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Draft Template: This is a generic template for country office security services.

Please read carefully and make adjustments to reflect the needs of the specific country. You must seek the input of key stakeholders (i.e. regional security advisor, country security manager, country director, country manager, GSDPR) during the development of your SOW.

STATEMENT OF WORK Security Services in Country Office

1. BACKGROUND 1.1. The information in this Statement of Work (SOW) describes the objectives and requirements that the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD)/International Finance Corporation (IFC) has in seeking a contractor to provide general security guard services for the World Bank Office in [City, Country]. This Statement of Work shall become an integral part of any contract subscribed between the IBRD/IFC and the awarded Contractor. The World Bank Group is an international organization whose fundamental mission is to promote sustainable economic development and to reduce poverty in developing countries. The World Bank Group consists of five closely associated institutions: the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD); International Development Association (IDA); International Finance Corporation (IFC); Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA); and the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID). The World Bank requires security management and guard services for the locations, days and hours shown in this document. The guard force is a key element of the World Bank s security program and one example of our commitment to provide a safe and secure working environment for our employees, contractors, and visitors.


Country Offices:
Add a paragraph providing background information on the countrys specific security situation. For example descriptions regarding any current security concerns in the country, e.g. crime, thefts, threats, post-conflict situations, etc.

2. SCOPE OF WORK Current Operations The following information describes the World Bank/IFC Office in [City, Country] current security operations arrangements: [provide below a general description of the current security operations at the country office] 2.1. Administration - The security management responsibility of the World Bank/IFC Office, [City] is assigned to the [title of position of WB/IFC Country Office staff responsible for security operations]. 2.2. Location of Country Office: [full address of Country Office] Number of Floors: [specify number of floor(s) and floor number(s), e.g one - 16th Floor]. Square feet covered: [e.g approx 700 sq. ft]. Areas that require special attention: [specify area e.g. entrance lobby, parking garage (if any), etc.] 2.3. [Provide elaboration of the current security guards arrangements in the Country Office.]



There are two unarmed guards working on a two 12 hour shift basis (6am 6pm and 8 am 8 pm), Mondays through Fridays. Guard coverage on Saturdays is required only if maintenance personnel are working at the office. Their current responsibilities are the following: a. Visitor screening and registration. b. Mail reception and screening procedures. c. Control of incoming / outgoing materials and equipment. d. Alternating roving patrols inside Office facility. e. Assistance in emergency / evacuation situations. f. Coordination with office complex Security personnel. g. Maintenance personnel screening and registration. h. Active members of Office Emergency Brigade. i. Fire extinguisher operation.

Period of Performance 2.5. The period of performance for work under this Tip SOW, is from [date of contract commencement] As a reference for competitive through [date of contract completion] with [insert selection the initial contract period is number of possible extensions in numbers and usually one year with four options of wordings] additional one-year option periods. The one year extensions. base period will serve as an evaluation phase to assess the capabilities of the contractor. The World Bank/IFC may exercise the option period(s) based upon satisfactory performance by the contractor, the county office needs and the organization. 2.6. Performance of work against this SOW shall commence upon the Contractor s execution of the World Bank s contract. 3. PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS 3.1. The contractor shall provide all the necessary personnel and supplies needed to perform the services required in this contract. The contractor must comply with all applicable requirements established by the Government of [Country]. The Contractor shall comply with and enforce all orders, policies and/or procedures issued by the World Bank. 3.2. The Contractor shall furnish the security services in accordance with industry standards, including but not limited to: 1. Provide access control to all World Bank/IFC owned, leased, or controlled facilities and properties by visual inspection of World Bank/IFC issued building passes or search and other approved identification media. 2. Perform luggage, handbag, suitcases search and inspection manually or using a handheld metal detector. 3. Provide information and assistance to all World Bank/IFC visitors, guests and employees. 4. Respond to events such as security alerts, probable criminal acts, civil demonstrations, and altercations occurring on World Bank/IFC property.

