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Volume 5, Issue 11, November 2011




Osman Ossie Tayob A man with a heart of Gold T

he passing away of leading businessman and philanthropist Osman Tayob on Monday 24th October 2011 has left a huge void and an inconsolable empty feeling in the hearts of family, friends and business people alike. This demonstrates how Ossie, as he was affectionately known, had touched the hearts of people in so many different ways. Apart from being an inspiration to many in the business world, Ossie was a pillar of strength in all spheres of life.
formidable chain of retail outlets which he conducted together with his mother, father and brothers, Aziz and Farouk, under the well-known retail brand of Abies. merchandise to national chain stores. Ossies zest for advancement in business did not dilute his passion for education. He encouraged his siblings to further their studies. This passion led to 3 of his brothers and 2 sisters graduating as doctors, and a cousin as a lawyer. Whilst he laid great emphasis on education, Ossie continued to advance in business. At one stage, the Abies network had 22 stores. In 1978, Ossie broadened his interest and influence in the business world by expanding into a wholesale business under the name of Osgo Investments. In the 1980s Ossie amicably divided the Abies empire. Ossie retained the Abies businesses in Market Street, with Aziz taking over the Oriental Plaza outlet and Farouk taking control of the Lenasia business. Ossie had an insatiable desire to be amongst the best in business. In 1989 Ossie opened 2 retail outlets in Market Street called Best and Less. This led Ossie to establish another business, a sports company called Meadvale Wholesalers, in 1992 which manufactured, imported and distributed high quality footwear and luggage to leading retailers throughout South Africa. In 2004, the Osgo Empire was expanded and now supplies high quality Ossie was fortunate enough to have many loyal and dedicated staff members, some of whom have been with him for almost five decades. To them, Ossie was not just an employer, he was father, friend and mentor whom they loved and respected. Hassen Karolia activities for the betterment of the community at large. Ossie was a dedicated, selfless, community service-orientated person and despite his illness he continued serving the community and humanity without any consideration for his own wellbeing. Osman Tayob faced many challenges but persevered patiently to discharge his multiple tasks. He never flinched in the face of adversity. He was generous and kind to a fault. His courage, wisdom and humour will be remembered and cherished. Ossie was an inspiration to all who were lucky enough to know him. His life was characterised with modesty and total faith in Almighty Allah. His illness too was marked with a serene dignity and comfort drawn from a close knit family and friends. Most importantly, Ossie Tayob was a great husband and father. His children, grandchildren, sons in law and daughters in law will always remember him as a remarkable man with an outstanding character, great strength and courage. Ossie was a pillar of strength to many and kept all family members united. He was always honest, just and fair. As a father, he was jovial yet straight forward. Ossie had the unique and priceless ability of making everyone feel loved. He was an amazing father to his children and grandchildren. Ossie was a man of stature, a remarkable leader and Allah (SWT) bestowed upon him the best of hearts. Continued to Pg 2 Ossie had many friends but developed a close bond with his cousin, Aboo Dammah Tayob, who was his lifelong friend and confidant. They enjoyed traveling together, eating out, attending functions and going to the cinemas on weekends. They both shared many memorable moments together and knowing the bond that they shared, the Tayob family pray for Aboos strength in this time of grief. Despite his business interests, Ossie still found the time to serve the community. He was involved in and contributed to numerous welfare and community based institutions and projects. Ossie served the Memon Association and the World Memon Foundation with distinction. His passion for education gave him the firm belief that no one should be deprived of education due to lack of means. In line with this stated policy, and unknown to many, he provided the necessary funds by way of bursaries to numerous young people enabling them to continue and further their studies at tertiary level. Despite being diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1990, Ossie continued with his philanthropic

Osman Tayob was born on 6 January 1936 to Aboobaker and Zulaikah Tayob. He was the eldest of 13 children, 8 sisters and 5 brothers. He grew up in Pietersburg and came to Johannesburg at the age of 13 where he lived in Market Street, Doornfontein. From an early age, he showed a keen interest in business. He often sold comic strips. After attending school in the morning he, together with his mother, sold fruit. In standard 6, he left school to work and educate his family. His mother, whom he loved dearly, was his inspiration and he often told his children that his luck came from his mother. His business interest soon diversified and he began selling shoes. Ossies business acumen was such that the humble fruit business, at first, and then the shoe trade, expanded into a

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Community News

A commemoration JMS Night of Stars Spectacular to the late Osman Ossie Tayob J
ohannesburg Muslim School held a spectacular Night of Stars concert at packed Sanlam Auditorium, University of Johannesburg, on Saturday 29 October 2011. The capacity crowd of more than 1000 people witnessed electrifying performances by JMS learners and were treated to high quality nasheeds and naats by well-known artists, Moulana Mohamed Saley, Imran Dahya, Yaeesh Ali and Mohammed Naeem Rajah.

The evening started off with a melodious rendition of Asma-ul-Husnaa, the 99 names of Allah (SWT) by Moulana Mohamed Saley. This was followed by a play by Grade 3 learners, in a medieval setting, where the King had to decide on his successor, either the prince or the princess. The capacity crowd was in stiches when the King announced that the princess will succeed him, much to the annoyance and chagrin of the prince. His love for his family and their happiness gave him contentment in his life. He was not only a father to his children, but also to his nieces and nephews. All of them looked upon Ossie as a father figure who they could turn to at any time. His sons, Aadil and Faheem, drew inspiration from Ossie. He guided them both in life and in business. Ossie instilled in all his children the principals of integrity, trust, honesty and humbleness from an early age. What moves through us is a silence, a quiet sadness, a longing for one more day, one more word, one more touch, we may not understand why he left this earth so soon, or why he left before we were ready to say good-bye, but little by little, we begin to remember not just that he has passed on, but that he lived and that he will continue to live in our hearts and minds until we meet again, Insha-Allah. expressed his youngest daughter Shakiera (Owner of Fordsburg Independent). His final days were spent surrounded by family and friends that he had touched in some small way throughout his short, yet very memorable life. Osman Tayobs life would seem too short to many, but those who were touched by him understood that the quality of existence far exceeds the quantity of time in which one lives. Ossie will be remembered for his caring, humorous, and generous nature, which made him a beloved figure in his family, the community and the international community. His hard work and experience will continue to be admired by all. He was truly a man with a heart of gold. Osman Tayob is survived by his wives, children and grandchildren. The Grade 1 learners presented a play entitled Colours and learners from Grade 2 staged a play about Nuh (AS). An interesting play entitled Crime in South Africa never talk to strangers was presented by the Grade 2 learners. This play highlighted the danger of young children talking to strangers and made them aware of heinous crimes such as child abuse, murder, robbery, hijacking and drug abuse. An epic play on the 5 days of Hajj was presented by the Grade 5 learners which outlined the procedures which people undertake during pilgrimage. The programme was interspersed with popular nasheeds by Imran Dahya, who rendered an emotional nasheed, Teri Oongli, which is a tribute to all mothers. Yaeesh Ali paid tribute to the people of Palestine in a moving nasheed. Muhamed Saley, Yaeesh Ali and Mohamed Naeem Rajah then combined for a heart rendering Qadida Burda. The Grade 5 girls presented an item on Global Adversities which dealt with the persecution of Muslims in Kashmir, Palestine, Chechnia, Bosnia and other parts of the world. Not to be outdone, the Grade 4 girls presented a play entitled Global Paella and the boys did an item called Zamiloon. The Grade 6 boys rendered a nazam and the girls did an item on the Children of the World. In all, the Night of Stars Concert was a spectacular event and was thoroughly enjoyed by the capacity crowd.

Grade 1 learners on Stage

Grade 2 learners on Stage

The Sukayna and Zohra Tayob family would like to thank all family, friends, staff members and well-wishers for their duas and support during this difficult time of grief. May Allah Taala accept all Osman Tayobs good deeds, grant him maghfirat, make his Qabr a garden from the gardens of Jannah and grant him Jannatul Firdaus. Ameen The principles and values which he instilled in his sons, Aadil & Faheem his daughters, Touheeda, Fayroez, Aasifa, Nazmeen & Shakiera, his grandchildren, Attiyah, Shaaista, Munawwarah, Ammarah, Ameera, Sabreen, Wasifah, Aaliyah, Naeelah, Laeeqah, Zahrah, Muhammed, Muaawiyah, Maleehah, Uthmaan, Hammaad, Zuhair, Razeen, Nabeel, Hamza, Deen, Aaliyah, Thamiena, Mohamed Dayyaan, Imaan & Leeyah, his sons-in-law Imtiaz, Farhaad, Altaaf, Aasif & Mohamed, his daughters-in-law Shamsoon Nissa & Nadia will ensure that the legacy of Osman Tayob will live on. Insha-Allah.

Grade 3 learners on Stage

Grade 5 learners on Stage

Imran Dahya

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Community News

he furore over the use of a community centre by a private business continued unabated these past few weeks as concerned residents and community members contacted the Fordsburg Independent to voice their concern and disapproval. This follows a report in the October edition of Fordsburg Independent that the Grosvenor Recreation Centre in Mayfair was predominantly being used by Kidz Academy as a preschool. At a public meeting with local councillor Zaytoon Waja on 21 September 2011, Farhana Ismail Adam, the owner of Kidz Academy said that the school did not have a lease agreement with the City Council for the use of the premises but that it had occupied the premises for the past nine years in terms of a verbal agreement with the then ANC councillor for the area, Juned Pahad. When asked for comment, Pahad denied that he had an agreement with Kidz Academy, adding that they cant have a verbal agreement with me; no councillor can give you a verbal agreement. Councillor Waja confirmed at the time that no permission was granted by the Council for the use of the facility by Kidz Academy and that they did not have a lease agreement with the Department of Sport and Recreation. Since the report was first published, Fordsburg Independent has been inundated with calls from concerned community members enquiring how a community centre, meant for the use by the community, can be taken over by private individuals for conducting business for profit. They voiced their concern over the alleged lack of protocol in respect of the lease agreement and the apparent lack of transparency. One caller said that Farhana had been economical with the truth at the meeting. In a newsletter issued by Kidz Academy to the parents, Ismail wrote we sit back and wonder how the media is sometimes used to distort facts and attempt to destroy peoples lives. She went on to say that today being subjected to this we can empathise with our fellow Muslims who are often the targets of propaganda. Adam wrote further that we hold on to the rope of Allah and know that the truth will prevail irrespective of misconceptions and allegations. In an email sent by Adam to the Fordsburg Independent, she wrote I commend you on a beautifully presented paper. My family and I look forward to every edition that you publish. She, however, added that she was disappointed when she read the article about Kidz Academy which Adam said was misleading.

