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Training Categories
Introductory Seminars Datacom Networks IP Networking Transmission and Optical Technologies Software Engineering Technology Management and Administration (Project, Product, ) Linux/Unix DotNet Environment C and C++ Java Real Time Internet Open Source Quality Assurance and Software Testing Database

FPGA Tools Advanced FPGA Embedded Design DSP Design HDL PCB World Hardware Enrichment Long Term Training (LTT)

Telephony Networks & Advanced Telephony (Voice over IP VoIP)

Cellular and other Wireless Technologies Mobile Operating Systems and Application Development Internet (See Computer Technologies Skills) Security Video Technologies OSS/BSS

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Telecom Training
Introductory Seminars Mastering Telecom Telephony Networks and Advanced Telephony (Voice over IP VoIP) Intro to IN Datacom Networks 1 to 10 Gb Ethernetworking Carrier Ethernet Networks DSL Implementation in the Metro Area Network Main trends in VPN Architectures MPLS MPLS/GMPLS Next Generation Network (NGN): SIP Introduction to SIP SIP - Advanced Topics SS#7 IP Networking Asterisk IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) IP Multicasting IP Networking IP Routing and Switching Technologies IP Traffic Engineering IP TV IPv6 Mobile IP New Technologies in IP Networking Programming Networking Applications Quality of Service (QoS) in IP Networks TCP/IP Illustrated Wireshark (Ethereal) - How to use it effectively SS#7 Protocol & Applications SS7oIP- SS7 and VoIP Convergence Telephony & Telephony Networking Voice over IP (VoIP) Speech Technology and Voice Recognition VoIP VoIP Applications VoIP Expert VoIP Testing Methods VoIP/SIP Security NGN NGN Planning and deployment QA for NGN Video Coding Technologies for NGN Cellular and other Wireless Technologies Ad hoc networks and MANETs BMI (Broadband Mobile Internet): Preparing the Cellular network CAMEL CDMA 2000 Cellular Networks Converged and Broadband Networks Exploring UMTS (WCDMA) GPRS Technology GPS (Global Positioning System) GSM Technology HSPA High Speed Packet Access Location Based Services (LBS) LTE : LTE - Advanced LTE for MAC Experts LTE for PHY Experts

LTE Technical Overview Mobile Networks: To 4G and Beyond Mobile Short Messaging Services Fundamentals (SMS) OFDM-MIMO RF Fundamentals Roaming - Implication and Implementation UMTS Networks: Planning and Optimizing Wireless Bluetooth Satellite Communications WiMAX for Broadband Wireless Access Wireless Technologies Overview World Wide Wi-Fi - The Wireless Revolution

Transmission and Optical Technologies Intro to Optical Communication Intro to OTN (Optical Transport Networks) Mobile Backhaul Optical Networking Passive Optical Networks (PON) and GPON SDH: Intro to SDH Next Generation SDH

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Telecom Training
Mobile Operating Systems and Application Development Android Extended Android Fundamentals Android Security Android Workshop for Developers Apple iOS Application Development Mobile Hybrid Applications Mobile OS Trends Native, Web, Platform Based and Hybrid Applications Smartphone Software Platforms Security Fundamental Security Don't let the Hackers in DoS (Denial of Services) and DDoS (Distributed Denial of Services) Attacks Information Security for Management Malware Open Source Security Tools Practical Security Understanding Security Secure Code Android Security Building Secure Applications C++ Secure Development Best Practices DotNet Security Java/JEE Security SOA, Web Services and XML Security Web Application Security Specialized and Advanced Security Topics Advanced security Applied Cryptography Cloud Computing Security Ethical hacking IP Security Network Security Virtualization Security VoIP/SIP Security OSS/BSS BSS/OSS architecture in the new world of telecommunication using NGOSS Introduction to NGOSS Video Technologies Coding and Compression: Advanced Compression Techniques -MPEG4 / H.264& Video Application Audio and Video Codecs Speech Technology and Voice Recognition Video Coding Technologies for Next Generation Networks (NGN) Video Compression and MPEG-2 Digital and Analog Video Google Video Technologies Triple play - a fantasy that becomes a reality TV: Advanced TV IP TV and OTT Mobile TV TV Fundamentals TV Standards and High Definition HDTV

