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LUND 9/13/07

4:13 PM

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‘Truly Remarkable’

Downtown Omaha recently has under- gone a revitalization and Bird says the company is proud of the historical reno- vations it has contributed to that effort. For example, it is putting the final touch- es on a $20 million renovation of a 116- year-old building. The project includes restoring the lobby to its original height, raising the atrium to the 11th story and installing new elevators, heating and cooling systems, electrical work, plumb- ing work, windows and lighting. The building serves as the headquar- ters to law firm Kutak Rock. “I admire the partners at Kutak Rock for their de- sire to restore this beautiful, old building and recognizing its historical significance,” Bird says. “They could have built a huge, modern building in West Omaha, but chose to restore one of the oldest build- ings in the Midwest. The final product is truly remarkable.” Lund-Ross also recently completed a $8.2 million mixed-use project for Omaha-based Saddle Creek Records, an independent record label. The project includes two buildings of about 60,000

square feet each, a two-screen independ- ent film theater – called Film Streams – and Slowdown, a 500-person music venue/bar. The building will also hold the record label’s headquarters, and retail and residential space.

‘Good Balance’

Larry Lundquist and Horst Rossbund founded the company in 1987. Around that time, revitalizing its downtown be- came a priority for Omaha. “Our first major projects were restoration jobs and, 20 years later, we are still doing a large portion of the historic renovations in Omaha,” Bird says. “We have had a good balance of renovation and new construc- tion work.” The company tries to self-perform most of its work. “When we self-perform work, we are absolutely confident that it will be completed with extreme attention to de- tail,” he says. “The high level of craftsman- ship [employees] take in their work is hard to come by.” At the same time, the company takes its relationships with its subcontractors very seriously. “Our project managers

and superintendents do everything in their powers to maintain a schedule that our subs can follow,” he says. “We want our subs to be confident with the fact that when they show up on a Lund-Ross site, that we are going to be ready for them so that they can get their job done and get on to their next project.” Many of its projects are negotiated because the bid market has been ex- tremely competitive, Bird says. “We are able to do this by maintaining strong re- lationships with owners and architects so that they know we are going to deliver the highest-quality completed project within the given budget and timeline,” he explains. However, the company also bids on projects to maintain its ability to esti- mate and stay competitive. “A good esti- mate will eliminate contractor-driven change-orders throughout a project,” the company says. “At Lund-Ross Construct- ors, we strive to earn the highest reputa- tion among our clients, subcontractors and community by providing superior construction services that result in the maximum value for our clients.”

services that result in the maximum value for our clients.” ■ OCTOBER 2007 ■ CONSTRUCTION TODAY
services that result in the maximum value for our clients.” ■ OCTOBER 2007 ■ CONSTRUCTION TODAY