Grosvenor Recreation Council Centre Saga Continues Roundup

Shakiera Tayob In a separate email, Adam denied that 6 classrooms are housed in the hall. She wrote further that we are registered with the necessary department and that we have a contract with Grosvenor that we renew yearly. The Fordsburg Independent subsequently requested Ismail to furnish proof relating to, amongst others, their registration with the necessary department, the classroom layout sketch and a copy of the lease agreement or contract. Adam responded by saying that she was informed by her lawyer not to furnish any documents to Fordsburg Independent and that the lawyers had legally advised her that Fordsburg Independent could view the documentation at the school. The question that begs to be answered is that if a lease agreement is in existence, and was in place on the evening of the public meeting, then why did Adam inform the meeting that the school did not have a lease agreement with the City Council and that the school occupied the premises in terms of a verbal agreement with Pahad.If the lease agreement was in place, as Adam now alleges, then why did she not say so at the meeting as by doing so, she would have allayed the fears and concerns of the community. In denying at the meeting that there was a written lease agreement with the Council, Adam has raised questions relating to transparency and accountability with regards to the community based centre which is financed by the taxpayer. The community requires answers as to whether the Council is preferring certain individuals to the detriment of the community at large. The Mayfair community lacks recreational facilities and programmes. Various community projects and outreach programmes can be held at the Grosvenor Recreation Centre, but for its use by Kidz Academy as a preschool for profit. Our community is being deprived of these projects and programmes which other communities freely enjoy in other areas. It is time that the community, and not just a select few, start to enjoy these facilities which they are paying for. It is time that Adam allays the concerns of the community. More importantly, the community is entitled to call upon Ismail to give meaning to her stated intention by holding onto to the rope of Allah so that the truth can prevail. It is only when Adam produces a valid lease agreement that the misconceptions and allegations, as she calls it, will be laid to rest!.

Zubair Ismail

n an effort to keep our community abreast and in touch with whats happening in our various Wards, the Fordsburg Independent introduces Council Roundup. It is roundup of council matters affecting residents and stakeholders in Ward 58. We hope to introduce more Wards as time goes on and would appreciate your comments and suggestions. Email:

October Roundup
Urban management had a blitz on 8th and

9th Avenue in Mayfair in an effort to enforce by-laws and clean up the area. Councillor Waja met with City Power to address all main street lights that are not working. Mint Road, parts of Central Avenue and Main Reef Road amongst others has been identified. City Parks has confirmed that the Mint Road wiring has been vandalised thus causing all lights to burn out. Repairs are underway as the cable theft and vandalism is causing major inconveniences to all businesses and residents in the area. Recently, Mayfair West and parts of Homestead Park were also affected. Residents are urged to report illegal connections, to Joburg Connect on 011 375 5555. The Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) was tasked to unblock all kerb drain inlets. Work has started on Battery Street, Mayfair. The JRA has also been requested by Councillor Waja to paint the road signals and names of

Mayfair.The illegal ads clean up still continues. Waja has requested that the St. Jerome Bridge also be cleaned up. City Parks has trimmed all trees on 3rd Avenue, 4th Avenue and St Fillans Street amongst others ensuring that the street lighting is not obstructed. The Brixton cemetery has become an eyesore and public safety and security risk, with overgrown hedges, broken palisades and unguarded gates. Councillor Waja has been liaising with City Parks and the Committee to address this. The cemetery is now being transformed. The blue dam and wetland area was visited by Councillor Waja. Some residents who complained about the vagrants using the wetland as an ablution facility. The possible fencing of part of Maritz Street, Homestead Park was also discussed. Councillor Waja is in liaison with the Department of Environmental Affairs in an effort to have this area established as a Wetland. Councillor Waja addressed the toilet saga at Transnets hostels. MP Manny de Freitas liaised with Transnet at Parliament as this saga has been going on for the past 3 years. For many years the residents who lived in the blocks had to walk to the main building and use the mens ablution block which has no doors. This was a humanitarian nightmare. Councillor Waja liaised with Joburg Water, General Manager, Mark Kruger who reinstated a sewerage connection. But the main problem was within the Hostel where the pipes were blocked by a neighbour who did not want the servitude pipe running through his property. Transnet has confirmed and MP Manny de Frietas that Councillor Waja amongst other Councillors conducted a site visit to the hostel. The hostel community is grateful for this service delivery.

The Crown of Community Newspapers

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Community News

I killed my wife-Crosby Murder Community Skills Projects Underway

he brutal and pointless murder of a young Zimbabwean woman by her husband left witnesses and residents of Crosby shocked and traumatised. According to eyewitnesses who were passing, the drama unfolded in the Crosby Park on Moira Avenue after 3pm on the 21st of October. It is alleged that the perpetrator abducted his wife from work and lured her to her final destination, where he murdered her in cold blood by slitting her throat in broad daylight and in front of witnesses. She was killed instantly. Tears rolled down the faces of the two witnesses Joyce and Ntsiki as they recalled the incident. We were on our way to the shops, across the road when we saw a struggle ensuing between a man and a woman, the man grabbed the woman by the neck and stood behind her, he then cut her throat with a knife and left her to fall down. We screamed for help, but the motorists were ignoring us, there was blood all over the womans body. He then tramped her on the chest with both his feet before making away with her cell phone and money, said the distraught ladies. The suspect ran down Moira Avenue, Joyce gave chase while Ntsiki remained with the victim who was already deceased. A neighbourhood watcher who prefers to remain anonymous was driving up the street and finally came to her rescue. The suspect was spotted on St. Jerome Street next to the Huguenot Primary School taking his jacket off so that he could not be recognised. Brixton Police were alerted and a combined chase continued. The suspect ran down St. Jerome Street but at the end of the road he was too exhausted and couldnt run anymore. Police caught up with him on the corner St Jerome and Proserpine Streets where he was arrested and taken back to the crime scene where he admitted to the murder. I killed my wife yes, afterwards I was going to kill myself. The lifeless body of Sthembeni Dube (31) was surrounded by scores of angry Crosby residents who demanded justice and were ready to dish it out on the suspect, mob style, but they were prevented to do so by Police. According to a source close to the deceased who refused to be named out fear of reprisal it was discovered that the couple were both

Brian Vilakazi Zimbabwean nationals who had 4 children back home. It is not clear if the couple was married or they just had children out of wedlock. It is alleged that Zimbabwean authorities are looking for the suspect on other counts of murder. The suspect is a thief and was physically abusive towards his wife who reported him several times to the police and nothing was done. The deceased had a decent job but decided that she could not take the abuse any longer and moved out of the relationship. After a month of separation the suspect couldnt handle the rejection, he became emotionally depressed and started accusing his wife of having an affair. He was unemployed and could not take care of the children which added to his depression ultimately pushing him to commit the heinous act of murder. Now the devil is behind bars, thanks to the bravery shown by Joyce and the important role played by the neighbourhood watcher. Had it not been for them, the suspect would be still at large. The suspect, Jabulani Dube (37) was detained separately at the Brixton Police Station; he appeared in court on the 25th of October, the delay for his appearance was due to the unavailability of a Ndebele prosecutor on the 24TH, he was charged with murder and denied bail application, his next appearance in Court will be on the 1st of November, the body of the deceased was identified by her brother and sister-in-law and is still with the government mortuary, until the next of kin are ready to send the corpse back home. The matter is still under police investigation, confirmed Warrant Officer Nkosi of the Brixton Police Station.

he community of Jan Hofmeyr,Vredepark formally known as Fietas, has identified the need to start a skills development project that would vastly benefit Region F (Vredepark, Mayfair, Fordsburg, Langlaagte and Crown Mines) in terms of creating employment in the poverty stricken communities; however the structure is still in the process of registering a non-profit organisation (NPO) The community leaders strongly feel that the City has in the past marginalised human development services, only certain communities benefited as a result and for the past 18 years there has never been any upliftment projects in place, especially in the Coloured societies, there is a lack of sports facilities, community skills projects and the unemployment rate is alarmingly high, estimated around 85%, thus leading to perpetual crime, prostitution, drunkenness and family break ups that we are witnessing in these communities. On the 13 of October a brief meeting attended by community leaders representing different parties, was held at the Jan Hofmeyr Hall. The meeting was aimed at compiling the database of various projects collected by the leaders that the communities are interested in, however the process of obtaining the complete data of region F was to still in progress. When asked, how are they planning to implement the skills projects, Debra Nero, a community leader said Upon proposal of the whole idea to Councillor, Zaytoon Waja, she has been there and 100% supportive to the community to date. According to our research most of the people dont have the skills to go into business, the age group of candidates interested in skills development projects range from 18 years to 65 years of age. From a number of projects

Brian Vilakazi identified, so far we were able to register 23 candidates in computer studies, 26 in printing, 35 in Sewing, 28 in catering and 23 in silk screen printing. On completion of the skills training programme, we will divide the candidates into groups of ten so that they can register for co-ops, and learn how to work as a team that will generate profit for their business. That way, they will be able to strike poverty out of the window and start growing as a business that will create more jobs in future, she continued. Co-ops is a strategy for job creation, it plays an important role in poverty reduction. Worker members in the Co-ops own and control it on the basis of one member one vote. In this way worker co-ops provide a radical alternative to the unemployment existing in our communities. For us to get assistance from the Government Social Services and Human development Services, we need to submit a database of candidates and have a secure recreation centre. On approval of our project, Social Services will then supply us with the necessary equipment and the expertise required in managing a recreation centre and hopefully the standard of living in our societies will start changing for the better, explained Debra. Councillor Waja has been in consultation with the Human Directorate, Angie Phasama and has confirmed that a migrant training workshop for women is scheduled for the 8th, 9th and 10th of November, from 8am till 3pm at the Grosvenor Recreation Centre. All interested women can contact Sonto Priscilla Tshishonga, Regional Coordinator Migration Unit Region F, City of Johannesburg. Telephone No: 011376 8684,Cell No:0832899627, Email: for more information about the upcoming workshop.

Awareness Champaign
ohannesburg Central Police Station (JCPS) has once again embarked on a 48 day festive season awareness campaign. Now that the year is approaching its end, every criminal will be out on the streets, waiting for any opportunity to prey on unsuspecting vulnerable people. The campaign is aimed at targeting mainly Taxi Ranks and Shopping Malls in Gauteng, where the public would be educated on public

safety during the festive season. On the 21st of October JCPS Communications in partnership with the Youth Desk representatives launched a social march to the famous Bree Taxi Rank, accompanied by the Fordsburg Independent . The youth desk representatives handed out pamphlets and educated the public about safety and precautionary measures essential, not only during the festive season but in everyday life. Different types of approach and action plans were used to enhance the fight against crime, in the process also discouraging the potential criminals. The public was eager to take time and listen to what the educators had to say, including the taxi organisations. When asked what was the purpose of the awareness campaign, Warrant Officer Mbhele

of Corporate Communications said, Gauteng is the economic powerhouse of the country, and therefore attracts criminals from all corners of the Province; we need to stand together, government, citizens and business in combating crime, everyone must be a role-player and contribute in increasing the safety in our Province, he continued. messages will be The anti-crime communicated through different mediums which will include distribution of safety tips pamphlets, awareness campaigns, exhibitions, debates, imbizos, walkabouts and interviews respectively. The public can find out more on how to fight crime from the Department of Community Safety on (011) 689 3600 or (0860 428 8364)

