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Officer Like Qualities Competency of an individual in any field depends on many dimensions. Important qualities which are interlinked to a great extent and assessed at the SSB are-

Effective intelligence: - It is different from basic intelligence i.e. the capacity of an individual to perceive relations or to do abstract thinking; in that the intelligence utilized by an individual in coping with practical situations of different level of

complexities, is observed. This also includes PRACTICAL INTELLIGENCE and RESOURCEFULNESS.

Practical Intelligence: One's capacity to evolve independent solutions to practical situation or problems.

Resourcefulness: One's capacity to put to use the available resources for the desired outcome. It has two factors:-

Improvisation for a solution.

Finding a solution when cornered.

Reasoning Ability: It is the ability of a person to understand the essentials and to arrive at a logical conclusion by rational thinking. It includes RECEPTIVITY. INQUIRING ATTITUDE, LOGICAL REASONING and GRASPING THE ESSENTIALS OF A PROBLEM.

Receptivity: One's ability to fathom and absorb new impressions. It involves interest, attention and grasping power.

Inquiring Attitude: A healthy and open minded curiosity amounting to an urge to increase general awareness and experience in life.

Logical reasoning: One's ability to arrive at a conclusion based solely on a process of rational thinking while excluding emotional quotients.

Grasping their Essentials of a problem: The ability of a person to clearly understand his knowledge of the situation he is facing and simultaneously analyze various factors, sift them according to their importance and put it to best use for achieving a solution.

Organizing Ability: One's ability to arrange the resources and means available in a systematic way so as to produce a desired result, in the most effective manners

Social Adaptability: Ones ability to put across one's ideas with ease, in the most precise and effective way.

Social Adaptability: It's the ability to adopt oneself to the social environment and adjust well with persons, and social groups one is associated with. In defense, it is specifically in reference to Superiors, Peers and Subordinates. It also encompasses Social Intelligence, Attitudes towards People, Tactfulness and Adaptability.

Social Intelligence: It is the ability to understand people primarily referring to intellectual ability as applied in social field.

Attitude Towards People: The ability of a person to accept others point of view and appreciate their genuine difficulties, to be able to provide help in the most effective manner.

Tact: Skillfully managing and caring for the feelings of others personality being dealt with.

Adaptability: one's ability to adjust to the environment. Be up to the social situation effectively. Involves not only a resilient nature shown by an accommodative nature and but also keenness for the nature of job.

Cooperation: This implies the belief in synergy. It is all about willing participation with others with a harmonious attitude to achieve a common goal. It encompasses joint effort and team spirit going even as far as foregoing or subordinating individual aim or aspiration to the group aim or aspirations.

Sense of Responsibility: When a person willingly, with dedication, discharges his obligations. This will also include Sense of duty and Discipline.

Sense of Duty: Faithfully and firmly doing what one is ordered to do.

Discipline: A trained sense of acting strictly in accordance with rules, regulations and conventions. This factor promotes development of self-control and keeps one within bounds of social and normal standards.

Initiative: The ability to originate an action. In includes; Taking the first step and acting first.

Self Confidence: Faith in one's ability to meet stressful situations, particularly those that are unfamiliar.

Speed of Decision: Expediously arriving at a workable solution to a given situation. Importance lies in

The appropriateness of the decision arrived at.

The quickness with which the decision is arrived at.

Ability to Influence the group: Ones ability to get willing effort from a group of people towards achieving a common group objective. Influence being the prime cause of cooperation and willing effort being put in by the group.

Liveliness: The capacity of an individual to keep himself buoyant when meeting problems and bring about a cheerful atmosphere and disposition.

Determination: A sustained effort to achieve objective despite any hurdle and partial failures. It implies a deep sense of purpose, mental courage and will power to continue despite all odds. It includes mental and physical application to work and an innate desire to summon all internal resources to achieve common goal.

Ability to take Risk: The ability to perceive analyze and take purposeful risks willingly. It involves

Ability to perceive and appreciate danger or problem

Spirit of adventure and desire to dare any hazards.

The capacity to keep cool and maintain poise even under adverse situations.

Stamina: The capacity to withstand protracted physical and mental strain. It emphasizes endurance. Having understood these OLQ requirements a candidate should strive to project the desired qualities through all the tests, be it psychology, group activities or interview. This is an art which can be learnt and perfected with proper guidance and relentless practice.