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One is filled with great sense of pride when students are able to distinguish themselves in work, even beyond the four walls of the classroom.

This work is a synergistic product of many minds. We are grateful to many trans generational sources and roots of wisdom that helped us to make this project viable and also on right time. The material and arrangement has slowly evolved and has imbued those who have deeply and sincerely immersed in it.

We would like to take this opportunity of expressing our special dept of thanks to Respected Chabbi madam for giving us such a wonderful project which gave us a chance to explore the practical side of our studies. We also thank her for the facilities provided by her making us comfortable. This project also gave us a chance to increase our knowledge in the fields of Promotion, 4Ps, Targeting and an experience of live field work.

SWOT analysis (for competitors)

The local market or hotels
The scattered hotels providing high menus from Kanya Kumari to Himachal Pradesh and more concentration in Mumbai has become a real threat to Grand Oceanic These hotels are cheaper due to low cost of production, thus this hotels are affordable by lay man also. Traditionally cooked fish attract more customers. Preparations as per locality. Items like Solkadhi with steam rice are served. ingredients altering a chemical reaction resulting in food poisoning. Sometimes unhygienic conditions also arise where bones are not removed.

The localized restaurants have several opportunities to boost their selling like they can launch innovative recopies along with their product and recipes. Foreign fish recipes like Tentacle soup should also be prepared in local market.

No ready to eat dishes available which customers can take away and eat. The quality of the fish consumed is very low and sometimes even stale fish is used for the cooking purpose. The centralized hotels use any type of fish with any

This local market faces a heavy competition from many other localised restaurants and 5-star hotels like Taj and Oberoi. MacD posses a immense threat to this line

Even fast food restaurants lik

SWOT Analysis (Grand Oceanic)

Strong base only in the line of sea food, which no other restaurant till now has provided before. Ambience and Light Classical music adds to the satisfaction and happiness of the customer. Traditional recipe mixed with modern recipe gives a combination of culture and modernization in food category. Ginny & Johnny Merchandise on every meal. Hygiene & Cleanliness

Dining area only for the masses and not the classes due to market skimming pricing. Lower personal attention as compared to other local restaurants. Less variety for veggies is the biggest weakness. Inadequate knowledge about foreign recipes. No other franchisee.

Opening of franchisee in metros. Diversifying the menu to vegetarian. Introduction of Local recipes.

Heavy competition from fast food giants like MacD, Subway or KFC

Localised competitors including the chaat walas or the bhojanalay. Threats to the caf area from caf joints like CCD or Barista.


The pricing strategy which we have adopted is market skimming strategy as we intent to gather as many customers by providing them with 5 star quality food and services before other competitors entered into the market. Supplier will also allow us discount as there will be a bulk purchase done.

Credit terms:
The supplier will be allowing credit period of 26 days. After the expiry of the term period immediately on the next day the amount will be due for payment. The Purchase department will take care of this and see to it payment is made in time to have a smooth and efficient flow with supplier.

As we are dealing with service Industry. We are only dealing with only one product that is fish. There will be various varieties of fish like prawns, crabs, pomfret etc. There will be product segmentation like Dining floor menu and oceanic special that is ground floor menu. We will be introduce various dishes like prawns sandwich, fish frank roll, oceanic cone etc. Mostly all the dishes will be serve with steamed rice.

Dining Floor Menu:

1. Malvani fish curry 450

2. Malvani style pomfret curry


3. Malvani gravy


4. Mase kalvan (curry) 5. Goan fish curry

301 400

6. Griddle roasted king fish (surmai tava fry)


7. Caldeirada goan fish


8. Bengali fish curry 9. Maccher jhol (Bengali fish) 10. Bhapa muchi (Bengali fish) 11. Fishermans Basket 12. Crab curry

500 526 425 700 750

13. Amritsari fish 14. Fish korma 15. Fish moilee 16. Kerala fish curry 17. Patrani machhi 18. Indian tandoori fish

507 600 500 350 650 601

19. Deep fried fish


20. Fish kofta curry 21. Moulded Fish with Worcestershire sauce 22. Steamed fish herbal

575 1500 600

23. Prawn malai curry


24. Whole fish stuffed with green chutney 25. Shrimp Stuffed Fish Fillets 26. Hydrabadi fish gravy 27. Mangalorean lady fish curry 28. Poached prawns