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Pick 'n Pay Labelling Error

The Holy Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam said: "Calm deliberation is from Allah while hastiness is from the Shaytaan." (Bayhaqi)
Issued by the NIHT Whilst the photograph of the contentious label was circulated, we responded that the matter is being investigated. Information was lacking and until all information was verified, no statement was made by the NIHT. After a comprehensive investigation and verification of facts which were presented to us, we comment as follows: 1.Until yesterday, (18 October), there was no conclusive evidence indicating at which store the photograph of the label was taken. However, last night, the shopper who took the photograph came forward. We thank her for doing so as information she provided has helped to clarify important details pertinent to the investigation we have been conducting with Pick n Pay. 2.Our investigation has revealed the following: The photo was taken at the Trade Route Mall Pick 'n Pay store in Lenasia on the 20th of September 2011, sadly the matter was not brought to the attention of the Muslim supervisor or Pick 'n Pay on that day! The Trade Route Mall store in Lenasia, does not sell any pork products whatsoever. We have conclusive evidence that absolutely no pork product has ever been received or sold in the butchery. The product on which the label appeared is therefore definitely not pork. This has been confirmed. The problem has been traced to the pricing scale in the butchery section and a unified national pricing system. An incorrect code was entered resulting in the wrong product information appearing on the label. We must stress that there was only one product with the contentious label on it. This has been confirmed by the shopper that took the photograph. 3.Corrective measures have already been implemented to ensure that this error does not reoccur. In conclusion, absolutely no pork was labelled as Halaal. Pick 'n Pay have unreservedly apologised to the NIHT and to the Muslim community for any discomfort and inconvenience caused by this incident. "O believers! If anyone disobedient comes to you with any news, make a strict enquiry, lest you may punish any people in ignorance and then later on remain regretful on what you may have done." (S49:V6)

Sector Five CPF JHB Central

The Scourge of crime Being Attacked at anytime Emotions ranging from helplessness to emptiness Feelings of hopelessness Our actions starting from carelessness to indifference Negative perceptions not planned actions with forbearance We call for Zero tolerance to crime in spirit and action Without which we will remain but fractions

What is the communitys input in the fight against crime? Zero Tolerance backed up by action? Abdullah Navlakhi
scam criminals interfere with signals sent from your car remote as it is pressed by means of another remote/ gadget which they press at a similar time. Valuables are then stolen from your vehicle as your car is not locked-(courtesy of car guard project). Visually verify that your car is locked before leaving. Make sure that goods in bakkies are secure. Many reports are received of goods being stolen from the back of bakkies. Do not leave valuables in open view in vehicles Car theft has stabilized but vigilance is still required keep vehicles locked and arm alarms and immobilizers even if leaving your vehicle for just for a few minutes.. Robberies are designed to be violent to subdue victims. These have serious effects on victims. Do not be reluctant to seek counseling where necessary. Community awareness and vigilance with regard to suspicious vehicles and persons is necessary note details and communicate to sector management or 10111. There have been a few incidents during the mornings (Mayfair area). Keep perimeter alarms activated whilst indoors. Have a security plan for your home and business. A few Rand spent in prevention is better than huge sums lost and the trauma of an attack. Common assaults (8th avenue Mayfair). Businesses please educate patrons as to the problem crimes and the hotspots. Note down suspicious activity and descriptions of vehicles with their registration numbers. Communicate these to the sector management or CPF representatives.

Some suggestions that come to mind:

owners infrastructure whereby perhaps one channel on existing video recording devices is dedicated to the street. These must be made available to the CPF or street safety committees as required. Install dedicated a camera network with a control room Knowing your neighbourhood refer to our sector crime forum project launched two years ago for more detail. Establish central improvement districts (CID). At least 51% of property owners agree on establishing a CID. A levy will be billed to each property owner and security and cleaning services are then rendered for the specified area. Community based security patrols involving security companies also complimented by a neighbourhood watch. Holding the relevant government agencies; like SAPS, JMPD, local councils etc; accountable through the existing mandated structures such as CPFs and rate payers associations. Environmental factors such as overcrowding, and problematic liquor outlets amongst others need to be addressed. Establishing effective communication within the community for crime alerts, suspicious activity, safety tips, and to highlight problems to agencies such as SAPS. Encouraging usage of safety deposit boxes at banks to store valuables. This creates the situation where criminals are not overly rewarded for criminality. Remember that as long as they are getting away with huge sums in cash and jewellery etc they will return to the area. Efforts need to be on-going and community structures need to be supported through participation and oversight. As we approach the festive season crime levels usually increase. Our vigilance needs to increase accordingly.
Community based cctv initiatives Using existing home/ business

ith the recent hype amongst the community regarding the spike in violent crime across the Mayfair area; serious questions comes to the fore What has the community done collectively to address this scourge? Are we (the community) totally reliant on everyone else for our safety or do we have a role to play in our own security? Is our security someone elses responsibility entirely? Are we content discussing these issues in closed circles with no solutions actioned? Surely SAPS is the backbone in the fight against crime but are we restricted from initiating projects that will compliment their work and enhance our safety?
Serious questions that need to be addressed with the necessary introspection it deserves, after all it is the safety of our loved ones thats paramount!! It is evident that basic ndividual precautions; as vital as they are; are not a sufficient deterrent. The criminal element continues to lurk in the community and pounces on the opportunity for crime as it presents itself. Initiatives need to be broadly based including the community at large. This is the key in subduing the tidal wave of crime.

Contact details:
Warrant Officer Sambo (Sector Commander): 073 872 2104; Const Swanepoel (Sector Manager) 079 669 4032; Abdullah Navlakhi (CPF Chairperson Sector5): 083 230 9080/ e-mail:; Taahir Mamoniat (CPF Secretary): 083 307 7320; Sector 5 Vehicle numbers: 071 675 6138 / 071 675 6139

Problem crimes:
Theft out of motor vehicle: Remote control

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Malemas visit to Lenasia causes Sleeping with the dead! outrage over Racial Slur R
Ilhaam Ismail school fees. All children must go to school. Malema ended his address with a rendition of an alternate version of dubula ibunu (kill the boer) called kiss the boer before pointing his finger at the crowd and mimicking the sounds of gunfire. Instead of using the words "shoot", he imitated what sounded like gunfire by saying "Ta ta ta, the boer". The ANC Youth League leader was quoted by the Business Day newspaper as saying "Bana ba lena ba tshwanetse ba dumelelwe gore ba tsene sekolo le bana ba makula mona (your children must be allowed to go to school with coolie children)." This remark was also reported by The Times the following day. Outrage has greeted reports that Malema called Indians "coolies" at the meeting. Opposition parties reacted to Malemas alleged comments. The Christian Democratic Party was reported to have said that the comments indicated that the African National Congress's policy of non-racialism had been scrapped. Minority Front leader Amichand Rajbansi was outraged and said that Mr Malema is doing great harm to social cohesion and interracial harmony," he was quoted saying. The DA Youth said that the comments were deeply racist and that Malemas statements indicate deep-seated, prejudiced views. Business Day reported that ANC spokesman Keith Khoza said the ANC was not aware of the incident. "But certainly we expect ANC leadership to be responsible in any pronouncement they need not offend other communities," said Mr Khoza. In its response, ANC Youth League said that Julius Malema did not mean to be offensive towards Indian people. However, league spokesperson Floyd Shivambu said that Malema had emphasised the need for racial integration and had been speaking in the vernacular. "This was in no way meant to be offensive or derogatory." The league said it understood that some members of society "could have received the message differently, yet the emphasis was about integrated human settlement and co-existence of Indian and African communities". The league would therefore not use the word "makula" to refer to South Africans of Indian origin "because we appreciate and acknowledge that it is not an appropriate word". andlords, unionists and strike leaders lie shoulder to shoulder well, almost - in Brixton Cemetery, the final resting place of engineers, editors, soldiers, professors, mayors, geologists, architects, prospectors and miners .The cemetery has an old world feel to it with its elegant headstones, numerous carved angels and even a stone church organ above a grave, complemented by gracious old trees like oaks, cork oaks, pines and blue gums. Although graveyards are perceived as spooky and frightening places, especially at night, there are a few people who dont believe this. We discovered a group of vagrants who have made this resting place for the dead a home for themselves. City Parks have tried various measures to prevent this situation from deteriorating, including walling over and demolishing some of the dilapidated toilets that were used as shelter, but to date the efforts have proved to be ineffective because the cemetery has become a home to these people. The caretaker and the security staff feel that the situation is now beyond their control, because every time they confront the vagrants, their lives are heavily threatened. The condition of the cemetery has also raised an overwhelming public concern. Not only has it become a shelter for the hobos but a hiding place for criminals as well. Some palisades on High street Brixton were intentionally broken down, allowing smash and grabbers easy an escape route and illegal car washes access to water. It is alleged that motorists sometimes drive in and dump their junk inside. This is a huge frustration as the depot is situated in the cemetery, and the staff questions as to why they cannot keep their workplace clean? City Parks, John Ngoveni (56) said, I have been working in the cemetery for 32 years, I

NC Youth League president Julius Malema visited the Thembelihle informal settlement in Lenasia on Wednesday 19 October 2011 to gain support for the planned Economic Freedom Youth Mass Action march to Pretoria. The Economic Freedom Youth Mass Action is to be held on 27 and 28 October2011 at Beyers Naude square in central Johannesburg, the Chamber of Mines in Hollard Street in Johannesburg, the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in Sandton and at the Union Buildings in Pretoria, where a night vigil is planned. Addressing a crowd of about 600 people, Malema expressed solidarity with the residents of the informal settlement in their fight for housing, electricity and other basic services. Malema told the crowd that there was no reason why the government could not provide electricity to the residents of the informal settlement as their affluent neighbours in Lenasia were already connected to the grid. Malema went on to say that "we must bring back the dignity of black people, especially Africans" and advised black people to take back the land. He urged the residents of Thembelitlhe to join the march to Pretoria along the M1 highway and added that marching to the Union Buildings in Pretoria will ensure that residents of Thembelihle would finally find dignity. Malema told the residents that the fight for economic freedom will ensure that they will also benefit from the fruits of democracy. Mainstream media reported that Malema told the crowd "there is no person who must live without electricity (or) water," and also that "there must be no child who cant go to school because his parents cannot afford to pay for

Brian Vilakazi have never known this place to be in a state of disorder, the police chased these people before, but the following day they were back again, they live like animals, its disgusting, they relieve themselves anywhere, they cook their meals over fires and sleep in between the graves, some even sleep on the shallow graves. They have no morals and respect for the dead what so ever. We once found a pregnant woman with a three year old toddler sleeping in the graveyard, the police were called in and she was handed over to an orphanage home. The vagrants hide their blankets in the greenery growing on the palisades, when we cut the grass, we always find bags and wallets with bank cards inside belonging to people who were robbed on the streets, and they litter the area with beer bottles, something has to be done, added a concerned Ngoveni. Councillor Zaytoon Waja confirmed that she has taken City Parks to task on service delivery at the cemetery which led to the eventual clean up. When asked what City Parks is doing to overcome this problem, City Parks Management, Mr. Allan Buff said, We found a few squatters coming inside from the top portion where the old dilapidated toilet was, the reason we couldnt demolish it was because the cemetery is declared a heritage site, the toilet is over a certain age and therefore we have to get permission from the South African Heritage Resources Agency (SAHRA) and we are still waiting for approval. City Parks is busy repairing the damaged fence and pruning the trees in this point of time; all gates will be locked at all times including the Jewish section. There will be mobile patrols coming through to do spot checks at any time of the day and those found to be trespassing will be arrested, explained Allan.

