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The purpose of the project is to understand the heritage and culture attractions as per the tourism types and their role players with impacts on the economy of a specific country.

While preparing this project by keeping in my mind the expected outcome and outlined tasks the sources of information are from various links within UAE and international sources as well that is providing good information and knowledge about the heritage and culture attractions in the tourism industry.

The outline of the heritage and culture project is listed below: 1) Heritage And Culture Attractions 2) Economic Growth And Development 3) Industry Growth 4) Scope Comparison Of Providers 5) Range Of Attractions 6) Classification Of Providers / Audience

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In tourism is it defined as, processes, activities, and outcomes arising from the relationships and the interactions among tourists, tourism suppliers, host governments, host communities, that are and surrounding in the



attracting and hosting of visitors1. In tourism according to the types they are discussed with heritage and culture.

The cultural heritage tourism is defined as, traveling to experience the places, artifacts and activities that authentically represent the stories and people of the past and present. It includes cultural, historic and natural resources2.

Another definition according to the tourist point of view is that, A cultural heritage tourist is often defined as a an international or domestic visitor who attends festivals and fairs, or attends cultural events, or visits zoo, museum, or natural display, or attends a cultural performance/activity, or visits a museum or an art gallery, or visits a historic site 3.

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The heritage and culture attractions are related to the main attraction points, areas, and reasons where the tourists visit a certain place during their vacation. The attractions can be as a result of the providers and tourist centric as a fact of globalization.

For example, in Dubai it is the main area for the tourists where there is leisure and pleasure areas composed of traditional heritage and culture attracting the tourists to them with its resources, culture, museums, and amusement places. Their role is to provide successful heritage and cultural programs to attract visitors and tourists within the specified region.


The growth and development of a specific region in terms of their projects, amusement parks, international restaurants, shopping malls, and other

entertainment places helps the providers of the heritage and culture providers to attract more and more tourists and visitors.

The heritage and culture attraction results in the growth and development as per the environment constructed that can be used by used by the visitors during their stay.

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The major areas of providers are: 1) Getting the visitors into their communities 2) Changing impossibilities to possibilities 3) Utilizing the heritage and culture as a part of introducing to the external world 4) Providing continuous learning for visitors, tourists, expatriates, and locals

After the development of the constructed environment suitable for the tourists the heritage and culture providers must also develop and provide as per the incremental processes involved for program. This will be based upon the successful attraction of the program for brining together historic, cultural and natural resources available.


The tourism is also known as the fastest growing industry and economic development tool. The reasons related to its tremendous growth are creating jobs and employment opportunities, providing new business opportunities for internal or external clients, creating investment in different areas, strengthening the local economies. In the tourism industry growth there is a great support from various public and private sectors as a matter of fact that is also creating opportunities for their benefit.

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For example: In Emirates Airline when tourists are attracted due to UAE heritage and culture there will be increase in the number of passengers traveling with this or another airline. In Dubai the global village is playing a vital and great deal of role providing a famous centre of heritage and culture attraction that has various forms of categories that the tourist will be attracted. The sellers and stalls gains opportunity for participating and benefiting out of it.

In the tourism industry the combination of tourism, culture, and heritage creates either sustainable economy or growth in the economy4. TOURISM INDUSTRY = TOURISM+ CULTURE + HERITAGE = SUSTAINABLE ECONOMIES.

When there is growth in tourism industry the public and private sector will be working for opportunities that they might gain from tourism success resulting in opportunities towards sustainable economy or growth in the economy. TOURISM INDUSTRY GROWTH = PUBLIC + PRIVATE = OPPORTUNITIES IN SUSTAINABLE ECONOMIES

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In the process of growing and developing the heritage and culture providers are implementing four major steps that will help them grow in their market share while competition stress and attracting more audience towards them.

These steps are5: 1. Assessing the market potential for the needs of specific heritage and culture activities along with the market opportunities and

capabilities to support it. 2. Planning and organizing the

assessment received for providing the potentialities in the market of the industry. 3. Preparing for the visitors with sub processes: a. Protecting and managing their culture in the intense globalization. b. Keeping historical, natural, and heritage cultural resources 4. Marketing and sharing their success stories.

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The heritage and culture is bound together but sometimes practiced separately by the providers. The scope is not limited and concentrated but outcome expected are the same.

The comparison is shown in the table below: Heritage Provider 1. In the heritage the providers Culture Provider 1. The provider will educate and impact the values and beliefs of the tradition which is group of past and present. 2. The provider will educate and show customs of living that is accepted at the present. 3. The provider presents many items and products that are related to the heritage of that particular country. 3. The provider presents shows and real-time culture. displays about the

presents the traditional practices that was done earlier from the past. 2. The provider will compare as done in the past and current status.

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The heritage and culture includes range of attractions such as the following listed: 1) Cultural performance show 2) Arts and Crafts sales 3) Museums with various sections and displays 4) Building, houses, shops, and etc. representing histories 5) Exhibitions presenting heritage and culture

According to the types of attraction and range of attraction involved in it are listed in the below mentioned table6: Type of Attraction 1. Object destinations

Range of Attraction Visiting the places of very important persons Visiting the Museums Going and attending the Exhibitions Visiting the Galleries that will include images and information data

Visiting the Historical sites Visiting the Religious sites Visiting and enjoying dessert areas and

2. Area destinations

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seashores in the UAE 3. Ensemble destinations

Visiting the Countryside places Visiting the Town and Villages Attending special Occasions and Festivals Enjoying the Musical performances Attending the Theatre performances Attending, participating, and enjoying the Dance performances

4. Event destinations

Taking and registering in the Courses in folk music, art, dancing, folk art, and etc.

5. Gastronomy destinations

Taking active participation in traditional recipes and Cooking

Tasting and easting special meals and foods Attending and going for Dining in heritage and culture areas

6. Foreign culture destinations

Capturing and enjoying the Natural cultures Visiting the Countryside cultures Visiting the Town / Village cultures


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The audience might be attracted according to specified different age groups, nationalities, and gender as per their interest in the heritage and culture. Most of the events and participations classified are7: The audiences who love arts and fine craft especially that is handmade and usually the venues are in a centre or exhibition. The audiences who love music and entertainment that is in the traditional form and the venues are stage shows, restaurants, marriage celebrations, and other special occasions. The audiences who love past resource in the form of architecture which can be seen in reserved areas open for public such as old houses, mosques, and etc. The audiences who love to see history valuable models and other materials which are stored from many years and preserved in their original looks with slight changes and can be found in museums, heritage exhibitions, and etc.

In the audience classification as per different groups are8: Age range between 30 50 years old. Occupational status is well educated, employed or self-employed, and high level of income.


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The economic growth is tremendous and it is effective in any country that the success of tourism industry.

As per the analysis of the benefit and growth in the other sectors that are playing a vital role in order to support the growth of tourism resulting economic growth of the country.

As the tourists are increasing and tourism industry competition there are various forms and combination of tourism activities providing range of attractions to attract more and more visitors, and tourists.

Besides, the classified heritage and culture tourism providers it is noticed that there are classifications for audience as well that is making it competitive for further development and growth.

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1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8)

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