5. Respond to life threatening situations such as medical alerts, fire alarms, suspected or actual crimes and other related situations occurring on World Bank/IFC property. This shall include:  Assuring that all the appropriate alarms are sounded and building occupants alerted in the event of an emergency.  Assisting in evacuating all occupants from buildings and other properties.  Assisting in coordinating communications and notifications among law enforcement personnel, World Bank/IFC staff, and other emergency response elements in the event of an emergency. 6. Provide for checks and/or patrols to monitor security, safety and building systems. 7. Perform package and other security related inspections, as directed. 8. Direct and control vehicular and pedestrian traffic, as directed. 9. Receive, issue, and account for keys and locks issued to the World Bank/IFC buildings, offices, gates and other controlled or restricted areas requiring key access. 10. Monitor and operate the CCTV, recorders, intrusion alarms, fire alarms, security radio net, guard monitoring system and other security or safety equipment owned or controlled by the World Bank/IFC. 11. Observe building occupants and report instances of non-compliance with security procedures to the World Bank/IFC s representative. 12. Detect and prevent, as authorized under law, persons attempting to gain unlawful entry to World Bank/IFC buildings and properties. 13. Report unsafe or hazardous conditions that require immediate corrective action by the building maintenance staff, landlord or other personnel. 14. Summon medical assistance for persons who are ill or injured on World Bank/IFC properties. 15. Prepare and maintain Incident Reports for events identified in General, Post, Supervisory and Special orders. Incident Reports will be furnished by the Contractor to the World Bank/IFC s representative within 24 hours. 16. Maintain a 24-hour duty log of all security-related activities, violations, or events. 17. Conduct preliminary and follow-up investigations on incidents and/or complaints as directed by the World Bank/IFC s representative. 18. Ensure that all reports and other documents, e.g. Incident Reports, Logs, are written clearly, legibly and accurately. 19. Conduct after-hours security inspections for building security, fire, and safety purposes. 20. Provide additional guard coverage during special events and emergency situations to protect World Bank/IFC facilities, employees, properties, and guests, as requested by the World Bank/IFC. 21. Provide the security personnel at the fixed posts with fully trained and qualified replacement personnel (breakers) to allow for comfort, personal needs, stress, meals, or other situations requiring absences from post. 22. Assure that General, Post, Supervisory and Special Orders and other documentation are maintained in good condition and kept updated as required. 23. Perform bodyguard or security escort duties for persons on World Bank/IFC properties as directed. 24. Ensure compliance with local labor laws to ensure that no individual guard works more than the maximum allowable time in a twenty-four hour period and no more than the maximum allowable days without a break.

25. Work with the host government police and other international organizations in furtherance of these duties as instructed by the World Bank/IFC. 26. Perform other duties as may be specified in this contract. Generic Contractor s Personnel Qualifications

Add other responsibilities that may not be listed above but are needed in Country Office

3.3. The Contractor shall ensure that all personnel assigned to this contract meet the following minimum standards: 1. Be able to effectively understand and carry out written rules, orders and instructions 2. Be able to effectively communicate with World Bank/IFC employees and guests 3. Be able to compose precise, short paragraphs, written reports that are required under this contract 4. Possess or be eligible to obtain a valid driver s license for operating motor vehicles as may be required in the performance of this contract. 5. Possess the physical and psychological stamina for prolonged walking, standing, sitting, and stooping. 6. Be cognizant of the fact that the security officer may have to confront or challenge violent or potentially Tip violent persons. Highlight the posts requiring 7. Be at least 21 years of age and apparent good health. sufficient command of English. 8. Be able to relate and interact effectively and For example Security Supervisors properly with members of the public. and Guards assigned to the 9. Be of good reputation and character. Communications Center and 10. The Security Manager shall be fluent in written and public access control duties. spoken English. 3.4. The World Bank/IFC s representative maintains the right to review the employment records of those guards assigned to the contract. Specific Contractor s Personnel Responsibilities and Qualifications 3.5. The World Bank/IFC encourages the contractor to offer positions to incumbent staff unarmed guards upon approval of the [title of position of WB/IFC Country Office staff responsible for security operations].

