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Installation and User Manual

Student :Muntean paul Ioan Group:30341 Coordinator: Mihai Hulea.

1.Instalation Regarding the installation of the software the user should do a series of steps. Since the application is a Distributed One you will have to have installed on 3 PC the Eclipse IDE. On the first computer after starting Eclipse IDE the user must import the project.After this step he will have to find out wich ports are free and wich local host the PC has . This data will be needed after for the next two PCs also. On the second computer the user hase to look in the following classes:ATCclient and AvionClient and change the localhost with the name or IP of the computer wich plays the role of the Server. The PC wich is the server has an server on it contained in the class ATCServer wich will be started only once.He will broadcast the messages to all the airports. The final step is to configure exactly the same the last PC how it was configured the second . After this step the User should check if the Ports are open and if the PCs can communicate each other. 2.User Manual. Concerning the usage of this application we can say that is absolutely necessary to do first the installation and if this step was correctly done and all conditions are satisfied then the user can proceed to the step of Running or testing the Application. It is necessary to be known that the first PC acts as an server broadcasting all messages to all his ATCclient wich represent all the Airports.The messages from the Aircrafts will be broadcasted by the server to all Airports and there the airports will send specific messages regarding for example the thing that a specific aircraft has reached the desired Airport. The first step is to start on the first PC the class ATCSerrver and then ATCclient and imput the coordinates for the Airport and the radius of the Radar.It is also necessary to be known that each aircraft and each airport has a position on a two dimensional matrix. The position of the Airports are fixed while the position of the Planes is constantly changing while they move to their final destination. After starting The ATCclient the user can start as many AvionClient as he wishes .This represent the Aircrafts.

When introducing the date for all Planes the last step should be avoided to press OK(After entering the altitude of the Plane for each plane if we want that the planes start all in the same time). This two last steps wich regard the starting of ATCclient and AvionClient have to be performed on the next two PCs and also here the user should avoid to press the button OK after he enters the altitude for each Plane. The final step is to guarantee that all airplanes are started nearly at the same time . To do that the user should have all PC close enough or other 2 users could help . The important thing is that they have to start the Planes in very small intervals each other from another. So regarding the thing that on each screen of the 3 PCs the user sees a number of GUIs one for Airport and n for the planes. Each GUI of the plane has generated an final message box after introducing a numeric value representing the starting altitude in each of this boxes the users should agree that they press ok at the same time on each PCs. After performing this each Plane will start and the user will see messages on the screen of the GUI associated to the Planes that the Planes follow a given trajectory to reach the final destination. On the GUIs of the Airports the user will see all messages broadcasted from the planes. After a plane reaches the final destination he will be handled in a specific manner until he will land and the thread representing the plane will also stop. This application shows a possible implementation of a distributed ATCS . Possible data to introduce for each Airport : Airport Aircraft name Av1 Av2 Av3 Av4 Av5 Av6 Leaving Leaving Final Initial coordinates coordinates Fuel amount 30 10 10 10 151 30 30 10 10 130 30 30 30 10 130 10 10 30 10 130 30 10 30 30 130 10 10 30 30 130 Initial Altitude 12000 13000 14000 15000 16000 17000

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