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Jesus Christ last eulogy from the cross.

Jesus teaches my father all I have lived taught why must I suffer like this my father? My God I carry the weight of all humanities suffering upon my cross God what drives humanity to break this holy sin taking covenant? Jesus my father they beat me spit drag Jesus through the streets I am your son why must I do this? God humanity my son will live in your truth all of life free of human sin. Jesus beaten batter blood beading is his sweat. Holy Father they mock your son why must Jesus take suffering beyond humanity my Holy Father Jesus asked? Jesus cries the pain my father they beat the life shredding my skin while they laugh. God love my Son for you are the light truth teacher son of all humanity. Jesus blood soak in his own sweat thinks I am the son of God for all I suffer the children of God will see the hell of life without God birth right truth in all nations. Jesus hears the mockery you are the son of God why do you let them beat mock you strike Back? Jesus I am the son of God the son of humanity for all I suffer through Died will free all humanity from hell on God earth.

. Jesus thinks back to the last supper knowing all that was about to come in Jesus life. Eat of this bread for its bread of god of the Holy Father my body the healing of all human suffering.

Drink of my blood for of your God and mine will become the human birth right of all people. Birth right faith life earth will free all I die for this day to God the Holy Father. Jesus carries the cross through the streets the weight of God children on his back. Father My love is with you always for all I die will free the children of God on earth.

Jesus being prepared to nail to the cross teaches care love freedom of God the Holy Father all I die for now are of God you the children of God. Put on the cross Jesus speaks see all I die for heals all human life for it is Gods will love of all human life. Jesus lays on the cross remember all the love truth care freedom peace of God taught by Jesus to all the human masses. For remember this day always when God gives his son Jesus to human death so all may live free with God.

Jesus love with God for all human life seeks the Holy Spirit guide my soul life again unto my holy father the lord God For I will die this day. The holy spirit of human will spirit yet Jesus this day you shall again sit with God the Holy

Father. Mary stands by Jesus cross hearing mother look at you son now. Mary knew Jesus had to die so all

humanity could be reborn to god birth right holy human freedom. Jesus have endured more than humanity spoke one unto God why does thy forsake me my God? Jesus last words this day Father into your hands I commend my spirit then Jesus died. Jesus was taken from the cross for three days three nights all waited for the son of God to

rise again one last time in human life Jesus one last time appearing on earth. Teaches I am the birth right new beginning from you father mine for all humanity. Know my children we are all born of God return to God for the Holy Father is this life on earth yet also life everlasting. Love care live freed of God for God will be with you always. Jesus past rights teachings eulogy God is with us on earth with Jesus the Holy Spirit always.