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“The subject of "Rasa" Divine Sentiments} was never presented 30 analytically and systematically as now! ‘Rasa’ is what constitutes the pastimes of Lord Krishna with His Supreme Consort Si Ratha So this ook is sinly a MUST forall tase who ‘© Want to delve deep into Lord Krishna's Divine Pastimes. © Long to know the secret ‘sadhana’ of Gaudiya Vaisnavism, © Want to know how to relish Divine Literature. © Aro interested in philosophy. ‘© ABOUT-THE COVER ‘The picture onthe caver i that of Sti ua, who was 2 fallwer of Si Caitarya Matarabh, Me was 2 topmost asta dvate and the King of al poets. Here is een in a humble posture in conversation with EgerarAtbar. He was captured inthis mood about 500 yeas ago by the Emperor’ att On his ier it hgh we soo ‘Baba Rup’ straw in Persian, Since time had taken its tol on retouch. The orginal is mest cael stored in i Radhatund