Pictured Below: Graves at the Brixton Cemetery

International News

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shirt. Looking dazed with blood streaming down the left of his face, Gaddafi can be heard saying "God forbids this" several times as slaps from the crowd rain down on his head. "This is for Misrata, you dog," said one man slapping him. "Do you know right from wrong?" Gaddafi says. "Shut up you dog," someone replies as more blows rain down. "Keep him alive, keep him alive!" someone shouts. Gaddafi called the rebels who rose up against his rule "rats," but in the end it was he who was captured in a drainage pipe full of rubbish. "He called us rats, but look where we found him," said a government fighter. "They captured him alive and while he was being taken away, they beat him and then they killed him," one senior National Transitional Council source told Reuters. "He might have been resisting." Libyas ruling NTC, however, contradicted the version of the fighters by saying that Gaddafi was shot in the head in crossfire between government troops and his own supporters. He died from the wound minutes before reaching hospital, the prime minister said, but no order had been given to kill him. Defence minister Abu Bakr Younus Jabr, and Mutassim, one of Gaddafi's sons and former national security adviser, were also killed in Sirte on Thursday. New video has emerged in which Mutassim is seen trying to talk to his captors who taunt him. The images, broadcast by Al Arrai television, show that he was captured alive, but events leading to his death remain unclear. segment of mobile phone footage in which a man, who resembled Motassim, was squatting in a room. He was stripped to the waist, and smoking a cigarette and drinking water. He did not appear badly wounded. At some point after that, he died. When a Reuters reporter subsequently saw his body, wounds to his jaw and part of his neck were visible. The next day, Motassims body was covered up to the neck with a blanket. The wounds to his jaw and neck had been stitched up. Later in the day, the body of a third man, Abu Bakr Younus Jabr, was brought in and placed on a stretcher between Gaddafi and Motassim.

Fordsburg Independent

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Libya After Gaddafi What Now?

early L ibyan leader Muammar Gaddafis to 70 morning dash for freedom came an abrupt end when his convoy of almost vehicles was struck by French fighter jets and a US Predator Drone near his hometown of Sirte. They were hit by a force of such magnitude that it left carnage in its wake. The result of the attack was devastating and deadly. To the west of Sirte, there were three clusters of cars and pick-up trucks mounted with machine guns burned out. Inside some of the trucks still in their seats sat the charred remains of people killed instantly by the strike. Other bodies, totally mutilated, lay strewn across the grass. Some were burned alive, others were cut in two, probably by heavy caliber guns. Gaddafi, however, escaped the carnage. One of Gaddafi's personal bodyguards, who was with the ousted leader shortly before he died, told al Arabiya television that after the air strike the survivors had "split into groups and each group went its own way." Gaddafi and some of his men, including defence minister Abu Bakr Younis Jabr and a leader of Gaddafis bodyguards, appeared to have made their way through the trees and taken refuge in the two drainage pipes under the highway. But NTC fighters were hot on their tail. A Government fighter, identified as Saleem Bakeer, told Reuters that he was among those who came across Gaddafi hiding in the pipes. "One of Gaddafi's men came out waving his rifle in the air and shouting surrender, but as soon as he saw my face he started shooting at me," he told Reuters. "Then I think Gaddafi must have told them to stop. My master is here, my master is here', he said, 'Muammar Gaddafi is here and he is wounded'," said Bakeer. "We went in and brought Gaddafi out. He was saying what's wrong? What's wrong? What's going on? Bakeer said. At the time of his capture, Gaddafi was wounded with gunshots to his leg and to his back, but was alive. In the immediate aftermath of Gaddafis capture and subsequent death, National Transitional Council officials and fighters gave different accounts of what happened, but several videos taken by fighters at the scene showed him being taken alive, though bleeding from the left side of his head. In the videos, fighters shout and scream. Some can be seen punching Gaddafi and pulling his head down by his hair. Other videos show Gaddafi being hauled onto the bonnet of a truck and held in a sitting position by the scruff of his

Arguments have arisen over what to do with Gaddafi's body, as it has not been accorded a swift burial as is required under Islamic law.. The body is already beginning to decompose, and those viewing it had to cover their faces with surgical masks. Gaddafi's family, currently in exile in Algeria, want his body and that of his son, Mutassim, handed over to members of his tribe. NTC officials said they were trying to arrange a secret resting place to avoid loyalist supporters making it a shrine. In a statement on a Syria-based pro-Gaddafi television station, Gaddafis family called on the UN, the Organisation of the Islamic Conference and Amnesty International to force the Transitional Council to hand over the bodies to their tribe in Sirte and to allow them to perform their burial ceremony in accordance with Islamic customs.

Gaddafi's body, bloodied and half-naked, remained on public display on a filthy mattress in a meat locker, bearing wounds assumed to have been inflicted by fighters. In Misrata, the curious and the relieved filed through a market cold store to view Gaddafis body. Visitors wore surgical masks against the stench of rotting flesh. The city of Misrata became something of a symbol for the revolt against Gaddafi after it fell to rebels early in the war and then stayed in their hands throughout, despite a merciless bombardment by the Libyan army. Unlike on previous days, Gaddafi's body was subsequently covered by a blanket that left only his head exposed, hiding bruises on his torso and scratch marks on his chest that had earlier been visible. A Reuters reporter who viewed the body said Gaddafi's head had been turned to the left. That hid a bullet hole that earlier could be seen on the left side of his face. The body of one of Gaddafis sons, Motassim, had been moved from another location in Misrata and placed next to his dead father. Al Jazeera reported that people were lining up to see the room where the bodies of Gaddafi, Mutassim, and Jabr were put on display. One of the people waiting to see the body, told Al Jazeera:"He [Gaddafi] ruled us for 42 years. In his life, it was impossible to see him, so we are here to take a look." A Reuters reporter was shown a one-minute

Gaddafi's family and international human rights groups have urged an inquiry into how Gaddafi, was killed, since gory cellphone video footage showed him alive but being beaten and taunted by his captors. The NTC said that Gaddafi was killed in "crossfire" in an ambulance taking him to hospital. But an ambulance driver in Sirte told Reuters Gaddafi was already dead by the time he picked him up, and a local military commander in Misrata said "over-enthusiastic" fighters had taken matters into their own hands: "We wanted to keep him alive. But the young guys...," he told Reuters. "Things went out of control." The UN has called for an international investigation into the death of Gaddafi, saying it could have been a war crime. A UN Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions, told Al Jazeera that a proper investigation into the exact events surrounding Gaddafis death was a key test for Libyas future as a democratic state. The Geneva conventions are very clear that when prisoners are taken they may not be executed wilfully and if that was the case then we are dealing with a war crime. Al Arabiya News reported that Libyan forces guarding Qaddafis body in a cold storage room, lying on a mattress, let in members of the public to view the deposed leader but the wounds that may hold the clue to how he died were covered up. The bullet hole in Qaddafis head, and the other wounds, could help solve the riddle of whether, as Libyas new rulers said, he was shot in crossfire in a battle or, as some accounts suggest, he was killed by the fighters who caught him. .Few people in Libya say they are troubled by the manner of his death. But if he was indeed killed by his captors, it will cast doubt on the promises by Libyas new rulers to respect human rights. It would also embarrass Western governments which gave their wholehearted backing to the NTC.

Hamid Dabashi, a Professor of Iranian Studies and Comparative Literature at Columbia University in New York, said Gaddafi's body should be treated with dignity in order to send a message to other dictators and future generations. He said that Colonel should get a funeral befitting of a fallen head of state. He said that the unseemly pictures and videos circulating the internet capturing the final moments of Gaddafis life should be the last signs of indignity that Libyan people would ever see marking their historic revolution. Future generation of Libyans, the children of these very freedom fighters, deserve better. Dabashi said that Gaddafis body is not just the remains of a fallen dictator to be violated freely on the battlefield of a cruel history. It is also the body-politic of future Libya. He added that he triumphant euphoria of Libyans feasting on their victory, richly deserved, must not be marred by the undignified pictures of abusing the image they will most remember and tell their grandchildren for an entire history yet to unfold. Treat Gaddafis body with dignity not because he deserved it. But because the Libyan people need it. They must commence the rest of their history with a sense of self-dignity, of triumphant pride. That self-dignity is now determined by how they will treat the dead body of Colonel Gaddafi, Dabashi wrote. Dabashi wrote further Let the pictures and videos of a proper burial and a dignified resting place for Colonel Gaddafi fill the schoolbooks in which future generations of Libyans will read their Arabic alphabet and learn the dignity of their parentage. The man was a relic, a frightful echo from a past, a monster not entirely of his own making. Heads of state, who in some cases enabled the dictator, are now rejoicing in his downfall. Dabashi added Let the dignified burial of Gaddafi be the farewell ceremony for NATO. Libyans owe NATO nothing. NATO just destroyed the weapons that Europe and the US had sold Gaddafis regime. The dignified burial of Gaddafi would also be a signal to the world at large that the Arab Spring is in charge of its own destinythat Arabs and Muslims will not join Obama and Cameron in rejoicing the demise of a postcolonial monster created by European colonialism and American imperialism in the first place.

Gaddafi's will appeared on his website, Seven Day News. In it, he expresses the desire to be buried next to his "family and friends" in his birthplace, Sirte. In his testament, Gaddafi urges supporters to go on resisting. He alludes to choosing to fight and die inside Libya rather than picking the easier but, in his view, dishonourable route of exile abroad. The document, in English translation, says: "This is my will. I, Muammar bin Mohamad bin Abdussalam bi Humayd bin Abu Manyar bin Humayd bin Nayil al Fuhsi Gaddafi, do swear that there is no other God but Allah and that Mohammad is God's Prophet, peace be upon him. I pledge that I will die as Muslim. "Should I be killed, I would like to be buried, according to Muslim rituals, in the clothes I was wearing at the time of my death and my body unwashed, in the cemetery of Sirte, next to my family and relatives. "I would like that my family, especially women and children, be treated well after my death. The Libyan people should protect its identity, achievements, history and the honourable image of its ancestors and heroes. "The Libyan people should not relinquish the sacrifices of the free and best people. I call on my supporters to continue the resistance, and fight any foreign aggressor against Libya, today, tomorrow and always. "Let the free people of the world know that we could have bargained over and sold out our cause in return for a personal secure and stable life. "We received many offers to this effect but we chose to be at the vanguard of the confrontation as a badge of duty and honour. "Even if we do not win immediately, we will give a lesson to future generations, that choosing to protect the nation is an honour and selling it out is the greatest betrayal that history will remember forever, despite the attempts of the others to tell you otherwise."


"The fear now is what is going to happen next," There is going to be regional in-fighting. You have Zintan and Misrata on one side and then Benghazi and the east," said a fighter. "There is in-fighting even inside the army."

