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EDF EN Transformer Condition Monitoring Data and System Overview

Data Commitment from EDF EN EDF Energy Networks will provide Power Transformer temperature and monitoring data and on-line Hydran oil analysis for a period of 12 months from 3 substations in its EPN and SPN license areas. Underground cable and switchgear partial discharge monitoring data will also be provided from a separate set of 6 substations, comprising 12 months worth of data. (Source: refer to file EDF Energy Data Commitments to HiPerDNO Project.doc posted on basecamp.) II.Existing systems 1. Dynamic System: Ratings Monitoring, Control and Communication (DRMCC)

EDF EN has over 20 DRMCC systems on 132kV Wilson transformers including the Bankside underground substation near the Tate Modern gallery and at Kings Yard, site of the 2012 Olympics in London. (Source: Document DRMCC Reference List June 2009 by Dynamic Rating LTD.) 2. AREVA MS 2000 Comprehensive Online Monitoring System for Power Transformers: In EDF EN Luton site, the first purpose-built 132/33 kV 90MVA vegetable oil-filled transformer has been deployed as a long-term R&D project. Compared to mineral oil, the FR3 oil is fully biodegradable and has greater fire resistance which brings higher level safety and major environmental benefits. The project involves building two transformers with the same specification with the only difference that one is filled with FR3 fluid and the other uses conventional mineral oil. The operational condition of both transformers will be closely monitored by using AREVAs MS 2000 online monitoring system. This will give better understanding of the characteristics of the novel transformer and help to further improve the design. (Source: Site visit minute posted by Dr. Gary Taylor on basecamp.) 3. On-line Hydran oil analysis: There are three substations which are monitoring On-line Hydran Oil Analysis. One of the substations was used to provide the example data posted on basecamp, but there are errors with the temperature readings at this site. Another sites data can be viewed by graphs only and the raw data cannot be viewed. The remote access has failed to view the results at the other site so this must be downloaded on site. Because this On-Line Hydran Oil Analysis is still being trialled, it is currently not used to support any analysis or modelling at EDF Energy.

(Source: Correspondence with Neassa from EDF EN.) 4. Power Transformer temperature and monitoring data: Power Transformer temperature and monitoring data is available from other sites without On-Line Hydran Oil Analysis. (Source: Correspondence with Neassa from EDF EN.)


Data Summary

1. DRMCC system:
DRMCC data for the following sites have been made available by EDF EN and which are also distributed through GTD FTP site. Data sampling period: 1 minute Data types: refer to the file EDF Energy - Explanation for the DRMCC logs.doc posted on basecamp. Available data summary:

Substation Site Bushy Mills

Available Data Period 22/02/2009 14/02/2010

Note Not all data are provided, e.g., data for consecutive three days are provided, but data for the next four days are missing. Complete data. Complete data with errors. Complete data. Complete data.

Bankside Tooley Street Holloway Chadwick Road

15/03/2009 13/03/2010 26/10/2008 11/04/2009 19/04/2009 17/04/2010 19/04/2009 17/04/2010

1. AREVA MS 2000: Data are currently unavailable. Request for data has been made.

2. On-line Hydran oil analysis and Power Transformer temperature and

monitoring data: Sample data are available and provided on basecamp. More data can be obtained if requested by HiPerDNO consortium.

I. Documentations (refer to Basecamp): 1. Article regarding to DRMCC system: Dynamic Rating, Monitoring, Control and Communication for Power Transformers. 2. 3. 4. 5. DRMCC Broad Description DRMCC T3 Information Brochure MS 2000 Basic On-line Monitoring System for Power Transformers Brochure MS 2000 Comprehensive On-line Monitoring System for Power Transformers Brochure 6. MS 3000 On-line Condition Monitoring and Expert System for Power Transformers Brochure I. FAQ collection regarding to the data from DRMCC system (To be updated): 1. Q: What is the main purpose of condition monitoring in EDF, e.g., maintenance, life management, fault detection? A: The main purpose of condition monitoring for EDF Energy are: -Improve Safety: Live monitoring of switchgear. -Asset programmes. Management: Target maintenance and replacement

-Improvement of Quality of Supply (CI/CML) by detecting incipient faults and repairing them before they occur.