named Labuda. according to the law of marriage at that time, men married to women Hars that birth does not coincide (not a twin brother). Because it is supposed to marry Cain and Abel married Labuda Iqlima. However, Cain wants to get married. With Iqlima because Iqlima more beautiful than Labuda. Meanwhile demons who hate and grudge against humans and has been getting permission from Allah to deceive Adam's children and grandchildren that are less resilient, so devil began inciting malice Cain so that arose Cain to kill Abel. And this is the sin committed humans first murder.

3. PROPHET NUH AS Noah is the tenth descendant of Adam, he was assigned to the descendants of Cain and Syits. At the beginning, Noah liked his people, because of good performance or in attitude. However, after Noah began to develop the religious teachings of Allah and forbids his people to do evil, then his followers hate. Noah carries out the command of his Lord. Take him by the people who believe to the top of the ark so that save them tremendous flood. When the ship was sailing, the prophet Noah saw his son who nearly drowned. So the Prophet Noah called his son "My son! Went up to the boat with us! Thou shalt be a man who disbelieve in Allah! But the Prophet Noah's children are refusing to call his father and tried to continue running toward the mountains. However, the flood sank immediately. Noah saw it very sad. With deep sadness eventually Prophet prayed: "Oh my God! My son had drowned while he was of my family, but God has promised to save our family! 4. PROPHET HUD AS Is a descendant of Prophet Hud as Sam's son Noah, he was sent to his nation, namely the 'Ad who lived on the North side Ahgaf Hadral Death. The Ad that has a great body shape and strong, have the expertise to make the buildings are beautiful and sturdy fortresses. They have gardens and farm fields are broad and fertile so the results are abundant but alas Aad very rebellious to God by worshiping idols. So God's promise was coming, the Ad perish with the wind poses sharshar (samun), which is a very powerful storm and cold, imposed upon them for 7 nights 8 days without ceasing. They (the Ad) collapsed, like the trees are falling. The Hud and his followers who believe regardless of the disaster. 5. PROPHET SALEH AS As was the son of Prophet Saleh bin Ubaid bin Thamud spokesperson. He was assigned to Thamood who reside in the hills, the former country residence of the Ad that has been destroyed perish. Its location is between the Hijaz and Sham Madyan country south east. As the 'Ad, is also given prosperity and pleasure but it is unfortunate they worship idols. Prophet Saleh as invites his followers who believe, and totaled 120 people to leave their country that will soon hit by the curse of God. Before leaving the Prophet Saleh said to his people, who disbelieve: "Hi, my people! I have submitted the

mandate of the Lord! I have given a warning but it turns out you do not like people who give a warning! 6. PROPHET ABRAHAM AS Prophet Abraham is the son of Azar, a descendant of Sam son of Noah. At that time the king Nimrod who reigns in the land of Mausul, issued a law which ordered that every male child born in that country should be killed. Such a situation is the same as the time of the prophet Moses. But thanks to the greatness of Allah SWT, Prophet Abraham was born with a survivor in the year 2295. O1eh parents prophet Abraham was hidden in the cave. Permission of Allah, the prophet Abraham to stay alive, but no one is waiting for him. When he was hungry and thirsty diisapnya tip of his finger, then the water out of milk. Abraham had two wives, namely Siti Hajar and Siti Sarah. From Siti Hajar Prophet Abraham had a son named Ishmael while, from Siti Sarah had a son named Isaac. 7. PROPHET LUTH AS Prophet Luth as sent by God to the land of Sedum (Palestine) is a country whose population is disobedience to God. Country's population have low morals, they steal, rob, robs the rights of others and persecute others. They do not like the marriage of the opposite sex like a normal human being, but they are homosexual. If they are advised or threatened with the punishment of God, they are challenged with the words: "Bring Allah's torment, if you are telling the truth. 8. PROPHET ISMAIL AS As explained in the previous section, the Prophet Abraham had, 2 wives, namely Sarah Siti and Siti Hajar. From Siti Hajar is the Prophet Abraham had a son named Ishmael as. Meanwhile, Siti Hajar was a slave who is given by the king of Egypt to the Prophet Ibrahim who later becomes his wife. Prophet Ibrahim then brought his wife namely Siti Hajar and Ismail was still a baby to the land of Mecca which was then still in the form of empty desert that has not been inhabited by humans. On the orders of Allah Almighty, Prophet Ibrahim. back to the land of Syria to see his wife Siti Sarah.