Without the glue of hatred for Gaddafi and his tribe to unite the factions, some fear a descent into the kind of strife that bedevils Iraq after Saddam Hussein. Optimists say that so far Libya's new rulers have quarrelled but not fought. Comparisons with Iraq after Saddam Hussein are tempered by the absence of the Sunni-Shi'ite divide which ravaged that country. However, as in Iraq, there are vast energy resources at stake and international powers keen to exploit them. Regional enmities thrive, as well as differences between Islamists and secularists and among those who once served Gaddafi - like NTC head Abdel Jalil. There is also ethnic tension between Arabs and Berbers. These groups have been occupying different parts of the capital despite calls by the NTC (and some of the groups themselves) to vacate. They also have been participating in the sieges of cities, in which pro-Gaddafi remnants continued to hold out after the fall of Tripoli. Throughout this period, the NTC has delayed the formation of a transitional government, citing the on-going fight against Gaddafi as the reason. NTC leaders said that once the war was finally over, the official "liberation" of Libya would be declared and a transitional government would be formed. The fall of Sirte means that this moment is at hand. The fear is that hating and killing Gaddafi, which has united all Libyans, may now disintegrate into an increasingly rowdy post-Gaddafi political environment. Its leadership is increasingly challenged by many of the fighting forces organized on the basis of regional, tribal or Islamist political affinities -- who see the NTC as too dominated by former Gaddafi officials, and deriving its authority from its relations with the West rather than support among Libyans.

Gaddafi's daughter Aisha, her mother and two of her brothers fled to Algeria after the fall of Tripoli. Aisha gave birth on the day she arrived. The government in Algiers has angered the NTC by refusing to send them back. Saif Al-Islam, another of Gaddafis sons, was reported to be fleeing south from Sirte towards Libyas border with Niger. Dozens of Gaddafi loyalists, including one of his other sons Saadi, fled to Niger in September and are being sheltered in Niamey. Niger has resisted appeals for them to be handed over to Libyas new rulers, saying Tripoli could send investigators if it wanted to question them. Saif, is wanted by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity.

Gaddafi lived, ruled, and died by the sword. After 42 years of eccentric, tyrannical, and oppressive rule over Libya, Moammar Gaddafi's bloodied face was shown on television screens around the world. Gaddafi's ignominious death is symbolically important for the rebels, but the fall of Sirte is even more significant. With the final holdout of the pro-Gadhafi resistance overtaken, the NTC (National Transitional Council) can now move to form a transitional government. But multiple armed groups across the country will demand a significant stake in that government, which will have serious implications for the future unity of the people who heretofore were referred to as the Libyan opposition.

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International News

AIFS Humanitarian efforts to continue in Somalia

elief efforts by the Al Imdaad Foundation (AIF) has brought extensive relief to the famine stricken in Somalia where conditions have significantly improved. According to AIF spokesperson, Qari Ziyaad Patel, these efforts have brought much ease to Somalis, many of whom are now internally displaced people, who have set up camp in and around Mogadishu. Two years of drought has left millions of people in Somalia starving; years of armed conflict and insecurity have had a similar impact on medical, educational and other social infrastructure in the country.
"The most important component of our work in the country has been seeing to the food needs of the people, thanks to these efforts people are no longer at such great risk of starving to death. The feeding project has two components; wet and dry feeding. Wet feeding provides freshly cooked meals to the many that are still trickling into Mogadishu from around the country. The dry feeding component focuses on the short term needs by providing a 4 week ration of flour, rice and oil." Patel said at each site that they visited daily for the week, they witnessed thousands of Somali families for whom this aid was a life saving necessity. "AIF has not set up tent villages in Mogadishu because the property where displaced camps are found is all privately owned and the communities now here belong to other parts of the country and are being hosted temporarily," Patel reported. thousands of Somalis are ridden with disease. The most vulnerable of this community are the children and pregnant and lactating women another major medical concern is cataract which many old people are suffering from, Patel said. He said AIF has approached its relief in the Horn of Africa very strategically, using mobile clinics to travel across Mogadishu to IDP (internally displaced peoples) camps. "The first component of the medical relief is supplementation, the provision of vitamin and nutritional supplementation is critical in order to boost the immune system and enable the individual to fight off the many diseases attacking the body." program, setting up an office in Mogadishu where we will run many short to medium term projects aimed at rehabilitating the country." The most pressing infrastructural projects, AIF said, include water purification and provision and agricultural development and training this will enable people to provide for themselves and resume life as normal. Another concern is IDPPs who are presently seeking shelter in feeble makeshift tiny structures. "A question often asked why AIF and other humanitarian agencies of note not develop a tent city for the IDPs as it has in Pakistan? "The answer is quite simple. We would have welcomed and embraced such an option. But, authorities have advised against such a move as land in Mogadishu is predominantly privately owned and much limited. There are also many tribal and internal issues compounding such an option. Dealing with the many issues facing this country requires a multi-layered approach. Somalia is a complex country and the problems are widespread and serious," Patel said. "Qatar Red Crescents director of health said to me that only a relief organisation with high levels of skills, experience and capabilities is able to navigate the needs of the many in this country. When one analyses the statement in the context of conflict, drought, famine, diseases and the absence of infrastructure what becomes apparent is not only the scale of Al Imdaads operations, but also the expertise and capabilities with which the foundation operates," he concluded.

Qari Ziyaad Patel of AIF with an elderly old man. This image brought tears to many eyes as he was mere bones just covered in flesh

Mobile clinics
In addition, the clinics are vaccinating patients against the many diseases born from the famine and displacement, these include measles, tettinitus, bronchitis, cholera and polio to name the few most life threatening and are extended to many other problems such as diabetes and heart diseases. Starvation has resulted in organ damage among many and the old are especially vulnerable. Apart from these vaccinations, doctors at mobile clinics are treating patients symptomatically, with the aim of relieving pain and preventing death. "The seriousness of the scourge of disease is very apparent when one witnesses the thousands queuing to be seen to by the 3 doctors of the mobile clinic, at the hight of the crises the doctors would observe and estimated 2000 patients, currently the daily traffic can be estimated around 750 to 1,000." Another much needed project is the hospital that AIF is now establishing in Mogadishu. The 22 room facility will have equipment and supplies much needed in this country, administered and run by medical specialists from outside and within the country. According to AIF, the hospital will not only host and treat Somali patients, but will also train and skill local doctors in dealing with medical needs of the country."

Yacoob Vahed, CEO & Founder of AIF personally thanks some of the doctors at AIFs medical clinics

He added that health and medical amenities in Somalia are in a desperate state. "Very often the even most basic supplies are not available to the few medical personnel. The seriousness of this situation was made apparent earlier this month; Medina and Benadir hospitals are two of the largest in Mogadishu and most of the injured from Tuesdays bombing were taken there. Two of the most basic needs in any medical facility were again limited; bed space and oxygen. The hospitals did not have enough oxygen for the many victims who needed it and many patients already admitted into hospital before the incident, were relocated on floors to accommodate for the inflow of many burn patients." Starvation has left millions of people with serious medical risks as well. In addition, malnutrition has compromised their immune systems and as a result hundreds of

Ebrahim Vahed of AIF South Africa hands over a food package to a recipient

According to AIF, the current situation in Somalia has greatly improved in that many of the famine stricken are no longer at such a huge risk of immediate death. "While this is a great achievement, the work must continue and the need is still very great. Somalia is unable to do this on its own because of the destruction from a decade of conflict. So we have embarked on a 36 month redevelopment

A moment of joy. AIF prepared hot meals at the IDP camps for the hungry. Hot meals were welcomed by one and all.

An AIF volunteer from Australia spends a moment with some of the children at an IDP camp in Somalia

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JMS now offers Local Nasheed artist Excels at International Competition M Home Economics
Muslim School now J ohannesburgsafegirls nutritious food offers its senior an opportunity to learn about and
uhammed Saley, a South African nasheed artist and an educator at the Johannesburg Muslim School, took part in the Sound of Souls Nasheed Ilhaam Ismail Competition 2011 which was held recently in London. rounds, the field was narrowed down to 7 contestants and the final took place at The Grand Connaught Theatre in London on 9 October 2011 and was hosted by Naeem Raza of Islam Channel UK. The competition was won by by Kamran Akhtar of Pakistan and local South African Muhammed Saley was placed second. The year 2002 saw Muhammeds debut into the nasheed industry where he recited the "Qasidah Burdah" and co-sang the "Africa" song and assisted in backing vocals on Qari Ziyaad Patels album titled Children Of Africa. Since then, he has produced a number of albums. The honour of being placed second in the prestigious Sound of Souls Nasheed competition is a fitting tribute to Muhammed. oppo rtunit y to exercis e their entrepreneurial skills by setting up stalls of goods for sale which the other students then buy. This nurtures their entrepreneurial spirit and exposes them to the realities of the market place. This year, the learners held their annual Entrepreneurship Day on 19 October 2011. As in the past the learners set up impressive stalls selling all things from books, toys, homemade biscuits and cakes, savouries, popcorn, ice cream, flowers, cards, arts and crafts, mobiles, pens.....more things than one can possibly imagine. According to the Grade 3 educators at JMS, the purpose of the entrepreneurship day is introduce the learners to the business world and to develop a sense of business orientation. In addition, its helps to identify the existing, but often sleeping entrepreneurial talents in learners. The Grade 3 educators added that the activities encourage learners to think creatively and not just to determine how business operates. They added that it helps

preparation for achieving optimal health. They have introduced an extra curricular activity in home economics and cooking. In this activity, food preparation skills are directly transferable to careers in food service, food science, dietetics and nutrition. There are numerous opportunities in our country for careers in food technology, hospitality and food processing. The learners at JMS have shown tremendous interest and excitement is at its peak.
Home economics is defined as cooking and other aspects of household management. Another definition refers to it as a curriculum usually including studies in nutrition, the purchase, preparation, and service of food, interior design, clothing and textiles, child development and family relationships. High school cooking and chef lessons are of special interest to learners and future chefs. Many learners are curious as to how they can get started in a career in the culinary arts. JMS intends to take full advantage of this by preparing learners to develop their culinary skills. JMS is responding to the new interest in cooking as a career. In some cases, schools are offering separate class for students interested in the culinary arts. The difference is that rather than just learning how to prepare a particular dish, learners would learn how to actually make that dish. Instead of just cooking cooking fried chicken, learners may pull together a classic dish of roast chicken. A career as a chef can take learners around the world cooking at different hotels and restaurants or they could open a restaurant themselves and create a menu that reflects their style and tastes. These classes at JMS are conducted under the supervision of Muallima Noorbibi Mungallie.

The Sound of Souls Nasheed competition was hosted in conjunction with Islam Channel United Kingdom where approximately 150 artists from different parts of the world participated to earn the title of best vocalist 2011 The judging panel consisted of world renowned nasheed artists Abdullah Rolle, Khaleel Mohammed and producers Shemiza Rashid and Abrar Hussain. The standard was extremely high and the competition was fierce. After the preliminary

Qari Muhammed Saley

the learners to ask questions about how businesses might be created in new and better ways, using new and different processes. It also opens their eyes to the entrepreneurial opportunities that are all around us. It was apparent that the learners looked forward to and enjoyed the day as they produced innovative ideas in business ventures they also learnt about employment opportunities as some learners employed their friends to assist in their stalls. The learners set up their stalls with surprising skill, bearing in mind their tender age, and advertised their products with handmade signs and posters. The competition was fierce, but fair and the learners learnt how to market not only themselves, but also their business and products. At the end of the day, the learners enjoyed the opportunity of being part of the business world. The entrepreneurship day activities were organised and supervised by the Grade 3 educators, namely, Muallimas Fatima Karolia, Taslin Ali, Muniera Noorbhai, Shazia Laher and Ayesha Ebrahim.

