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All of Luker Framing’s foremen and manage-
ment personnel go through management
training courses.

A Safety Procedure Leader

The Luker family has been framing homes for three generations, and Luker Framing Inc. continues the
tradition today in California’s central coast as the region’s largest framing company.

By Joanna Miller Safety also distinguishes Luker Framing, he says. “We

A s one of the largest framing contractors in central

California, Luker Framing Inc. says it offers cus-
tomer service that sets it apart on a national level.
President and CEO Jon Luker notes the company recently
was ranked first in the country for safety, cycle time, im-
lead our industry in implementing safety procedures,” Luker
says. “We have a full-time safety coordinator and one of the
best safety records around.”
Values and leadership are very important to Luker Fram-
ing, he notes. All project foremen and management person-
provement and quality by Shea Homes, the nation’s largest nel go through management training course where they im-
privately owned builder. prove their skills in communication, goals, planning and
“We lead the central coast as far as size,” Luker says. “We team working process. He says 50 percent of the compa-
are one of the biggest framing contractors in California. We ny’s key people have now graduated from Effective Super-
probably frame for 50 percent of national builders.” The co- visor Management program.
mpany also works with smaller, local builders, splitting its These factors have allowed the company to sustain its
business fairly evenly between the two groups, Luker says. revenue with a local housing market that’s currently off by
The company’s design team also sets it 40 percent of home starts, Luker says. It has adapted by di-
Luker Framing Inc. apart from other subcontractors, he notes. versifying and taking on commercial projects that it nor- “We virtually put a project together before mally wouldn’t do and looking at regions outside of the cen-
HQ: Santa Maria, Calif.
Employees: 200 we deliver the lumber,” he explains. “All of tral coast, such as the Central Valley and Monterrey areas.
Services: Framing and siding the framing components are pre-figured.
Jon Luker, president and Second, our quality control process sets us Trilogy Central Coast
CEO: “We are one of the
biggest framing contractors in apart. It’s a step-by-step process during Luker Framing is in the beginning stages of the Trilogy
California.” the different stages of framing.” Central Coast active adult community project in Arroyo