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Research Design

Research Design of my project is based on the following lay out: Title of Research Thesis The topic on which I have selected to write a research thesis is Financial Analysis Of Masood Textile." Name and introduction of the organization The name of the Company is "Masood Textile Mills Limited". The Masood textile mill is established under the Company Ordinance 1984, and is a Private Limited Company. The Company has latest equipment and machinery to serve globally. The Company has modern computerized networking system. All the Accounting and finance relating work is carried out through computers. The Company has capability in fabric dyeing, ginning, spinning, knitting, laundry and apparel manufacturing. The major products of the Company are Cotton - Synthetic fiber yarn Knitted - Dyed Fabrics and garments Aims and objectives of research I have selected the topic due to importance of textile sector in our country. The research will help me to study in depth the financial statements of the Company, which will give me a complete and comprehensive understanding of its financial structure. Being in the profession of Chartered Accountancy, it will also enhance my practical knowledge regarding Company policies, accounting and finance which will allow me to explain and comment on the Companys financial structure. Research Methodology I have planned to adopt the following methodology. Primarily my source of information would be Companys Annual Financial Statements from which I will use actual figures of the Companys Profit and Loss Account, Balance Sheet, Statement of Changes in Equity and Cash Flow Statement and other related informations disclosed in the Financial Statements of the Company to support my research and comment.

Inspection and deep analysis of companys financial statements through following ratios and trends Current ratios Debt equity ratio Profitability ratio Sales trend Turnover ratios Horizontal and vertical analysis Inspection of companys business operation by physically visiting companys premises. Attending and observing different seminars related to textile sector so as to know government policy about this sector. Reading different magazines, business journals and newspapers for extraction of financial data.

Sources of data collection

Data collection will be from following sources. Company employees Management of company i.e. directors etc Major shareholders or investors Prospectus Memorandum and article of association Published financial statements Internet Business magazines and journals News papers Seminars

Research Tools As research tools I have also planned to obtain information from Companys Interim Financial Statements and other documents published during the year.