Entrepreneurship day held at JMS

uring the last term of each school year, Grade 3 learners at the Johannesburg Muslim School get an


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Eid Salaah

Rasulullah (Sallallaahu alayhi Wasallam) said: "The heart of the person who remains awake (in Ibadat) during the night of Eidul Fitr and Eidul Adhaa will not die on the Day when hearts will be dead, i.e. the Day of Qiyaamah." (TIBRANI) The nights of both Eids, i.e. the nights preceding the Days of Eid, are auspicious occasions which should be observed with reverence and worship. Rasullullah (SAW) said that these nights are great occasions of Ibadat and of gaining the proximity and special Mercy of Allah Ta'ala. These holy nights, should therefore not be allowed to pass by in idleness. Full advantage should be taken of these opportunities by offering obedience and Ibadat unto Allah Ta'ala to the best of our abilities. Istighfaar (seeking forgiveness for sins), Tilaawa Among the rewards which will be obtained as a result of observing the sanctity of these glorious Eid Nights, the greatest reward is the tiding conveyed to us by Rasullullah (SAW) in the abovementioned Hadith, viz., the heart will not be smitten with terror and fear on the Day of (Qiyamah when the upheavals of that Day will be so fearsome that men will appear to be intoxicated.

To rise as early as possible (in fact much of this night should be spent in Ibaadat). To make Ghusl. To use the Miswaak. To apply Itr (Halaal, non-alcoholic perfume). To wear one's best clothes, ensuring that it conforms with Shariah (sunnah dress). To eat something sweet (such as dates) before departing for Eid Salaat. To go to the 'Eid Gah' as early as possible. To give 'Sadaqatul Fitr' before leaving for the Eid Gah. To perform Eid Salaat on the 'Eid Gah' rather than the Masjid. There is no harm for aged and the sick to perform their Eid Salaat in the Masjid. Rain is also an excuse for performing Eid Salaat in the Masjid. To choose a separate route when returning from the Eid Gah. To walk to the Eid Gah. However, there is no harm in using any means of conveyance if the Eid Gah is a distance away. To recite the Takbeer while walking to the Eid Gah. SOME RULES REGARDING EID SALAAT A person who joins the Eid Salaat after the Imam has already recited the Eid Takbeers should recite the Takbeers immediately upon entering the Salaat. However, If he enters the Salaat when the Imam is about to go into Ruku and he (the late comer) fears that he will not he

able to join the Imaam in the Ruku if he stands and recites the Takbeers, then he should instead recite the Takbeers in the Ruku, and forgo the Tasbeeh of the Ruku. But, while reciting the Takbeers in the Ruku hands should not be raised as is done when reciting the Takbeer when in Qiyaam (the standing posture of Salaat). If the Imaam emerges from the Ruku and the latecomer has not yet completed the recitation of his Takbeers which he had missed then he should leave off the balance of the Takbeers and join the Imam in emerging from the Ruku. In this case the balance of the Takbeers which he could not complete are waived (Maaf). If someone missed a Rakaat of the Eid Salaat he should fulfil it as follows: After the Imam terminates the Salaat with the Salaams he (the one who missed the Rakaat) should rise and perform one Rakaat on his own, reciting Qiraat, the Takbeers should be recited. The rest of the Rakaat is then completed as usual. FIRST RAKAAT After everybody has made 'Niyyat' the Imam recites the 'Takbeer-E-Tahreema', (Allah-uAkbar) and starts the Eid Salaat. Everybody raise their hands to their earlobes and folds them under their navel. Then the imam recites three Takbeers one after the other with brief intervals. (Allah-u-Akbar). We raise our hands and drop them to our sides after the 1st and 2nd Takbeers and after the 3rd Takbeer we place our hands below our navel. The Imam then recites the Surah Fatiha and follows it with any passage from the Quraan. We then proceed into Rukoo and Sijdahs and return for the second Rakaat. SECOND RAKAAT The Imam recites the Surah Fatiha and a passage from the Quraan and is now ready for the Rukoo. At this stage just before going into the Rukoo, he recites the remaining 3 Takbeers with brief intervals. We drop our hands each time to our sides. When the Imam recites the 4th Takbeer, we go into Rukoo and then into Sijda. After the Thashahhud and Salaam, remain seated and wait for the Imaam to deliver the Khutbahs. THE KHUTBAH FORMULA After the two Rakaats, the Imam rises to deliver his Khutba. It is Sunnah for the Imam to start his first Khutba with 9 Takbeers and the second with 7 Takbeers. He reminds the Muslims of their duties towards Allah, towards themselves and their fellow - men. Eid is a day of happiness and joy. This cannot be fully appreciated if animosity, hatred, old grudges and bygones are left to remain in our hearts.

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he fact that Haj has been granted the status of being the fifth pillar of Islam is itself an indication of its importance in Deen. Indeed, such stress has been laid on the performance of Haj that no person upon whom Haj has become compulsory should ever delay in fulfilling this obligation. Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) is reported to have said: "The one who was not prevented from Haj by a definite need, or a tyrant ruler, or a severe illness and he passed away without having performed the Haj, then he may pass away if he wishes as a Jew or, if he wishes, as a Christian'' (Daarmi). Allahu Akbar! What a stern warning! A person who delays in performing the obligatory Haj without a valid excuse is being warned of a bad death (may Allah Ta'ala protect us all). Hence Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) is reported to have said: "He who intends to perform (the obligatory) Haj should hasten in performing it" (Abu Dawood). Therefore the one who can afford to perform Haj must never delay in doing so. The one who delays its performance without a valid reason will be sinful. Despite this great stress to perform the Haj as soon as one can afford to undertake the journey, many people postpone it for various reasons which are not acceptable in the light of the Shariah. In many instances a person delays the performance of Haj because he does not have sufficient funds to take his wife along as well, though he can afford to perform Haj alone. In this case if he has sufficient funds for the expenses of his own Haj and for the basic needs of his family while he is away, he must proceed for Haj immediately. Sometimes Haj is delayed because one's son or daughter is about to be married soon. Hence the money which should have been spent on the performance of Haj is used instead for lavish wedding feasts and other wasteful, baseless customs. This, however, is not a valid excuse for delaying Haj. Often many young (baaligh) people have saved up enough money which would enable them to perform Haj. However Haj is delayed on the pretext of school, university or some other such excuse. It should be remembered well that the obligation of Haj cannot be postponed on such grounds. Once it is confirmed that one will be going for Haj, the preparation for Haj must commence in earnest. The preparation for Haj is of two categories. One is the easier and less important preparation. This entails acquiring one's passport, visa, tickets and other necessities for the journey. Most Hajis are normally fully prepared in this regard. The second and more important preparation is the inner preparation -- the preparation of the heart and soul to imbibe the barakah (blessings) and hidayah (guidance) from the sacred places. Without this preparation the

journey of Haj will become just a physical exercise without any substantial spiritual benefit other than the obligation of Haj being discharged. It will become more of a shopping trip and a holiday. Therefore the spiritual preparation is imperative. It is the spiritual preparation that will add to the quality of the Haj. Allah Ta'ala also declares in the Qur'an-ulKareem: "And take your provisions (for the journey of Haj). Certainly the best of provisions is taqwa." The more taqwa one acquires prior to one's departure for Haj, the more one will be able to acquire from the Haj itself. It is the quality of taqwa that will enable one to spend one's time fruitfully. Taqwa will enable one to refrain from sins of the eyes (as well as other sins) right in the Haram Shareef. While en-route to the mubarak lands, or at the airports or at any other place, it is the taqwa that will enable a person to perform his salaah on time. Simply, any person who takes along the provision of taqwa will insha-Allah come back as a new person. Otherwise there is a strong possibility that one may waste this tremendous opportunity of changing one's life and returning as a changed person. In order to prepare spiritually, one must read authentic literature which gears one up spiritually to undertake this journey. To this end one must thoroughly read the book "Virtues of Haj" by Sheikul Hadith Moulana Muhammad Zakariyya Saheb (R.A.). Apart from this to condition the heart and generate at least to some extent the fervour of Imaan, before departure one should spend some time out in the path of Allah Ta'ala (at least three days). One should also stay in the company of a Sheikh (spiritual mentor and guide) with whom one can easily relate to and attempt to acquire from him the love of Allah Ta'ala, the constant consciousness of His presence and the reality of taqwa. Also part of the spiritual preparation is to acquaint oneself with the procedure of Haj and all the masaa'il that pertain to it. Without sufficient knowledge of at least the basic masaa'il of Haj one is prone to making errors which will ruin one's Haj. Thus when one will perform Haj in the correct manner physically and spiritually, one will receive the rewards that have been promised in the Ahadith, some of which are: Total forgiveness of one's sins. Entry into Jannah. The permission to intercede on behalf of four hundered people on the Day of Qiyamah (Musnad Ahmad). Acceptance of all one's duas. Therefore, when all these and many more great virtues are to be received for a proper Haj, can one risk ruining it all due to negligence, not fulfilling the etiquettes and by engaging in those things which are prohibited? Ruining this opportunity to earn all the above virtues and rewards is indeed a terrible loss. May Allah Ta'ala accept the Haj of the Hujjaj and make it a means of changing their lives for the better. Aameen

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Body Treatments
y trea ents fo an B o dThe secrett mpartbeautifulr m body indispensable of your care. of a body is in the lavish care you give it. There are specific body treatments to take care of your body's special needs as well as its general maintenance.
Besides taking care of your body and maintaining its vitality, body treatments enable you to identify problem areas and notice any changes as you scrub or massage your body.

Body Treatment Wraps

This was the original form of using ace bandages to wrap the body tightly for some quick weight loss. The process was called vasolidation. Slimming body wraps are still available at various spas and wellness centres. The various kinds of ingredients used during a body wrap can range from algae, mud, clay, seaweeds, various lotion and creams. They wrap up the entire procedure by applying lotion at the end. Body cocoon that you might have been aware of is the same as a body wrap or body mask. Therefore, in case you want to go for a relaxing body treatment, make sure you are bargaining for a body wrap. The result of the use of body scrubs is a silky smooth skin and an awesome feeling of freshness. The body scrubs exfoliate and eliminate dirt and dead cells from your skin. This is not done on the face, as it is rough and meant for the body only. A salt scrub is usually hot in demand. Consult your therapist at the spa to know which would be the best option for your skin. In case you have been sticking to a particular salt then try out some others too. The possibility of being satisfied is higher than being disappointed. This treatment is essentially a detoxifying herbal treatment. The minerals of the sea, trapped in the seaweeds, oozes out when wrapped onto your body. It is a boon for the users. The vitality and nourishment of your skin and body return almost immediately. A soft, fresh, and well-nourished skin is the achievable goal of a seaweed wrap. The

treatment blanket must be preheated ten minutes before the treatment. The seaweed body wrap powder is usually mixed with hot water before it is applied on your skin. The process takes thirty minutes of wrap and sweating. Once it is complete, you have to wash of the paste from your body, generally, the spas provide you with a light massage post body wrap treatment.