500 1000 450 700 600

29. Seafood Exotica 30. Sol kadhi

1500 50

Ground Floor Menu:

1. Grilled Zinga Sandwich 2. Oceanic cone 3. Frankies i) Zinga franky ii) Dry prawns Franky iii) Pomfret franky 4. Tentacles soup 5. Fishy Burger i) Rawas burger ii) Prawns burger iii)Mackerel burger 6. Lobster with herb crust 7. Quick fish chowder soup 8. Crab stuffed mushrooms 39 29 35 105 59 65 35 49 35 35 45 79

9. Crabby patties 10. Baked shrimp 11. Almond oven fried fish 12. Creamy Fish Pie ( Preferable for pregnant ladies) 13. Crab muffins 14. Sundaes 15. Waffle cones 16. Fish fries 17. Fishy Manchurian dry 18. Sushi 19. Fish salad tossed 20. Chilled Drinks

75 35 125 75 49 125 39 35 35 89 169 29

1) 2) 3) 4) Oceanic Interior will give an essence of fish environment ultimately to target fish lovers. It is targeted to social groups like middle class and higher class people. There will be dishes from Rs.29/- onwards Drinks section to provide good quality an sophisticated liquors,video game section will given prominence. 5) There should be conference chamber for corporate meetings charges for the same will Rs. 5000/- for one meeting.

All dishes will be hygienic to eat. Proper maintenance will be taken of kitchen accessories. We will use modern kitchen techniques. It ensures quality for the dishes.

Packaging includes activities of designing and producing the container for a product. In our hotel, packaging is mainly important for our take away counter. The parcel should be packed in proper oceanic packets. Dual covers like aluminum foil paper and second outer cover of oceanic packets. Consumer Affluence - People are willing to pay more for attractive packaging. Innovation Opportunity Scope for innovation (shark head packaging)

Line Modernization
Modernization is carried on continuously. Oceanic targets on improvements to encourage customer migration to higher valued, higher priced items.

Oceanic has its own different plans of promotion. It will begin its advertising campaign one month before the exact launch. It is expected to create hype among the consumers. The mascot SHARKY will distribute pamphlets and toys and balloons for kids.

Advertisement will be done on a local cable. For that purpose an animated video will be made. Also balloon advertising will be done. Big banners, bill boards and hoarding will be put up in Bandra and prominent places like Mumbai airport. There will two vehicles for transportation purpose on which pictures displaying the mascot and will bear the name of the restaurant. Extensive advertisement on facebook and other social sites will help to publicize the brand to teenagers and oldies alike.

Sales promotion
Oceanic has its own promotional strategies. It promotes it Video games chamber by providing free coins for activating the games on every rise in the bill over a certain price. Sharky toys are also provided to kids in the toys section. Particular dishes on ground floor will be free on the day of inauguration. There will be a Try out counter on first floor in case any customer needs to check the variety in fish.

Physical Evidence
Physical evidence is all about the appearance of building, landscaping, vehicles, interiors and furnishing, staff members, signs, printed materials and other visible clues. All provided tangible evidence of firms service qualities. Service firms need to manage physical evidence carefully, as it can have a profound impact on customers impressions Oceanics physical evidence is of an abstract taste: 1. Chairs: The chairs will be cozy, sleek and comfortable making our customers to feel as if they are making themselves at home. 2. Tables: Tables are made out of pure hand crafted rosewood

In the ground floor furniture used will be specially made of cane. There will be approximately 7 to 8 table in the ground floor unlike that of the first floor which has a dining capacity of 95 people. The ground floor mainly comprises of the Video games section and the mascot toys section where petty toys for kids are delivered. This is sort of a busy area where there will be self service for the customers on various counters with the help of menu disclosed above. The dining floor comprises of a completely different menu system.

