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Boyle Engineering offers a range of servic-

es for a variety of applications, from water
treatment and distribution to sewerage and
water reclamation.

The Leader In Innovation

Boyle Engineering Corp. has more than doubled its growth in the past three years through acquisitions
and focusing on growing areas. It received an award for a water treatment plant earlier this year.

By Libby John Petrocelli explains. “California and Florida are national lead-

I n the past three years, Boyle Engineering Corp. has

grown from a $55 million company to a $115 million
one. President and CEO Phillip Petrocelli says the com-
pany more than doubled its growth by focusing on munici-
palities in California, Florida and the Rocky Mountains;
ers in reusing water.”
The company also has participated in two acquisitions in
the past two years. In September 2005, it acquired Stodd-
ard Engineering, a Northern California-based company that
provided similar services.
business development and strategic account management; In February 2006, it acquired LBFH Inc., based in South
and cross-selling related water resources. Florida. Petrocelli says LBFH also offered similar services
The company offers a range of services to help plan, de- as Boyle, as well as construction engineering inspection.
sign and construct infrastructure projects for water resourc- He says those acquisitions have helped Boyle expand serv-
es, water treatment and distribution, sewerage and water ices into those regions, as well as offer construction engi-
reclamation, stormwater and transportation. neering inspection services to existing clients. “Our long-
“For more than 60 years, we have term objective is to service our clients well so that they
Boyle Engineering enjoyed a reputation of being a leader in choose us over and over again,” he says.
2007 revenues: $115 million developing innovative solutions to meet
HQ: Newport Beach, Calif. the complex and ever-changing needs of Growth Strategy
Employees: 640
Specialty: Infrastructure projects our clients,” the company says. Petrocelli says one of Boyle Engineering’s goals is to grow
Phillip Petrocelli, president Most of its projects are in growing faster than the industry average. Last year, the company
and CEO: “Our long-term objec- regions, such as the Denver area and South- grew by 53 percent, 23 percent of it organically.
tive is to service our clients well
so that they choose us over and west and Southeast United States. “It is not This year, he anticipates 15 to 16 percent growth. “Our
over again.” easy to find clean water in those areas,” enhanced growth strategy is a mix of organic and acquisi-