Top 10 Beauty Tips

1. Add turmeric powder to some milk and lemon juice and apply it on your face, your skin will glow like gold. 2. Applying olive oil right after shampooing will leave your hair fresh and revitalized. 3. Eating vegetable and fruits rich in antioxidants help in detoxification of the blood, which enhances skin glow. 4. Having green tea twice in a day revitalises the skin glow. 5. Vinegar is very effective in cleansing your hair and it also removes product build up from hairs like gel, hairspray. 6. Bananas removes excess salt in your body and reduces the appearance of puffy skin 7. You can lighten skin discoloration by adding some buttermilk in your bath water 8. Yoga followed by a brisk walk every morning removes toxins from your body and it also improves breathing pattern of your body. 9. Drinking too much coffee might rob your skin of essential nutrients and it also causes wrinkles sometimes. 10. Fresh lime is a natural scrub, it helps you to fight acne and as well as controls blackheads on your skin.

Body Polish

Body Scrubs

Body Treatments Benefits

Cleanses and purifies the skin Exfoliates dead cells Removes unwanted toxins from skin Improves your look and makes your skin soft and supple Retains and replenishes the moisture in your skin Recharges the skin cells and leaves the skin refreshed The overwhelming spa menu can provide you with a range of exhilarating body treatments. The variety of treatments offered at a spa is listed below: Facials Body massage Body polish Gommage Salt glow Body wrap Vichy shower and much more

Almost all the same, the body polish is performed to exfoliate your skin. Body polish is done with the help of massage oils, aromatic oils, sugar, salt, coffee, pecan hulls or rice bran. It is usually referred to as a salt glow treatment. You are taken to a moisture-filled room you are left in the room for sometime, covered in disposable underwear or towels on your private parts. The therapist comes in after sometime and provides you with great massage on the exposed part of your body. In case you wash yourself off, do not use gels or soap. Keep the aromatic oils on your body, it helps. In case the therapist washes you off, you can enjoy the Vichy shower. This is a beneficial detoxifying body treatment using simple natural ingredients. It stimulates the cells in your body to get rid of toxins, surplus fat and too much lymph fluids. It also tightens and tones the skin. Body wrapping assists in weight loss programs. This popular body treatment hydrates your skin and makes it soft and supple. Caution: If you have a sensitive skin or are prone to allergies, it is better to consult a dermatologist before opting for body treatments.

Body wrapping

Seaweed Body Wraps

Spa Body Treatments

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Clean up crew hits Crosby

llegal dumping sites were cleaned, missing water metre covers were replaced and roads were swept during a multi-disciplinary operation called Lets Fix It and Clean It, in Crosby, in the west of Johannesburg. The one-day operation on 21 October was an attempt to speed up service delivery in the suburb through municipal-owned entities and City departments working together. It was headed by Region Bs urban management

department. On the day, Joburg Water, City Power, Pikitup, metro police, Johannesburg Roads Agency, and others addressed areas of concern. Illegal dump sites were cleaned, illegal electricity connections were disconnected and leaking water pipes were fixed. Region B suburbs of Crosby, Melville, Brixton, Cyrildene and Mayfair were identified as needing more attention in terms of service delivery. Promise Moyo, the Region B manager, said there was a site inspection walkabout of the region, to identify areas of need. Because of this, the various City entities knew what was expected of them on the day. When an area has been identified, we then contact the

relevant councillor, she added. The clean-up was not simply picking up litter, she said. There was a lot more to it. We look at matters that affect the whole area. Theft of water meter covers is the main problem in the suburb. Even after they were replaced, people would steal them and take them to the scrap yards, she explained. Other problems identified in the site inspection included a lack of road markings as well as malfunctioning streets lights, so the crews came knowing what needed to be fixed. Katja Naumann, a councillor in the area, commended workers for their dedication and hard work. She said the campaign showed how much the City cared about its communities. To do a clean-up is a very helpful job; its a serving job. Sometimes you might feel its not the nicest job, but I can tell you something what you do to the community you show them that the City does care and the organisation that you are working for, she assured the workers. Naumann, who hoped she would be hearing a lot of compliments from her community, described them as angered by the illegal dumping. I have had meetings recently with the community and they are angry and tired of the illegal dumping and other service delivery issues, she said.

Sabera Shaik, the operational manager in the Office of the portfolio head of development planning and urban management, Ruby Mathang, represented her principal. Ground workers are the most important people in the equation, she said. And I am sure the [member of the mayoral committee] will be very proud of you as I will give him a report of todays activities. Doing a little at a time will eventually get us to what Executive Mayor Parks Tau says is building up a world-class city. And I think all of us played a very important role today, she added.

Checking for illegal electricity connections

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The Virtues and Laws of Qurbani

"It is neither their flesh nor their blood that reaches Allah, but it is your Taqwa that reaches Him" (Surah Hajj)
(AS) had alternatives: I braheem follow of his two his heartchose either to the cry of or to submit to the call Creator. He to submit. Qurbani therefore is not a monetary Ibaadah or a duty that is discharged in distant poor countries. Qurbani is a personal experience, an intimate and emotional encounter, an intimate occurrence made real by the oozing of blood.
Love for Allah in contrast to love of self obedience. Loyalty to Allah in preference to loyalty to the family. Faith versus emotion. Struggle as opposed to pleasure. Where is this spirit of Qurbani in our idle and aimless nights and days? Who is able to place the knife on his heart in order to slaughter the beasts of rebellion, hatred, jealousy, pride, and greed etc.? Qurbani is an annual reaffirmation of our pledge to Allah, a pledge that: "Verily my prayer, my sacrifices, my life and my death are surrendered to Allah; the Rabb of the worlds." Eid-ul-Adha reverberates with the cries of surrender, submission, and sacrifice. It is a grim reminder that life is about action, struggle, and endurance.

any of the three days of Qurbani. It is not necessary that this amount be in one's possession for a complete lunar year. (Fatawa Hindiyyah) Qurbani is not incumbent on a child or an insane person whether they own wealth equivalent to the amount above or not, nor is it Wajib upon their guardians to perform it on their behalf. (Fataawa Mahmoodiyyah). Similarly, it is not Wajib on a Musaafir (one considered a traveller in Shariah). A Shar'i traveller is he who proceeds on a journey with an intention of travelling 77 kms. He will be treated as a traveller as soon as soon as he leaves his town. However if he intends residing at any place for 15 days or more then he will cease to be a traveller when he arrives at that location. (Fatawa Hindiyyah). A person upon whom Qurbani is not necessary should not incur debts beyond one's capacity to offer the Qurbani.. If Qurbani is not compulsory on a person, for example a Musaafir, then it is virtuous to do so if it is within the person's means.

Hindiyyah). Animals chosen for Qurbani should be healthy, free from faults and defects. (Fatawa Shaamiyah) The following animals are not suitable for Qurbani: An animal that is blind, one-eyed or has lost more than one-third of its eyesight. (Fatawa Hindiyyah) Animals that have lost more than a third of the ear. Similarly, animals which have no ears from birth. Animals with small ears are suitable. (Fatawa Hindiyyah) Animals whose horn/s has been broken off from the root. However, an animal born without horns or if the horns are broken off but not from the root is suitable for Qurbani. (Fatawa Shaamiyah) Animals which have one lame leg to the extent that it walks on three legs only and is unable to use the fourth leg. However if the animal can walk to the place of slaughter on the fourth leg with a limp it will be allowed. (Fatawa Shamiyah) Animals so lean and thin that their bones have no marrow. (Fatawa Shamiyah) If an animal gets injured whilst being slaughtered, e.g. it's leg breaks, ear gets cut etc., the Qurbani will be valid. (Fatawa Shamiyah) If an animal was bought in a healthy and perfect state and thereafter became unfit for Qurbani then, If the owner is not wealthy (does not possess of nisaab) it will be permissible to offer this animal for Qurbani. If the owner is wealthy (possesses the Nisaab), then it is compulsory for him to obtain another animal. (Fatawa Shamiyah)

Animals with Defects

The Physical Qurbani

Qurbani is about:

During the days of Qurbani, Sadaqah and charity will not compensate for the physical observance of Qurbani. Just as Zakaah cannot compensate for Hajj, nor fasting compensate for Salaah, similarly charity cannot compensate for Qurbani. However, if the days of Qurbani have passed, and the Qurbani was not offered due to ignorance, negligence or for some other valid reason, then it becomes Wajib to give in Sadaqah the price of Qurbani animal or the animal itself (alive, not slaughtered) to the poor. (Fatawa Shamiya) The time for Qurbani begins after the Eid Salaah on the 10th of Zul Hijjah and ends at the setting of the sun on the 12th of Zul Hijjah. It is better to make Qurbani on the first day, then the second, and thereafter the third. (Fatawa Shamiya) If the Qurbani has been offered before the Eid Salaah, it will have to be repeated. (Fatawa Hindiyyah) In rural and village areas where Jumu'ah and Eid Salaah are not performed, Qurbani may be performed as soon as Fajr (Subhus Saadiq) sets in on the 10th of Zul Hijjah. (Fatawa Hindiyyah) If a person residing in a town (where Eid salaah is performed) arranges for his animal to be slaughtered in a village (where Eid Salaah is not performed), then it is permissible for his animal to be slaughtered before he performs his Eid Salaah. (Fataawa Shaamiyyah) It is preferable to slaughter during the day. (Fatawa Hindiyyah) It is permissible to slaughter a goat, sheep, cow, bull, buffalo or camel, male or female for Qurbani. The minimum age of a goat, sheep, or ram is one full year, a cow, bull or buffalo is two years old, and a camel five years. Animals that are younger than the prescribed age are not suitable for Qurbani. (Fataawa Hindiyyah). If a sheep is more than six months old but less than a year, and physically appears to be one year old it will suffice for Qurbani. (Fatawa Hindiyyah). A cow, bull, buffalo or camel will suffice for seven persons provided no one's share is less than one seventh and the niyyah (intention) of all partners is to attain reward and not merely to obtain meat. (Fatawa Shaamiyah). A goat, sheep or ram will suffice for the Qurbani of one person only. (Fatawa Hindiyyah). It is permissible and preferable to slaughter a castrated animal. (Fatawa Mahmoodiyah). It is advisable to purchase the Qurbani animal a few days prior to slaughtering in order to build up some form of attachment with the animal by taking care of it. (Fatawa

Time for Qurbani

Miscellaneous Masaail

ground, one should hasten in slaughtering it. Undue delay must be avoided. The animal should not be slaughtered with such a force that its head is severed, or the knife reaches the spinal cord. It is incorrect to slaughter the animal above the neck because it causes the animal too much pain and agony. The animal should be left after slaughtering in such a way as to freely kick in its death throes. After slaughtering, the head should not be cut off nor should the animal be skinned until all movements has completely stopped. While slaughtering, a Muslim should say: 'Bismillah Allahu Akbar' (In the name of Allah, Allah is the greatest). It is more virtuous to slaughter the animal with one's own hands. If one is unable to slaughter, it is advisable that one witnesses the sacrifice. It is not necessary to make the niyyah (intention) of Qurbani verbally, however it is necessary to say Bismillah Allahu Akbar when slaughtering. The Qurbani animal should be placed on it's left side facing the Qiblah and the following dua should be recited before slaughtering the animal: "I have set my direction firmly and truly towards Him Who created the heavens end the earth. And never shall I give partners to Allah. Verily, my worship and my sacrifice, my living and my dying are for Allah Sustainer of the worlds. O Allah this sacrifice is from you and is for you." When slaughtering the animal recite: "In the name of Allah. Allah is the Greatest." Du'aa to be read after Zabah (sacrifice): "O Allah accept from me this sacrifice like you have accepted from your beloved Muhammad and your friend Ibrahim. Peace be upon them."