The large wall aquarium is the USP of Oceanic hotel with the drinks counter. There is also a separate chamber for conference and meetings. The walls will be painted in shades of blue inorder to give Oceanic feel. Rest rooms are also available at every floor.

The most important aspect is the presence of mascot SHARKY in the restaurant as he keeps the environment lively.

Place plays an important role in business as the demand for our product and goods and services depends on the area location where our business is situated. Oceanics location is situated in such a manner that will give convenience to commercial, teenagers and of course residential people. Also a beach side view gives a feel of close to ocean for the people.

In the initial stage of oceanic the restaurant which comes under service industry it be located only at one single place viz. Bandra, in Mumbai (western suburbs). It will be located to such a area which is surrounded by commercials, malls and which can attract teenagers to fill up their hunger.

Logistics and Transportation

The distribution channel is as follows.. The raw materials i.e. fish will be purchased from a single particular supplier. The purchase department of OCEANIC will directly make a demand towards the supplier for fish skipping all the middle-man and other agencies involved in the distribution process adopting a push strategy of marketing.

Proper emphasis will be given on the inventory level. Every Monday and Thursday of each week new stock will be reaching the restaurant. Incase if the main supplier i.e. from whom always different varieties of fish taken is unable to supply the stock due to any reason or due to lack In his inventory, proper arrangement will be made with other supplier to supply the stock in case of emergency so in these way oceanic will be having three suppliers one main supplier and other two for second preference. In order to maintain a proper stock with inventory a special preservation refrigerator having a capacity of storing nearly 5000 fishes into various compartments .so that the different category fishes can be stored separately so that no two different categories of fish gets jumbled up. Pomfret Mackerel Prawns Tuna Salmon Rawas Crab 150 100 30 25 70 120 80

Bombay duck 10 Dry prawns Tentacles Vegetables 10 5 @ Rs. 75 per kg 60 @ Rs.20 per kg

The raw material which will be transported by the supplier will get assorted in such a manner that no two different categories of fishes gets mix-up or jumbled with each other and also to have a smooth process.

The fish will be transported from the supplier to the restaurant by a van owned by the restaurant itself. The cost of transportation will be borne by oceanic. Also home delivery facility will be provided in the local area upto 5kms from the range of restaurant. For these a scooter will be provided to the delivery boys for convenience.

Vegetable Inventory
Tie up with Veggie Paradise for fresh vegetables on a daily basis. The same will be paid on monthly basis.

The process begins with making reservations on the telephone and concludes with a departure from the restaurant after having food and payment of bills on the cash counter. This process also includes front stage and back stage activities. The process begins when the customer makes a reservation on the telephone before visiting the restaurant. On the customer arrival at the restaurant they are escorted to a table and are seated with honour. By the time customer reaches the dining table he has been exposed to several supplementary front stage services by our mascot The Sharky Standards are set for these activities like recording reservations, preparing and delivering food, maintaining facilities and equipments, training and assignment of each staff and using information technology to maintain database. After seating on the table the customer reviews the menu and places the order. The waiter takes the order and passes the same in the kitchen. The chef works his best on the customers order and takes minimum time to prepare the dish. The waiters take the ready to eat sizzling recipes for the customer to consume at his respective table. As soon as the meal of the customer gets over our waiter doesnt irritate them with the regular bill method but presents it only when the customer calls for the bill. This will be our main training for the waiters. The customers are bade a farewell from The Sharky and is asked to return back every day.