Internet See Computer Technologies Skills)

Understanding Multimedia Video and Android Video Everywhere Video Implementation in Software Video Integration Video on 3G and 4G

Shacham 32, Petah Tikva 49170, Israel - Tel. (972) 3-924 7780 - Fax: (972) 3-924 7783 -

Hardware Design Training

FPGA Tools Debugging Techniques using the ChipScope Pro Tools Designing with the PlanAhead Tool Designing with the TMR tool FPGA and ISE Design HDL Advanced Design with Verilog Advanced Design with VHDL Expert VHDL for Design and Verification Fast-track Verilog for VHDL Users SystemVerilog for Design and Verification Verilog for Designers Advanced FPGA Advanced FPGA Implementation Designing for Performance Designing with Multi-Gigabit Serial I/O Designing with Spartan-6 & Virtex-6 Designing with the 7 series Designing with the Virtex-5 LX and LXT Platform Migrating to Xilinx for experienced FPGAs Partial Reconfiguration Tips & Tricks for FPGA Designers Workshop for Hardware Leaders PCB World Board Design EMI, EMC and ESD Designing with Ethernet Mac contrllers How to Design a Xilinx Connectivity system in 1 Day How to Design a High-Speed Memory Interface PCB Layout Design Power and Signal Integrity for Board Design Printed circuit Board Design for Professionals Signal Integrity and Board Design using HyperLynx Signal Integrity for High-Speed Memory and Processor I/O Tips & Tricks for Board Designers Long Term Training (LTT) Board Design Expert (120 hours training) FPGAXpert (120 hours training) VHDL for Designers MATLAB Courses MATLAB Fundamentals Advanced MATLAB MATLAB for Signal Processing MATLAB for Image Processing Simulink for Communication Systems Simulink for System and Algorithm Modeling

Embedded Design Advanced Features and Techniques of Embedded Systems Development Embedded Linux on the MicroBlaze Processor Embedded Open-source Linux Development Embedded Systems Development Embedded Software Development Essentials of Microprocessors How to Design Xilinx Embedded Systems Workshop

Hardware Enrichment Active-HDL Advanced Digital Design ASIC Prototyping with FPGA From Network Concept to Working Silicon PCI Express Bus Gen 1-3 Practical Aspects of Electronic Module Development & Production workshop Principles of Digital Image Processing RTOS & VxWorks The Secrets of Electronics in 3 days USB 3.0

DSP Design DSP using the System Generator DSP Implementation Techniques for Xilinx FPGAs Signal Processing Applications and Algorithms VLSI-DSP for the ASIC and FPGA Engineer

Shacham 32, Petah Tikva 49170, Israel - Tel. (972) 3-924 7780 - Fax: (972) 3-924 7783 -

Computer Technologies Skills Training

Software Engineering Agile (Extreme and Scrum): Agile Software Development Extreme Programming Developing in Scrum Test Driven Development Technology Management and Administration (project, product) Computer Room Relocation Defining Requirements Defining Requirements Workshop Design Reviews Designing, Implementing and Testing Financial Systems Estimating Software Projects Estimating Software Projects Workshop From Requirements to Design using Basic UML Guide to Market Analysis Installing and Configuring Windows 7 Managing and Maintaining Microsoft Server Network Administration Principles of Risk Analysis and Management Project Management: Project Management for Implementers Project Management for the Software Developer Successful Project Management Basic Product Management Strategic Product Management Product Requirements Linux/Unix Get to Know Linux Linux for the System Programmer Linux Fundamentals Linux Kernel and Device Drivers Linux Kernel Internals Linux LTT (Long Term Training) Linux Multithreading Linux Networking Linux Overview Linux Security Linux Shell Scripting Linux System Administration Linux System Management Perl Real Time Embedded Linux Programming