Qurbani is a practice directly instructed by Allah Ta'ala: "So turn in prayer towards your Lord and sacrifice (animals)." (108.2) Rasoolullah (SAW) has extolled its virtue in many Ahadith. There is nothing dearer to Allah Ta'ala during the days of Qurbani than the sacrificing of animals. The sacrificed animal shall come on the Day of Judgment with its horns, hair, and hooves (to be weighed). The sacrifice is accepted by Allah before the blood falls on the ground. Therefore sacrifice with an open and happy heart. (Tirmizi, Ibn Majah) Zayd lbn Arqam (RA) relates that the Companions (RA) queried, "O Rasoolullah (SAW) What is Qurbani?" He replied, "It is the Sunnah of your father lbraheem (AS)." They again asked, "What benefit do we derive from it?" He answered, "A reward for every hair (of the sacrificed animal)." "And (what reward is there for animals with) wool, O' Rasoolullah (SAW)?" they asked. "A reward", he said, "for every fibre of the wool." (Ibne Majah) When a person slaughters a Qurbani animal, he is forgiven at the fall of the first drop of blood, and verily, the animal shall be brought forward on the Day of Judgment with its blood, meat, limbs, etc. and shall be increased in weight seventy times, and then placed on the scale of deeds. (Kanzul Ummal) On whom is Qurbani Wajib (obligatory)? Qurbani is Wajib (obligatory) on every Muslim who is: of sound mind - mature (has reached the age of puberty), Muqeem (i.e. he is not a Shari traveller) Possesses the amount of 612,36 grams of silver or wealth equivalent to that value which is in excess of one's basic needs and debts, on

Virtues of Qurbani

The Qurbani Animal

If there are various venues for Eid Salaah, slaughtering is permitted after any one venue has terminated with the Eid Salaah. (Fataawa Shamiyyah) A man may purchase his wife's animal from his wealth with her consent. (Fatawa Hindiyyah) It is Mustahab (preferable) for a person intending Qurbani not to cut/trim his hair and nails from the first of Zul Hijjah till after his animal is slaughtered. (Ahsanul Fatawa) Qurbani will be discharged if one appoints a proxy for this task and the proxy fulfils the task. The proxy may be an organisation or an individual. (Fatawa Hindiyyah) If an animal purchased for Qurbani gives birth before its slaughter, it is best to give the live new born in charity. Alternately, the new born animal should be slaughtered and the meat given in charity. (Fatawa Shamiyah) The Qurbani (slaughter) of a woman in haidh (menstruation) or nifaas (afterbirth period) is valid and permissible. (Fatawa Mahmoodiyah)

The Meat of the Sacrificed Animal

A Muslim should take every care to slaughter an animal without subjecting it to unnecessary pain and torture. This was the instruction of Rasoolullah (SAW). The following are pertinent points to be kept in mind. The knife to be used for slaughter should be well sharpened so that it slits the throat immediately, without causing undue pain to the animal. The knife should not be sharpened in front of the animals. The animal to be slaughtered should be given food and water; it should not be slaughtered when it is hungry and thirsty It should not be brutally dragged along to the place of slaughter. The animal should be slaughtered at an isolated place so that other animals cannot witness the slaughter. It should be laid on the ground with ease, as it is abominable to use undue force. As soon as the animal has been placed on the

Method of Slaughtering an Animal

The meat of the animal which has more than one share should be distributed by weighing it and not by estimation unless the head and feet and skin form part or the distributed shares. (Fatawa Shamiyah) It is preferable to divide the meat into three parts. One part for one's family, another should be distributed among friends and relatives and the third amongst the poor and needy. If a person has a very large family he may keep all the meat. (Fatawa Shamiyah) It is unlawful to sell the Qurbani meat. (Fatawa Hindiyyah) It is not permissible to tender the skin or meat as payment to the slaughterer (or skinner). Their fees should be paid separately. (Fatawa Shamiyah) It is not permissible to give meat, fat, etc. of the sacrificed animal to the butcher as compensation for services rendered. (Fatawa Shamiyah) The meat of the voluntary (Nafl) Qurbani, which has made for a deceased person, may be eaten by all, just like one's own Qurbani. Qurbani meat may be consumed by oneself and may be served to others, for example, at a Walima. It is not permissible for one to eat the meat of the following sacrificed animals: Sacrifice that is made as a Kaffaarah (penalty) for a Jinaayat (error/mistake) committed during Hajj/ Umrah. Sacrifice made for a deceased person on his Wasiyyat i.e. his instruction before his death. The meat of these two types of sacrifices has to be distributed to the poor and needy only.

Warning for those who Ignore Qurbani

Hazrat Abu Hurairah (RA) reports that Rasoolullah (SAW) said, "He who has the means of performing Qurbani but does not do so should not come close to our Eidgah (Place of Eid Salaah). May Allah Ta'aala grant us ability to practice. Aameen

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Pothole brigade is on stand-by

With the rainy season comes renewed threats of potholes forming, but the Dial Direct Pothole Brigade is ready to get to work on provincial roads whenever it is needed.
across to Olifantsfontein Rooihuiskraal. and back

Mbhazima Lesego wakaNgobeni

ith the heat wave upon us and the rainy summer season imminent, motorists have been warned of a barrage of menacing potholes likely to occur on the roads. Water is asphalts nemesis, says Bradley du Chenne, a senior executive at Dial Direct Insurance, adding that motorists should be cautious. Potholes form after water seeps down below the road surface and freezes, loosening the asphalt. The inevitable thaw, rain and passing traffic then exacerbate the problem, he explains. But the Dial Direct Pothole Brigade, in partnership with Lead SA and the Gauteng provincial department of roads and transport, will be on stand-by to plug any gaps. Our three pothole patching machines, Jetpatchers and our team of 27 pothole repairers and inspectors are ready for the next onslaught of potholes. We will also soon announce new areas of operation in Gauteng, Du Chenne says. Since its launch in August last year, the Dial Direct Pothole Brigade has repaired just under 35 000 potholes in and around Johannesburg, including Soweto, Lenasia and Alexandra. We are very proud of what we have accomplished to date and the response from the public has been incredible. We consider it an enormously effective initiative for making Gautengs roads safer and reducing insurance claims for damage to vehicles caused by potholes. Last week, Dial Direct announced that its partnership with the Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) had come to an end. The special task force had been commissioned to deal with Joburgs ever-increasing potholes. As such, Du Chenne says, the brigade will no longer be responsible for repairing potholes on roads inside the N14, from Rooihuiskraal to Krugersdorp, down to Roodepoort, across to Germiston, on to Bedfordview, up to Sandton


The JRA is now formalising procedures and framework structures to incorporate the repair of potholes into a tender process. Motorists should now report potholes in JRA areas directly to the agency on However, the brigade urges motorists who identify potholes on Gauteng roads to report them either online, or by dialling *120*1551# from a cellphone and following the onscreen instructions, or via the mobile site, If the pothole is within the brigades area of operation and scope of repair, it will fix it; if it is beyond its scope of repair, details will be sent on to either the JRA or the provincial department of roads and transport. Once a pothole has been reported to the brigade, a reference number, which can be used to track its repair status, will be sent to the person making the report. You will also be able to opt in for updates via SMS or email.

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Diadora & Fordsburg Independent sponsors ETA Football Cup

Mohamed Ebrahim

he Exercise Teachers Academy (eta) Football Cup was hosted at the Randburg Soccer Grounds on the 13th October. The driving force behind this thrilling competition was initiated by Paballo Diaho (Chairman), Ahmed Taraj (Vice Chairman) and was proudly sponsored by Diadora South Africa in conjunction with the Fordsburg Independent Newspaper.
The games kicked off at 10H00 with the (eta) Executives losing 2-0 to the University of Johannesburg in the first round, later followed by the second round, Wits was hammered 6-1 by the (eta) juniors. The weather was pleasant for the event and the day was welcomed with lots of excitement. The semi finals saw Damelin College smashing the (eta) juniors 2-0, followed by the (eta) Seniors losing 3-1 to UJ. The brilliant defence and attacking skills of Damelin took them through to the finals and promised glory. The long anticipated moment of the finals took everyone by surprise; Damelin claimed the victory by nailing UJ 2-0. When asked, what importance of the tournament was, Peter Jon Davidson, (eta) Regional Director for Gauteng said the whole concept is about applying theory into practice i.e. A student studying Sports Management needs to be practically involved in sports, so that on completion of the studies, irrespective whether its Sports Management Fitness or Coaching Science, an (eta) graduate should be competent and be ready for the job market. He continued, The College specialises in full time qualifications; our students can become sports agents, sports marketers, events managers or sports logistics managers. Coaching Science offers generic qualifications in Sport Science enabling the students to specialize in any choice of sport. Anyone interested in Sport related studies can visit our website address on:, elaborated Peter.

I would like to say a very big thank you to the main sponsors of the event, Diadora South Africa & The Fordsburg Independent Newspaper without whom todays event wouldnt have been a success, said Paballo, the chairman of the tournament. As a multi-national sports apparel and sports goods supplier, Diadora has always supported sports development in all communities. Chairman of Diadora South Africa, Faheem Tayob said, We understand the need to develop sport in South Africa especially for our youth. There is so much talent out there that can be unlocked and Im sure that with the correct support and training South Africa can produce some top atheletes and at Diadora we are happy to be involved in this development. The Fordsburg Independent Newspaper is proud to be associated with individuals and companies willing to uplift our youth. We believe that sport is a universal language that speaks to all races, cultures and people. It is up to every one of us to work together and support each other in sport and in everything else for a better community. The best way start is by encouraging our youth, said Shakiera Tayob, owner of the Fordsburg Independent Newspaper.



Marks Park Cricket Club Premier Team after their home win against Dobsonville CC.

edal Paints Marks Park Cricket Club are off to a great start in the 2011 Season, with all the Clubs Senior teams producing positive results. The Clubs Premier Team, captained by Yaseen Manack who is also the Club Captain and Head Coach of Marks Park Cricket Club has won three of their last four 45 over games against Dobsonville, Lenz South and Alexandra Cricket Clubs. Ahmed Kolia is the leading run scorer with 193 runs at an average or 96.50. Lundi Wizilam is the top wicket taker with 10 wickets at an average of 9.6 followed by spin bowling sensation Ahmed Nizaam who captured 9 wickets at an average of 3.7. In his game against Alexandra Cricket Club, Nizaam finished with bowling figures of 4.1 overs, 5 wickets, 3 maidens and 1 run. The clubs Presidents team has also produced some outstanding performances with Uden Govender leading the batting with 196 runs from 3 games at an average of 98, his highest score was 96 not out against Glenvista Cricket Club.

two of their 3 games this far and the Clubs SU6 team has won both their opening games. Junior fixtures for Under 7s, under 9s, under 11s and under 13s started on the 22nd October and the Club is still accepting registrations for boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 8 years old. The Under 13 Team Club on Saturday fortunate enough to who were training against Australia. played Wanderers Cricket 22 October and were meet the Proteas players for their 20/20 Game

The SU2 team has won Marks Park Under 13 Players with Proteas Test Captain Graeme Smith