In this section you should list the positions, responsibilities and required qualifications that the contractor is required to have in order to meet current or future country office needs. When developing this section seek advice from regional security administrator or country security manager. Following are examples of typical positions listed in a security contract: SECURITY MANAGER Responsibilities a. Reports to the Banks [title of position of WB/IFC Country Office staff responsible for security operations], administers, manages, trains and supervises Contractors unarmed and armed guard force and serves as principle security advisor to the [title of position of WB/IFC Country Office staff responsible for security operations], and, in the absence of the [title of position of WB/IFC Country Office staff responsible for security operations], to the Country Manager. b. Maintains liaison with security officers and military officers from international organizations and diplomatic missions and the appropriate security and police officials from the host government. c. Revises, maintains and, with the approval of the [title of position of WB/IFC Country Office staff responsible for security operations], or Country Manager, exercises contingency plans for emergencies at World Bank/IFC facilities (ex: fire, bomb threat, rocket attack, civil disorder, medical) to include contingency plans for evacuation and relocation. d. Conducts security briefings for newly arrived permanent staff, visiting mission staff and specialized briefings for all staff when the situation requires. e. Maintains, revises and distributes as required all World Bank/IFC contingency and emergency planning documents, files and policies as directed by the [title of position of WB/IFC Country Office staff responsible for security operations]. f. Maintains accessibility for WB/IFC on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis to address any issues, situations or problems that may occur. Qualifications a. Fluent in English (read, write, speak) with working knowledge. b. Two years related experience in [Country] or similar environment and a minimum of . years of international experience. c. Minimum 10 years of police, security or military experience. d. Demonstrated experience in all aspects of security, guard force, protective operations, anti-terrorist driving management, supervision and training. e. Excellent oral and written communications skills and proficient in word processing, power point and spread sheets. f. Minimum 3 years of experience in supervisory/managerial positions. g. Minimum 5 years of experience in dealing/liaising with international and government organizations. h. Licensed to carry weapons. i. Proficient in the use of authorized weapons and in the use of non-lethal means of control. SECURITY SUPERVISOR Responsibilities a. Reports to the Security Manager, provides shift supervision of the unarmed and armed guard force and Bank staff drivers. b. Schedules work hours and days for above personnel. c. Conducts inspections of guard posts to insure all personnel meet the requirements of the contract. d. Documents, counsels and takes appropriate disciplinary action when required. Qualifications a. Basic knowledge of English (read, write, speak) and good oral communications skills b. Minimum of 3 years of police, security or military experience. c. Minimum of 3 years of supervisory experience.

Example (continue)
INTERNAL UNARMED GUARDS Responsibilities a. Provide access control by inspection of World Bank/IFC issued building passes or other approved identification. b. Provide information and assistance to all visitors, guests and staff. c. Respond to events such as security alerts, criminal acts, civil demonstrations, and suspicious activity and alerting staff d. Monitor and conduct after hour inspections of internal security, fire/life safety and building environmental systems. e. Perform package and other security related inspections. f. Report instances of non-compliance with security procedures and unsafe or hazardous conditions to the Security Supervisor. g. Provide additional guard coverage during special events. h. Perform security escort duties for persons. i. Perform other duties as may be specified in this contract. Qualifications a. Basic knowledge of English (read, write, speak) and good oral communications skills. b. Minimum of 2 years experience in the same field of work with reputable international organization. REQUIRED POSITIONS AND GUARD POSTS WITH HOURS/DAYS OF SERVICE Location World Bank/IFC Office World Bank/IFC Office Roving Position within World Bank/IFC Office Complex Function Security Management Supervise the Guard Force Patrol Internal Office Grounds, Inspect Security and Building Systems, Respond to Emergencies Hours of Coverage 10 hours/day 6 days/week 24 hours/day 7 days/week 24 hours/day 7 days/week Hours a Week 60 168 168