Good Coding Practices GUI Design Introducing XML Introducing Operating Systems Object Oriented and UML: Appreciating UML Detailed UML Move 2 Object Oriented UML Object Oriented Analysis and Design Object Oriented Programming SysML

PC Architecture Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) SOA, Web Services and XML Security Software Architecture and Design Methods Software Engineering Literacy Understand Software Engineering USB 3.0 System Architecture Windows Internals Writing Software Technical Documentation

DotNet Environment ADO.NET Advanced DotNet ASP.NET C# C# Design Patterns DotNet Applications DotNet Debugging DotNet Performance Introduction to DotNet LINQ Team Foundation System Visual Basic Visual Studio WCF WF WPF

Product Management:

Using the RFP

Shacham 32, Petah Tikva 49170, Israel - Tel. (972) 3-924 7780 - Fax: (972) 3-924 7783 -

C and C++ Advanced C

Computer Technologies Skills Training

Java Advanced Java Advanced Java EE Android Android Extended Android Fundamentals Android Security Apache Tomcat Design Patterns in Java Developing Java Beans Developing Java ME Applications and Games Eclipse A Java Developer's Guide IntelliJ a Developer's Guide Java Advanced Developer LTT (Long Term Training) Java and Object Oriented Programming Java and Web Technologies Java Basics Java EE Java for the C++ Programmer Java FX Platform Java Programming Java/JEE Security JavaServer Facelets JavaServer Faces Fundamentals JNDI Java Naming and Directory Interface JSP and Web Servlets JUnit Framework GlassFish Object Oriented Programming and Java SCJP Exam Preparation Spring Framework Using Java EE Web Services and Java WebSphere Internet Business Blogs Cloud Computing Cloud Computing Security Flash and Flex: Advanced Flex Flash Media Server Maintenance Flash Media Server Programming Flex Basics Internet Trends JavaScript PHP: Advanced PHP PHP Fundamentals PHP Zend Framework ZCE Exam Preparation Real Time and Embedded Advanced C Programming for Real Time ARM Software Development Design Patterns for Real Time Effective Real Time Embedded C and C++ Embedded C++ for Real Time Systems Embedded Open-source Linux Development Linux Multithreaded Programming Real Time Architecture Real Time Embedded Linux Programming Real Time Embedded Programming Real Time Operating Systems Real Time System Testing Real Time System Testing and Debugging

Advanced C++ Advanced C Programming for Real Time C++ and Object Oriented Programming C++ Design Patterns C++ Secure Development Best Practices Desktop Application Development with MFC Effective Real Time Embedded C and C++ Embedded C and C++ for Real Time Systems From C to Object oriented C++ Programming Programming in C Programming in C++

Programming on the Web Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Social Networks The Intelligent Internet User Twitter Business Usage

Shacham 32, Petah Tikva 49170, Israel - Tel. (972) 3-924 7780 - Fax: (972) 3-924 7783 -

Open Source ACE Framework Apache Derby Apache Tomcat

Computer Technologies Skills Training

Database Data Cleaning, Conversion and Migration Database Technology Getting to know Apache Derby MSSQL Server MySQL Administrating MySQL SQL and MySQL Principles of Database Design Principles of Database Design Workshop SQL: Advanced SQL Basic Standard SQL Introduction to SQL

Developing with eclipse Embedded Open-source Linux Development MySQL Administrating MySQL SQL and MySQL Open Source Tools Open Source Security Tools Python Platform Advanced Python Python Python Design Patterns Ruby on Rails Framework Scala TCL (Tickle / Tool Command language) Using SystemC

Tuning and Optimizing Queries

Quality Assurance and Software Testing Automatic testing Configuration Management Introduction to Software testing Quality Assurance Lifecycle Real Time System Testing Real Time System Testing and Debugging Software Testing Engineering Test Driven Development Testing Mobile Applications and Games Testing Web Applications UML and the STD Understand Software Testing Unit Testing for Programmers Writing Test Documents (STP, STD, STR)

Shacham 32, Petah Tikva 49170, Israel - Tel. (972) 3-924 7780 - Fax: (972) 3-924 7783 -