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Why is it important in effective e-commerce for front end web enabled applications like order taking to be tightly integrated with back-end applications like inventory control and production planning?
Today the life is very fast and quick people having the money in their pocket desire to fulfill their needs and demands quickly and fastly so it is important for effective e-commerce for front end web enabled and application to be tightly integrated with back end applications to provide fast and accurate delivery of the product to the customers. It may also facilitate the customers complete record of the transactions and would allow the company to serve the customers in smooth way by providing the products on time.

Why are many manufacturers and retailers outsourcing the physical logistics of delivering merchandise to shoppers? What advantages does such a strategy offer? Are there any potential issue or disadvantages?
Many manufacturers and retailers outsource the physical logistics of delivering merchandise to shoppers and the one approach behind it many manufactures take to raise profitability and improve customers service is to move their supply chain operation onto internet. Here they can form an electronic exchange to join with competitors and suppliers alike using computer and web sites to buy and sell goods, trade information and run back-office operation such as inventory control Advantage: the main advantage is focusing to make the transfer of information in the fast and simple way.the customers do n t trouble to fill out any shiping label and in this manner they get their demands.

Distinguish between a B2B and B2C e-commerce company? B2B:
Business-to-business e-commerce offers enormous oppurtunities. It is considerably larger and expected to grow much more rapidly than business-to-customers, e commerce is not only does B2B e-commerce allow manufactures to buy a low cost worlwide, but it also offers enterprise the chance to sell to a global market right from the start. In addition, e commerce offers great promise for developing countries, helping them enter the prosperous global marketplace and so helping reduce the gap between rich and poor countries.

In business-2-consumers company deals with their consumers and customers directly with them. In Business-2-consumers platform company interacts with the customers and sell their products and get feedback from them about their products, quality and others. More business to consumers relation will be, more and more company will grow.

Would you agree with the statement that e-commerce is dead or dying? Why or not?
I am surely disagree wih the above statement because today envirement is Think locally and act globally , globalization is the factor that make the world as a small village. In one time thousands of information is exchanging from one part of the world to another. Hence especially e-commerce due to that factor is growing and increasing day by day. E-commerce proviedes the people variety in one product, new business strategyies and less price to the custmers so that s why E-commerce in not dead or dying at all.

Wal-Mart, the world s number-one retail chain has turned down several invitations to join excahanges in the retail and consumer goods industries. Is this good or bad for the overall U.S economy? Why?
Definitely, this thing will prove best for the health of U.S economy because through the exchange of retailer and consumers, thousands of transactions would take pace and that factor would be worthful fot the company s economy, due to that exchange company may have a chance to sell out their thousands number of products and hence the revenue of the company will become in million or may in billions.

Assume that you are the owner of a small dry cleaning business. Describe he day-today transaction processing activities that you would encounter?
As a owner of a small dry cleaning business following type of day-to-day transactions may I have to encouter: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. To take the orders from the customers. To deliver that orders to custmors. To issue the receipt. Transaction of payment received that may be with debit card. To make the record of debit.

Your company is a medium sized service company with the revenue of $500 million per year. You have decided that the organization will implement a new order processing system . what are some of the key questions that must be answered to further define the scope of this effort?
New order processing system would carry below questions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Order entry Sales configuration Shipment planning Shipment execution Inventory control Order entery Invoicing and billing Customer resource and management Routinga and schedualing

Imagine that you are the new IS manager for a Fortune1000 company. Your internal information systems audit has revealed that your firm s systems are lacking disaster recovery plans and backup procedures. How would you decide whether your firm invest to the development of a disaster recovery plan and backup procedures?
Yes firm will invest for the development of a disaster recovery plan and back up procedures to make the company s data and record secure, safe and reliable.

What is the advantage of implementing ERP as an integrated solution to link miltiple business processes? What are some of the issues and potential problems?
Advantages of ERP are as follows: a. Elimination of costly, inflexible legacy systems b. Improvement of work processes c. Increasing in across to data for operational decision making d. Upgrade of technology infrastructure

Elimination of cosly and inflexible legacy systems: ERP system fecilitates the organizations to eliminate the hundreds of separate system and replacing them by one and integrated system or application for the whole organization. Improvement of work processes: The ERP improves the work Processess which are based on best practices. It makes the eficiency in the work processes. Upgrade of technology infrastructure : The ERP upgrades the technology used in it, for the implementation the company must know the reqiurement properly like hard ware, software, databases and which operating system they want to use Issues and Potential problems: a. Expense and time in implementation b. Difficulty integrating with other systems c. Risks in using one vendor

How would you develop a business resumption plan and prepare for a potential disaster recovery? What steps would you use to plan for a potential disaster?
Following steps used to plan recovery : a. b. c. d. Hardware back-up Software back-up Database Back-up Telecommunication back-up

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