Position/Post Security Manager Security Supervisor Unarmed Internal Guards

Pre-employment Screening 3.6. The contractor shall conduct an investigation of the reputation and character of each employee applying to work under this contract. The Contractor shall not assign personnel to this contract until the investigation is completed and the results determined to be favorable. Favorable, in this context, means: the applicant has not been convicted of a serious crime; there is no indication that the applicant has used illegal drugs or alcohol while working; that personal references and former employers recommend the applicant for a position of trust and responsibility; and there are no other obvious disqualifying factors regarding the applicant s reputation and character. The Contractor shall maintain the results of the investigation during the life of the contract. The World Bank/IFC s representative shall have the right to review all investigative results and records for personnel assigned or proposed for this contract. The investigation shall include, as a minimum, the following elements:

1. A check of criminal files, as authorized by local laws, at locations where the applicant has lived, worked, or gone to school during the last seven years, or to the applicant s 18th birthday, whichever period is shorter. 2. An employment check going back for the past five years, or to the applicant s 18th birthday, whichever period is shorter. 3. A check of at least three personal references. 3.7. The contractor must maintain, at a minimum, the following documents in the personnel record of each employee assigned to work at the World Bank/IFC premises: a. individual performance record b. work application and supplemental data c. background investigation information d. individual training e. photograph f. one (1) set of fingerprints Professional Conduct 3.8. All contractor personnel assigned to this contract shall maintain the highest standards of employee competency, conduct, cleanliness, and integrity. Assignments shall be performed in accordance with prescribed guard orders to the best of each guard s ability and in accordance with safe work place policies and practices. 3.9. The Contractor shall remove any of its employees from World Bank/IFC buildings or properties upon determination that such employees are found to be unfit for the performance of security duties. The World Bank/IFC reserves the right to direct the removal of any Contractor employee determined to be in noncompliance with the qualifications and standards set forth in this Statement of Work or for any other reason at the World Bank/IFC s sole, exclusive and non-negotiable discretion. A determination of unfitness may be made from incidents involving violations of General, Post, Supervisory and Special Orders, and immediately identifiable types of misconduct or delinquency without limiting the foregoing right of the World Bank/IFC to have any Contractor employee removed for any reasons. 3.10. The Contractor shall administer disciplinary action, up to and including removal, for those employees committing the following offenses, omissions or dereliction of duties. All disciplinary actions will be reported to the World Bank/IFC s representative. 1. Knowingly and/or willfully violating General, Post, Supervisory or Special Orders. 2. Failing to demonstrate courtesy and good manners toward World Bank/IFC employees, visitors, guests or the general public. (Not displaying a respectful and helpful attitude in all endeavors will be cause for removal from post. Continued complaints shall be cause for removal from the contract.) 3. Unauthorized use of World Bank/IFC property inclusive of telephones, communication equipment, security equipment, radios, credit cards, or vehicles. The Contractor shall reimburse the World Bank/IFC for any loss, abuse or misuse of such property. 4. Disturbing papers on desks, opening desk drawers or cabinets for other than a bona fide security reason. 5. Falsifying or unlawfully concealing or removing or mutilating or destroying any official documents or records.