The people of Grand Oceanic Cafe consist of both the internal staff and customers The staff of Oceanic is a group of handful picked skilled person for the right post 1. Watchman: (2 persons) These are situated at the main gates to open the entrance and record the names of all the people entered into the restaurant. Moreover they are entitled to check the security of the hotel while looking in the spy cameras for any misdoings. 2. Mascot: (2 persons) This is the most important aspect of The Grand Oceanic Cafe. A person dressed as our brand item The Sharky is situated at the entrance and the other inside the restaurant for entertainment and promotional purpose. The mascot gives out free gifts and key chains to the customers. 3. Cleaners: (4 persons) They are the sweepers and handle maintenance of mega aquarium. Wherever there is dirt in the restaurant the cleaners attend there and clean out the place. The cleaners keep Grand Oceanic Cafe spotless and clean like the deep blue sea.

4. Receptionists: (2 persons) These are the 2 women employees whose job is to take reservation orders on telephone and book the tables for them. They check all the database management like recording customers birthdays and anniversaries. 5. Video Par lour Crew: (2 persons) They are related with the video game section of the restaurant. They manage the efficient working of all the video games and handling of tokens and money with the customers. 6. Bar tenders: (2 persons) They are expertise in the entire bar tending activities like mixing the mock tails and all the juggling hand tricks. They even entertain the guests with poem making and provide them with rich liquor from the globe.

7. Chefs: (4 persons) They are handpicked people selected from the most leading institutes of hotel management in India. They work in 2 shifts and work in Oceanic kitchens to create new varieties of dishes. 8. Kitchen helpers: (8 persons) They are the people provided to help aid to the main chef. These are mainly the active and helpful student group of hotel management schools assisting the main chef to prepare delicacies.

9. Waiters: (13 persons) They are spread all over the restaurant. Highly trained in public manners they attend each and every call of the customers and regard them as their God. They take the menu and provide the cooked food to the correct customers. 10. Manager: (1 person) He is the supervisor of every activity going around in Grand Oceanic Cafe. He patrols the restaurant time to time and checks all the activities. He is at the highest post and decides the programmes of the hotel.


Total Initial Investment
Cost of Construction Furniture Mega Aquarium Interiors Cost of Production Liquor license Kitchen Accessories Video Games Drinks Inventory Miscellaneous Advertisement Rs. 4Cr. Rs. 30L. Rs.82L Rs.20L Rs.10L Rs.8L Rs.30L Rs.5L Rs.8L Rs.5L Rs.20L

Rs. 8 Cr.

Total Cost


Quarterly January

Floor Ground Dining

Estimated Estimated Total Sales (A) Cost (B) (A*B) 300 units Rs. 80 Rs.24,000 130 units Rs.650 Rs.700 Rs.1430 Rs. 80 Rs.650 Rs.700 Rs.1430 Rs. 80 Rs.650 Rs.700 Rs.1430 Rs.84,500 Rs.56,000

Days Total (C) (A*B*C) 30 Rs.7,20,000 22 8 Rs.4,48,000 Rs.30,27,000 Rs.8,40,000

Expenses (E)

Rs.18,59,000 Rs.16,00,000

Total April

Dining 80 units (weekends) 510 units Ground Dining 350 units 160 units

Rs.1,64,500 60 Rs.28,000 Rs.66,500 30 8 Rs.1,04,000 22

Rs.22,88,000 Rs.17,00,000 Rs.5,32,000 Rs.36,60,000 Rs.8,88,000 Rs.25,74,000 Rs.18,00,000 Rs.6,16,000 Rs.40,78,000

Total July

Dining 95 units (weekends) 605 units Ground Dining 370 units 180 units

Rs.1,98,500 60 Rs29,600 30

Rs.1,17,000 22 Rs.77,000 8


Dining 110 units (weekends) 660 units Calculation: Variable Expenses: Purchases Staff Salaries Bills Payable Transportation Maintenance Total Expenses

Rs.2,23,600 60

Rs.9.8L Rs.3L Rs.2L Rs.20,000 Rs.1L Rs.16L

Fixed Expenses
Depreciation Furniture & Aquarium Land & Building Tax Interest & Misc Total Fixed Expenses Rs 3,13,888 Rs 5,00,000 Rs 2,10,000 Rs 2,00,000 Rs 12,23,888