9. PROPHET ISHAQ AS Prophet Isaac as the son of prophet Ibrahim Siti Sarah. Isaac comes from the Hebrew which means laughter. So named because when Siti Sarah, who was already old and the prophet Abraham was too old. Laughter here is because joy mingled surprise when the angel tells us that he would get a boy. Prophet Ishaq as has been awarded as the pious, and knowledgeable high knowledge. Virtue of faith instilled him, doing prayers and regular charity. The descendants of Isaac as a prophet of prominent people. Son to be a prophet and apostle of the prophet Ya'kub as a descendant of the prophet Joseph had aces and the prophets of the Children of Israel that reached the Prophet Isa. Prophet Isaac died at age 180 years and was buried in Jirun (Medina). 10. PROPHET YA'KUB AS Prophet Ya'kub as the son of Isaac as the prophet. Jacob sent from God Almighty to summon people in the country Kan'an for their cautious to God. Ya'kub Prophet's wife as having 2 people who brotherhood, namely Layya and Rahil. Such marriage is permissible because at the time was not yet prohibited. In old age, Ya'kub lived with her son, the prophet Joseph in the land. Ya'kub died at the age of 147 years. When the Prophet Ya'kub has acquired the signs of his death, he asked his children: "Do you worship after I die? They answered:" We will worship God, your Lord and Lord of your fathers you, God of Abraham, Ishmael and Ishaq, the Almighty God and we all will be subject to (obey) Him. 11. PROPHET YUSUF AS Prophet Yusuf was the son of the prophet Ya'kub who has a very handsome face. He was very loved by his father more than brothers, another brother, causing envy to his brethren the other. At one point, Joseph had a dream as much as 11 months and 11 sun bow to it. It was narrated to his father, and his father replied "O my son! Should dream do not you tell your brothers. I'm afraid they'll persecute you, verily thy Lord will smother you with glory. Nab. Yusuf died at the age of 110 years. 12. PROPHET AIYUB AS Prophet Aiyub was the son of Prophet Ishaq as. He is an Apostle wealthy and have many children. Although the wealthy but as the prophet Aiyub never forget the worship of Allah SWT. So at some point get a test of Aiyub's prophet of God in the

form of loss of property which resulted in falling into poverty. But even so, he still was not tempted by the devil disorder that always affects the human heart. Even the prophet Aiyub faith grew. 13. PROPHET ZULKIFLI AS Zulkifli real name is Basyar. Zulkifli called because he was able to run the mandate of the king. Zulkifli means someone who can. In those days in the land where dwells Zulkifli, rule a king who is old and has no son. King has been unable to hold the reins of government. Therefore, gathering entire people, then the king asked: "Who among you is capable of daytime fasting and praying at night, and not get angry? So stand Basyar saying: "I can" Many times the king repeated his question, also repeated Basyar standing ", saying:" I can "while among his people, no one questions the king agreed. So the kingdom submitted to Basyar and given the title Zulkifli which means someone who could, at that age he was very young. Thus the prophet Zulkifli patience as till he died at the age of 75 years. Zulkifli Prophet still adheres to the treaty, so the name remains as Zulkifli. 14. PROPHET SYU'AIB AS Syu'aib as is the descendants of Prophet Luth as prophet, he was sent to the land of Midian to convince its citizens who are rebellious to Allah SWT. They worship idols, deceptive, reducing the dose scales, robbing and many others do the work of evil. Eventually moving to the country Syu'aib prophet Aikah. It turns out the same population Aikah country with a population of Madyan. Because they are still broken and did not want to follow the prophet's call it God Syu'aib in bring in punishment with a very hot cloud. From the cloud came out very hot fire and destroy them. 15. PROPHET MOSES AS AND 16. PROPHET HARUN AS At that time Egypt was ruled by a pharaoh, a king who was cruel and considers him to be God. At one point, Pharaoh's dream: the land of Egypt on fire, most people die. What remain just Jewish. The necromancer interpret that would be born a boy from the Children of Israel who will destroy the kingdom. Hearing the news of Pharaoh immediately ordered to kill every baby boy born to the Israelites at the time.