6. Concealing material facts by willful omission from official documents or records. 7. Disclosing World Bank/IFC proprietary information or making any unauthorized news or press releases regarding the World Bank/IFC s personnel or operations. 8. Disclosing duty assignment(s), particularly manpower, security precautions or procedures, except to persons authorized to have such knowledge or as approved by the World Bank/IFC s representative. 9. Neglecting duties by sleeping while on duty, failing to devote full time and attention to assigned duties, unreasonably delaying or failing to carry out assigned tasks. 10. Conducting personal affairs during duty hours and refusing to render assistance or cooperate in upholding the integrity of the World Bank/IFC s security program. 11. Willfully violating World Bank/IFC security procedures or policies. 12. Abandoning post prior to proper relief. 13. Displaying disorderly or immoral conduct, e.g., using abusive or offensive language, quarreling, intimidating by words or actions, fighting or otherwise participating in disruptive activities. 14. Gambling or unlawfully wagering or promoting gambling in any World Bank/IFC building or on World Bank/IFC property. 15. Carrying a firearm, pepper spray or other weapon on their person, without explicit approval of the World Bank/IFC s representative, while on World Bank/IFC property, even though such carriage may be legal in the jurisdiction where assigned. 16. Using World Bank/IFC issued identification improperly. 17. Knowingly giving false or misleading statements or concealing material facts in connection with reports or records relating to investigative proceedings. 18. Knowingly making false statement(s) about other contract employees, World Bank/IFC employees, or the general public. 19. Involvement in any form of discrimination or sexual harassment of other contract employees, World Bank/IFC employees, visitors or members of the public while on World Bank/IFC property. 20. Failing or delaying (without justifiable cause) to carry out a proper order of a supervisor or other official having authority to give such orders. 21. Eating, smoking, drinking while on post, or taking breaks in any location except those designated as authorized break areas. 22. Using or selling intoxicants, illicit drugs or controlled substances while on duty or consuming alcoholic beverages eight hours prior to entering on duty. An employee who has reason to believe that the person reporting as relief is intoxicated, under the influence of intoxicating drugs, or shows evidence of impaired effectiveness from having used intoxicating drugs, shall decline to be relieved, and shall immediately notify the World Bank/IFC and the contractor. Accepting relief by an individual known or suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs shall require the Contractor to suspend and/or remove both employees from the contract. 23. Vandalizing or intentionally damaging the World Bank/IFC s property through direct action or negligence. 24. Failure to cooperate with a World Bank/IFC or Contractor authorized investigation. 25. Excessive absenteeism or tardiness. 26. Soliciting or collecting monetary contributions during work time.

Uniforms 3.11. All contractor personnel assigned as Security Guards to World Bank/IFC buildings and properties shall wear properly fitted uniforms when on duty. The Contractor shall ensure the security guards possess a sufficient number of uniforms so as to result in a professional appearance. The term Security Personnel refers to all Contractor security personnel including uniformed and non-uniformed guards and supervisory personnel. Violations of these provisions shall be reported to the Contractor for remedial action. Training 3.12. The contractor shall provide initial training and orientation to all security personnel prior to their assignment to any World Bank/IFC building or property. 3.13. The Contractor shall provide periodic in-service training for security personnel to be agreed upon between the World Bank/IFC s representative and the Contractor. Content and duration of such training shall also be determined between the parties. The Contractor will record and document all training. The World Bank/IFC s representative shall be permitted to review all training records pertaining to this contract. The training period cannot be less than two days a year per employee. The Contractor shall include initial and recurring training and familiarization for the subjects listed below for all personnel assigned to this contract. 1. Access control policies and procedures, e.g. building pass system, visitor control procedures, escort procedures, employee ingress/egress, after-hours access, vehicle access 2. Emergency response and evacuation procedures 3. Routine and emergency communications procedures 4. Police and fire liaison 5. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) 6. Basic first aid instruction 7. Civil and criminal liability issues 8. Professional behavior and public relations 9. Communications, e.g., verbal, written, and telephonic 10. Radio protocol, procedures and discipline 11. General, Post and Special orders and other directives 12. Use of force and limitations; citizens arrest authorities 13. Fire, explosion and evacuation policies and procedures 14. Handling of bomb threats and building evacuation procedures 15. Safeguarding proprietary information 16. Found property procedures 17. Legal authorities and limitations 18. Basic report writing 19. Observation techniques 20. Guard force supervision 21. Supervision and approval of reports 22. Incident investigations and reports 23. Uniform standards 24. Post inspection procedures 25. Employee motivation

