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XMobots Apoena Series

The ApoenA is a Low Altitude Long Endurance (LALE) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle designed for several kinds of highly persistent sensing roles. Its project was focused on reliability, with the platform, hardware and software development based on FAR 23, DO-160 and DO-178B standards, respectively. There are two different versions: ApoenA 1000 which was optimized for monitoring missions from 100 to 500km2 of grid areas such as terrain mapping and geomagnetic researches, being able to takeoff in several limiting conditions to others AUVs like narrow rural roads and irregular fields. This is due to its small wingspan (that has the same size of a truck shaft), landing gear with high impact absortion and stability/ controlability characteristics. On the other hand, the ApoenA 3000 was optimized for long distance linear monitoring missions such as coasts and borders, power line, pipelines, all of this due to his high endurance and satellite link communication.
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• Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) • Target Acquisition and Laser Illumination • Battle Field Assessment • Communications Relay • Search and Rescue • Law Enforcement • Coastal and Borders Patrol • Drugs and Animals Interdiction • Terrain Mapping • Natural Resource Prospection • Atmospheric Research and Weather Forecasting • Forest, River and Lake Monitoring • Power Lines, Oil & Gas Pipelines Inspection • Roads and Railroad monitoring Fax: +55 (11) 3039-8420

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97 m** 8. aft and down) according to FARVFR (Visual Flight Rules).63] 32 [70] Single Engine 2-Stroke 5 Hp 400 AVGAS / Oil LOS 64 [35] Digital Analog /Digital EO / IR 10 [22] ApoenA 3000 Runway Pneumatic Launch Car Roof Runway / Parachute 80 x 5 [262 x 16] 3000 [1620] 3000 [9843] 24 115 [62] 57 [31] 3.03 ft ** 0.63 [8.63 m 8.79 ft 2.xmobots. The company is composed of a multidisciplinary team and highly trained in fluid-dynamics/performance.Main Dimensions Control Interface The UAV can be operated in autonomous.52 [8.27] 2. maintaining and operating unmanned systems. All vehicle’s information is displayed in a revolutionary interface. please contact . structures. XMobots is a company specialized in developing. UGVs and Ground Control Stations.03] 2. semi-autonomous and remote mode through a highly ergonomic joystick and throttle. guidance and computer vision. stability/controllability.63 [8.3. 2.85 m 2. or if you need some specific customization to attend to your needs.13. Web: www. navigation. with the top layer showing sensor data according to FARIFR (Instrumented Flight Rules) and bottom layers showing five fixed cameras (frontal. left.63] 56 [124] Twin Engine 4-Stroke 3. control. manufacturing. including UAVs.63 ft Technical Specifications Specifications Variable Take-Off Means Take-Off / Landing * including fuel and parparachute ApoenA 1000 Runway Pneumatic Launch Car Roof Runway / Parachute 80 x 5 [262 x 16] 1000 [540] 3000 [9843] 8 115 [62] 57 [31] 2.5 Hp 400 AVGAS / Oil BLOS Digital Digital EO / IR 26 [57] Unit m [ft] km [nm] m [ft] h km/h [ktas] km/h [ktas] m [ft] m [ft] kg [lb] W km [nm] kg [lb] Landing Means Runway Size Range Ceilling Endurance Cruise Speed Stall Speed (full flap) Performance * ApoenA 1000 ** ApoenA 3000 Monitoring Coverage Dimensions and Weights Wingspan Fuselage Length Gross Weight Configuration Engine Make Generator Fuel Type Mode Range Datalink Videolink Capabilities Maximum Weight* Powerplant Air Vehicles Communication Payload 2/2 This catalog is related to one of the several XMobots products. If you want to know any specific detail about these or other products. USVs. AUVs. embedded critical real-time hardware and software. Phone: +55 (11) 3039-8347 Fax: +55 (11) 3039-8420 E-mail: contato@xmobots.97 [13. ROVs.27 ft* .52 m* . right.