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Introduction to the Project Report

Find the Talent You Need Every workplace is unique. It is important for you to understand and define the values, goals, policies, and practices that describe your organization. If you can clearly express who you are and what youre looking for, your recruitment efforts will be more successful because prospective applicants can assess their fit with your needs. Use the unique characteristics of your organization to your advantage and promote them as a selling point in your recruitment efforts. A solid recruitment plan, careful attention to selection and ongoing commitment to retention mean that you will need to spend less time, energy and money replacing staff. Good recruitment begins with good planning. Before you get started, ask yourself some important questions. Take the time to find out the answers before you place that ad or post the help wanted sign. The following graphic highlights some of the important topics you need to consider before moving ahead

Know your organization y y y What is your organizational culture (norms, values, traditions) ? What is your organizations vision ? Why would someone want to work in your organization?

Know your hiring needs y y y Whats coming up that might create the need to hire new workers? For example, increased sales or new product lines, new technology, anticipated turnover. Who or what can provide you with this information? For example, strategic plans, sales reports, records of past hiring patterns, line managers and others in the know.

Know what you already have y y What skills and abilities do your current employees. What members of your organization might be able to meet future skills need.

Know the work y y y y What What What What are the main tasks ? are the key responsibilities ? knowledge attitude & skills are required ? experience, special skills & qualification ?

Know the labor market y y What skills are in short supply ? What competitive salary for this kind of work

Know your talent sources y As you plan your talent search, be creative. Rather than targeting the same workers and using the same strategies as everyone else, consider your options. All of the following populations face barriers to employment and may have a lot to offer your organization.

Know your options y y What recruitment strategies can you consider ? What resources (time, value & money ) do you have to support for your organization.

Measure & evaluate y This step might be as simple as adding the question. How do you hear about us? record keeping using a chart like the following template will help you to evaluate the strategies you choose. Having the flowchart ready at the onset of your recruitment campaign will help you track costs and results from dayone


Rules and Regulations of Recruitment & Selection Process in Organization : y y y y To provide clarification and detail of the core commitments laid down in the organization code of Practice for Recruitment and Selection. To offer step by step support to all those involved in the recruitment and selection of organisation; To ensure that there is a consistent and unbiased procedure for the recruitment and selection in the organization. To act as the basis of an informal contract between recruiters and organization administration to make the recruitment process as speedy and efficient as possible.

Recruitment Process

Recruitment process of defining a job and attracting applicants for the vacant post. It is the process of finding and attracting capable applicants for employment. the process begins when new recruits are sought and ends when their applications are submitted. The result is a pool of applicants from which new applicants are selected. Selection Process : Selection is the process of choosing the most appropriate candidate to fill the post from among all those who apply. Selection is the pivot point between recruitment and retention. Hopefully your efforts have gained you several qualified candidates. Now you have to decide who is the best fit for the job. You need to plan a process that is fair and objective and results in choosing the best person for the job. Taking some time to plan ahead will help you to find an individual whose skills and talents will be an asset to your organization, a person who will want to keep you as an employer as well The recruitment and selection process below are designed to withstand scrutiny and to fulfill the legal obligations placed on all recruiters. Adherence to the guidelines will provide protection for individuals involved in selection. Recruiters represent the organisation and the organisation is liable for the actions of recruiters . OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY Every organization has some objectives and every part of it should contribute directly or indirectly to the attainment of objectives. In order to achieve organizational objectives integration of employer's interest and employee interest is necessary. To integrate them right form of recruitment strategies are implemented i.e. recruitment. Selection, motivation, compensation, health etc. managers have to study the behaviour and attitude of employees and how they can retain the motivated employees in the organization. In my study I have tried to know the recruitment and selection strategies in organization. The objectives which have been kept in mind are as follows: y y y y To enable an organization to maintain an inventory of the quality employees by the best sources of recruitment and selection strategies in the organization. To examine the recruitment and retention process of employees in the related unit. To find the draw backs in the Recruitment & selection strategy of company. To suggest the measures for establishing and better Recruitment and selection Strategy.

Project Description : Title : Project Report on Recruitment and Selection Process- 85 Pages Description : This project report is on "Recruitment and Selection Process" and give all information about Hiring Needs, Talent Sources, Recruitment Policy, Selection Policy inventory of the quality employees, best sources of recruitment and selection etc. This project cost is Rs. 2499/- only {without Synopsis} and Rs. 2999/- {with synopsis} only. If you need this project, send a mail at this id : and send your name, your email ID and contact nos. etc. or Call Us at +91-9468269340. We will send you a hardcopy with hard binding and a softcopy in CD from courier.