26. Familiarization with intrusion alarm systems, CCTV, recorders, manual or electronic guard monitoring equipment. 27. Familiarization with other security devices and equipment that the guard may be responsible for operating. 28. Operation and use of fire extinguishers and other fire suppression equipment located on World Bank/IFC properties. Emergency Drills 3.14. The contractor shall conduct periodic drills and critiques of guard performance to assure an acceptable level of training by security personnel for responses to various emergencies such as intruders, mob violence, bomb threats, medical events, natural disasters and evacuations. 3.15. The contractor shall ensure that all employees maintain the required state of readiness to respond to these drills and to actual emergencies. 3.16. The contractor shall conduct such drills at least each quarter or more frequently if directed by the World Bank/IFC. The Contractor shall conduct some of these drills during hours of darkness. 3.17. The contractor shall provide all necessary training materials, classrooms, instructors, and training aids to support initial and recurring training of security personnel working under this contract. Notwithstanding the above, the World Bank/IFC, in its sole discretion, may offer the use of its offices and properties to facilitate such training. 3.18. The contractor shall document the nature, scope and results of all drills and provide such records to the World Bank/IFC s representative upon request. 4. METRICS Contract Management and Transition 4.1. The contractor shall designate a Security Manager to serve as the Contractor s representative on all matters relating to this contract. 4.2. The contractor s recruitment and hiring of employees will be in accordance with applicable laws. 4.3. The contractor, within five working days from the date of contract award, shall provide the World Bank/IFC with a Program Management Plan. The Plan shall, at a minimum, set forth the names, assignments and duties of all personnel at the supervisor level and above; tentative schedules for recruiting and training of personnel; schedules and format for monthly and other reporting requirements; time-keeping, billing and accounting procedures. This Plan shall become effective when approved by the World Bank/IFC in its sole discretion. 4.4. The Contractor shall maintain an incentive program to better recruit candidates, deter attrition and promote stability in the work force.

4.5. The Contractor, within ten working days from the date of award, shall provide all guard orders, in draft, for the World Bank/IFC representative s approval. Once approved, the orders will be finalized and issued by the Contractor to his personnel. Copies of these orders will be maintained at each post. Quality Assurance Program 4.6. The contractor shall assure through a Quality Assurance Program that all personnel assigned to this contract are proficient in the contract requirements, General, Post, Supervisory and Special Orders and other directives, as applicable. 4.7. Each contractor employee shall sign-in the post log when reporting for duty and "sign-out when leaving at the end of the work shift. 4.8. The contractor shall obtain and maintain all licenses and permits that may be required by any jurisdictions where it is required to operate under this contract, and shall meet all applicable laws, rules and regulations. 4.9. The contractor shall have, or be able to obtain by time of award, sufficient insurance coverage for the purposes of general liability, vehicle liability, workers compensation, etc. as may be required. Proof of such insurance coverage will be provided to the World Bank/IFC s representative on an annual basis during the life of the contract. 4.10. All substitute security personnel assigned to World Bank/IFC buildings and properties shall be at least equal in qualifications and training to regularly assigned personnel as specified in this Statement of Work. The contractor shall assign personnel who have not completed a favorable background investigation. 4.11. The Contractor shall furnish a guard-monitoring device for each post location identified in this Statement of Work. The type of guard monitoring device will be listed by the List of Contractor Furnished Property herein. The device shall be used by the guards to conduct tours, patrols and security checks of World Bank/IFC buildings and properties. The records of these devices will be inspected, at a minimum, by the Contractor on a weekly basis. The Contractor shall take corrective and, as necessary, disciplinary action against those guards who are not performing their duties. The Contractor s General, Post and Supervisory Orders will specify the frequency of such guard rounds, patrols and other security checks. 4.12. The Contractor s supervisory personnel including the Security Supervisor shall inspect each guard post identified at least twice every eight hours to confirm that the post is properly staffed and that the guards are complying with General, Post, and Special orders. The Contractor shall document each inspection to include the identity of the post, identity of the guard or guards, the date and time of the inspection and any irregularities. Serious infractions and security-related incidents shall be reported immediately by the Contractor to the World Bank/IFC s representative. The World Bank/IFC s representative shall be permitted to review these inspection records for completeness and accuracy upon request. 4.13. The Contractor shall ensure that all guards assigned to this contract will be relieved for breaks necessary for rest, meals, and personal hygiene.