For the month of January-February-March Taking approximately there are 300 dishes which will be sold at ground floor Therefore estimated sales is 300 dishes (weekend not considered) Average Price Rs 80 approx

therefore 300*80*30 days = Rs. 7,20,000 Now at the first floor in dining area Estimated sales is 130 dishes Average Price per dish is Rs. 650 Therefore 130*650 = Rs.84,500 For normal days excluding weekends Rs 84,500*22 days = 18,59,000 For weekends in a month Estimated sales is 80 units Average price per dish Rs.700

Therefore Rs. 700*80 = 56,000 For all the weekends in the month 56000*8 = Rs. 4, 48,000

ENTIRE TURNOVER FOR THE MONTH OF JANUARY Rs 7,20,000 {ground floor for 30 days} Rs 18,59,000 {dining area for 22 days} Rs 4,48,000 {dining area for weekends} Total Sales: Rs 30,27,000-Expenses Rs. 16,00,000 Average Profit for the month of January-February-March Rs. 14, 27,000 Therefore on quarterly basis profit is Rs. 42, 81,000 {Rs. 14,27,000*3m} For the month of April-May-June Average Total Sales Rs.36,60,000-Average Expenses Rs.17,00,000 Average Profit for the month of April-May-June is Rs 19,60,000 Therefore on quarterly basis profit is Rs. 58,80,000 {Rs. 19,60,000*3m}

For the month of July-August-September Average Total Sales Rs.40, 78,000-Average Expenses Rs.18,00,000 Average Profit for the month of July-August-September is Rs 22,78,000 Therefore on quarterly basis profit is Rs. 68,34,000 {Rs. 22,78,000*3m}

Assuming that from September onwards the sales of Oceanic will be same i.e. Rs. 68,34,000/-

Month January February March April May June July August September October November December Total

Sales Variable Expenses 30,27,000 16,00,000 36,60,000 17,00,000 40,78,000 18,00,000 36,60,000 17,00,000 36,60,000 17,00,000 36,60,000 17,00,000 40,78,000 18,00,000 40,78,000 18,00,000 40,78,000 18,00,000 68,34,000 19,00,000 68,34,000 19,00,000 68,34,000 19,00,000 5,44,81,000 2,13,00,000 Sales Forecast 2011

Fixed Costs 12,23,888 12,23,888 12,23,888 12,23,888 12,23,888 12,23,888 12,23,888 12,23,888 12,23,888 12,23,888 12,23,888 12,23,888 1,46,86,656

Particulars Total Sales Less: Variable Costs Contribution Less: Fixed Costs Incomes

Amount 5,44,81,000 2,13,00,000 3,31,81,000 1,46,86,656 1,84,94,344

Profit-Volume Ratio = Contribution/Sales * 100 = 3, 31, 81,000/5, 44, 81,000*100 = 61%

BEP (sales) = Fixed Cost/P.V. Ratio = 1, 46, 86,656/61 * 100 = 2, 40, 76,485/BEP (units) = Fixed Cost / Contribution per unit = 1, 46,86,656/1430 = 10,270 units Break Even Point in months = BEP (units)/production per month = 10,270/660 = 15 months

Break Even at Approximately 1 years 3 months

Calculating Break Even point first deducting the profit from January to September from Total Investment which is 8 crores:

Total Investment Less:1st quarterly profit Less:2nd quarterly profit Gross Total

8,00,00,000 42,81,000 58,80,000 6,98,39,000

-----------------------------------------------------------------3rd quarterly profit (Rs. 68,34,000 ) which is same henceforth on assumption

Therefore Rs. 6,98,39,000/ Rs. 68,34,000 Answer is 10 quarterly months. Net Total is 12 quarters (adding 2 quarters of 1st year)

So Break Even Point is obtained in 12*3m=36 months which is 3 years.