Moses died in the desert white at the age of 120 years, after the prophet Aaron's death. 17. PROPHET DAVID AS Is a descendant of David as the 12th of the prophet Abraham. After the death of the prophet Moses as part of the Children of Israel requested that their prophet. At that time Syamuil prophet for God to give them a king to lead to war. Syamuil Prophet replied: "If any time you will not want to fight, if commanded you, to fight. They said: Why do we not fight in Allah's way when we were expelled from our land? But after actually ordered war on them, few are willing. Allah SWT has given some miracle the Prophet David as a very melodious voice. If he read the Psalms with a melodious song, then the sick will recover, wind and water becomes calm, the mountains, hills and the birds also helped praising the greatness of God. In addition Prophet David has the melodious voice also able to soften the iron and to make various objects a metal with permission of Allah. David as Prophet died at the age of 100 years and was buried in the Baitul Magdis. 18. PROPHET SULEIMAN Prophet Suleiman ascended the throne as king to succeed his father as the prophet David. When Solomon was 13 years God has given cleverness, intelligent speaking animal, can ride the wind, to govern, supernatural beings (Demon and the like) and has a wealth abound. Prophet Suleiman died in a state seat, he was busy overseeing the demon at work. No one knows until his death in eating termites cane brittle and broken so that the prophet Solomon fell face down. And then the humans and the demon know that Prophet Solomon had died. Thus, it is clear that the genie does not know the things unseen God who has been determined. 19. PROPHET ELIJAH AS As are the descendants of Elijah as the prophet Aaron. He was sent to the Children of Israel who disobeyed God. They worship the idol called Baal. Elijah as always being chased by his people to be killed. He hid in empty houses, so God sends down His blessings in the form of food that is always available at empty houses occupied by the prophet Elijah to hide.

One time, the prophet Elijah as being chased by his people found a boy of pious. The boy had followed the teachings of the prophet Elias and was appointed as a child. Later after the child was an adult, the child was appointed as the apostle of the prophet Elisha. 20. PROPHET YUNUS AS The prophet Jonah was a pious since his childhood. He likes to do good and never fail to pray to Allah SWT whereas his people are idolaters. The prophet Jonah was appointed as the Apostle at the age of 30 years. Over the past 33 years the prophet Jonah tried to call his people to be cautious to God. But his people gave no care except that only 2 people only and Tanukh Rabil. 21. PROPHET ELISHA AS The prophet Elisha as was the adopted son of the Prophet Elijah AS. Meanwhile, the real father of the prophet Elisha was the son of Ayuz Akhtub. The Prophet Elisha as during his life was always obedient and follows the teachings that called to them, making them live safely and prosper. However, after the United States Prophet Elisha's death, his people to forget the teachings which had taught. They take a perverse way, so that increases infidelity and perfidy to Allah SWT. So Allah SWT doom finally lowered by eliminating their enjoyment and pleasure. After it was born the prophet Jonah U.S. in their midst. Then after the prophet Jonah adult Allah sent him a prophet. 22. PROPHET ZACHARIAH AS Prophet Zachariah as is the grandson of Prophet Suleiman. He was a great scholar among the Children of Israel. The Imron who has a wife named Hannah are the parents of Mary. But before Mary was born Imron had died. Mary Hannah handed to the woman who was in the house of Allah (mosques). They scramble wanted to rear. Because it held the draw, they go to a river and put their qalam. Who won was whose qalam is floating. Zachariahs qalam will float, and eventually Mary was under the care of Zachariah. Each Zachariah entered the sanctuary to meet Mary, always finding food near Mary. Zachariah asked: "O Mary where you get food? She replied:" Of the Lord God. "

