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1.0 Job Holder: 2.0 Title: Safety & Training Officer 3.0 Organizational Relationship 3.1 Report to:
Job Holder:
Safety & Training Officer
Organizational Relationship
3.1 Report to:
Safety Manager
3.2 Responsible for:
Safety Man.
3.3 Liaises with:
Other hospital departments in a matter related to Fire
and Safety.
Job Summary:
Within the SFHP mission, VISIon and goals, Safety & Training Officer directly
performs supervisory and administrative work in directing a comprehensive
occupational safety and health program conducts and supervises the safety training
and fire drill activities for SFHP.
Duties and Responsibilities~

5.1 All duties and responsibilities listed below should be coordinated with Safety Manager.

5.1.1 Conducts the daily trammg actIvItIes of safety and fire protection services staff and in service training for other departments.

5.1.2 Skills in basic coaching and motivational teclmiques, adaptation of lesson plan and/or materials appropriate to specific instructional and methods of dealing with disruptive and unsafe behavior.

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5.1.4 Main:ain t~aining records and report forms accurately completed and submItted In accordance with established procedures.

5.1.5 Maintain records of shift and individual training program that defined by the department.

5.1.6 Evaluate the departmental fire drills and maintains fire drill records and report forms accurately completed and submitted in accordance with established procedure.

5.1.7 Organizes the classroom, or outdoor learning environment to ensure lightings, distractions, climate control or weather including noise control, seating audio visual equipment, teaching aids, and safety of trainees are properly considered.

5.1.8 Endures over-all safety of training participants at drills and lectures.

5.1.9 Preparation of hands-on fire and rescue training modules.

5.1.10 Ensures that required equipment for training is available and accurate

at all times.

5.1.11 Reviews instructional materials for a specific topic, target audience and learning environment, in order that elements of the lesson plan, and resources that need adaptation are identified.

5.2 Administer the hospital's health, safety and related training programs.

5.2.1 Plan, direct and coordinate an overall occupational safety and health

program for employees.

5.2.2 Develop and manage a variety of specific envirOlID1ental, health and safety programs necessary to achieve and maintain compliance with environmental, health and safety regulations.

5.2.3 Set goals, priorities and broad objectives for safety and training in collaboration with directors, managers, and employees in order to reduce the cost, severity and frequency of accidents and illnesses.

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5.2.4 Identify.program operations costs and provide input to annual budget preparatIOn.

5.2.5 Identify and prioritize safety training needs and potential training participants based on pertinent regulations and specific needs identified by SFHP departments, employee's compensation experience and historical data.

5.2.6 Develop, coordinate and present a variety of occupational health and safety training programs; identify and arrange for the presentation of specialized training by outside vendors when necessary.

5.2.7 Respond to questions and resolve employee complaints and concerns regarding health and safety.

5.2.8 Serve on the Accident Review Board and safety committees and advise management of their activities.

5.2.9 Maintain liaison with public and private safety organizations outside the city.

5.3 Supervise and participate in work site investigations.

5.3.1 Conduct scheduled and unscheduled workplace inspections to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

5.3.2 Issue orders to temporarily close unsafe work sites when necessary.

5.3.3 Notify appropriate departmental authority of violations of safety and environmental regulations and codes.

5.3.4 In consultation with departmental authority, issue written directives to correct deficiencies, and follow up to ensure that violations have been corrected.

5.3.5 Initiate

work order

or contact


to correct problems,


recommend improvements

or changes

In safety procedures



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5.3.6 Analyze hazards and develop risk assessments for both worksites and public hospital areas and develop policies, plans and procedures to minimize risk.


Manage policy and procedure administration.


Evaluate and review operating procedures and safety precautions to minimize the potential for accident, injury or illness.


Develop, recommend and/or implement new policies, programs, procedures or equipment.


Enforce safety policies by conducting inspections, reporting statistics, and counseling managers and employees; and making regular reports.


Investigate safety and health complaints submitted by management, employees, the public and regulatory agencies, evaluate and recommend solutions, implement communicate solutions to affected parties.


