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Subject Wise preparation for different IT companies

This is a cumulative work and surveyed and the common you will find. Do this and you will find yourself in good and commanding position. But do this atleast. You can alwayz visit this website for your queries. All the programs of java , C , Data Structure related to campussing, you will get in this forum . Just that you have to search in this site. Surity is my say and searching is yours. There are many tutorials that you will find panacea for your campussings. C &C++ programs and Java : Practice the following programs before the interview: Factorial, Fibonacci, prime number, palindrome for strings and numbers, swap with out using temporary variables, string copy, concatenate, matrix multiplications, single double linked list by using pointers. Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion program, and practice all simple programs. Recursion is also important. Use of pointers and some related examples. reference book : sumita arora (java) ,let us C pointers in C (kanetkar), balaguruswamy (java), black book (java and C)

Operating systems: Get a brush up on process, deadlock , thread and simple relevant topics . No need to read line by line. Just get the idea so that you can out with it. reference book : Galvin (Operating System concepts) , Matrix DBMS: Prepare all DBMS concepts and should perfect in Normalization( Navathe), SQL, Indexing, Hashing, Cursors, Triggers, Different types of joins. (Practice sql quires very well) reference : Navathe (DBMS) ,Korth (DBMS)

Networks: OSI, TCP/IP reference models, topologies, Ethernet, FDDI, Token ring, Routing, ATM, and IP addressing. Switch, hub and read other protocols. Reference book : Forouzan Data structures: Sorting, searching, stack, queue, Linked lists, tree, BFS, DFS. Mainly we should read 1. All algorithom 2. Complexities Reference book : Matrix , Lipschutz( data Structure), sumita arora (java) Software Engineering: software development models, different strategies of testing (unit testing, integration testing), Types of testing (white or black box), reference book : rajib mall Project:

Do study your project thoroughly. You should be ready to say what you did and what was your role in project. Be clear about your project and how you have implemented. why you have choosen this project? why you have choosen this platform for your project? what is the usefulness of your project? etc. It is very important to visit the company site before the interview Anything can be asked depending on the panel member. Search as much information you can , like assets , owner, chair person, motto, vision, products, services, revenues, employees..etc. In every round your confidence level and communication are important for success, be cool comfortable & confident.