Zachariah, who was already 100 years old moved to have a child. He prayed to God's presence to be a child and prayers had been answered Zachariah. 23. PROPHET YAHYA AS Yahya as a child of the prophet Zechariah. Prophet Yahya was a cautious and has been given wisdom by God since childhood. He is a man of dedication to both parents. At that time a king who was old and mean marry her stepson. Prophet Yahya as prohibiting the marriage, because God forbid a father or mother who is married to her stepson. The king became angry and Yahya, were killed. When you hear about the killing of Yahya, another case with Zachariah with God's permission came the angel Gabriel who told him to leave the house. He arrived in a garden, with the permission of Allah is also a timber tree split in two. And the prophet Zechariah go into it. While it came runner-runner kings who suspect that the prophet Zechariah has a strong magic, so it can enter into the tree wood. So the tree was sawed by the prophet Zechariah They thus killed axle. 24. PROPHET ISA AS Prophet Isa was the son of Mary, he had no father. At one point when Mary was in a Mihrab, came the Angel Gabriel announces that Mary will get a child who is pious. Of course Mary was surprised, because he does not have a husband. But indeed this is the will of God, then the Angel Gabriel blows the holy spirit into the womb, then Mary was pregnant. As set forth in which the QS. Mary, verses 19-21. Very severe suffering of Mary, in a state contained in joke he always deride and in contempt. After the baby was born, to protect her child Maryam moved to Egypt with his brother, Joseph Najar. After 12 years they went back to the Land of Syria. At age 30 Jesus was appointed as an apostle of God to call `the truth of God Almighty to the Children of Israel. 25. PROPHET MUHAMMAD PBUH It is a must for every Muslim to know the history of the Prophet Muhammad in whole or in summary. Prophet Muhammad PBUH. was born in Mecca on Monday night, on 12 Rabi al-Awwal, the year of the elephant. Or coincide with the 20th of April 571 AD His father was Abdullah bin Abdul Mutholib, his mother was Aminah bint Wahab.

By the time of Prophet Muhammad birth too many strange events that had never experienced by humans. On the night of his birth, all the idols that exist everywhere fell from its place, the fire that already hundreds of years of worship and worshiped by the Persian nation suddenly extinguished but had not previously been extinguished. And that's partly prophetic signs appearance. Prophet Muhammad PBUH. is a descendant of nobility of Quraish in Mecca country. He is thinking about a face that looks very handsome, clean white skin, commendable behavior, honest and wise. When he was in his mother's womb for five months, his father died. Then following the death of his mother when he was 4 years old. Then he was treated by his grandfather (Abdul Mutholib). Three years later when he was 7 years old his grandfather died. So, the next he was reared by his uncle Abu Talib the father of Sayyidina Ali. After the birth of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. A1-feeding to Tsuwaibah Aslamiyah, therefore he did not want to suckle on her own mother. Then, he disusukan by Halima Al-Sa'diyah and be in treatment until the age of 4 years. At the age of 10 years, he was herding goats. Then he joined his uncle into the country to trade with Syria. Together with this uncle he obtained valuable experience in the field of trade. When his age 25, he married Khadijah, a wealthy widow. Before his marriage, he also hawked wares Siti Khadijah, so that the merchandise be advanced because of his honesty. At the age of 40 years, the Prophet Muhammad. received the first revelation in the cave of hira and less than 11 years he delivered the message of God and preached his apostleship. When he received the first revelation, he was shaking out of fear of disturbing her soul. Siti Khadijah very big role, he was able to entertain the Prophet.