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Trammell Crow has already had to Fowler says the company expects the enced market leaders in 28 major cities
redesign its water line, which originally city’s chilled water to be ready by Oct. 1. and, as an independently operated sub-
was to go through the garage. If they are not ready by that date, the sidiary of CB Richard Ellis, has access to
The company had to seek a separate city will pick up the tab for any tempo- over 20,000 professionals within the
easement to snake the line around the rary chilled water costs, according to world’s largest real estate services firm.
building and decreased the size of the Fowler. HSR is focused on resurrecting old or
garage. The company has also finished a creating new neighborhoods to provide
water retention pond designed to serve ‘Building Value’ more environmentally sound, user-
the condominium and the hotel. Trammell Crow was founded in 1948 friendly communities, Trammell Crow
Trammell Crow in addition had to deal and has grown into one of the nation’s says.
with a delay in the delivery of chilled leading developers and investors in real “We specialize in blending office,
water by the city. estate. retail, housing and civic venues within
According to Fowler, the central system “Our team is dedicated to building organized public gathering spaces
serves numerous buildings in the down- value for all of our clients through cre- through our leading-edge master
town area, but was not built to serve the ative solutions and highly skilled, locally plan/master developer services and resi-
other side of Waller Creek. connected professionals in major cities in dential development experience,” the
The rezoning that has spurred this the United States, Canada and India,” the company adds.
redevelopment of the area has forced the company says. “We serve users of, and “With the capability to develop unique
city to extend the main line to the other investors in, office, industrial, retail, health- mixed-use communities, such as urban
side, and the line will have the capacity care, student housing, on-airport distribu- infill, edge city and the adaptive re-use of
to serve multiple sites in the area. tion, multifamily residential and mixed- historic buildings, we apply our strengths
However, it was not ready in time to use projects.” in neo-traditional planning, design and
meet The Shore’s construction schedule, As of September 2006, Trammell Crow architecture to create these human-scale,
and the city is about a month behind in had more than $5 billion of development immersive districts.”
its scheduled delivery. and new investments in process and HSR also says its ability to leverage
In the meantime, Trammell Crow is nearly $3 billion of additional projects in Trammell Crow’s pool of talent and
using temporary chillers to keep the the pipeline. resources places it at the forefront of the
building served with water. Trammell Crow says it employs experi- residential and mixed-use industry. ■