Provide technical expertise and advice to management and work units in decision-making that affects the SFHP loss profile.


Supervise and participate in accident/incident investigations.

5.5.1 Investigate and analyze reports of injury, property damage and occupational disease to determine causative factors and recommend corrective actions.

5.5.2 Direct the collection, investigation and analysis of accident and work- related injurylillness data; and the preparation of occupational safety and health reports.

5.5.3 Create and maintain a records system to measure accidentlincident cost and program effectiveness and to facilitate management reporting.

5.6 Supervise assigned staff.

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5.6.1 Prioritize, schedule and assign work including developing yearly duty schedules.

5.6.2 Effectively recommend the hire, transfer, promotion and suspension or discharge or subordinate personnel.

5.6.3 Establish work standards, provide coaching and feedback and conduct employee evaluations.

5.6.4 Discipline assigned personnel as necessary.

5.6.5 Provide for the training of employees in proper and safe work methods and procedures.

5.6.6 Effectively recommend adjustments or other actions m employee gnevances.

5.6.7 Delegate authority and responsibilities to others as needed.

5.6.8 Disseminate instructions and information to employees through oral and written instructions.

5.6.9 Determine


recommendations and budgeted funds.

5.7 Perform related duties.





monitor, verify and reconcile expenditure of

5.7.1 Determine need for medical specialists, industrial hygienists, property protection specialists and other professionals to assist in identifying and reducing conditions affecting the SFHP's loss profile and recommend such services to appropriate management personnel.

5.7.2 Develop and direct the SFHP's hazardous waste program, including

inspecting and evaluating the maintenance


recommendations as appropriate.


stored within


and disposition



and making

5.7.3 Review and

Position Description No.: 8460-100 Page 60f8

recommend reVISIOns to purchasing and contracting

specifications to ensure compliance with health and safety regulations.

5.7.4 Annually review and purchase required fire/boiler policies for hospital properties.


EducationlLicensure and Professional Experience:


Bachelor of Science's Degree in Environmental Health & Safety, Industrial Safety, Occupational Health & Safety, or a related field, plus at least two years of experience managing safety, health and environmental programs.


Specialized Knowledge:


7.1 Knowledge Requirements.

7.1.1 Thorough knowledge of the principles, practices, procedures and equipment related to loss control and occupational safety and health.

7.1.2 Thorough knowledge practices.

of industrial

and hygiene principles


7.1.3 Thorough knowledge of OSHA, EPA and other federal, state and local regulations, laws and codes pertaining to occupational, safety, health and environmental functions.

7.1.4 Knowledge of the general principles of program administrations.

7.1.5 Knowledge of the techniques of accident prevention.

7.1.6 Knowledge of the methods used in accident investigation, analysis and reporting.

7.1. 7 Knowledge

of training techniques and practices.

7.1.8 Knowledge of record-keeping principles and practices.

7.2 Skill Requirements.

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7.2.1 Skill in writing reports and maintaining accurate records.

7.2.2 Skill in applying loss control procedures accident causation/prevention identification.

to problem solving and

7.2.3 Skill in site and equipment inspection.

7.2.4 Skill in using a PC and applicable software applications, including word processing, database, spreadsheet and presentation packages.

7.2.5 Skill in making presentations before groups.

7.2.6 Skill in analyzing and organizing information to develop, evaluate and improve safety and training programs.

7.2.7 Skill in establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work.

7.3 Ability Requirements.

7.3.1 Ability to identify trammg needs and to facilitate and/or provide educational programs to meet those needs; and to conduct training on a variety of subjects.

7.3.2 Ability to communicate effectively, clearly and concisely with individuals and groups, both orally and in writing.

7.3.3 Ability to interpret, explain and apply applicable laws, codes, regulations and guidelines.

7.3.4 Ability to use initiative and independent judgment.

7.3.5 Ability to work under pressure of time constraints and conflicting demands.

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8.0 Condition: This job description will be subject to periodic review and may be changed
This job description
will be subject to periodic
and may be changed
at any
time in consultation with the employee.
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