Orientation Meeting 4.14. The World Bank/IFC s representative will provide orientation to the Contractor on matters unique to World Bank/IFC properties and operations and necessary for Contractor performance. Orientation will be followed by a review of properties, inclusive of buildings and posts to be covered by the contract. During orientation, the World Bank/IFC s representative will provide the Contractor the following documentation and/or information to facilitate the implementation of the guard contract: 1. Instructions and directives for operating security equipment, if any, furnished by the World Bank/IFC under the List of World Bank/IFC Furnished Property herein. 2. Instructions pertaining to the location of installed security control equipment and systems, and instructions pertaining to the operation and location of utility cut-off valves, electrical switches, security controls, light switches, generator controls and other equipment as necessary. 3. Guard posts and their locations, hours and the expected duties of assigned security personnel consistent with the Statement of Work. 4. Specific policies and procedures for responding to emergency alarms, bomb threats, suspected incendiary devices, and other potential threats and hazards. 5. Locations of any assembly sites used by the World Bank/IFC for its personnel in the event of an emergency or evacuation situation. The World Bank/IFC s representative will outline the roles and responsibilities of the security guards in this effort, as appropriate. Post Orientation Meeting 4.15. Within five working days following the above orientation, the parties will meet to exchange information and documents, arrange for the transfer of equipment, establish the schedule for the assumption of security duties, and to clarify any outstanding issues. The Contractor shall provide the World Bank/IFC with copies of all guard orders and proof of insurance at this time. List of Contractor Furnished Property 4.16. The following list of Contractor furnished Tip security equipment and supplies are considered List all the equipment to be furnished by minimum requirements. the contractor, for example if a roving 1. Communications Equipment The patrol is required then the contractor contractor shall furnish all communications must provide appropriate vehicles to equipment required for the performance of enable their employees to perform this task. this contract. Such equipment includes base stations, hand-held units, cellular telephones and related items that may be required for communication with the Contractor s operations center by the Security Manager, Security Supervisor and guards assigned to the World Bank/IFC Communications Center. Maintenance and repair of all such communications equipment will be the responsibility of the Contractor. The Contractor shall be responsible for obtaining and maintaining any permits or authorizations necessary to operate such equipment and as required by law or regulation.

2. Miscellaneous Equipment - Flashlights, batteries, air horns, whistles, batons and other miscellaneous security items required by the World Bank/IFC under this contract may be furnished by the Contractor. 3. Guard Monitoring Devices The Contractor shall furnish and maintain Guard Monitoring Devices at each guard post to validate guard rounds, patrols and other security checks. The Contractor will be responsible for having a sufficient number of these devices to ensure that each post has a device in good operating order. The Contractor shall be responsible for the maintenance and repair of these devices. (The World Bank/IFC, at its discretion, may furnish the guard monitoring devices for use by the Contractor.) 4. Direct phone /alarm line with the main security center of the contractor. List of World Bank/ IFC Furnished Property (Non-exhaustive) 4.17. The World Bank/IFC shall provide the following equipment or materials. Tip 1. Copies of relevant security policies and Include all the WB/IFC furnished equipment, supplies and properties practices. according to the specific Country 2. A handheld metal detection device at the Office. For example, depending on main public entrance to the office. local costumes some country offices 3. A Communications Center located at the provide a changing room with lockers main entrance to the World Bank/IFC for contractors employees, access to locker room, storage closet for office with: contractors equipment, and working  Closed circuit TV system space for the contractor's security  System for transmitting technical and manager. This list provided is an intrusion alarms example of things to be considered.  Category A fire safety system (Indicator Table and CMSI in the central security station)  Control panel for the outside lighting  HF and VHF base stations, Satellite phone and handheld VHF radios  A public address system  An intercommunication system  An automatic Water extinguishing installation of the sprinkler type  Automatic fire detectors associated with manual triggers  Protective arrangements of the door opening contact type (electronic locks)  Network of smoke sensors  Arrest barrier  Volumetric radar set  Anti-blast glazing on the faade  Protective films  Co detector unit  Reinforced pedestrians doors and traffic lights  Walk Through Metal Detector  X ray machine and scanner  Badge access system  Security perimeter  Office for exclusive use of the Security Manager equipped with telephone and PC  Office for the exclusive shared use by all Security Supervisors with telephone  Room for security personnel to change and have breaks.

Adjustments of Posts /Positions 4.18. The World Bank/IFC Office in [City] reserves the right to require adjustments to the number of posts/positions in accordance with its security requirements. In such case, any modifications needed to the Guard Schedule and any adjustments that affect the Price Schedule will require a Contract Modification.